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Benefits of a 2008 Toyota Yaris!

I love this car! I bought a new Yaris in 2008. I have had it for the past 10 years and have driven it all over the place. It is super cute and is great! It has get up and go! It is very roomy and can not only seat 4 passengers but can haul things around because I am able to put the seats down. I have a business and need to haul a booth, camping gear, what I am selling, equipment, friends and more. I have even slept in it for car camping instead of setting up a tent when I knew my weekend camping would be rainy. People have always been amazed at how much I can fit into this car. As a driver this is a very comfortable car and the adjustable seats are great on long trips. The gas mileage is amazing! When I am going long distance I can get a good 36 miles to the gallon, maybe more depending on where I am driving. With how much I have driven and the distance I go sometimes this is very important. I have literally put 291,000 miles on this car and it is finally on it is last leg. That is a lot of life in one little car and I am grateful for how well it has done over the years. I am considering one as this one is moving toward the end of its life. I would highly recommend a Toyota Yaris.

- Suzanne K

Review of my compact Toyota not a gas guzzler.

I bought it used with 39k miles. It purrs even after having it since 2011. Smooth ride, easy handling. For a compact car it is roomy inside can seat 5 people, three in the back and 2 in the front. It has served me well. The gas mileage is great I get anywhere 32 to 35 mpg on highway. In city driving it is 29 to 31 mpg. Like the fold down rear seats which allows me to carry bigger loads. It has a nice counsel for putting things into in the front between driver and passenger. The stereo has this feature that when you slow down and stop the volume reduces, nice feature. Front disc brakes, rear drum brakes. Mechanic I use likes how easy it is to work on. I have replaced the water pump, also bought recently four new tires. Plus replaced the front bumper due to a raccoon hitting me on the road at night. My only critique is with the windshield wipers original factory wear out very fast. Last time I replaced them the gentleman at the auto parts store recommended more expensive ones which work very well. Would recommend this car to anyone who is looking to save money on gas.

- Gilbert M

My Toyota Cute and compact. I just love the look of my car period.

I purchased my 2008 Toyota Yaris over a year and half ago and I have not had any problems with my car. It is a small 4 door Sedan with power locks on windows and doors. I have traveled to my home town of NC several times and the gas mileage is awesome. My car runs very smooth, you can barely hear the engine running. I have had no mechanical issues as of yet except for a dead battery due to weather damage. This car has been very dependable for a newly used car. It's very comfortable with cloth seats that are easy to keep clean. One of the features I love about the car is the alert signal when you don't fasten your seat belt on. When you are in a rush to get to work, it is a great reminder to keep you from getting a Ticket. I have heard that Toyota's were the best brand of car to buy but I didn't really know until I purchased one for myself. I agree, this car has been great to me..

- Shell G

A great commuter car, best for singles or couples with no children/1 child.

I enjoy a smaller vehicle, our Yaris is a perfect size for my family, which is just my husband and I. We drove ourselves and two additional passengers from Washington state to Central California very comfortably; the trunk can fit about 3 large bags/pieces of luggage. Windows are manual, which we prefer; I've had issues with automatic windows in the past. It turns on a dime compared to my old Saturn. The issues I've had are small, but manageable. There were some cracks in some of the body work, but these don't affect the function of the car; something like this may have contributed to a small leak in the trunk that becomes an issue during the fall/winter. The serpentine belt also tends to squeal when first starting the car, but it stops once you get going. It's loud, but the car still runs and hasn't had any other problems in the three years we've had it.

- Jaime L

The original clown car - looks small but spacious inside!

The Toyota Yaris is awesome on gas! I get great mileage out of my car, around 35 mpg. While it is a small car, it feels very comfortable on the inside thanks to the tall ceiling. It is a very reliable car and has been made really well. I only had to replace to original battery after 9 years. The interior space is also great - I have managed to fit a LOT of stuff in the back of this car. Things like tents, a bike, a majority of my things for moving, and 5 people with all of their swim bags. The only thing I would consider a 'problem' is just how light the car is. When you have a heavy load you can very much tell on the drive - the car sits lower and has a harder time with acceleration. Other than that, great car!

- Anne P

The Toyota Yaris is a dependable car, with great gas mileage to boot.

The car is pretty reliable. I've only been to the mechanics about two times since I've purchased the vehicle. It's not the sportiest car, but it will get you wherever you need to go with no troubles at all. The one problem I've been having is with the dashboard lighting. The vehicle has a light up display, but it doesn't always light up, which is a problem because that's how you see the speedometer. The front two seats are pretty comfortable. The backseats are okay. Not the most comfortable, and there are no headrests. You can connect your phone to the car and play your music, as well as has A/C and heat.

- Annie R

Toyota Yaris - a lot for a little.

I bought my car used and have driven it for about 4 years now and have had relatively few problems. I had to have a serpentine belt replaced and have replaced tires but that is it. If you change the oil when you should this car will last a long time. For a small car there is a good amount of legroom. You sit up fairly high which is nice. My biggest complaint would be the dashboard. Instead of the speedometer and all the other signals and lights being right in front of the driver it sits in the center of the front dash. It was odd to get used to.

- Shelley L

It's a great high-mileage, low-maintenance vehicle.

I've been driving this car for ten years. I bought it "used", but it was a dealership loaner car and only had about $1500 miles on it. The only work it has needed, outside of regular maintenance and an airbag recall, was brake pad replacements. I have almost 200,000 miles on this car and I expect to be able to drive it for at least a couple more years. The only thing I do not like about this car is the placement of the cup holders in front of the vents, which can heat cold drinks in the winter and chill hot drinks in the summer.

- Laura M

It is a very small car, so the space inside and trunk are also small as well.

