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The awesomeness of the tundra!

They only problem that I wish the bed of the truck was a little longer but the rest of the truck makes up for it. The bed has led lights that you can turn on and off with a switch which gives you better lighting if you are doing something at night. Toyota brought back the feature of the back window rolling completely down which is always a plus. The 4x4's have a trailer brake system located at the bottom of the dash, I am not sure if it comes standard on all tundra models. But the biggest thing I love about the Toyota tundra is that the cabs are big and comfy for the family with plenty of legroom in the back and sets that fold right up for extra cab storage on raining days or transporting your dogs.

- Michael S

Highly recommend the Toyota Tundra.

My Tundra has a crew cab, which is very spacious and comfortable. The truck performs well and rides smoothly. It is appearance is sleek, yet tough. I absolutely love my Toyota Tundra. I do have the sr5 model, so not many bells or whistles on it, but it truly is a great truck for me, it is perfect for camping, road trips, hauling and towing and has never let me down yet. The only issue I have had with my Tundra in the past 17 months, is the antennae bent, which is a very simple fix. I would recommend the Tundra to everyone, especially outdoors/adventurous people.

- Marina F

Best truck you can buy. I love everything about my truck!

My Toyota tundra has been the best vehicle I have ever purchased. What I like most about it is it has get up & go! I feel rich when I drive it because it is sharp looking! We got a white one, it shows much less dirt. The GPS is awesome and easy to use, also easy to understand. I have a backup camera which I really love because it is big. I can see clearly as I am backing out. The side mirrors are big and I can see out of those well too. Everything in the vehicle is user friendly.

- Virginia Mcguire A

Basics, awesome. Extras, not great and not as important than awesome basics.

I love my truck but it has some large blind spots around where the side mirrors, windshield and hood meet. I have to move to see around each side to make sure no vehicles are coming. The entertainment system does not always synch up to my iPhone, it is current on its firmware. Other than that I love everything about it.

- Tracey W

It's an extremely safe dependable and reliable vehicle that will last you the next 10 + years with very limited wear and tear

I drive a red Toyota Tundra that has four doors. I dislike the fact that it cost me $637 a month! However, I love Toyota because they're extremely Dependable vehicles! I have driven many different makes of trucks, but I have never found one more reliable and dependable than the Toyota brand!

- Paul H

Wonderful truck for family road trips and day to day driving.

Very comfortable. I love the navigation, heated seats and drivability. The rear view camera is very accurate and the truck overall drives extremely smooth. The back seat is very roomy and comfortable for guests of all heights. The tundra toes nicely and is an overall great family vehicle.

- Kara H

Big spacious roomie. 4 wheel drive.

No problems... Runs great and very roomie. Just wish it had more comfortable seats. Had to get a paint job due the hurricane. But it is very reliable but looking for a vehicle that has 3 rows. Also, don't like the speakers in the truck. Wish they were better quality.

- Samantha M

Toyota tundra trucks of the trucks.

The Toyota tundra is comfortable and spacious. It has a touch screen enough elbow room for the passenger and driver. With a d cab you won't have kids kicking the back of your seat. The tailgate is big enough for you to haul things and even go to the drive in movies.

- Veronica R

This vehicle has proven to be very reliable and relatively economical.

My tundra has more power that any truck in its class. It is has top of the line amenities and is appointed very luxuriously. I think the exterior styling of the Tundra is sexier than any other truck on the market. I traded my 2008 Tundra for this 2017 Tundra!

- Marshall H

Tundra tough. Room for six. Can haul many items. Great turning radius.

My tundra is tough. It has great acceleration, can fit six people and haul stuff in the back. It is very versatile. Great for weekend trips or even long hauls. I use it to drive to the beach every year for a long weekend getaway which is about 150 miles away.

- Ken S

The Toyota tundra is very reliable and comfortable.

The Toyota tundra is an amazing truck! My husband is a super commuter for his work and puts on a lot of mileage. It has been very reliable. He has to change his oil every few weeks, so he takes good care of it. Also holds my two younger children comfortably.

- Stacey G

Self driving. Voice command. Back up camera. Big king can.

It's a safe truck the only problem is it is a gas hog. Its roomy and comfortable. Its fast and I love the body style. Its affordable and it rock climbs good it also has self driving so if you fall asleep and go over a line it will bring it back it will stop.

- Jami H

The way I feel about the truck I am driving from home to worm.

Wanting a smoother ride would be nice, sometimes hitting a pothole can make the ride a bit lumpy the space inside the truck is nice and big so everyone will fit. Everyone can be nice and comfortable and the speaker are loud enough for everyone to hear.

