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Bang for buck great little car.

Honestly it is a great little car. I have never had a problem with it all the years I have had it as long as you keep up with the oil changes and maintenance. The inside is very comfortable and can easily fit four people. The back is pretty spacious. The fabric used for the seating is great, I usually take my dogs to the vet in this car and the fabric holds up very well. The air system is wonderful and works great. The steering and ease of use is great too. I enjoy driving the car. Lights and wipers are great. The only complaint I would probably have for this car is the window tinting on the back - it can start to turn foggy and peel a bit. However it could be the hear here in Texas that is causing that as well.

- Brittany G

Nothing fancy, but still a great ride!

We own a 2017 VW beetle dune and a 2012 Toyota Yaris hatchback. We drive our Toyota in town, on a daily basis, and consider it our "utility vehicle. " We continue to be surprised by the dependability of the Yaris, as well as its performance on the expressway. The heating/air also functions great, and warms/cools the vehicle quickly. The gas tank is small, but the gas mileage is good, so it is not "painful at the pump!" If we had a complaint, it would simply be the road noise. However, it is a very basic model, no real bells or whistles, so that is really the least of our worries! It consistently gets us where we're going and that is really what counts!

- Donna C

I have not had much mechanical work needed on the car.

It is a small compact car that has excellent gas mileage. I have not had many mechanical issues yet but I have a belt that will squeal when it starts or when it warms warm up. I have had it replaced couple months ago and it continues to squeal. It drives slow. I can drive 65 mph down a main road and have a line of vehicles following me. Many of them pass or I pull over to let them pass. The car currently has over 165, 000 miles on it. Another issue I have is when the car is still “cold”, it stays in 3rd gear until it warms up. This is why I always start my car and let it warm up on cold days.

- Nicole M

Safe, Economical, and Reliable vehicle. Good for everyday city use as well as comfortable for long distances.

The Yaris is a compact that's full of power and features. It is a four door with a hatchback for storage and added space. It seats five passengers comfortably. The Yaris handles greatly and impressively handles tight turns. The Yaris gets great gas mileage and utilizes an economic feature for better gas consumption. Some of the other features include:. Power windows, power locks, a/c, child lock protection, USB port in glove compartment, traction control, hands-free communication and volume control. Adequate storage space is located between seats, under the console, and in each door.

- Jesse B

It is very light but gets excellent gas mileage. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles but is very good and reliable for Its price.

The Toyota Yaris was a good vehicle that is not very expensive. I really liked the price, but it also looks nice and stylish not necessarily like a cheap car. It runs well and has very minimal problems. I dislike the air conditioning and heating. It feels like there needs to be a step in between 0 and 1. When you put it on 0 there is obviously nothing, and then putting it on 1 it blasts out air or heat. Last dislike is the windshield wipers. Even running at its max it doesn't clearwater very well and requires you to pull over in heavy rain.

- Bethany M

It is a great value vehicle.

I still owe $7500 on it. I love my car because it is easy to park. It gets me from point A to point B. It is easy starting to get parts for. It does not cost much to have it serviced in general. Because of this I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In this way when I do finally make the last payment, my car will still have good value. I keep it in good condition so that if I choose to keep it will work for a long time. But if I choose to sell it I will be able to get a good amount of money for it as a sales price.

- Jay H

My car informs me when a tire has low pressure and the temperature.

I have had an easy time with my Toyota yaris. I take it in every 5000 miles for an oil change and have my air filter changed as needed. I put new brakes and tires on it this year. That is all of the maintenance it has required. It handles very well and has good "pick up speed " whenever it's needed. This year l also did some body work on the front fender myself. I found it easy to work on and finished the work & re-painting quickly. I love my car and will continue buying Toyota's in the future.

- Catherine A

Affordable and comfortable.

Comfortable, affordable gas mileage, low maintenance. I have the super sport and I love it. I just wish I got a different color black looks great but you can see dirt and scratches much more. Other than that it is great. I can fill up my tank for $30 or under. Tires are affordable if they need to be replaced. Bluetooth, and stereo controls on the steering wear also which is very convenient.

- Jane O

Details about the use of the car.

I really like the car. Is a Yaris hatchback, two doors. There is no bad review about this car. Is really comfortable for me because I do not like big cars. In gas is really economic. I put gas almost two or three times a month. After four years that I had this car, a month ago is when I bought new tires. I haven't had to buy any new pieces of the car only the oil and filters change.

