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Toyota Venza. A sporty nimble great looking family vehicle.

It is a 2011 Toyota Venza. It is a crossover vehicle. It has AWD. It has a spacious interior. With the rear seat down there is a lot of cargo area. There is dual zone climate control, heated front seats. Reclinable rear seats. A beautiful leather seating. Faux wood on the doors and dash. Adjustable steering wheel. Easy controls for stereo, heating, and other devices. The car is wireless Bluetooth capable with a cell phone. It has a spacious center console storage and glove box. An excellent sound system with a subwoofer and disc player. All-weather floor and cargo matt’s. It came with beautiful brushed aluminum 20’’ rims with wide low profile tires. Basically everything is power. With all the usual comfort and safety options. Over all a very nice looking car. It is been a very reliable car. It handles well, almost sports car like. Drives confidently in all weather conditions as well.

- Randall G

Comfortable, luxurious ride.

It is extremely comfortable, tons of leg room in the back. Huge cargo space, love that the back seats fold down for even more space if needed. The only thing I do not like is the turn-radius. It makes wide turns. I love the power seats in the front and the heated seats as well. I also love the moon roof in the back for the kiddos to gaze up while we are driving.

- Lauren G

Venza view seven years of ownership.

Seats 5 automatic AWD good sound system handles well in all road drive conditions nice trim level power everything good trunk space. Car has poor fit and finish lot of plastic have had problems with hatch seals a lot of road noise gets worse with increased speeds mileage is poor for six cylinder engine 18 to 19 miles to the gallon combined.

- Randall G

Toyota Venza great for traveling.

The Venza is great on the road and I have never had any major problems. Good gas mileage and a good looking car. Maintenance is easy and I had my car for seven years. It is roomy for traveling and a smooth ride. People ask me about the Venza and I tell them how great the car is. You get a smooth ride with the plus of a crossover vehicle.

- Sharon J

It's a smooth Comfortable cruiser.

I love my car wish the miles were lower and that it wasn't a gas guzzler. It's a nice comfortable ride, great sound system. It's ok in the snow but it's a heavy car and it tends to slide some in snow or rain. It hasn't given me any problems at all its been very reliable. I would buy another one if it were brand spanking new.

- Margarita M

Comfort zone for nay nays loves.

Haven't had it but a couple of months but it is ran great and I really liked everything about it. It is very comfortable and spacious and it is great if you have a lot of grandkids like I do and the gas mileage is pretty good but I have had better. If I were to buy another SUV it would definitely be a Toyota love my ride.

- Jacqueline M

Looks sporty and the drive is smooth.

Love the car but wish it was a little bigger. The drive is smooth and seats are really comfortable. There are some blind spots on the sides but I put a better rear view mirror that helps. The sporty shape is a plus and looks different from all the rest of the SUV shaped cars. The drive is pretty smooth as well.

- Christi M

The tires are too expensive since it has 20 inch rims. Ouch you'll shell out good Grand or more for all 4 new tires. I do believe since 20 inch rims become more popular prices will come down.

I like the comfort and the room it provides for the size of vehicle. MPG is great at 26 Highway with V6. Styling still looks good. I do have complaint about the console dash, the View to the radio is hard to see with the light that shines down on to it. Only can see it at night. Toyota are good cars.

- Chris J

Modern, sporty fully loaded Toyota Venza. Luxury done in a sporty way.

No problems thus far. Very reliable, has all the latest technology to date. It drives well, and looks awesome on the road. It is very spacious with a sunroof in front and moonroof in back. Backseat reclines which is unlike many vehicles. I also feel it was priced will for the size and amenities.

- Sibyl H

Great overall performance with space for a growing family.

This vehicle was purchased used. The price was great. I was looking for something larger than a car but not as large as a truck. This provides excellent leg room and head room. It has cargo space in the back. The cargo door on the back opens with the push of a button on the key. This is great!

- Karen R

toyota's reputation is vested in practicality, reliability, and affordability. The Japanese automaker has produced over 200 million vehicles to date, which makes it one of the world's most substantial and successful automakers.

Toyota's vehicle lineup may not be as sporty as competitors', but the automaker more than makes up for it with the peace of mind that comes from having a tried-and true, comfortable, efficient, easy-to-maintain vehicle that boasts low ownership costs and the potential to last a long time.


