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It is a very dependable car and holds it is value extremely well.

2010 Toyota Venza

My Toyota Venza has been a great car. It is comfortable, very good looking, and drives great. I only have 97, 000 miles on it and it is still in excellent condition. I have all the bells and whistle‘s and a panoramic sunroof. I purchased this car as a used car. It had been well taken care of. It has plenty of room for five people. Happy birthday it is a pearl white color, which I love. It drives like a dream. I have no interest in purchasing another car until this one will not go anymore. I have to say this is probably one of my favorite cars I have ever owned.

- Martha B

The Venza is a head turning vehicle. Smart and sophisticated look.

2010 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn V6 AWD (Natl)

I have bought Toyotas for the last 20 years. Their reliability is very important to me as our use it in my real estate work. One never knows what type of terrain I will be on and with the 4 Wheel Dr. of the Venza I feel sure that I can navigate some tricky roads. The only problem I have had is with the headlamps. I have to leave the knob on automatic headlamps. That way I don't run the battery down. The look of the Venza is very smart and sophisticated. I am sorry that the company has decided To continue building this model. I would buy a new one if possible.

- Caryl D

My Venza is a super flexible family vehicle

2010 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn V6 AWD (Natl)

My car has been great. I've owned it for 7 years and I haven't had any major problems. Only normal wear and tear. It has been a great family car. The cargo hold is big enough for groceries and also some suitcases. There's also a sturdy roof rack for extra luggage, sports equipment, and Christmas trees.

- Angie S

Cherry red 2010 Toyota Venza: It's big enough to help you move

2010 Toyota Venza

I love the way it looks and the way it drives, It has plenty of room, and the large sized trunk is very nice, especially when moving. I do wish the car were more fuel efficient. My next car will not be a Venza, but one that is a hybrid. I do spend a decent amount on gas, but the car is very reliable

- Clifton K

One of the greatest cars, has many qualities that help a growing family.

2010 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn I4 AWD (Natl)

My car is great at towing trailer uphill for a 4 cylinder car, so much that someone came up to me to find out more about my car, they wanted to purchase one for their family. It has great space for moving large items. It very comfortable for large people to sit in. It has great gas mileage.

- Teresa S

Great car it is a shame that Toyota is not making anymore of these cars.

2010 Toyota Venza

Performance and reliability is great the comfort is great lots of room. This car is AWD which great in the snow the sound system is very good. I love that the have a double sunroof. The car is electric which is great with Bluetooth. I understand that this car is not available anymore.

- Tanya B

Handsome vehicle with plenty of power.

2010 Toyota Venza

Comfortable, agile, power, reliability. No problems. I like going for rides in this car. I would buy another because of the joy this vehicle gives me. Unfortunately, Toyota does not make this vehicle anymore. Toyota have a good track record. I would recommend Toyota vehicle any day.

- Milton S

Very reliable, efficient it's a 2010.

2010 Toyota Venza

Fully loaded. No problems with car at all. Very roomy and lots of space. Two sunroofs. Good mileage. Looks like new version of highlander. Nothing but good about this vehicle. Why else to say nothing but good. Buy with confidence. Dealership is very helpful and trustworthy.

- Sarah M

My Toyota performances and reliability.

2010 Toyota Venza

My Venza is comfortable and reliable. I love the mpg and the smoothness of the ride. Handles well in most of weather conditions. I love the tinted windows. The music system and the hands free cell phone system that will not distract your driving. It has great storage space.

- Janice G

The only 3 minor issues of an otherwise perfect. Car

2010 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn I4 FWD (Natl)

The only negatives I must say are the rear visibility issues when changing lanes or pulling out when next to a truck or van from a parking spot. Also I wish the power seat would raise up more and the traction control button doesn't decipher if it is on or off. No light.

- Jay B

10 year old automobile recap.

2010 Toyota Venza

Has a good ride. Loud road noise. Excellent Toyota service. Dependable. Looks good and stylish. Radio just adequate. Easy handling. Resale price seems to be above average. Love the hatch can be lifted by button on remote. Heating element for seats had to be removed.

- Barbara B

My Toyota automobile summary.

2010 Toyota Venza

It has a 4 cylinder engine which I think should be bigger for the type of body stye. It drives pretty good. The ride is smooth and gas mileage is better than the Corolla I had. It seats four adults comfortably and trunk has decent space. I really enjoy this vehicle.