I bought this car used, so it already had a ton of miles on it and wear but it is safe to say that I love my car!! The Toyota Yaris is on the smaller side, and I am a pretty tall girl(5’9) but the car is comfortable to me. But I would advise to not having more than 2-3 people depending on height and weight because of the size. The gas is great on this car I can keep on a full tank for a while before having to fill backup, but I also don't drive more than 100 mi per week. So far everything has been reliable.

- Tia M

Be warned of the defective design of the auxiliary port and the airbag recall.

I really like the reliability of my car. I rarely have issues with my car starting. I do not like where the auxiliary port is placed on the passenger side inside of a pocket which is inconvenient, and has stopped working. I also do not like that there were some serious recalls about the air bag that warned against shooting metal shrapnel in case of deployment, but it has since been fixed for free. I do like that my car gets pretty good gas mileage and is small enough to fit into right parking spaces.

- Nicole F

Toyota review - great gas mileage.

I did not purchase this car. It was purchased by my parents and they gifted it to me. I like the size, it is easy to maneuver and park. It is also very fuel efficient. So far, in my few years of driving it the only maintenance I have done is change tires and oil changes. I am not sure what work if any my parents have done other than typical maintenance. It is a straight forward car. My biggest concern with it is I do not feel extremely safe in it, especially on the interstate.

- Carman S

I really love my manual Yaris!

Really like that my car is zippy, although I believe part of the reason for that is I have a manual transmission. It's pretty small, but enough space to pack in what I need - two people is fine, two people and gear, or more people in the back is a little much. Not a car for a family. What I really dislike is that the vehicle is flimsy, feels like I'm in a tin can. A minor fender bender, in this car, equals a destroyed exterior anyway you slice it.

- Alena P

This car is great on gas and very reliable.

I absolutely love my car. It is great on gas. I get somewhere between 30-40 miles a gallon which is really good. Whenever gas was cheaper I could fill my tank up for less than $20. When I got my car the CD player didn't work which was a disappointment. The only thing I really do not like about my car is that it only has 2 doors and it is a hatchback. If you do not have a big family this is the perfect car. It is reliable and drives very smooth.

- Alexis H

There is no visible engine temperature gauge on the dashboard. So, you don't know if the car may be close to overheating at any point.

I like how my car handles while driving, especially while swerving around animals in the middle of the highway. I wish the gas gauge was more accurate, rather it being more like an estimate of how much gas is left. The seat are holding up great. It would be nice if there was more lumbar support in the front seats. I have to use seat cushions and fold up blankets for enough back and hip support, since we have to drive long distances often.

- Denise L

The amazing gas mileage!!

The compact engine size makes it hard to do simple repairs, such as changing the headlights. In order to change out the headlights, the whole front bumper has to be taken off and then the headlights must be taken out as a whole in order to get to the bulb. The car itself runs great, I have put many miles on the car, and with regular oil changes and simple maintenance upkeep, the car has lasted well over 10 years without any major issues.

- Joan F

Everything is in the middle of the dash mph, fuel, radio, check engine light.

My car has the basic features, AUX plug in, cigarette lighter and 1 USB port. It is a 2008 so it does not have all the fancy things, like a back up camera. My car still averages 34-37 miles per gallon. Other than the normal maintenance like new tires, oil changes, new windshield wipers, gas, etc. my car has had no problems! The battery was replaced for the first time 14 months ago. It still runs great! I love Toyotas!

- Rachel B

Cute little red Jelly Bean of a car will last forever.

My car is reliable, but it has a lot of road noise. It is the most basic model available with roll down windows. I keep up with maintenance and I believe this is why it will last for a very long time. Overall I love my car. If I could change one thing, I would want automatic locks and start. There have been a few recalls, but that has not bothered me because Toyota gets my car in and fixes them at my convenience.

- Adrianne B

I do not take my car for granted. I know that it could stop working any time.

Its a base model, and its ten years old, so it definitely has problems. The CD player stopped working, the glove box fell out, the air and heating does not work, which means no defrost either. There's a water leak somewhere in the floorboard which is making the entire floor wet and also causes it to smell. It gets you from here to there and is decent on gas, but that is about it.

- Bill E

I love my reliable and safe Toyota.

Toyota Yaris is a small four door car, but it has been very reliable. I have been driving it consistently for 11 years and have never had a mechanical problem. Once in a while, my door lock buttons do not work, but it is not an everyday occurrence. I feel myself and my children are very safe in our Toyota Yaris. I get excellent gas mileage as well which also saves money.

- Nicole T

It runs really well and has been a joy to own.

It has been a really good running vehicle. Good on gas. Unfortunately has been hit quite a few times as kids often drive it and make a mess in it a lot with their children enjoy this car. It is very reliable and I love the color and is easy to drive. Any time I have needed work on it . Has been reasonable and fixed easy within an appropriate price and amount of time.

- Sandra C

Toyota Hatchback review for you

I love my car it gets really good gas mileage, it's quite roomy. The only problem is the exhaust, they are very common to get loud in that type of car, other than that, it has lasted me a long time, I save a bunch of money, and they are overall a cute car. Another plus to owning this car is that it is small so it can fit in small spaces and it's super easy to park

- Bree S

I like that it's a smaller car!

I love my little Yaris because it's cute and small. The Yaris replaced a Camry because I wanted a smaller car. It's been very reliable for the last 10 years, other than a few relatively simple repairs. Currently, we need to repair the windshield wipers, which have skipped a tooth or something, but overall, no complaints! Will keep driving it until it won't go!

- April W

It is very economic and would totally be good for daily use.

I really like the vehicle. It is small and economic. I don't really spend much on gas. However, it is a little to bad in maintenance. I s screws got loosened almost shortly after purchasing the car. I would recommend it for a daily used to and from and work. Other than that it would be a cool family car as well. It is your typical car. Nothing to special.

- Crystal G

Easy to maneuver and with manual transmission, it has get up and go when needs.

