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The tundra is a beast! It will keep you safe and secure.

2011 Toyota Tundra

The Toyota tundra has been the most dependable and reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I have been in some close call situations where I probably could have died if it weren't for the durability of the tundra. I got into a seven car pile up in November in my tundra and there was slight damage done to the vehicle. My truck at that point had almost 300 thousand miles on it. The insurance company ended up totaling it out for something very minimal (which upset me a lot) but, I saved my money until I could afford to buy another tundra because I feel that much passion for the durability of the truck!

- Casey M

Big and spacious pick-up truck.

2011 Toyota Tundra

The tundra is very comfortable to drive & to ride in. We have the extended cab (four door) and there is a lot of room. Mechanically we have not had any problems with it. My issue with it is that it is too big for me and I cannot judge my distances in it making it very difficult for me to park & for me to get out of parking spaces. It does cost more to drive because it does not get very good gas mileage & the motor takes more oil than most vehicles making the oil changes more expensive than other vehicles.

- Shirley N

The Tundra goes a long way.

2011 Toyota Tundra

Tundra performance is great it has great horsepower but that can be also because I take care of all its maintenance. Reliability is fantastic, the car is stable and I feel safe driving on the highway. The comfort of the car is also outstanding because it has plenty of space and a/c reaches even on the back. The features I like the most is the rear camera and the seat adjustment. Some problems is the gas that it consumes and that it is big for parallel parking.

- Melody M

I've had this vehicle for seven years now. I hope to keep it for another ten or fifteen.

2011 Toyota Tundra

First of all, I like having a big bed in the back of the truck. I can haul lumber, trash, and just about anything I want. Another thing that I like is that I have a double cab. With a family of five, we really need that second row of seats. Finally, being a Toyota, it's been a very reliable vehicle. As for dislikes, the gas mileage is about sixteen. I wish that it was a better than that.

- Steven W

Dependability of Toyota is second to none!

2011 Toyota Tundra

I was in an auto accident in 2009 which happened in a car. After my accident I wouldn't ride or drive in a car, I didn't feel safe. When we bought our 2011 Toyota tundra I finally felt safe again. The overall sturdiness of this vehicle makes me not to have panic attacks. The comfort of the seats from a scale of a 1 to 10 would be a 10 and the performance of this vehicle cannot be beat.

- Pat W

A great truck with minor problems.

2011 Toyota Tundra Grade V6

This is a six cylinder vehicle with over 250000 miles. I have only had one major problem with it which is difficult to explain but it made the truck not pick up the speed like it should have. The truck is great but the dealer is not. They were going to charge almost 2000 dollars to get this fixed. I bought the part and let a mechanic fix the problem which was around 500 dollars.

- Philip T

2011 tundra crew cab pleases.

2011 Toyota Tundra

The 4. 6 l 2011 tundra is a great pickup. It tows well even with loads near capacity. The interior is very roomy and well thought out except the rear beams block a bit of your side view. My only other gripe is the fuel economy which is usually around 15 mpg unloaded. Overall a great vehicle. It will do anything it is competition will do. Just do not expect exceptional mileage.

- Jason T

This truck is a beast and it turns heads! We have the rock warrior.

2011 Toyota Tundra

I haven't had any problems yet! I just love this truck! It is big, beautiful and it runs great! I have only owned it for a couple of months but I have no complaints. I get a bunch of compliments on the way that it looks and sounds all of the time. It has a nice deep rumble and it gets noticed everywhere that I go! It is definitely a confidence builder!

- Jamie M

The back window is electric.

2011 Toyota Tundra Base

It's a great truck for my large family.. We are able to tow out 28 foot travel trailer great and lots of room for everything we need... We travel with our dogs and they have enough room in the back to lay down under my 3 kids feet... It's very quiet on the road and the leather seats don't keep heat in makes a perfect truck.

- Maddie L

The bed liner is very nice.