- Kathleen R

Don't buy this vehicle if you have other options! If you're serious about buying a compact car, I would check out the Chevy Sonic.

The 2012 Toyota Yaris is a fuel efficient vehicle, but that's about the only pro to having this compact size vehicle. The driving experience is less than comfortable. The sound system is cheap, the radio itself is less than functional. The clock is located on the driver side dash near the important gauges, stupid location. The single windshield wiper is a bit ridiculous looking.

- Wendy H

This vehicle is a slick model and looks very nice and very clean-cut.

This car is a great car. The only problem that I have ever had with this vehicle is it does make a sound whenever you first started up. The sound is because of the serpentine belt. The pulley for the belt does not pull tight enough and it makes the belt have holes in it after a while so it has to be changed regularly. Other than that I have had no other issues with this vehicle.

- Ashley T

It is a safe and reliable vehicle for a reasonable price.

It is a very reliable and safe vehicle. I got it about 5 and a half years ago and haven't had any significant problems with it. It has some minor cracks and dings here and there from general wear and tear. The driver's side sun visor snapped off a couple of years ago and I was never able to reattach it. In general, it's not glamorous but it gets the job done.

- Megan B

It is a silver 2012 Toyota Yaris. Basic model.

My vehicle is great in gas mileage, size had over 150000 miles on it. Ac has been out for years, have to replace a headlight because of water damage and there is no part available for it, I have to replace the whole front of the car which is too great of a cost. It is far more expensive to get it fixed than a down payment for a new car honestly.

- Maria R

It's very well made. Besides upkeep on the car (oil changes, tires) there have been no problems.

This car has run really well so far. The only problem it's had is with the airbags. The light comes on from time to time and it says that the airbag is not on. There was a recall where the dealership was supposed to fix it, but the light keeps coming on. Otherwise, I've not had any problems with the car. I'd buy another Toyota any day.

- jenny H

Tiny Yaris is a great bargain.

I was looking for a car that was basic with no bells and whistles and the Yaris is that. No fancy gadgets. Low maintenance cost is a big plus as well. The main problem was the airbag recall and the dealership I used messed up the replacement but did finally get it right. I would buy another small vehicle like the Yaris in the future.

- Phyllis A

Reliable, Affordable Vehicle and Best for City-Driving

PROS: Car is gas-efficient, reliable. It's a small car, with lots of space. CONS: It's a compact vehicle, so it has a few blind spots. rear view window is a bit small and can make it hard to see. Side posts are really thick and can inhibit you from seeing pedestrians and other cars, especially around curves.

- jace v

Simple and Reliable Economy Sedan

The Yaris I have purchased has been a dependable vehicle. I have not experienced any unexpected maintenance issues in the 4 years I have owned it thus far, into the 100k+ mileage range. I am happy with the maintenance costs of the vehicle and it has positively influenced my opinion of Toyota and the Yaris line.

- Nicholas S

Good things and bad things about the Toyota Yaris.

The first thing you notice is that the gages are in the middle of the dashboard not behind steering wheel. It gets great gas mileage, about 400 miles to the tank. The seats are comfortable. There is no cruise control which is a downside. It has traction control which is great, very good in slick weather.

- Nikki H

The Fuel Efficient Blueberry

I have had my vehicle for 7 years now and have had no issues whatsoever. It has great gas mileage and although the horsepower is low, the acceleration seems pretty good (except in the mountains). It is pretty comfortable and I like the USB option for music playback. Its turning radius is also good.

- Sandy D

It is small so not safe in an accident in my opinion.

It has been very dependable and has not needed anything other than routine maintenance. Due to being so small it was not good when a big pick up truck slammed into the back of me. I do not like that it does not have keyless entry. It is easy to park. It is too small when you are in a accident.

- Joyce R

I love my car and it's like my baby so I take care of it.

My car is perfect I take care of it, I make sure to get my check ups. I recently got my brakes check as well as got my oil change. Even got my tired fixed and worked on a few weeks ago. With my type of car it is a good gas saver as long as you take care of it then Toyota can last decades.

- Gustavo I

Great economical subcompact car.

The Toyota Yaris is just right for me. Sub compact, economical, maneuverable, good pick-up in traffic. Very roomy. I have the hatchback and when the back seats are folded down it is like a little SUV in load capacity. Sits 4 comfortably. I have yet to have a major problem in 7 years.

- Elizabeth G

Eco friendly cost efficient.