CD player stopped working and had to replace ac/heater control $600, recalled twice. Once for seat springs and once for air bags. It is easy to drive and park. I like that I was able to get manual window opener. Hatchback area is spacious. We can get our two bikes in when traveling. Not really comfortable for long trips. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Cary P

It's good, kind of small but on the whole it gets me to where I need to be

Smooth controller, but with some odd shifting for an automatic. I like the mileage it gets even though it doesn't take in a ton of gas. I have not had it for very long, but for a 2008 car it runs pretty nice. The room in the front is kind of small for me, but I am also fairly large so other people would probably not have as much of a problem as I did.

- Collin O

Reliable, old car, higher maintenance cost at 140k.

We bought it used, it is reliable however now we are having transmission fluid leak and shock breaker fluid leak which we have to fix. This is at 140k and we just found out about it when we changed the routine oil and gas and mileage is good, and we bought it because we heard good reviews about Yaris reliability, so far so good no big issue.

- A T

I hate manuals. Automatic is so much easier.

It is a 2 door, 5 speed tiny vehicle that is great on gas. It is black and runs pretty smoothly. It would honestly probably be better to have a sedan but it works well for our needs. I love the east gas mileage being as we always have to go somewhere for some sort of appointment and would blow through so much gas in a bigger car.

- Brittany J

Affordable small car with great mileage.

It has been very durable with extremely few repair issues over the years. It has great gas mileage. It is small but I have the hatchback model and it can haul a lot of stuff. Always starts reliably. The paint is starting to fade but I have not always been able to keep in a garage. Great car for the price and I would buy again.

- Casey F

Great on gas and roomy for errands and shopping.

Reliable, handles well, great for local shopping and errands. Great on gas. Never have had problems! Roomy hatchback when back seat is down. Low cost for upkeep. We have moved furniture and households in this little bitty car. We love it. If you are a large family or travel long distances this might not be for you.

- Kathleen T

Fun small family car. Perfect for a couple or a couple and a child.

It is very reliable. Small car but gets around really well. Ita very good on gas. Usually takes about $20 to fill up. Big trunk to load and haul things. Both my dogs fit in the backseat ao that is a plus. I wish it would get speed a little faster than it does, but overall it's a great small family car. Love my car!

- Amber M

Why I Must Consider Toyota When I Buy My Next Vehicle

I have to admit that this car will never die it is totally reliable and gets great gas mileage. I totally trust the Toyota brand and will look to buy a Toyota in the future because we believe that they have taken the greatest steps to lead the future in hybrid and alternative energy resources to run your vehicles.

- Jennifer W

2008 Toyota Yaris, most amazing car of the year.

Amazing gas saver, very reliable vehicle. Does need to have the rotors changed and needs brake fluid. Has plenty of room and trunk space. Heat and cooling work really fast does not have automatic locks or windows but it works fine. Just needs a little tune up because brakes squeak very loud when coming to a stop.

- Andrea R

Great, reliable vehicle with amazing gas mileage.

My car is overall very reliable. It is great on gas and easy to drive. I have never had a problem with it being reliable. Other than regular maintenance, it has had no problems. I think that eventually I may have to replace the transmission and I know that I need to replace my engine filter and cabin air filter.

- Hannah W

Simple yet perfect Toyota Yaris

This car is very cute and compact. I don't like bigger cars so the Toyota Yaris fits perfectly with me. There are not a lot of fancy extremities that come with this car and I find it very simple. My car color is a pretty light green color and I found it to be very unique. I have never seen a color like my car.

- Hannah D

The little blueberry--economic and reliable.

The Toyota Yaris hatchback is a reliable little car with no frills, and no electronics to break. The standard transmission is a key plus, and the engine lasts forever! The only problem is I live in New England, and the salted roads have rusted out the body. . . Also the car does not handle high winds well.

- George K

Can't go wrong with a Yaris!

The performance of the car is great. I've had this vehicle for 3 years and it was purchased through an second buyer and the car is performs great. I love this car. Very reliable. Maintenance is impeccable and very low. Very spacious for a sedan and I would purchase the vehicle again and again and again.

- Deja H

It's good on gas, safe to ride in, and handles well on the road

The Toyota Yaris is very comfortable and has a lot of extra compartment space in the back when the seats fold down. The Yaris is good on gas and is a safe car to drive in as visibility is excellent. I however do not like the gas pedal and brakes, as in Toyota models they seem to have a little extra play

- Paul R

Inexpensive reliable transportation.

I haven't had any major problems with my car other than scheduled maintenance. The only costs have been tires and a battery. It is good on gas, and I never have to add oil between oil changes. Even though it is a small car the trunk space is adequate for my needs. It has been reliable and handles well.

- Joyce O

Toyota makes a small car that is a great automobile.

The Yaris though small is quite comfortable. I am 5 foot 10 and over 250 pounds and am quite comfortable even on long drives. I take it to the dealership for all scheduled maintenance and have only one problem. My ac we out a year ago but it was fixed in less than 2 days and done cheaply by the dealer.

- Fenton M

The Yaris is a very reliable car. It does well on gas but slow acceleration

The car has slow acceleration which is made even slower when the AC is turned on. It is reliable, very light, and very good on gas; however, turning on AC makes the car shake, and brakes are not sensitive at all. The sound system is fairly good. The car is very compact and makes U-turns very simple

- Cecilia D

It does not have a high horsepower so I need to take caution when taking turns. People who have cars with a higher horsepower often have a temper and no patience of understanding how other cars work.

It's compact, bright red, and while it does not have enough horsepower, it's a great car. I haven't had any major problems with it. I named her Lucy and I care for her as if she is a pet. The 2008 version only has 2 doors, so it would be nice to have 2 more passenger doors like the 2009 version.

- stephanie Y

It is very small but very spacious.