- Julio L

It can tow pretty much anything.

It's a good truck runs well haven't had issues with it. I don't like how high up it is makes it hard to get inside of it. I also really don't like the parts cost side of the car wish it was cheaper. All around it takes corners well and is a good truck.

- Jacob D

Smooth ride - with lots of room.

Out truck has lots of room in the front and the back seats. It is very comfortable when traveling. It is a very smooth riding vehicle. There is nothing you can't do with truck - travel, haul and day to day use. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Dee G

Tundra is the toughest truck on the road today

It is the most reliable 4x4 truck on the road. Regardless of where the home company is, it IS AMERICAN made. Toyota trucks are built in Texas and I can tow anything, haul anything and drive it anywhere. I wouldn't want to drive any other truck.

- Dan B

This vehicle is very spacious compared to other pickup trucks.

I love the color of my truck and the tech features, such as the ability to sync my phone through Bluetooth and the navigation system. I do not like that my headlights only come on automatically at night, and not due to it being dark when raining.

- Veronica P

Adjust side mirrors to change lanes safely.

Dislike: does not have power mirrors that retract, does not have signal lights on the outside mirrors, the stereo is substandard. Like: the way it handles, much like a car, the acceleration is reliable, simplicity of controls, comfort of seats.

- Max R

Smooth, wide range of settings and terrains, beautiful and comfortable.

I really enjoy the "smooth sailing" that the Toyota Tundra offers, and the wide range of terrain that it can travel upon. I would recommend this car for anyone living in an extreme climate zone or anyone that does a lot of traveling.

- Mark H

Has lots of room and is dependable.

Love that it drives smooth, is comfortable and has plenty of room. Has great entertainment system and cooled/heated seats. I do not like the remote start system, no dim control on dash and not having a separate clock display.

- Jason H

It has a very roomy interior.

I like that it's very roomy inside and can be used for many things like hauling groceries and lumber. I hate that it costs so much for the gasoline to go anywhere. Plus, it's really big and hard to park sometimes.

- Jill B

The backseat is great for larger families.

The Toyota tundra is an extremely comfortable and great vehicle to own. It is perfect for larger families due to the exceptional backseat spacing. We have never had a problem with the vehicle.

- Mandy L

It is a great truck I have had three tundras and I will buy another one when it is time for a new truck.

I haven't had any problems with my Tundra.the only complaint I have is that you can't shut the air off completely, even when the blower is off there is still some air coming out of the vents.

- Robert T

It's a dependable truck! Looks nice, handles nicely!

It rides and handles nicely. It is very comfortable for 4 people to ride in. Toyota maintenance is very nice! The only thing I don't like is that I have several blind spots while driving.

- Anitaw W

My brand new Tundra is awesome.

I love the truck lots of power and plenty of bells and whistles! Clearance is great, tires are amazing plus they look really good! No problems yet. Even towing is best I've ever seen!

- Dan T

Reliability and quality of the Toyota brand are unmatched

I like the brand quality. I do not like the price and the poor gas mileage. I am disappointed in the ways they went about "lowering" the price. Like no running boards or bed liner.

- Kevin J

That the fuel mileage is very poor.

I love the truck, it exceeded all my expectations, accept for the fuel mileage being around 13 mpg. The cab is very spacious. And the power is great. The truck rides very nice.

- George S

There's not truck like the Toyota Tundra!

My Toyota Tundra has been the best truck we have ever purchased. It is very spacious, comfortable seating and a smooth ride. Very reliable truck with excellent features.

- Gloria A

It has treated me fairly well. No major problems. But over all like the car, just wish the company was American car. But overall it has been a good car

It is only a Lease so I don't care what I drive, my company gave me the car and it has treated me farewell. I has been a good car to drive but it drinks to much gas

- Michael N

That it is safe as well as sturdy. It can hold a full family and go off road if needed

I like that my vehicle is big enough to carry family for errands as well as for vacation traveling, It also is comfortable for a truck. My tundra is very versatile

- William S

Love my Tundra. Great Toyota quality and comfort.

Comfortable, good power, hauling and towing capacity. Sturdy. Large fuel tank. Average mpg 15 to 16. No problems to date and I put over 30k miles per year on it.

- Scott S

The Tundra is the best pickup truck I have owned!

I love how big and spacious the cab of the truck is. The power of the engine is on point. Only complaint is I wish you would get more miles per gallon of gas.

- Tara H




My truck will last for a very long time and it is the best purchase I've made.

I like how spacious it is, how powerful, and how it looks. The only thing I don't like it the plastic door handles and the plastic on the steering wheel.