- J G

Stylish and Dependable. Powerful yet economical. Sleek and classy.

2010 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn V6 AWD (Natl)

This car has proven to be very dependable. No service issues at all. I got rear ended and suffered no injuries. No frame damage either. The only bad thing is the tire size. The car came factory with 20 inch wheels, which makes the cost of tires no less than $900.

- Christy C

My chocolate car. I fell for it because of the color,

2010 Toyota Venza

I love my Venza, it is comfortable to ride in, great on gas and upkeep. It can carry 3 x large breed dogs at once to the kennels when we go on vacation!! On top of all that it is the most beautiful color and I have gotten tons of compliments on "metallic sunset.

- Sue M

I think this is an awesome family car!

2010 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn V6 AWD (Natl)

I love my Toyota Venza. It has all features that I currently need. Like backup camera and satellite radio. It is extremely roomy for a average sized family with lots of legroom. I like how the seat goes down to expand the back trunk for extra storage.

- Samantha B

It is a nice car with great gas mileage.

2010 Toyota Venza

I love that it gets great gas mileage. I love that it is a pretty color and has a nice interior - I love that it has more space than a small sedan; I do not like that it is not as spacious as a SUV and that it does not have a lot of special things.

- Debbie R

For a 4 cylinder it has some pep.

2010 Toyota Venza

Seats could be a little more comfortable but are not bad. Love all the options it came with, as well as the styling. Would have liked better gas mileage and that the nav system could be updated by satellite or download. Hate buying discs.

- Ann S

Toyota is one of the most reliable brands of car on the road today.

2010 Toyota Venza

I really don't have an opinion about my car. We kinda got bullied into buying it at the dealership. I do like that it's a Toyota. But it has had a few issues with needing repairs. Other than that I feel pretty neutral about it.

- Sherie A

Toyota is the way to go!!

2010 Toyota Venza

Very comfortable. It is off the ground so you do not have to fall into it. Decent on gas. Has great pick up. Fits the whole family comfortably(5 of us). Lots of cargo space. Great vehicle all n all!

- Nick S

It is very easy to get in and out of vehicle, especially if you have back problems.

2010 Toyota Venza

I love everything about my venza. I think best thing is it is easy to get in and out of vehicle with my bad back and knees. Dislike nothing about this vehicle, would highly recommend it to anyone.

- linda b

It's a V6 with all wheel drive, great in the snow & good on gas

2010 Toyota Venza

I like the size of the vehicle overall... not too long & not too tall. I like the features & how it runs. I dislike that Toyota does not make the Venza anymore! & I dislike that it does not seat 7

- Tina R

It's reliable and attractive. It's safe and it has a lot of trunk space and the back seat has a lot of legroom.

2010 Toyota Venza

I haven't had any issues with problems, but I wish I had a car with leather seats or a sunroof. It's a toyota so it's safe and it has a lot of miles. I trust it, but I wouldn't buy another one.

- Lindsey H

It was discontinued by Toyota sadly with the 2015 model being the last year manufactured.

2010 Toyota Venza

The venza is a a midsize SUV and my husband and I love it. It is spacious in both the front seats and back and perfect for our growing family. We love the leather interior and dual sunroofs.

- Alene L

My Toyota Venza has been a durable car since I got it.

2010 Toyota Venza

My Toyota Venza has been a durable SUV. It gets my family and I where we need to go on a daily basis. I love the amount of space in it for shopping trips. I can't complain about it.

- Haley S

It is a nice overall crossover that is fun to drive!

2010 Toyota Venza

I like the nice features it has like a backup camera. I also like how it drives. It is nice and smooth. I love the keyless entry as well. It makes getting places easier and more fun!

- nancy r

Not good at all in snow if snow more than a few inches. I needed to get snow tires but still since low to ground compared to other SUVs, very bad in snow.

2010 Toyota Venza

Very comfortable and enough room for a tall person. Not good in the snow. Side view mirror too small with blindspot with seat back. Needed to get special mirrors for side of car.

- John G

Very spacious and drives great. It's a great car to drive cross country.

2010 Toyota Venza

It is very reliable. The trunk space is very spacious and more importantly, the seat space is also very spacious. There is so much leg room for all 5 passenger seats.