The Toyota Yaris is a good reliable car. It has good gas mileage. Is incredibly roomy. The car lacks a bit of power. And the car has a lot of road noise. In addition there were a lot of recalls such as the airbag recall and the seat rail recall. However, it was fixed quickly and professionally.

- Shelly B

My vehicle is known as the USS Baby Car due to its size.

I love my car but the inside of it is very small for tall people. With 2 large boys to drive around the Valley, it makes the drive uncomfortable for them. If it was just me (at 5'6') it would be a comfortable commute car, but it is not built for taller people. The gas mileage is great though!

- Kimberly S

2008 Toyota driver opinion.

Overall a mechanically reliable vehicle. The backseat is a little cramped for car seats or tall individuals. Rides smooth and quiet. The back windshield could be bigger. It took some getting used to. A bigger back windshield would make it safer to drive considering the small size of the car.

- Ashley G

The Toyota Yaris 2008 model is a very cool looking car for anybody interested.

My vehicle performs pretty well, as it is really old. I would like it to be a bit more new and better design but other than that it is a great car! I really recommend it if you are on a budget and need a car that will help you get around. The car seats are not leather, but still comfortable.

- Shah M

Toyota makes the most dependable vehicle around!

My Toyota Yaris is the most dependable car! I have had it since 2008, and it has 300, 000! It is still dependable! I drive back and forth from charlotte, NC to Chuckey, Tennessee. I wouldn't buy a more reliable car! If you want a dependable vehicle, with low maintenance, buy a Toyota Yaris!

- Theresa M

What I love the Toyota Yaris.

The 2008 Toyota Yaris is a one of a kind vehicle. The looks and style the car has is amazing. It has great gas mileage and drives like a race car. I have owned this car for ten years and have had a great experience. If you are looking for a car with all of these things the Yaris is for you.

- Neil G

Only buy out of necessity.

Great on gasoline. Its small no leg or head room. Very loud inside, road noise and wind noise. The radio is not very good. Body is very cheap. The seats are uncomfortable. A very lackluster car. Strictly a work car and not much else. Cant think it would hold up in any way in an accident.

- Joshua S

Great Toyota Yaris 2008, in great condition, good value for your money.

I have had no problems with my car even after 10 years, it is a great car, everything is electric and working correctly. Good driving feel, compact; it fits everywhere, responsive brakes. Super reliable, it will get you to your destination every time. Comfortable, even for a subcompact.

- Marian G

A Toyota Yaris is a grey vehicle that runs and last for a very long time.

It is a reliable, good running vehicle good on gas and also ride smooth and has little maintenance requirements as to keeping it running good. It is a smaller car but it get you where you need to go safely and has never given me any major issues I would say it is a good car for anyone.

- Rachel L

The size is small and compact and it�s easy to parallel park.

I had to replace the radiator and the water pump last year which was frustrating. There have also been two recalls on the airbags since I bought the car. Overall the car is very comfortable and gets good gas mileage. I don't like that it doesn't come with automatic locks or windows.

- Emily B

Light and compact, drives well and I love that the cup holders are hidden.

I would buy this car again. Getting used to the speedometer in the middle was the only issue but it's small and easy to drive. There is no reason to do three point turns because it turns on a dime and it can be parallel parked very easily. Gas mileage is great and it's very durable.

- Shane G

My blue Toyota Yaris, great car.

I love the Yaris it is comfortable good gas mileage excellent heating and top driving performance. Its a manual which makes it a real theft deterrent and has a great radio system. It handles well on turns and gets up to speed quickly and it's blue which is one of my favorite colors.

- Nicole N

My vehicle is comfortable and very fuel efficient

It's comfortable but I don't like the gauges being in the center of the dash instead if the drivers side. The gas mileage is great. I wish the material on the seats was more durable because it has ripped through. I am for the most part very pleased because it has been very reliable

- Katrina A

It's a super great little ride

The Yaris isn't a quiet car, it's very reliable and gets good gas mileage. Very roomy for a small car. The roof leaks in a spot, but it's quite old. The oil changes and very affordable as are most repairing. The paint is faded but I do park outside and live in a hot sunny place.

- Kristin H

Gas efficient compact car.

I have a 2008 Toyota Yaris hatchback. The pros are awesome gas mileage, reliable, and inexpensive repairs. The negatives: 2 door car so, its not very roomy. Very basic features and not sporty. Wish it was 4 door convertible with top notch sound system with automatic maintenance.

- Kat G

The seats fold down in the back

The car is comfortable but very small as it is only a two door. Very reliable as I have only have one flat and it was the roads fault! It does have an aux cord but it's located in the middle not by the radio. I have auto start which is great for winter but doesn't have auto lock

- Ally W

Reliable car for the bachelor.

After 10 years of driving all over, it is showing some wear and tear. It has been reliable. The gas mileage was the reason I had gotten this vehicle. However, these days has become more the standard. However, it isn't ideal for a growing family or a lot of hauling of stuff.

- Tony M

So many cup holders, through the air conditioning could use work.

While it is 10+ years old, I've racked up 150,000 miles and it still runs perfectly! The only thing starting to take noticeable wear is the air conditioning. If it gets too hot outside, the air in general does not turn on. There are plenty of cup holders which is a huge plus!

- Stevie M

Very economical - serious commuter car and great for more than "around-town" travel.

I like that it is economical, low cost to maintain, and compact. I have owned a larger truck and even a small compact car; this is more satisfying than owning that truck, but comparable to my Ford Focus. I have a basic model so only roll down windows and basic sound system.

- maureen B

The Journey in my vehicle.

It is quite spacious surprisingly. I have manage to place items that are quite large in the vehicle. It handles well and is a very stable vehicle. I have travelled long distances in this vehicle with no major problems. I have very few maintenance issues with this vehicle.

- Joseph A

My vehicle is a necessity for my daily life.

