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Most reliable transportation I have ever purchased.

I have owned all American vehicles until this purchase of a 2010 Toyota tundra. By far this is and has been the best, most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I have 240,000 miles on the truck and no major service work at all has been needed. It was purchased for a work truck in a machining business hauling steels and heavy supplies. Routine maintenance oil changes and standard little things only, light bulbs, washer fluid, ect. I have some friends that own the same truck, but a little older, only gripe is body roll. I have overcome this with heavy duty truck tires with 10 play rubber. I keep up on tire rotation and have no problems with the tires wearing out.

- Keith M

Pick up truck you can depend on!

My tundra is 10 years old and, besides cosmetic fixes (my fault), I have never had a major problem with my truck! I take very good care of my truck to ensure it runs smoothly and for a long time. I invested in a tundra because of Toyota’s amazing reputation. To this day, I am happy with my decision. I transport 2 children in the back seat and the car seats fit comfortably and safe. It is not the latest and greatest when it comes to gadgets and touch screen features but it is still very sleek and luxurious looking. I would recommend a tundra to anyone.

- Me P

The truck has a sound system that is so great, I get asked if I have subwoofers.

My 2010 Toyota tundra is exceptional in comfort and reliability. The cab is very spacious and the sound system has great sound quality. As my truck has experienced more wear and tear, as long as I take care of tune ups (oil change, tire pressure, etc.), I have not experienced any negative effects on my cars reliability or performance. The only thing that is inconvenient about the truck is the low mileage, and that mine is only two wheel, rear wheel drive, so it becomes a little hard to drive in the snow sometimes.

- Megan Q

The tundra I have has a sleek design and people almost do not notice that I have 2 doors in the back. Great truck.

My Toyota Tundra is an all around great truck. There has been no major issues with it. The only problems I have had are routine issues that are all time based. It is a very reliable vehicle. The back seat is a little smaller than i would like, but it is still a comfortable ride. I have the base model with power windows and locks. All in all this vehicle is very dependable and drives very smooth. When the time comes for me to get another truck, I won't hesi to buy another tundra.

- Aaron V

I had my doubts about buying this pickup until I drove it!

Comfortable. Drives wonderfully. The back seat provides more than enough room for three adults to be comfortable. Easy to maneuver and part. Decent gas mileage. There are plenty of extras to increase comfort when driving longer distances. The center counsel has plenty of storage and is easy to get to. The information display is great! You can see the outside temp, your mpg range.. And # of miles to go on the tank of gas.

- Mary R

Toyota tundra one of the best features is the large center compartment.

Have had this vehicle since 2010, bought it new and have at this time have had no mechanical issues at all. I have had the oiled changed right on schedule since buying it. I have replaced the tires twice since owning it. I travel pulling a 38 foot trailer and the vehicle handles it with no issues. In my opinion Toyota has produced a comfortable and reliable vehicle. I would buy from this company again.

- Patricia C

Love my rugged Toyota tundra.

We bought our Toyota tundra brand new in 2010 and have nothing but positive things to say about the trucks performance. The tundra we own is built very well and has been put through tough use. Off road, pulling a 30 foot trailer up over high mountain passes in hot conditions the tundra passed every test with flying colors!

- Dana W

2010 Toyota truck, perfect truck.

Great reliable truck, no problems to report. The engine is very smooth and powerful. The fit and finish are top notch. The headlights are the best I have ever had on a vehicle, never need to use high beams. The side mirrors are very good, small blind spots. Very good truck, never has given me a minute of trouble.

- Greg C

Excellent truck with plenty of room for hauling anything you may need!

I have loved my truck to help with projects around the house. I also have a woodworking business on the side so it helps to deliver projects to customers. It has great performance and plenty of room. The air and heater work really well. The seats are comfortable for riding long distances on road trips.

- Ben C

Powerful Toyota tundra is good for hard work. We use it to tow a heavy trailer.

Very powerful engine, comfortable, it makes me feel that I am flying. It fit 5 people to 6 and I am using it for moving business. My car works for me and make some money for me. I like the powerful engine. It quite and feels like smooth. I recommend this truck to people who want a strong body truck.

- Asma M

The console which is lockable has a lot of room to store items in.

Very reliable very comfortable and spacious, good gas mileage, comfortable to fit 5 adults in the extended cab. V8 is very powerful will get you in and out of traffic, never had a problem hauling anything or towing anything. Average 18 miles per gallon. Currently 180, 000 miles.

- Parrish H

Toyota tough. Toyota strong.

Very roomy front and back. Great towing capacity. Has a very smooth ride. It is extremely reliable. Looks great. Drives well in all weather conditions. I love the heated seats. I love the leather seats. The running boards are nice. The bed is big. I like the bed liner.

- Brad D

Tundra for the win, every time.

I have nothing bad to say about this truck. It is reliable, comfortable, and has never let me down. The features to cost is in my opinion, best in. Class. The company stands behind what they made. Even with minor recalls they treat you like gold, but with confidence.

- Mike S

Toyota tundra mega puller.

The Toyota tundra offers an amazing off-road experience. The towing capability out hauls Ford and Chevy. I rarely feel the 25 foot boat I pull. Mpg is good for the towing capability. Comfortable ride and plenty of legroom for adult passengers sitting in the backseat.

- Nicole R

How dependable and comfortable it is to drive.

I love the style, how it handles and rides. The feel of a truck is awesome you can drive on and off road with no worries. It's great for projects around the house. I love camping and kayaking with my truck. Only dislike is the gas mileage, wish it was a bit higher.

- Brian W

Great tundra with great gas mileage. Expensive maintenance upkeep.

