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Great in the snow and very reliable.

This car is great in the snow and has been very reliable, just normal wear and tear fixes like brakes, tires, oil changes no mechanical problems at all. This is the second veena I have purchased due to it being a great reliable car. Toyota is rated well for overall vehicles and I would totally agree and I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I would totally purchase another veena.

- Leslie C

Love my beautiful vehicle!

This vehicle is excellent for medium sized families. It is spacious, comfortable and great for local traveling, as well as long distance traveling. It drives smoothly and is comfortable. The seats also fold down if you need extra space to fit large items in the trunk and it is an overall smooth ride. I really enjoy this vehicle. This SUV is spacious for our family of four!

- Rachel S

I love that it has a lot of space and has an extra tire in the back.

The seats are really comfortable. The gas tank is always full. It has a 5 seat space ( enough for family ). It has televisions attached to the back on the seat head. In the back of the car it is very spacious and has an extra tire under the mat in the back of the car just in case one of your tires have a problem and you need to replace it.

- Annie G

It is a very good comfortable family car.

Overall it is a very nice comfortable vehicle however it does have small glitches and problems that come up. On occasion it will not unlock or lock when you open the door or tap the top of it to lock. Sometimes it doesn't detect the key and doesn't want to start. Also for the size of vehicle it is the air conditioner is fairly weak.

- Jon L

It is a very smooth, comfortable ride. I love to drive long distances because of the ease of how it handles.

My husband and I travel extensively and our Venda is very comfortable. We have dual temperature controls, which I love, since our bodies are complete opposite in comfort. The ride is smooth and we get good mileage. I really have no complaints, since we bought our pre-owned Toyota I feel it was a very wise and affordable choice.

- Elvera D

Overall, I would give my car a b-, and would recommend.

My Venza is a very reliable and trustworthy vehicle. It is pretty easy maintenance and requires little self maintenance. It is a pretty smooth and comfortable ride, and the acceleration is moderate. The gas mileage is good, and it is relatively easy to fill up. Overall, the only complaint is I wish I had more room for my kids.

- Brady R

It is very good on gas especially on road trips.

My Toyota Venza is very reliable. I save a lot on gas when traveling long distance. It performs at optimal level and fits my family comfortably. The features in my Toyota Venza are very up to date and I enjoy adjusting to them. Again I would recommend any Toyota models as they are great brand of cars.

- Sabrina W

The color is black and has an orange strip across from it.

I live my vehicle because it was my first car I received when I graduated high school. It was my reward because my family went through hardship my sophomore year in high school and instead of dropping out and quitting, I buckled down and did what I knew what would help me in my future ahead.

- Alexia L

Wish they still made Venza.

It is roomy for passengers and for cargo. Love the size of the vehicle, not so big as SUV but roomy for a car. Has all the bells and whistles of a luxury vehicle without the price tag. Gets great mileage but still plenty of pickup. This is my second one to own so obviously I like it.

- Cindy S

I will only buy from Toyota.

First off I love the way my cars exterior has a very unique look. Not quite an SUV or a hatchback car, but it is technically an SUV, it has all wheel drive and dual moon roofs. I love the interior also, it lets me customize everything to make it a more enjoyable and comfortable ride.

- Precious L

This model is being discontinued by Toyota as of this year. :(.

I love the rear view camera screen when reversing. It has saved me from hitting a child. The interior roominess is perfect for myself and other family members. My only complaint is that Toyota is discontinuing this model, so I will not be able to buy a new one when it is time.

- William M

I love my Toyota. Would definitely buy another one.

I love how it looks like a hatchback SUV crossover. It has all the new technology very comfortable interior. I love the color outside and inside too. I would definitely buy another Toyota again. Never had a mechanical problem going on 2 years now. Very reliable vehicles.

- Mariah L

A car you love to get into.

Comfortable on short and long drives. Spacious enough to sit 5 passengers in comfort. Exceptional handling. Sporty yet sophisticated look and feel. Great on fuel and maintenance is low cost. Great design. Too bad they stopped making them. C'est la vie!

