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2014 Toyota Venza is a great family SUV

The Toyota Venza is a great SUV. Have found it to have adequate leg room in the back. Seats are comfortable and the XLE trim package provides quite a bit. Has heated seats which are nice. Like that is has decent ground clearance, have taken it off the pavement several times and it handled small obstacles very well. Vehicle connects to cell phone and can be used to make calls and play music. The look of the vehicle did not please me at first but has grown on me. I love the Toyota Venza. Great family vehicle with plenty of power(V6).

- Ryan B

Other than some convenience items failing, the car lives up to expectations.

Good vehicle and reliable for 150,000 miles. Good appearance and convenient features for a full load of items. Don't like the design of the center divider. Living in the desert, the air conditioning isn't the best. Both sun visors broke and were replaced, and the sunroof has intermittent problems. Mechanically it is reliable, and the seating is comfortable. The gas mileage is only average, but uses lower octane fuel. On longer trips it is comfortable, and the seating allows the passenger a comfortable position for a nap.

- George O

Fun to Drive Toyota! AWD vehicle gets great gas mileage and will go anywhere!

This vehicle is a dream! It handles well, gets great mileage, and the AWD is just what is needed for New York State winters. I love the fact that the rear seats go down with just a pull on a lever in the cargo area. The driver's seat is extremely comfortable, and since I have a bad back I really appreciate that fact. I've only ever had the oil changed and have not needed any repairs. I'm just sorry Toyota stopped making this model.

- Lynda R

My Toyota Venza has a double moon roof

Love my car. My car is very reliable... just wish the computer system was updated. Also I notice that my car fob key sometimes does register with the sensor in the car. This causes the car to do multiple things. 1. Not lock or unlock properly 2. Alert me while driving that my car key is not detected which makes me nervous that I have lost my key 3. Wares out my car battery

- Helene P

It is roomier than you think.

The Venda has been incredibly reliable. We haven't had a problem in 94000 miles. Back seat is roomy. My 6’7” son fits comfortably in backseat. The trunk has ample room as well. The dash is easy to use and simple. We have taken several trips and it always gets us there. All knobs and handles have lasted through countless teens in and out of the car. They are rough!

- Dana V

Toyota Venza love the Bluetooth. Can answer with just a flick of a finger.

It is very roomy has lots of cup holders has 7 airbags it is always reliable has good power has Bluetooth, that is really great! Has a great stereo and CD player. It is a beautiful SUV. Not the best mileage in town but much better on freeway. Large hatchback with lots of storage. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Cindi P

2014 Toyota Venza Flaws & Benefits

It's not extremely comfortable. The leather interior has not held up. The reliability has been good. The back seat is probably the best feature. It has a lot of room and comfortable for long trips. I drive a lot so constantly having to change the oil and it requires the synthetic blend which is more expensive.

- Christina H

Very Spacious and reliable

I upgraded from a 2008 rogue and love it. The Venza has plenty of room in the back seat for two car seats, the trunk fits a double stroller and it's very reliable. The car drives smoothly as well. The driver and passenger seats are comfy. I do wish it had a back up camera but that's the only thing I dislike.

- Maddie T

The size is just right for a family of 4.

We take care of our car, we get the oil changed when it is supposed to be. The pick up is not great. We have heated seats. It tells you what direction you are going north south east or west. It will even say north east or whatever direction you are going in. This is very helpful when you are traveling.

- Emilie A

Love my Toyota! Comfortable and reliable.

Love my Venza. No problems. Comfortable, reliable, good technology. It is a four cylinder and is powerful enough to handle interstate driving and mountain driving easily. It is all-wheel drive which is a bonus especially in the mountains. I would have bought another one if they were still manufactured.

- Mary M

The Toyota Venza is a safe car and that is great for first time/ young drivers.

I haven't had any big problems with my car. It is a great first car, but definitely could use more fun aspects, like a back up camera or heated seats, but it does have Bluetooth so that is good. The only annoying thing with the car is that Bluetooth won't hook up when I am charging the phone.

- Courtney B

No major issue with my Venza 2014, since I bought it.

I love this car, Toyota Venza 2014, the tech in the car are very easy to mastered, since I bought it in 2014, I have never had any issue with it. The interior of the car is professionally done and comfy. I have been in love with Toyota product since I started driving some years ago.