Having a vehicle has been a necessity for my career. Not only to transport myself to and from my home to the vast number of places I work, but to transport my equipment and materials I need to do my job. It's taken much abuse over the years but it's still kicking well.

- Daniel D

Great reliable car for commuting to work, etc.

I have owned 3 Toyota Yaris'. I drive a lot so I like low mileage cars and sell them once they've reached a certain amount. I love them! They are so easy to maintain and the only issue I have experienced is a belt change needed but that is an inexpensive thing to fix.

- Julie R

Get yourself a Toyota if you want to make your life better.

I get really good gas mileage. I do not have a lot of maintenance issues. It is really reliable and has a good amount of space. It has an AUX port and a CD player, so I can listen to music while I drive. The air conditioning works really well. It is easy to park.

- Lily L

Reliability, gas mileage, and comfort in one car.

I really like my car. It's very reliable. The repairs are reasonable, and for such an old car it still runs fine. With the recalls, the dealership is very prompt in fixing everything. The sound system is very good and still works wonders. Gas mileage is superb.

- Theresa S

Reliable and economic car.

Very good headlights, width and distance you can view in front of you in the dark. Wonderful gas mileage, 37 mpg on average. Comfortable seating. Dislike crank windows and absence of electric automatic door locks. Compact design makes for easy maneuverability.

- Lindsay Y

My car works well, but there are a few annoyances.

My car is comfortable. It drives well. There is a problem with the breaks I think. When I plug in my phone with an AUX cable to play music there is occasionally some static in there, which I find annoying. It is fairly easy to clean, has plenty of trunk space.

- Stella W

That the speedometer is in the center between the windshield and dashboard.

My vehicle runs good, is good on gas and mileage and for the most part very reliable for getting me from point A to point B. It's a cute vehicle. I paid 3, 900 for it and have had my vehicle for 3 years. I have changed some parts while I have had the vehicle.

- Rebecca H

It is a small car so it might be a little tight on space at times. It might be okay for one person like me, but if you have a lot of stuff or like to move stuff around, a bigger car would be better.

I like that it's the perfect size for me. It's easy to maintain and I haven't had any major problems with it. The only thing I don't really like is the weak transmission. It's tough to get up hills at times. However, it is a small car, so I understand why.

- Mariah L

Very Reliable and Gas Saver

The Toyota Yaris is a very dependable vehicle. I commute about 800 miles a week in it and it has always got me to my destination. My only complaint would be that because it is so small it can sometimes get knocked around from the big semis on the freeway.

- Kevin T

It's cheap and easy to maintain! Very budget friendly.

It's been a great car for us! Almost 200k miles, and barely any work done! Runs great, cheap to maintain, really good gas mileage. It's small enough to fit into tight parking spots, but fairly roomy inside for someone tall (like myself and my partner).

- Neli M

It's a versatile, low-maintenance car that gets very good gas mileage.

It's a small but surprisingly roomy car. It gets good gas mileage. I've have no minor or major mechanical issues with it. I like that it's a hatchback and I can put the seat down if I need to transport a bulky item that might not fit in a typical car.

- Mark D

For a small car it gets good gas mileage and has decent power.

Overall I like the car, my biggest issue us it is too small for my purposes at this point in my life, and it is terrible in snow. It is just not heavy enough and slides all over the place. It also dents easily and is chipped in several places.

- Sarah R

This tiny car that could make tight turns and fit in tight spaces saved me on many school days when the campus parking lots were full except for several hard to fit in spaces.

My car was purchased used, so the quality was likely better before I got it. I dislike the brakes and acceleration - they aren't responsive enough for my liking. I love the gas mileage and how I can make tight turns and park in tight spaces.

- Lindsey G

I think most people don't realize how comfortable my small car is. Very good design.

My Yaris gets great gas mileage, seats 5 and has a large hatchback. Just yesterday, I was able to bring home a tree from local hardware store. It is hard for seniors to get in the back seat. I should have gotten a 4 door.

- Debra R

It's a very reliable car but is fragile and scratches/dents easily

I've had my Yaris for nine years and it has been so reliable. I haven't had any major issues, just routine maintenance on it. My only complaint is that I wish they were more durable, as they dent and scratch very easily.

- Kaitlyn D

Small compact vehicle with great gas mileage.

I drive a 2008 Toyota Yaris. It doesn't have any special features. It has manual windows. I haven't had any engine problems. But have had a problem with the air conditioning. It is a safe and smooth riding vehicle.

- Nicole M

My car is reliable. I can count on it to work and not constantly break.

My car gets great gas mileage and can actually transport a large amount of stuff. However, the air vents are positioned in a way that if I have something in my cup holder, it is hard for the air to circulate well.

- Elise K

Very reliable car that is roomier than it seems!

I bought this car when it was 1 year old and it's really given me no problems. I've only really had to do regular maintenance with it - oil changes, new tires and brakes, etc. I would absolutely recommend it.

- Chrissy F

I like that the dashboard is in the middle instead of in front of you.

My car is very reliable. I have had it for over seven years and it is still running good. I have only gotten into 2 accidents in it yet I do not get much trouble but regular oil checks and tire replacements.

- Sydney T

Amazing gas mileage and extremely reliable

My car runs great. It has It's troubles and I have had to spend a lot on parts but it's definitely worth it. It has great gas mileage and is great for long distance trips. My vehicle has always been reliable

- Lauren D

It is very dependable and good for a single person or a small family

It is very good on gas and I like the simple compact design. It has the right amount of space and gives me power when I need it. I have not had any serious issues with the car in the 10 years I've owned it.

- Anthony T

It's awesome, but the back seat is tiny.

I like that it is fuel efficient and low maintenance. I like that it is easy to drive and fits in small spaces. I do not like that it takes it a while to go full speed and it doesn't seat very many people.

- Monica O

I take very good care of it and hope it will last a bit longer.