For a 4 cylinder it is quick, efficient, easy to maneuver and smooth. Gas mileage is low as it is eco friendly. Being a 4 drive there is much cargo room. Conveniences such as speakerphone, CD, plenty of leg room, and storage. The price is affordable, the resale price excellent.

- Mary Catherine T

Lower end model but high quality.

Compact, good mileage, low maintenance, comfortable ride, good handling. Quiet noise, good uptake, visibility, take curves well, powerful radio, can sat 3 passengers in back row comfortably, , roomy hatchback storage for the lower end of Toyota models it is an excellent car.

- Carol S

Good gas mileage and reliable, but not the most comfortable, especially for more than 2 people.

I like the gas mileage, the maneuverability, and the reliability. I don't like that it has no get up and go, and it seems to have issues with the way the outer shell was put together - the bumper has issues staying on, and the paint is poorly done and fades in places

- Angela M

No cruise control, but otherwise fantastic economy car!

I love its size and fuel efficiency, I can park it anywhere! I dislike the fact that there's no cruise control, but I have made peace with that over time. I like how much I can fit in the hatchback given its size, and lastly it is the most fabulous color ever!

- Lily T

Great car for the price!!

Great on gas. Cute and spacious. The only problem are blind spots. The side mirrors make it difficult to see in certain situations. The car is comfortable and compact while still providing a lot of room for storage. The price point was perfect for me.

- Ann B

i have never had any problems with the car, mechanical or otherwise.

I bought this vehicle in 2012 and it is the best car i have ever had. it is easy to see out of, it does not sit down too low like some cars, and i hate if you have to jump up to get in a vehicle, ie truck , jeeps etc. Smooth ride easy to maneuver

- toni l

It is small but roomy in the inside.

Reliability is great, comfort is good. Can fit two car seats if you have kids. Great on gas. It has Bluetooth so I can connect my phone to the car. My car is seven years old and I only have to take it to the shop to get a regular oil change.

- Elizabeth B

The Toyota Yaris is a reliable vehicle with plenty of space for a compact car.

My Toyota Yaris gets great gas mileage. (always 30 mpg or greater) it is actually very spacious while still giving the compact look. The only negative thing about the vehicle is that it does not have a center console.

- Katie L

It is easy to park in tight spaces.

This is the best car I have ever had. There has never been a breakdown and it starts every time. Only problem I have encountered is that the drivers side carpet developed a big hole shortly after I bought it.

- Patrick H

The most important thing to know about the Toyota Yaris is that it is a great car for car mileage for people who commute to work everyday.

i love the gas mileage on my car. $20 can fill up the gas tank. its very easy to maintain the vehicle. The only thing I dislike now is the size. I'm outgrowing the car and need a bigger one with more space.

- Alicia C

It is not a luxury vehicle, but is affordable, practical, and reliable.

It has been very reliable and experienced very few problems. The small size works well living in the city and helps me get into tight parking spaces. Comfort is reasonable but not this vehicle's strength.

- Christina S

Great highway gas mileage and it takes corners extremely well.

The 2012 Toyota Yaris is awesome! We live on very windy roads and it does extremely well. It doesn't get great gas mileage on roads like that but on the freeway, it's almost 40 miles per the gallon.

- Lana H

Most reliable car I have ever had!

My Toyota is very reliable. When it is time to buy a new car it will be another Toyota. My Yaris is compact, way to drive, great on gas and has never given me problems in the last 5 years.

- Sage T

It is made very well, the quality is there.

I like everything about the vehicle. It is made by a good manufacture. It has great quality and will hopefully last many more years to come. No major mechanical issues at all.

- Tim d

The hubcaps. Why does Toyota put hubcaps on a vehicle. I don't understand that.

It's a decent vehicle, runs good, hubcaps always fall off so that frustrating. But for the most part, great gas mileage and very dependable vehicle. Just wish it was paid off.

- Heather W

It is adorable. It is small though, so I call it my shoebox.

I love that it is small and fuel efficient. I wish it had more gadgets (since I would like a nicer radio) but it was a fleet vehicle so there's nothing I can do there.

- Amanda C

Small, reliable, feels like I could have it for another twenty years.

It's perfect except a little too big to park in the city as much as I'd like. The previous model of this car I had was smaller and easier to maneuver in my opinion

- Nick E

It's dependable, I've driven many miles on it with minimal issues.

I like that car is fuel efficient and very durable. It's a very solid ride. No major complaints, when in the market for a new car, could very well get same model.

- Thomas M

It is perfect for myself and my kids.