- Susan A

It is very reliable and fuel efficient both in town and on the road.

It is very comfortable to drive and ride in and has a very smooth ride. It has adequate room and the backseat is also comfortable. There is plenty of storage room in the back. One problem when it rains water drips off the top on the drivers side when the door is open.

- Sharla M

My vehicle is a four door mid size SUV with backup camera and Bluetooth.

I have no main issues with my vehicle. The only thing that has needed replacement is brake pads in the two years our family has owned this car. Toyota is the most reliable out there and we would highly recommend this model of Toyota. You will not be disappointed.

- Brenda M

Dependable and fun to drive.

It is reliable and maintenance is not expensive. It is comfortable and has plenty of space for passengers and cargo. It has a sophisticated look and provides many safety features such as a backup camera. The miles per gallon is excellent and it uses regular fuel.

- Ray F

How safe and functional it is and it's made by Toyota.

I love my Toyota Venza, it has a rearview camera for backing up, it's great. Two sunroofs, 1 that slides open. Leather seats that heat to your desired temperature. No hands ready. All wheel drive. Only 4 cylinder so it's great on gas!

- Sheila D

Amazing but pricey when needed to be repaired.

The hardest part is the replacement cost for parts when they go. However, I have not had to replace much it is just a shock when it is so much more expensive than I had ever paid for any of my other vehicles.

- Jackie S

Easy access, in and out for a senior citizen. Easy access to buckle up.

Easy to get in and out of this vehicle. Fits my body well. Good size for travel. Good size for grandkids car seats. Runs well. No problem with any mechanical issues. Great dealer in town for my services.

- Diane L

It's dependable. And perfect for New England.

It's got plenty of space for me and my family. I'm not in love with the center console though. I love how it handles in the wintertime. It's big enough, without being too big.

- Meaghan E

My vehicle has a moon/sunroof, which my kid loves

I love the size of my toyota venza. The cabin is very roomy, which is great for a family. It's also fuel efficient. I typically spend about $40 a week to fill up my tank.

- Elizabeth M

Perfect reliable family car

I've had my vehicle for a couple of month now and it hasn't given me any problems it runs smoothly definitely would recommend it for a family car great on gas

- Gloria C

It is a very nice vehicle and feels luxurious.

The room the vehicle offers is great. The features are good also. Great gas mileage. Very low maintenance cost and haven't had any major mechanical problems.

- J B

Its comparable to a RAV4 but because of how the chassis is built underneath, it rides much smoother

It rides like a luxury vehicle. Love the color and interior features: radio and temperature. Very easy and readable digital features. No complaints

- Chris F

The car rides like a luxury car and there is plenty of room for passengers

I like the way it rides. Very comfortable. There is plenty of room for passengers and baggage. I wish it were a little higher off the ground.

- Donna m

My safe and sassy venza with easy controls

My car is stylish and roomy. I love the screen and buttons on the wheels. It's gentle to drive and makes my whole family feel safe.

- Kimberly K

That it has a security system

I like it because it's very roomie and has enough space for my dog. It rides really well and is good on gas for a bigger vehicle.

- Haley P

I would have to say that the car is very spacious.

My car has a comfortable, spacious interior. The handling is very smooth and fluid. I really enjoy it and have no complaint.

- Thu Hong N

The visibility when driving.

I like the room and Bluetooth. I dislike the visibility and the vehicle is a little wider. Hard to park sometimes.

- Rodney M

It is roomier than it appears from the outside.

I like my car it is big enough to pack what I need to for my day to day with my family. I like the height it sits.

- Courtney B

Toyota Venza: a smooth, comfortable ride

Very gas efficient, exterior rear camera, heated leather seat feature, Bluetooth, sunroof/moonroof. Reliable

- Kendra J

It is extremely roomy, comfortable and good in snow conditions.

Love the comfort. Great leg room. Height of the car. Only dislike is temperature goes from 65 to cold.

- Chris K

It looks like an SUV, but drives like a sudan. I always liked the esthetics of a large car, but don't want to feel that I am driving a large car.

Love the suv-like look, but the feel of a sedan car. always loved toyotas!

- oksana b

It seats 3 car seats It is very spacious It drives wonderfully

Good car too low to the ground Drives smooth needs backseat air controls

- Leann B

very reliable and seldom has problems

very comfy and a lot of room and drives beautiful

- Paula K