My venza and what I like about it.

Very reliable, comfortable and roomy. Could use more power for acceleration for entrance ramps. don't like color and material of seats-not durable and stains easily with rain drops. Overall like my car a lot and will be keeping for a long while and years to come if it keeps running.

- Christine H

It is very reliable, comfortable and very roomy for a family of 5.

My Toyota venza 2011 is an amazing SUV. I have only had minor problems in the past 4 years of owning it. Brake pad change, alignments, and new tires for our road trip from Washington state to Georgia. I would highly recommend this car to anyone looking into buying this amazing SUV.

- Crystal D

It can fit five adults very comfortably, even tall people can sit in the back with leg room!

I like that the second row has plenary of space and leg room. I have two children in car seats and the Venza fits both car seats with ease, not a common feature in cars. I like that there are a ton of cup holders and storage space. There is nothing I dislike about the car.

- Stephanie C

The long life of my Venza.

Vehicle has performed well with few maintenance issues. Tires, due to type required by vehicle, tend to wear out quickly. The seats could have more back support. The gas mileage is average. However, overall I am pleased with the performance and life of the vehicle.

- Cheryl J

Toyota venza, 2011. White, double moonroof, auto transmission, leather seats.

Great ride, but as with any car, with increased miles have had issues with wheel bearings gone bad, and mild transmission issues. Great looker with double moonroof. I would highly recommend buying used. If you can find one with low miles, you would be very happy!

- Amy V

Great family vehicle that does not look like a minivan.

Great roomy car with lots of space for all passengers. Love the dual climate control. Very reliable car, haven't had any problems yet. Roomy trunk space. Great handling and good driver visibility. Has big blind spots, however. Does roll back a bit on inclines.

- Jennifer B

Great ride, beautiful exterior and interior, with dual sunroofs.

Beautiful car with tan leather interior and dual moon roofs which make car feel open and airy. Exterior is while with factory rims and 20" wheels. I currently have 138, 000 miles and have had little issues with the car. Maintaining my car well is important.

- Amy V

Toyota hatchback is the way to go.

Good vehicle. Reliable. Bought it used and have not had any major problems. Very comfortable and I enjoy the large trunk to carry/store things. Would recommend this vehicle to anyone with a family. Very roomy compared to other four-door vehicles. Nice.

- Lindsey H

For a family of 5 I would say it is perfect.

This crossover SUV serves a great deal of space for a 4 to 5 person family. The Venza handles well AWD and has the pick up when needs, however the higher the mileage the more problems will arise we are currently looking to sell this one.

- Vincent J

The Toyota veena is a very reliable SUV, it's not too big or too small.

I like our Toyota veena, we have had it for almost 2 years now and we have not had any problems. We have driven it to north Carolina from Newark about 5 or 6 times with no problems at all. I have nothing bad to say about our car.

- Robert F

It is a smooth ride and very comfortable. ts important to note that the camera is used for backups.

I like my car, it is comfortable. My car has all the special effects that I want in a car. My car is a fine looking vehicle. I have no complaints about my car, I wish it could last a long time but the miles are counting

- Angela G

For an SUV it gets really good mileage on the highway.

I love that it is a smooth ride with enough leg room in the back. It's perfect for a family of four because it is not too big. I like all the automation (trunk, seat adjustment, etc.). I do not like the blind spots..

- Casey C

It is well-built and has modern conveniences such as Bluetooth capability.

It is comfortable and gets decent gas mileage. It is in good shape for its age. I could use more storage space when traveling, but there is plenty of seat space. I like that our dog can jump into the back easily.


It is dependable and has been well cared for.

I love my venza, it is good on gas, can hold 3 x large breed dogs, fits all we need for vacation without feeling cramped, and is comfortable to drive.And I love the color!! I believe it is called metallic sunset.

- Sue M

Toyota Venza is a good car to have if you have a family.

I like my car though I wish it sat higher up, I am short enough that when I am driving at night the headlights from other vehicles shine right into my eyes. I wish there was a GPS system in it but there is not.

- Melissa S

Venza is discontinued model car. It might have risks in future to have it repaired.