2011 Toyota Tundra

Good truck backup camera broke after I bought the truck window broke after bought the truck got both fixed no complaints after that. Tires from the factory did not last long at all. overall I am very happy with my 2011 Toyota tundra dBL cab. Bad on gas but good when you need the power to do work!!

- Dustin T

The step rail is handy since I am only a 5'1" lady.

2011 Toyota Tundra

This truck is very sturdy and reliable. The interior is huge and comfortable. I had to use the 4 wheel drive once and it worked beautifully. It has a nice steady drive and the 5. 7 engine has a lot of get up and go! I am a veteran Toyota owner and I know this will last me many more years.

- Terri N

Small motor, up to date on everything,

2011 Toyota Tundra Base

One of the problems is that it doesn't accelerate as I would want it too. Also, when I'm going 70 mph feels like I'm going 40, which Is really annoying because I can't go faster. Good thing is that it has a small motor so saves me gas money. It performs well doesn't give me any problems.

- Lorena T

They should know that it's a good car, it's not the best but it work fine just like it did for me. I think the car is worth it for the price.

2011 Toyota Tundra

I like how my vehicle has a lot of space for keeping things inside my car. One dislike I have of the car is when you are sitting in it too long like on long trips, the seats can be really rough. Overall my car works very fine and I don't think about buying another anytime soon.

- Dang N

Don't underestimate what it can do. It's faster than it looks, powerful, capable, and has a good driver behind the wheel who knows about her car.

2011 Toyota Tundra

I love the size, having a truck bed, the upgraded stereo system, the space, It's cozy and comfortable. It's powerful and for a truck, fast. It looks great and I have so many good memories with that truck. I also love peoples reactions to a teen girl in a full size truck.

- Breanna B

Toyota tundra is worth every dollar!

2011 Toyota Tundra

I have honestly (knock on wood) haven't had any issue since I have purchased my tundra! It not only handles like a dream, but also is great on long distance travel. I would definitely recommend a Toyota tundra to anyone interested in purchasing a truck! Tundra for life!

- Casey C

Spacious comfortable powerful truck.

2011 Toyota Tundra Base

I love the spacious interior, the back seat have more room than expected which makes any drive comfortable for all passengers and driver. The mpg is great for being a high horse powered vehicle. The up to date backup camera and satellite radio modernize the tundra.

- B S

Drives well and is a reliable form of transportation.

2011 Toyota Tundra

Gets good gas mileage but back is sort of small. Has decent interior and nice amenities. Have had for many years and has been a reliable form of transportation. Getting ready to get something new though. Maybe another Toyota but have been looking at other makes.

- Paul B

Toyota Tundras are great for hauling and home improvement projects.

2011 Toyota Tundra

I like that my truck makes it simple for me to do home improvement projects. I enjoy driving a large vehicle because I feel safe and can see the road well. I dislike that large vehicles require so much gasoline.

- Lauren M

The truck is very spacious and has tons of storage

2011 Toyota Tundra

My Toyota Tundra is extremely reliable, relatively affordable, and has the comfort and features necessary for me and my family. The truck is very spacious and reliable, perfect for road trips and getaways.

- Lydia E

Tundra 4 door. The ease of getting in and out of the truck is important because everyone has a door.

2011 Toyota Tundra

Love the truck. The ride and performance is as good as a sedan. Recently went on a trip with 4 adults and all were extremely happy with the comfort of the interior and smoothness of the ride

- Butch H

It is a resilient and safe vehicle.

2011 Toyota Tundra

I have no complaints about my vehicle. It is lasted for nearly 10 years. Gas mileage is decent, which I guess could be improved upon. Very roomy and gets where I need to go.

- Justin C

On initial startup it revs really high but I wouldn't have any other truck.

2011 Toyota Tundra

It's got awesome response to the accelerator. Great gas mileage. I can drive for hundreds of miles and not have back pains cause the seats are very comfortable.

- Billy W

It is very dependable, versatile, and stylish

2011 Toyota Tundra

My truck is very dependable and versatile. Things I dislike are the gas mileage. It is also a work truck model so it very few bells and whistles for features.