- Ray F

It is very reliable vehicle and comfortable to drive

My vehicle is a venza that I drive to work and recreational purposes. It is very roomy interior which is great for transporting my Dj equipment. I wish it had better pick up speed but everything else is great

- Jermaine C

My favorite detail is the heated seats.

GPS constantly doesn't work as well as the radio. Speakers get stuck very often and make rattling noise. I like that the seats are roomy and the seats have heated seating. The trunk has a lot of space.

- Kris M

Very comfortable and easy to drive. Sits up higher than a regular car, easy to see .

The Venza is roomy, can hold 5 people comfortably. It is easy to get in and out of. It has lots of bells and whistles, love the backup camera and the heated seats. It is my second Venza,

- Bev H

Adventurous and outdoors approved.

It is an amazing car and I have never had problems with it. It is gas efficient and is not small but it is also not huge. The back has a lot of space to pack your car and adventure.

- Kelsey H

It is very spacious for a crossover vehicle and I find that it is fuel efficient.

My vehicle is a 5 passenger vehicle. It spacious and suits my family of 5 great. There is nothing at all that I dislike about my vehicle. It is the second Venza that I have owned.

- Beverly B

It is very dependable and reliable.

Lots of features. Modern features. All wheel drive great in the snow. Unique look that I want in a crossover. Decent on gas. Never had a mechanical issue going on 2 years now.

- Carol L

The most important thing others should know is that it is a reliable, comfortable, nice car!

I like the look of my vehicle and the roominess inside. I dislike that when I bought it it was used and it was not cleaned very well so there are stains on the seats.

- Renee H

It is comfortable for the people in the front but not for people in the back.

Like - style, look, comfort. Dislike - radio sound does not travel well to the back, air does not reach well to back seats, plastic cover on roof comes off a lot.

- Colleen M

It is safe and a trusted brand for dependability.

I love the color; red. Sporty, roomy and comfortable. It has good pick up as well. My one complaint is that the steering wheel makes weird clunking sounds.

- Sena D

it is a very balanced car. i also love the car seat that has a heating

it is a white vehicle. i like the balance it gives when driving and i get the feeling it is a very comfortable car. i also like the heating in the seats

- Victor A

It drives well and is comfortable. It is great to drive long distances.

I love the luxury aspect beach use I have the XLE model. It is roomy and has great cargo space. I am not fond of how wide the car is when driving

- Kim G

The most important thing would to know it's all wheel drive.

I really like the all wheel drive. I love the heated seats. The sunroof leaks when you take turns that's the only downfall.

- Garrett p

The Comfort. It has very comfortable ride. Not gas consuming.

My Toyota Venza is just perfect for me. It's not big and not small. Just comfortable enough to travel near or far.

- Miriam N

Very comfortable, reliable and can hold a nine foot tall Christmas tree.

Rides like a larger car. Previous car was an Avalon and it rides like the Avalon and has equivalent amenities.

- Bill C

It's a Toyota and you can always depend on Toyota for performance and reliability.

Toyota Venza is a performance vehicles with all the bells and whistles. One of the unique vehicles out there.

- Linda S

Super safe and reliable has lots of safety features.

I love my Venza. Absolutely reliable vehicle and big enough for my family to ride safely and comfortably!

- Ashley A

There is more space inside than one would think!

I love the trunk space and the space around the driver seat. I wish the back seating was more spacious.

- Amanda C

The car is a good value for the cost to buy and maintain.

The size is the best for my needs. The car is very reliable. Handling and ride comfort are good.

- Jim B

It gets good gas mileage with a lot of cargo room.

I like my silver Venza. It has a comfortable ride and a lot of safety features.

- Elizabeth S

It is a great medium size with lots of amenities. Very comfortable back seat and a huge cargo area in the back.

It is safe, reliable and fun to drive. Great gas mileage and family friendly!

- Amy F

It is a wonderful vehicle for all families who need space.

I love the space my vehicle has, it's comfortable and rides very well.

- Janel G

It's a smooth ride with lots of room

Reliable. Lots of legroom. Wish there was more space in the hatch.

- Nina A

Unfortunately Toyota doesn't make this vehicle any more.

It's very spacious and enough space for passengers.

- Jen H