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Amazing on gas and more roomy than it looks on the outside.

My car performs very well and has proven to be reliable. Gas mileage is wonderful! It is surprisingly roomy inside and has more cup holders than my other household vehicle. It also comes with a good amount of storage pockets. Driving and parking in the city is also much more efficient with the Yaris. I love that the hatchback gives me the ability to adjust when I am shopping or making a trip to idea. It is a little workhorse of a vehicle!

- Katrina B

Love my little car, she just keeps going and going.

It is a great little car, good gas mileage and low maintenance. 200,000 baseline warranty. Cheap on insurance and great sticker price. Easy to drive turns on a dime. Always can find a parking spot with this little guy. I haven't had any major repairs. Normal stuff like tires and battery. Have over 300,000 miles and counting.

- Everett L

Vehicle drives well. It had about 126, 000 miles on it and is still reliable.

Issues with brakes but I have had the car for 5 years in snow and heat and it is been reliable. I used the car mostly is salt lake city Utah when I was going to college and drive interstate to las Vegas multiple times a year without issue. Front wheel drive was helpful on snowy road and I never got into an accident.

- Morgan K

There is not a lot of legroom for the back seats so if you consistently have more that two people in the car it could be uncomfortable.

I like that it's a smaller vehicle that is easy to park and fuel efficient. I do not like that it did not come with bluetooth capabilities and that there is no middle console between the front seats. The hatchback style is nice and the back seats fold flat down which makes it easy to load large items.

- kathleen C

Reliable, comfortable, economy car.

Great mileage, compact, easy to drive, very reliable economic commuter vehicle. I m short 5’3 so it is comfortable for me. CD player did stop working though. The dashboard is in the center which took some getting used to. We've had it for a few years with minor upkeep and maintenance.

- Sam T

The car is great for those who need to drive a lot and not break the bank.

The car handles well in all weather for its size. However, when any type of accident occurs, the makings of the car are cheap plastic and tend to bend or break in general, but this makes sense for the money paid. Gas mileage is great. I do wish it had a little more space.

- Jasmine M

Cute and compact with lots of hiding spaces.

It is been entirely reliable, I have driven it across the country multiple times and never had an issue with it. I absolutely adore all of the little compartments it has and its size makes it really easy to park, but I think I would prefer the 4 door version.

- Phoebe V

Great gas mileage and easy to drive.

The gas mileage is great. It's not great for outdoor adventures because the trunk space is not large enough, and it doesn't have a place in top of the car to store items. Its very easy to drive because the wheel turns easy and the gas is easy to press.

- Kennedy K

Zippy little car that's actually spacious

Runs very smoothly and really easy to drive. The gas mileage is great and it is more spacious than it looks. I just think it's kind of any ugly car and not my style. If you don't care about looks than this a great car and I would recommend it.

- Tina F

It is gas fuel efficient so great for road trips and getting around to several places

My vehicle is easy to use and small so I can park easily. It doesn't use too much gas either and has just the right amount of space inside the car. I wish there was a little more space in the back seats.

- Reina S

Dependable efficient good power for size.

Very reliable and gets great gas mileage. I am not a big car person in terms of looks, power, etc. I just want something reliable to gets me from point a to point b. This car does it for me.

- Michael C

It may be small, but it is perfect for me and my purposes. Don't judge my car!

I love the size of my car. It's small and compact, but it has 5 doors and can hold a surprising amount. I love the hatchback and folding seats. It gets good gas mileage and is reliable.

- allison v

It saves you gas and doesn't need to be filled often

I like that it is fuel efficient so it doesn't use up gas quickly. I like that it is small and fits in a lot of places. I wish it had backup camera and more leg room in the back.

- Nancy Y

It is a very small car, not ideal for tall men.

My Toyota yaris has been a reliable car for 6 years, no major problems. Now that I have a little one I feel a larger car would be more convenient. I get decent gas mileage.

- Summer B

It is comfortable to drive.

It is great on gas. It is also small and easy to maneuver. I dislike where the speedometer is located though since it is not he same as most other cars.

- Jackie C

The Yaris is tiny, economical, and fun to drive around

My Yaris is a tiny hatchback with excellent gas mileage. It's easy to park anywhere and is adorable looking. I do wish it had power windows and doors.

- Aubree H

White small safe economical

It is great on gas economically savvy and is the right price point small can fit into small spaces also great for a person on budget

- Abi U

Economic comfortable amazing car

I don't noticed any problem with it. I really love this car. It is very economical car. I strongly offer this car to car lovers

- Meisam F

That it gets great gas mileage as long as it is maintained regularly. (changing oil, filters)

Love the gas mileage it gets. There is enough room for 4 adults. The AC works great. I do not have any dislikes or complains.

- Anita K

Instructions for auto start.

Love it because its small. But hate it in the wind. The wind whips me around. But I can get into just about any parking spot.

- Kathy B

There is no "get up and go." When you "floor it" it just spins.

Great on gas. Comfortable. Stable on the road. Plenty of room in the cabin and trunk. Does not like to go over 80mph.

- Keith J

It is a very reliable car. Nice to drive. Very easy to get around in.

Love the car. It gets decent gas mileage holds out well in the winter time to when driving. Love the size of this car.

- Paula M

Very reliable car. Very affordable and perfect driving with the vehicle/\.

I love driving stick shift! She drives very smoothly. Also small enough for me to parallel park on the street.

- Nora P

A very good gas saver. I would purchase another one if I could.

It is a great gas saver. I get from here to work safely. I really love my car. The maintenance is very cheap.

- Shame E

The car is very reliable, never had any unexpected issues.

Responsive driving. A little small, and the color is too dark (makes the car too hot in summer).

- Thomas B

It is amazing at the way it handles the road and the way it looks on the road.

I like how it handles the road. I like how I look in the car. I like how it looks on the road.

- cindt b

I love the gas mileage on this car and how often I do not have to stop for gas.

I love the color. I love it's turning radius. I love the size.

- SP K

It's a stylish little car for a subcompact and gets great gas mileage on the freeway and very good in the city.

I wish it had cruise control and more cargo space in the trunk

- Carl M