- Sean M

Toyota Tundra. Best in its class, In my opinion.

2011 Toyota Tundra

It performs great. The only downfall is, it isn't appealing to the eye. This is from a pre custom design. You could make it look good, but it takes work.

- Spencer C

It is a safe vehicle for me to drive, and a comfortable ride.

2011 Toyota Tundra

It is a strong vehicle. I like it because it has a back seat, and good towing ability. The only thing I really don't like is that it uses a lot of gas.

- Billy b

My car has bluetooth and i can play music that way.

2011 Toyota Tundra

My truck performs very well. Toyota's are very reliable. There hasn't been a single problem and she runs in perfect condition. It has nice cotton seats.

- julia B

Very comfortable for a full size truck.

2011 Toyota Tundra

The tundra will pull anything, ride is similar to that of a car, the only real issue I've ever had were the brakes which were corrected in a recall.

- Kenneth K

lots of legroom in the backseat and still leaves lots of legroom in the front as well without feeling crammed.

2011 Toyota Tundra

Like that is has more room than my extended cab to have more storage room inside with a car seat and luggage than my previous truck.

- Gary L

Toyota Tundra better than the rest

2011 Toyota Tundra

I Love my Tundra. Its spacious and comfortable. Powerful for hauling and climbing. True to Toyota standard my Tundra is reliable.

- Marquetta M

The resale value is one of the highest on the market of all its competitors

2011 Toyota Tundra

Very reliable and comfortable vehicle. Plenty of power for towing. Great resale value. The cre max has a ton of room inside.

- Shawn W

The truck is very fast and powerful.

2011 Toyota Tundra

Rear main seal leaks. Truck is powerful and big enough for my wife three teenagers and myself with room to spare.

- Eddie L

It is tough good in snow good in all occasions.

2011 Toyota Tundra

It halls good heavy work re reliable for all circumstances it is convenient. Uses a lot of gas in town driving.

- Lance S

Toyota Tundra great truck and very reliable

2011 Toyota Tundra

The truck is very reliable and aside from tires and brakes which I have replaced there has been no issues

- Fabio R

It just keeps running and running.

2011 Toyota Tundra

This truck hauled my sons stuff to florida, with a 5000 lb. Trailer!! Cab has much room. Bed is adequate.

- Scott H

it is functional and I do not just drive it for the looks

2011 Toyota Tundra

I love everything about it except for the gas mileage. It has plenty of cargo space and towing capacity

- Bob A

Overview of the 2011 Toyota Tundra

2011 Toyota Tundra

This truck has a powerful engine and a lot room inside. The bed extension gives you a full size bed.

- Edward M

Has plenty of power on grades.

2011 Toyota Tundra

Love the handling. Interior was well thought out with cubbies everywhere. Mileage3 stinks, though.

- Barb B

Seats aren't that comfortable but the good of it, it comes with a small tv in the back. The conditioning is very good. The seats are kind of hard but okay. Driving is very smooth

2011 Toyota Tundra

Only five seats in the back and two in the front. The air conditioning may take a bit to adjust

- Jazmin A

that u can deliver pizza, furniture,carry motorcycles and snowmobiles

2011 Toyota Tundra

Fast, looks great and as for the price it was cheaper than most trucks in its class

- Paul D

It has a truck bed that can haul various things and has kayak racks.

2011 Toyota Tundra

It is dependable. It is functional. It looks good. It has bad gas mileage.

- Waylon W

Reliable starts and runs. Comfortable for long trips

2011 Toyota Tundra

Great but very Spartan. Would like great sound system and leather seats.

- Gary F

It's my favorite car I have ever had. It rides smoothly and has been very reliable

2011 Toyota Tundra

It drives like a sports car. It is spacious. It is horrible on gas.

- Richard W

I love it. I wouldn't trade it for any other truck.

2011 Toyota Tundra

The power is awesome. The size is great. Overall the best truck

- Juana G