The Venza is an average car. it has low fuel mileage per gallon. It only has about 20 mpg on average. The performance and reliability is average. It is just ok comfort and does not have lots of features.

- Mike L

Its my roommate's she allows me to drive to work.

I love how the car drives and how it has the air vents in the back seat to reach the kids. I do not like the cloth seats. They stain very easily and with kids, it is impossible to keep them looking good.

- Heather S

It has been reliable and gets good gas mileage, which is important to me because I live in a relatively rural area and I put a lot of miles on it.

My Venza gets very good gas mileage, which is important to me. I have only had minor repair issues with it - no engine trouble or electrical issues. I like the navigation system and use it constantly.

- Joel C

Comfortable with leather interior. backup camera system and great stereo system.

Comfortable but having issues with o2 sensors so AWD is disabled. Have replaced the same sensor 3 times and 2 other sensor as well as cleaned the maf. Problem s still there. Otherwise a great vehicle.

- Tamara K

It is extremely dependable. We have never had one problem with it.

I love our Venza. It has a very smooth ride and it is very dependable. It has plenty of room for our 2 dogs, with room left over for whatever else we need to take with us.

- Todd T

My vehicle is a very comfortable family vehicle.

I love that my car is very comfortable.My vehicle is an SUV but is 4 cylinder which saves me gas money. My kids love it because there is plenty of legroom in the back.

- Angelica W

The most important thing would be how spacious it really is.

I love how much room it has. There's enough space for 3 kids and all my tools in the trunk area. It's also fuel efficient and low maintenance.

- Shaina L

It is dependable. Has a great style. There is a lot of room.

love the style and look of it, the gas isn't too bad. The only thing I don't like is that the radio cuts in and out because it has a defect.

- paige h

Luxury vehicle that is practical and dependable.

Amazing car! Very dependable and comfortable. We have experienced no problems with the car! It is beautiful and feels like a luxury car!

- Jordin f

It is a large vehicle and weighs a lot.

It is a grey Venza. It has room for everything I need to carry. The back seat folds down to allow for more cargo. It is very reliable.

- karen B

Reliable Toyota will last for years! Very low maintenance cost, high resale value

It drives smoothly, accelerates quickly, it's spacious and comfortable. I wish it had better fuel economy and a navigational system

- Cheryl H

Very little maintenance, I say.

I love all the bells & whistles. Smooth ride, easy to maneuver, great acceleration. The one tiny hiccup is it sits a little low.

- Lu S

How spacious the vehicle is, it look small on the outside once you get inside.

No complaints at this moment, I would like to change the color maybe ? That about it on the issue. But it been a real good car

- Thomas F

Poor mileage for size of car. Has a v6 engine. AWD

Poor fit and finish, gaps between body segments parts screws clips fall of vehicle including front grill a fender wheel well

- Randi C

Very reliable and safe to operate.

Best driving experience of car that have smooth reliable excellent all-wheel drive not expensive to fix and all around good.

- Jon W

Awesome on gas and is a great car for family trips.

The car has a lot of space and is great on gas. The standard model comes with bells and whistles and was very affordable.

- Brandi C

It's just the right size for a small family - not too big or too little.

I like the size - it's not too big or too little. It has a good amount of trunk space. I don't have any big complaints.

- Hannah C

Toyota is a reliable vehicle.

Dislike the blind spots and wish it was a little bigger. Like the way it rides and the seats are comfortable.

- Brenda H

A fantastic vehicle - wish they still made them!

I have had to replace the starter and the rear calipers are going. It squeaks when I drive over bumpy roads.

- kristi A

It is a Reliable vehicle.

Vehicle is sporty and reliable. Paint seems to chip very easily. Hear a lot of road noise.

- Susan C

Love its roominess and handling. It is also very comfortable. No real complaints.

Great car for families. Comfortable, roomy, and doesn't look like a "mom" vehicle.

- Jennifer B

It has a v6 and is all wheel drive.

I like the v6. It's awd. The room is great for me and the dogs

- Wayne M

Is an elegant and continues comfort.

I like everything, the space and featuring. No complaints

- Norel C

I like my vehicle because it has a lot of cargo space which is good for vacations. It is also useful for kids sports. I don't have any complaints

Affordable Crossover that is safe and reliable to drive

- Chris C