- Kat F

My car have a 8 cylinder engine run like race car.

2010 Toyota Venza

Drive smoothly I love it nice stereo system, good navigation system, fuel efficient. Is the best car ever power sunroof, power windows great for storage in the back.

- Jean J

Built well and is safe. No problems since I bought this vehicle. Love it.

2010 Toyota Venza

Looks and drives great. Rides like a Camry. Built well and have only had maintenance done on it. Wish they still made them because I would buy another one!

- Sharon C

Great fuel mileage and convenient services along with a comfortable ride.

2010 Toyota Venza

Comfortable, rides good, economical, good looking, hands free phone thru the radio.. No complaints.. Has great customer service.. Great owner reviews..

- George W

Very spacious and roomy inside. Love that my kids have plenty of room in the back seat, even with car seats.

2010 Toyota Venza

I really like that it is roomy like an SUV but isn't as tall as an SUV. Gets decent gas mileage for around town and gets good mileage on the highway.

- David Z

You have to have the key fob on you or you wont get it to start.

2010 Toyota Venza

I love everything about my Venza. It runs great and is easy to maintain. The only thing I don't like is the keyless start it is real picky.

- Roberta C

Dual AC. Comfortable leather seats

2010 Toyota Venza

>100k miles and still drives awesome. No problems to speak of. Roomy and comfortable. I would drive to cross country without hesitation.

- Anna H

It is very fun to drive and it is a great car to look at.

2010 Toyota Venza

Love how sleek it is to the ground. I love how easy it is to get fixed. I don't like the color. I don't like the little front window.

- Alicia L

It is a gas saver and it takes me everywhere.

2010 Toyota Venza

I really have no complaints. The car is fine beside the usual mechanic. But the car is great. The car is awesome and very very cute.

- Maria H

Push button start makes the car amazing.

2010 Toyota Venza

Very nice car, kind of SUV but big room inside to fit all the family. There is marker on the driver side makes it more attractive.

- William M

Good in gas. Enough space for 5

2010 Toyota Venza

It's good in gas and has awesome trunk space. Have not really had a lot of trouble from it. It's a good car for everyday driving

- Sarah K

Safe, dependable, gas efficient, roomy, all wheel drive.

2010 Toyota Venza

All wheel drive, leather seat, spacious, roomy, good for car seats when that time comes. Good gas mileage. Very dependable.

- Janelle M

My Toyota is spacious and reliable.

2010 Toyota Venza

Not much, it is an older car, so just the basic maintenance problem. I take in for maintenance regular and had no problem.

- Sarah C

Economic and easy to handle.

2010 Toyota Venza

Comfortable vehicle for my medical issue. Vehicle is very economical when traveling. I can handle maintenance sometimes.

- Janice E

I don't like how expensive it is to work on the car (I previously had a Subaru, and maintenance was less expensive). I don't like how wide it is. I do like the zippy engine and the reliability of the Toyota brand.

2010 Toyota Venza

Toyota has stopped making venzas, so you'll have to look elsewhere for a wagon-type car in the future.

- Suz L

Smooth quiet ride love it

2010 Toyota Venza

We bought it used, but it is almost 9 years old and is reliable. Some minor problems, but good overall

- Amelia S

The Venza is a very dependable and reliable car with very few repairs.

2010 Toyota Venza

It has a nice sleek design. Good pick up and go speed. Could use a little more storage space.

- Jackie L

Goog machine, quality, and security drive. I trust in it

2010 Toyota Venza

It's the perfect size for my family, so comfortable and very confiable

- Claudia A

It is from a great brand. Good acceleration. Great value

2010 Toyota Venza

I like the size and the acceleration Dislike it take lot of gas

- Shipr A

Dislike handling, gas mileage.

2010 Toyota Venza

Dislike handling, gas mileage. Dislike handling, gas mileage.

- Nelson p

they only made it for four years and stopped in 2014 so you can't get new ones

2010 Toyota Venza

It's great, Toyota made it to be just like a Subaru outback

- David V

Plenty of room they should build it again soft leather

2010 Toyota Venza

Size is great good ride no problems with it love it

- D'Owen P

Love my Toyota, lots of storage and space for shopping.

2010 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn V6 AWD (Natl)

- Mary S