I really like our Toyota Yaris. It gets great mileage. My only complaint is that it is a little loud. When our mechanic replaced the muffler he put something really loud in. It can be a little annoying.

- MA M

It is a car made for people who have to drive a lot. It is comfortable and economical to drive.

It is an extremely dependable car. It is comfortable, drives well, and gets great gas mileage. My only complaint is that the cup holders are in an awkward spot — right in front of the AC vents.

- Connie G

It's a great ride in a tiny package. Easy to drive, easy to park.

It's small, cute and comfortable. It gets great gas mileage. It's very easy to parallel park because it's so small. The only thing I don't like is the backseat doesn't have quite enough room.

- Jessica B

Small but Efficient Car for you

It's small, but the fuel efficiency is great. I highly recommend this car for people whos looking for something that they only use for work and school commute, or to go out for quick errand.

- Edward C

It is small and safe to drive.

It is good on gas, has great air conditioning and plenty of room for traveling or storing items. The car does get a little hot in the sun because of its color but is not a huge deal to me.

- Pablo R

That it is cheap in maintenance and that it is reliable.

I like that it is cheap. It is reliable and it is cute. I wish I had a newer car, that is probably the only thing I do not like. I would probably want a 4 door next time I buy a car too.

- Sandra D

it's 2 door, great gas mileage, very few mechanical issues, and when I do have issues it's inexpensive to fix.

I love that it get greats gas mileage the negative is that since it's a 2 door the back seat is very cramped. Repairs are also not that expensive and I rarely have problems with my car.

- Katrena G

Yaris is really economic with the car service and gas, i really cannot complain.

I love the fact that the trunk is spacious even if the car is small. I really enjoy not wasting so much gas even if i drive a lot. Love the fact that i can park anywhere do to the size.

- Fatima V

My Toyota Yaris 2008 and the benefits of having one.

There is nothing wrong with my car. I love the fact that I do not need to go and spend too much money on gas. I love the fact that I can go for a week without filling up my gas tank.

- Lindsey B

The gas mileage is great with this car. I drive a lot and only fill up once, sometimes twice a month.

My car is small but still is roomy. The maintenance is also not bad on this car and it has run great for 10 years. In the winter it is not the best on snow packed roads however.

- Tina W

Air conditioning knobs and heat/ cool knobs

The knobs for the air conditioning and defrost are very tight and have come off the knobs multiple times. In order to correct this the entire dash must be taken off. Big pain

- Sara P

It is good on gas and does not take much to fill up.

I do not like how small it is, it feels like a clown car.. I do not like the color since it is blue.. I do not like that there is not any air conditioner vents in the back..

- Michele G

Good gas mileage. My specific car though has problems with the fan belt.

Only takes $25 to fill up the take and gets amazing gas mileage! My parents live 6 hours away and I can make it there on one tank of gas. Definitely a good run around car.

- Jessica G

It doesn't have working air-conditioning.

I dislike that its a base model. Eventually everything stopped working. It's a reliable car though and good on gas mileage. It gets me from here to there so no complaints.

- Jeremy E

The most important thing is the compact size. It's great for getting around town and for parking in a large city.

My Yaris is a great compact size car. I like that it doesn't guzzle gas and that I get many miles to the gallon. One thing I don't like is the lack of head space inside.

- John G

It has more space inside than it looks and has been a very dependable car.

Bought it for the gas mileage. It's only 2 door so inconvenient when I do have passengers. Shortly after I bought it, all the paint started bubbling and peeling off.

- Suzanne M

Others should know that my car is extremely clean, I keep it spotless

I would love a new car, I am more interested in an SUV size instead of the small car I have now. It is reliable which i like, but it could be updated and run smoother.

- Blair F

Toyota reliability in a small and economical package.

Very small but economical transportation. Perfect commuter car, has trouble going up steep inclines and very basic on features but I don't need all of that stuff.

- Ryan M

There is no cruise control, which is my only complaint.

Best car I have ever had. Never had a major problem with it, and it's at 110,000 miles. I haven't had to make a car payment in 5 years, so I save a lot of money.

- Kate T

Great vehicle with smooth rides.

This vehicle is highly recommended due to smooth rides, comfy seats, and safe driving while on the road, nothing really breaks down or have any problems really.

- Jeanette R

Toyota Yaris, the most reliable car in its price range.

The most reliable car I've had. 152,000 miles with only one repair to the air conditioner. It has the original brake system, no repairs so far. Runs like new.

- Carmen L

It is compact with good gas mileage, however, is cheaply made so many of the parts break.

I love my Yaris because of its size and gas mileage. I don't like the fact it seems to have been cheaply made with some plastic parts that break off easily.

- Melissa B

That it is a reliable vehicle.

I like that it is very compact and easy to park. I like the fact that it is easy on gas. I like the fact that so far it has not given me any major trouble.

- Joe A

I would not say that the seats are very comfortable so if you are looking for comfort I wouldn't look here!

we love our yaris, it has lasted us a long time and is great on gas. We always pass inspection and have had very few issues besides routine maintenance!

- Caity M

It's so easy to drive and navigate.

My vehicle is a very tiny blue car. I really like it because it is fuel efficient and so easy to navigate and park. It's small but perfect for one person

- Libby R

That there is not very many like it.

I like that it is cheap on gas and it has a lot of space but I wish it had back doors and I wanted give it up for anything, I would do my best to fix it.

- Joni H

Reliable and Great car to Have

Knock on wood I have yet to have any major problems with my vehicle. The only issues are just wear and tear on the car like new brakes and suspension .

- Julie N

Convenient, spacious. Fits 8 people, push button for sit fold is easy to use.

It is a right size for me. It is good on gas. It is a good car to run around in. Can be able to park in small spaces when big cars go over their lines.