- Haley M

I have low miles and I use it a lot. It's a toyota so it's very dependable.

I bought it because of the crew cab, the extra large back seat. I like that it has a smaller V8 motor for gas mileage. I also like the color , dark gray.

- Harry S

That it's roomy enough to carry 6 adults comfortably!

Absolutely love the roomy backseat area. It is large enough that a grown adult can sleep in it without feeling cramped. There is nothing I don't like.

- Dave J

The truck gets great gas mileage and is very spacious.

I sincerely love my Tundra. For a large truck, it actually has great gas mileage. Also, I was able to get through town when we had the terrible flood.

- Brenda A

Love my 2018 Toyota Tundra!

I love my 2018 Toyota Tundra. It is extremely durable and great for hauling. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable truck.

- Brooke M

The most important thing is that the truck drives well.

The trunk of the truck is great for carrying big items. It is also very large so it can tow large loads. The front seats have a lot of room.

- Clark N

Reliable, comfortable, and safe. The Tundra offers more safety features than other full size trucks around the same price range.

The Tundra CrewMax has an incredible roomy interior. I love all the safety features; lane assist, pedestrian alert, blind spot monitor, etc.

- Janelle A

Toyotas in general are extremely reliable. Tundra Crewmax have a HUGE back seat area.

Tundra Crewmax has a HUGE back seat. I love the look of it. Tundra's are very reliable. Gas mileage leaves a lot to be desired though.

- Todd A

It is a great economic car. Easy to handle. Back seat has little leg room.

I do not have any complaints, it is a great truck. It is very roomy and does well with towing. Also it is safe with lots of airbags.

- Brendan B

That its reliable and is spacious, and doesn't at all have any problems.

My Toyota tundra doesn't have any problems at all in my opinion, and it works just fine, is spacious, and is also reliable.

- Jake S

I like is very good. I love

My vehicle is very good I recommend it. It is very elegant, excellent design and performance, high combustion performance

- Alexander M

Great working truck or recreational pickup

Good performance has been a reliable pickup works great in the snow fits 5 people comfortably I have not had any issues

- Lisa J

Excellent safety ratings and is tough enough to pull out camper!

I love how it rides and the safety ratings on it. It has plenty of room for my family. It has a good engine with power.

- Chloe P

Toyota Tundra is a. Awesome truck.

No problems. Plenty of room inside. Plenty of power to tow big things. It is a Toyota so it will last forever as well.

- Josh C

It is very safe. It came with a 120,000 mile warranty. It turns heads.

It has an extremely comfortable ride. There is lots of room for all passengers. It has a long bed and navigation.

- Deb L

It is very reliable and quick acceleration.

My Tundra has enough room for me and my family and I really like the power it has to tow and quick acceleration.

- Ken S

It's a very comfortable ride with lots of internal space.

it feels solid, acceleration is great, very comfortable, lots of internal space. Voice recognition needs work.

- Andrew C

It is a white pickup truck.

I love it. I can't believe it was in my price range. I almost thought it was a scam, but it's the real deal.

- Charles M

Great Truck. Can pull anything a 3/4 ton ford, Chevy or Dodge

My truck is reliable and can perform any job I want it to do. Low maintenance with decent fuel mileage.

- Roger D

It is very safe and good on gas.

Like reliability, cab room, comfort. Like the color, the back window, and the mats dislike short bed.

- Patti H

Gas Saver Comfy it is reliable and haven't had any trouble

I really love it I haven't had any problems out of it Runs great It is comfort and a gas saver. LOVE

- Ray B

It's a great all purpose vehicle that fits your family and active lifestyle.

It is large enough to fit the whole family. It is comfortable to drive. I can take it anywhere.

- Anthony S

it has a huge gas tank, which means I can drive 500 miles or more on a tank of gas.

comfortable, easy to drive, roomy, feature packed. I'd like the remote start to work better.

- Rob R

It is very high quality and will handle all crashes well. The other person generally dies and you will be safe.

I like it a lot because it is smooth and very easy to run and it is super duper good.

- John S

It's a gorgeous jet black color and it has 4 wheel drive and handles very well in bad weather.

I like the look and body shape, roominess In the cabin. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Zak B

Cost less than ford or chevy

Like the ride and power of the v8 disappointed that there is no rear axle lock

- Ed S

it has power and it drives nice. I feel good driving it.

I like the size. I like the way it drives. I like the power it has.

- jake d

It's fun to drive and reliable at all times. I love it

My vehicle is safe. My Toyota is reliable. It fits my three kids

- Najla D

Its comfortable and roomy.

I like the color and body style. I dislike the fuel mileage.

- Wendy T