Reliability is great. Gas mileage was great for a truck. Nice ride, comfortable, cruise control nice. After about 130, 000 miles. Needed a master cylinder and another issue with computer very expensive. Cost was 3700 00 dollars. Minor recalls on it over the years.

- Cindy H

2010 Toyota tundra models.

It uses a lot of gas and has a lot of internal issues over time. It is a very inconvenient vehicle to drive as well. But it also is very comfortable and looks good which is a big perk for me personally. I really like the Toyota brand, not every vehicle is perfect.

- Melody T

Why I drive a 2010 Toyota tundra.

Purchased for reliability, wish it had modern comfort and convenience options. But not important enough to justify buying a new truck. I think Toyota is the most reliable brand of truck made. Maybe when they release a new model I will be tempted to upgrade.

- Kenneth S

Family friendly and forever spacious.

Runs smooth. Plenty of storage space throughout. Reliable. Plenty of room for 5 which is great with kids. Original stereo and speakers are great quality. Gas can get to be expensive but worth it for the quality of the vehicle.

- Autumn I

It gets great gas mileage for a V8.

I drive a 2010 Toyota Tundra. I love my truck but just recently, the AC went out on me. It runs smooth if I keep up with the oil changes. It's got a couple of scratches on it. it is a big truck and I have trouble parking.

- Matthew W

Overall Good Car For Anyone

My toyota in generally in good shape. But this doesn't mean it doesn't have problems. The passenger seatbelt takes a bit to put on since it won't budge sometimes. It also has a problem with heating in really cold winters.

- Anthony B

Fully loaded and awesome takeoff...

I love our 2010 Toyota tundra limited crewmax. It is fully loaded, leather, sunroof, navigation, rear window rolls down and so much more. We love taking rides because it drives so well and this is not our first tundra.

- Vanessa V

It's reliable and dependable

It's a reliable truck that we picked up used a couple of years ago. I like that it has plenty of space to fit the family without being too cramped. It also gives me a good size bed for transporting things.

- Samantha C

It is super reliable and comfortable.

The truck is quiet and comfortable. The ride is smooth and quiet. The only complaint I have is the length - it is an 8 foot bed and very long which makes tight space maneuvering challenging at times.

- Ed M

I really like my Toyota tundra

The tundra drives good and smoothly. Its roomy, and comfortable. The cup holders in the back are not the greatest they are hard to get to. It's pretty reliable.

- Nancee V

Great handling in the snow.

Great tow power. Handles very well especially in snow. Very roomy inside and i like that is has full size back doors also. Don't like the gas mileage too much.

- Leena V

The Tundra is very comfortable to ride in and we feel very safe in it.

We purchased the Tundra to pull our small travel trailer. It pulls the RV with no problems at all. It is roomy and very comfortable to take long road trips.

- Janet M

Easy to park as a small car with good steering.

Engine, strength of the pull, the ability to have a utility king truck. I love it!.... Grateful for this truck! Wish it had more bells and whistles!.

- Grimm D

It holds its value so well.

I like the tow capacity. I like the size of the cab and bed. I like the power. I dislike the gas, front lights got foggy too soon.

- Jen F

Work horse of a truck. Never gives up

everything has run great with regular maintenance. had a problem with the secondary air pump which was replaced under warranty

- ben g

I love the seating in my car as its super cozy

I've had issues with the motor and electrical system but other than that the car is great on gas and is cheaply repaired


It's a truck that is well engineered and can do a good job.

I like this truck because it is well-engineered. The price I paid was fair. It is a workhorse and handles what I need.

- Joseph S

Safety and reliability have been great with my Tundra.

It is the favorite vehicle I have owned. I have had no issues out of my Tundra since purchase and will buy another one.

- Derrick S

That it's tough and so darn reliable - I will be buying a Toyota Tundra again and again!

Love that its reliable and can easily tow our travel trailer. I would be nicer if rode smoother (less like a truck).

- Chris A

My Toyota Tundra is a great vehicle

I love my Tundra, rides great, able to haul my camper without trouble, no mechanical issues. Great reliable vehicle

- Bob T

It's really nice inside, looks really cool, has a nice stock exhaust.

I wish it was a diesel, I do really like the look of the tundra though, wish the regular cab was a little bigger.

- Collin L

It's great to haul and carry stuff and comfortable to ride in

It's a truck, it's comfortable, you can haul stuff, has great gas mileage, great get up and go. I love my truck!

- deb s

Favorite Parts of My Tundra

It is very smooth riding. Suspension is great. Very good gas mileage for you to get. And good family vehicle.

- Keegan B

Toyota Tundra bigger than Santa's sleigh.

It is a spacious vehicle and very dependable. It's had a few maintenance problems, but it is an older car.

- Elizabeth I

Big truck and it holds its value. Great truck as a work truck or daily driver.

No problems. Truck has driven well and towing a hauling is amazing. Smooth ride and maintenance is cheap.

- Michael P

Plenty of space in the back seat for kids, regarding leg room, etc.

I love the space in the back seat. I really like the way it handles. I wish it had better fuel economy.

- Barbara C

Has good towing abilities and braking. Comes with a complete tow package.

No complaints. Has good room, power and is well made. Handles well, has a good ride

- Brian R

Great Truck for your buck

I like the reliability. Good motor and good power. Suspension is really bad though

- David S

Space for tall people, leg space. You can fit 6 tall people

Wonderful space for passengers. nice style. Wonderful ride. love the color

- nancy t

I like that it fits my family comfortably. I like all the additional features such as heated seats. So far, I have no complaints about the vehicle.

It is highly functional for a family of four & should last for years to come.

- Dana R

It reliable, safe and can carry a large load. You can use it for work and play.

I like the room, the cargo space. I don't like the gas mileage

- Dee V

love this truck and will buy another

I love this truck and will buy another in a few years

- Kevin C