- Laura B

Toyota Yaris Makes Commuting Affordable

My Toyota Yaris is a great commuting car. The gas mileage is great for me since I drive 18 miles to work one-way. The size is the only issue for me.

- Andrew L

It is very small. No one will want to sit in the back seat.

The Yaris is very reliable and inexpensive to operate. I would recommend it to any commuter on a budget. I dislike that the road noise can be loud.

- Dan W

Great on gas apart from that there is nothing else.

What I love about my car is it is gas mileage and how efficient it is on gas. Apart from that there’s nothing else to like about a Yaris in 2018.

- Victoria M

It's bigger than it looks! A lot of people think it's a tiny car, but it has enough space for grown men to sit in the back seat.

Reliable, easy to drive, fuel efficient vehicle. Has over 120k miles and haven't had any issues! Only complaint is the lack of technology/features.

- Hilary S

The Toyota Yaris well-put-together car... It is fabulous on gas it takes very little maintenance just the usual and it runs like a dream

I absolutely adore my Yaris... It's excellent on gas It's easy to drive... It drives amazingly... I can't think of any reason to complain about it

- Becky A

Blue Toyota, love it. Want a new one.

Well, I love my Toyota Yaris because it's a small compact car, it's easy to drive and it fits in small places. It has a smooth ride to it also.

- Tyler C

Do you want an efficient car in both gas and maneuverability? Then the yaris is for you!

One thing I like is that I get great gas mileage out of my vehicle. I don't like the size much because I am tall. It's pretty reliable though.

- johnny d

Has amazing gas mileage usually spend like 50 a month on gas.

Drives well don't need to maintain to often haven't had any problems since buying it used also. The ac is really nice and cools the car fast.

- Mel Y

That it's a great commuter car.

I love the gas mileage and that its manual. It's such a small car so its horrible in the snow. I like that my insurance is not too expensive.

- Sabrina G

It's gas efficient and does not pollute much.

My yaris is made in Japan and I always try to buy Toyota vehicles made there. It's very gas efficient and nothing ever goes wrong - nothing!

- patrick A

The value that it has is very important for me since it is a vehicle that has a long time of use and has always been with me for 8 years

my vehicle is comfortable and comfortable and it is also very entertaining but sometimes it takes a little power but it is a durable vehicle

- Abrahams D

It is dependable and gets good gas mileage.

It is dependable and great on gas. I have never had to spend money on repairs. I can park it anywhere. The trunk has quite a bit of storage.

- Rebecca B

It is fun to drive and gets great mileage.

I like the gas mileage and it is small so it is easily maneuverable. Inside it is larger than it might appear, but still on the small side.

- Sarah B

Great gas mileage, it only takes about $25 to fill the 10 gallon tank.

It is lasted me for 10 years with very few problems which I love. It is also great on gas mileage. I do wish it were a bit bigger though.

- Brittany G

That gets good gas mileage.

I love my vehicle, gas is good, no major, problems. Hate the dash. Also that can not be towed. It has a lot room even though looks small.

- Annette C

The Toyota Yaris is very dependable.

The yaris is a dependable car. I also like the good mileage rates. I am happy with it and have high hopes it will last many more years.

- Bria s

The car is very reliable. It is great on gas mileage.

Good vehicle. Great on gas mileage. It have worked out for me and my family. I plan on giving the car to my daughter when she turns 16.

- J C

It has amazing gas mileage. It is definitely an economy car but in the best sense.

I love how compact it is. The gas mileage is absolutely amazing. I love the easy upkeep. It stays clean easily and always looks cute!

- Sara H

Reliable performance, appears front brakes were designed undersize.

Economic, comfort and compact, it is getting old, I hear noises and the smell is not the same, but I live the style of my car.

- Maria V

It's fun to drive! It gets great gas mileage. We were also able to fit three car seats in the back.

It gets great gas mileage. I drive it a lot and it is still very reliable. It has 225,000 miles on it and just keeps going.

- Lisa P

Small, durable and reliable.

My car is small, so it is great on gas and easy to find parking spots. However it is outdated so there's no Bluetooth access.

- Felicia S

My car is a lot of fun to drive.

I like the brand of my car. I like the color. I like that it is good on gas. It gets me where I need to go and it was cheap.

- Neil G

Dependable, good for older adults and kids starting off.

My Toyota has 100,000 miles and has no breakdowns ever!! She is rusting out a bit, but her engine still purrs like a kitten.

- Gina H

Toyota Yaris: small but mighty.

Clear coat is peeling off. Bad paint job from the manufacturer. Otherwise love the gas mileage and it is a nice little car.

- Brandon N

Interior is loud while driving.

The interior is loud and acceleration is slow. Gas consumption is comparable to other compact cars. No major issues so far.

- Joseph M

Dependability if you take care of it.

I like the gas mileage and dependability. Its comfortable and smooth riding. I have no complaints except lack of legroom.

- Tammy K

Can not transport a lot of people, and is not a good car to help someone move.

Love the gas mileage. It is easy to get in and out of parking spots. It is fun to drive, because it is so easy to drive.

- Debbie B

Excellent mileage and durability. Good quality... Good service, wears well.

Priced perfect and long lasting. Excellent mileage and customer service at the dealership. Good quality. Good selection.

- George E

It's not made properly for safety issue it should be recalled and fixed

Car has safety issues that should be recalled and fixed at their expense as it stems from the way the car is structured.

- Dana K

The gas mileage is decent, but it is not very spacious inside the vehicle.

Very reliable, have not had many problems with it. There were a few recalls on it, but they were quickly taken care of.

- Emily P

Not good in snow, and bad weather. It is much too lightweight.

Not heavy enough, bad in snow, needs a bit more power. Probably will need something bigger soon. Also dents like crazy.

- Sarah S

It is loud. My car consumes a lot gas.

I have never had any major problems with it. The only thing I do not like about my car is the windows are not electric.

