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Toyota: a nice little ride for a small family!

The mileage is not great, but it is not too bad for an SUV. It is very reliable! It sends certain sounds and icons on your dashboard to let you know if you have a problem. It is pretty comfortable for a family of 3. It has heated seats, which are great for the winter. When your start the car, you have to push down on the brake and then push a button to start it up, so there is not any key to push into the ignition. The trunk will open automatically with a push of a button, either on the key ring or inside the driver side and you can push a button on the trunk so it can close automatically. It has front wheel drive, so that can also help in the winter. It is a great vehicle to have and trustworthy like other Toyota's that we have had.

- Emily T

Versatility, performance, and comfort in a crossover sedan

I like the size of the Venda, it's got a comfortable backseat for guests and the back are is easier to load and unload than a regular trunk. The v-6 engine has lots of power to make it easy to merge on the interstate. Happy with the quality and how well it is holding up. Like the way it handles and it has good visibility when backing up. No drawbacks really, except miles per gallon could be higher.

- Cindy B

Great for family road trips.

The Venza is a very reliable vehicle. It is large enough for a family but is not too big to drive easily. It gets fairly good gas mileage for its size and it is actually pretty cute as well. I love how the back seats recline, that has been a major plus for road trips. It is also easy to snap car seats into, the back seats are level and the anchors are easily accessible.

- Stacy M

Gets great gas mileage and that is the prettiest color car anywhere!

I was a commuter for approximately 38 years and drove almost exclusively Toyota SUVs or crossovers. -- 9 to be exact. Toyotas are so dependable and hold their value, and I have been extremely happy with everyone I have ever purchased, and unless something drastic happens, I will certainly another one in the future.

- Patricia O

2012 Toyota Venza, a great looking car that is good on saving on gas.

The Toyota Venza is a very reliable car, really good on gas. Interior and exterior of the car is really nice and it is a great family car. A lot of trunk space. Wish it had more power but who races in a family crossover? Just an overall amazing car to have when you want something reliable and nice looking.

- Carlo C

Comfortable for long trips

The Venza is a very comfortable ride. It's like a cross-over that drives like a car. The seating is roomy for 4 adults, with good storage in back. It's great for long drives 5-6 hours, and I have back problems. I wish the Venza had not been discontinued.

- Val R

Looks good, great color, drives smart.

There is lots of room, good on gas, easy to handle. It has a backup camera. See out the windows at all angles. You can sleep in it if you go camping. Leather seats, heated seats. Good heater, great sound from stereo. It has room for 5 discs. Carpet mats.

- Maria H

It's a good car for the price.

The only complaint I have, the gas tank is not large enough. It is a very roomy car that is what I love about it, middle section plenty of room for tall people. Middle seat calls down makes it very convenient to haul things around.

- Sheri A

Roam around town in comfort and style!

My car is amazing. It has a very roomy and comfortable interior, as well as comfortable seating. It performs well, drives very smoothly. IT has a lot of get up and go when passing other vehicles.

- Melisa F

The great mileage is a big plus, travelling every day it helps to have good gas efficiency.

To start off the car has great mileage. Next the seating is quite open and roomy. Finally the overall smooth speed and deceleration of the vehicle is one of the best I've ever owned.

- Guillermo V

The vehicle is great when it drives and is fast. It is smooth yet comfortable. It has an automatic trunk opener that I absolutely love! And best of all, it's a smart car.

The smooth drive, the speed, the leather seats and space, the automatic trunk, the backup view. The sunroof and moonroof. Love the smart car feature. Love the surround sound system.

- crystal P

Charging station for my IPhone.

I have not had any major issues. I love my car, it drives well and has good gas mileage. It is very roomy and accommodates my 6 foot 4 inch father in the backseat.

- Trisha M

It is a great family car. It's reliable and I would recommend it to anyone with young kids

I like the comfort and the smooth ride. It feels safe and I like to drive my family in it. The only thing I dislike is that it is harder to park than my last car.

- Belinda B

Made to cruise the roads. Such a great comfortable car. Good mileage per tank.

Love the setting on the seats. The smooth feeling of the ride. The leg room and just overall space of the whole car. Wished the seats had warm /cooling seats.

- Suzan G

It is easy to drive. There are some blind spots but overall the view is good.

This car is easy to drive with a ton of options. The heated mirrors are amazing! The heated seats are awesome. I have had no issues with this care.

- Kim S

That it drives good in the winter.

No real complaints about my vehicle. It is reliable, good in snow, comfortable. Just wished it looked a little more like an SUV.

- Flora N

Toyotas have always been a reliable car make for me. It's a good size family car.

I love the size of our car for the size of family I have. It is the perfect height for loading in both the stroller and carseat.

- Raelena S

Excellent on gas and mileage.

Reliable good on gas and mileage, comfortable, spacious in the trunk, family and pet friendly, great retail price.

- Sara F

It is roomy, reliable, kid friendly.

We love our car. Gets great gas mileage. Fits all our extra belongings. Family friendly. Sleek and reliable.

- Megan L

I think I have already said it all.

Trouble free and comfortable with good handling. Looks great and has all wheel drive and plenty of power.

- Jack M

It drives very smoothly and it is never a bumpy ride.

It could get better gas mileage. Also since it is pretty large it does not take corners very well.

- Emily o

It is not expensive to operate and takes up little space in the garage as a rule. I find it a comfortable ride

I find it to be functional. It is nothing special, but I have few demands. It is cheap to operate

- will B

I like the amount of space in the car. I dislike the camera. I like the look of it.

That it's a reliable car that is great for first time cars and a family starter car.

- Mary T

Awesome size, but not a great gas mileage vehicle. It looks nice too.

I love the small SUV size. It runs great. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Lisa W

Love my car. Love the sunroof and the moon roof in the back. Nice space and all around nice family car.

It is very luxurious and spacious. It's great for all family types.

- Amanda B

Interior including great sound system and decor, etc.

Like everything about it. Dislike not have current autocontrons.

- John S