- Sandy G

It is a reliable transportation and requires little maintenance

It's low on fuel consumption, doesn't require much maintenance, spare parts are easy to source, low on fuel emission.

- Nad S

Amazing car for a single adult.

Low maintenance and good gas mileage are it's best features. It's lack of horsepower and space are its disadvantages.

- Monica l

It is very dependable, and it gets great gas mileage.

It is a great small vehicle, and gets great gas mileage. It is a very dependable vehicle. I haven't had any problems

- James M

My car is a very reliable automobile.

Good gas mileage especially on the highway. No complaints. Runs very good for the last 9 years. Not a lot of room.

- Joyce C

Toyota is a very good brand.

I don't like that it's not automatic. I love it because it's small and compact. I love that its very good on gas.

- Autumn C

It gets great gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage. Even after 10 years, it is still reliable and has not had many issues. It is adorable.

- Rachel P

Great gas mileage goes faster than it looks.

Good gas mileage. Easy to drive. Not crazy about the look. Never has any problems with it. It's been a good car.

- Debra O

It's a Toyota. It is supposed to last for a very long time.

My Yaris gets me where I need to go. It is the basic model. I would like to have automatic window controls.

- Julie W

It has excellent gas mileage. I think 38 miles to the gallon.

It is a very reliable car. It is good on gas mileage. The back is roomy. There is a large trunk space as well.

- J C

The most important thing others should know about my care is that it doesn't need a lot of maintenance.

It is smooth driving. It doesn't need much maintenance. There is nothing I can really complain about with it.

- Ashley D

If you treat this car right you will have it for a very long time.

The Yaris still drives great after all these years, no major issues. Great little car with amazing milage.

- Sam I

It very durable. I have only brought my car into the shop wear and tear issues.

I like the gas mileage and the interior of the car. I dislike the air conditioning and windshield wipers.

- Randle M

It is very dependable and inexpensive to own.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. I like that it is easy to maintain. I don't like how small it is.

- Kelli B

It is a good car to go to and from work and to run errands in.

I love the reliability and gas efficiency of my vehicle. It is too noisy on the inside of the vehicle.

- Jane M

It is my lifeline to the world.. Well that and the internet.

I like that it is small yet roomy inside. Economical and fun to drive. Nothing I do not like about it.

- Dimitri K

It has great gas mileage.

In some areas the paint is peeling off. On the roof the the seal is peeling off and looks really bad.

- Katy L

it is older and has been in a couple of accidents but has kept me safe!

It is a nice small car. But It does not have ABS, Power Mirrors, Power Seats, or Traction Control.

- Matthew K

Great economic and reliable care

It is a great urban car and requires very little maintenance. It is a little noisy and bare bones

- Laura S

Great gas mileage. It is dependable and gets us from point A to point B.

Love the gas mileage. A little too small. The speedometer in the middle of the dash is terrible.

- Deb A

It gets good gas mileage & hardly no repairs need to be done.

The only complaint that I have is now it is making a metal clicking sound on the driver's side.

- Lisa S

It bought the very low end, version. And I like it, because I have control over parts that are normally electronic.

I love the vehicle. For the time being, it's extremely reliable without too much maintenance.

- Henry T

I love my vehicle. If I had to choose something that I disliked about my vehicle, it would be the amount of miles on it. Other than that, I love that it is compact, I love that the speedometer is in the center of the car, not directly behind the steering wheel, and I love that there are cup holders by the steering wheel. Having cup holders closer to where my hands are, instead of having them down by the center console is my favorite thing about my car.

The speedometer is in the center of the car, not behind the steering wheel like other cars.

- Val N

Good basic no frills transportation.

Good reliable transportation. Good mileage for a gas engine car. Small and maneuverable.

- John M

It is well taken care of. It is real good on gas. Low maintain.

It was cheap on the price of cost. Cheap on gas. Low cost on upkeep. All round good car.

- John D

This car is good on gas, in town and on the highway.

Just the right size for me. It's blue. Good on gas. Has been a very good car all in all.

- Beverly H

It was a great purchase. I'm still satisfied almost 10 years later. The operational cost is low too.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. It's a very reliable car. It suits me well.


I have an Toyota Yaris 2008 and I bought it with very low mileage. It's great looking beautiful red color.

Save gas a little bit better than regular ones. Perfect for a small family of four.

- Zin L

It's Small and has a lot of stickers on the back too.

I love how It's small. It has good mile system. It's gets me to my destination.

- Justin E

It's cute and dependable. It's very low maintenance. No complaints!

It's very low maintenance. It's cute. It's very dependable. No complaints!

- No N

It's an excellent car for both families and single people.

My car is very reliable. The cost of upkeep has been low. Great on gas.

- Breana B

Reliability, like most toyotas.

Very reliable, good gas mileage. A little on the cramped side

- Charles g

It has been a reliable vehicle. Does well in rain and snow. Back seat lies down and the hatchback makes it easy to transport large items. I wish it was a little higher, as I worry about high centering on some of the rough roads I go down.

The Toyota Yaris is a reliable vehicle requiring few repairs.

- Paula M

The Toyota Yaris has great gas mileage.

It is older. I like the gas mileage. Still gets good mileage,

- Jean D

I think the size is perfect for me. It has good gas mileage. I feel it is low maintenance and will last me a long time.

My Toyota Yaris is a quality, reliable car that will last.

- Susan V

long lasting quality at a reasonable price

A good reliable sporty vehicle that is good on gas

- Jj p

Great on gas and reliable

Great on gas would be better with auto locks

- Joe Z

It do not take much on upkeep.

Best ever bought.Cheap on gas.Low maintain.

- John J

Great on gas cheap. Liable

Good on gas. Cheap liable Don't like size

- Fatmir Y

2008 Toyota two door hatchback review.

- Patricia S