Likes: good gas mileage, compact, handles well, comfortable ride, good entertainment system.... Dislikes: small hatch, rumbling noise when rear windows are down.

- Jesse B

It is reliable and uses very little gasoline to get around.

I like my Yaris. It is reliable and gets great mileage. I can travel with it and not worry about the condition of my car. It is not very cool looking, though.

- Eric G

The excellent gas mileage and fairly low maintenance needed.

I love the gas mileage. I purchased a hatchback and love being able to use it as a mini truck. I hate the seat. I use a pillow to support my lower back.

- sue s

Toyota is a great brand of cars and trucks.

Performance is great. I love my new car drives great steers great. Has great gas mileage. Has a great stereo system in it on top of great heating and ac.

- Timothy C

It is a good little car - economical, and reliable.

Long time Toyota driver. Love my Yaris. Small, but has get up and go. The only thing I don't like is the small gas tank. Have to buy gas every week.

- Patricia K

I particularly like the stereo after some playing around to suit my tastes

It is a comfortable drive with decent MPG. The stereo system is fantastic with good highs and low with built in bluetooth for hands free capabilities

- Neil K

Has almost 200,000 miles and runs great.

It is easy to handle as it is a mid size car and it gets 40 mile to a gallon of gas making great mileage. It is a hatchback with a lot of trunk room.

- Carlin F

It has a very good fuel economy, getting 38 mpg on the highway.

I really like my car because it gets 38 miles to the gallon and has a very sensitive and responsive handle. It is also safe and is a brand I trust.

- Courtney T

It's a reliable car that has ok miles per gallon

It's a reliable car. Gas mileage could always be better, but at least it's not a truck. It is a sub-compact so 3 in the back seat can be squishy

- Scott M

the color is beautiful. it's a greenish blue. it sits quite low to the ground which is also nice.

it's a little small now that i have two kids. but i like the size because i can always find a parking place. I like how fuel efficient it is.

- Pallas F

It looks like a comfortable egg.

All I can say is that my car is great on gas, and it is small and cute and it I always look good when I drive it. Have not had any problems.

- Michael L

It fits great in small parking spots which is great for city life

I like the price and gas mileage of my Yaris. I wish it had better legroom for passengers. I also wish noise was muffled better when driving

- Maria S

This car has fantastic gas mileage and that's great.

I like that it's small but has a good size cargo to carry purchases. Its has great gas mileage. Hated the blue color and had it repainted!

- Andrea K

It is cute. It gets good gas mileage and does well in wrecks.

I love my car. The only problem is the switch cover on the driver side broke. I wish I had a lightly biter gas tank. It is a ten gallon.

- Elisa B

compact vehicle good mileage

my yaris when it's cold makes a sound to warm up but has good gas mileage can put 30 dollars for the week and that's it all very compact

- sheri c

2012 Toyota Yaris is a good car

I have had very few problems with it and really have no complaints. I did have to fix the air conditioning and replace the splash guard

- mel m

It gets really good gas mileage.

I like that it gets really good gas mileage. It was also very affordable. I do wish that it had a little more storage space, however.

- James K

It seats 5 technically, but realistically only 4 will fit.

No problems after 4 years of ownership except for standard maintenance. Great car for the city, a little underpowered and small.

- Brian J

It is a lot faster than it looks. It is reliable.

It is very standard. I do not like how low to the ground it is. My hubcaps constantly fall off and it looks like a grandma car.

- Montana C




Very basic, not a lot of added amenities.

Reliable vehicle, and no major issues whatsoever. Great gas mileage, and smooth driving make this a great commuter vehicle.

- Sab D

It handles well, easy on gas. It is small.

My car is small easy on gas. I do not like when you turn a corner it slows down to a crawl. I know it is a safety feature.

- Evelyn M

the cup holder is in a weird place. it doesn't seem like a big issue until you have to deal with it every day

it is basic and plain. I wish i had more features. it gets the job done and runs ok but stuff is starting to break on it.

- Lauren T

It's very fuel efficient and reliable. I would definitely buy another one for my next vehicle

Reliable and very smooth driving. It's lasted several years without any problems. I just wished I paid for power windows.

- Victoria H

It is one of the best cars I have ever owned.

I love the gas mileage. It is very economical and safe. I am able to use hands free communication while driving places.

- Thomas G

It is a very safe car, and it has the Toyota quality.

Small but good trunk capacity and can seat 5 people.. Very good gas efficiency.. Easy to maneuver (drive, park, etc.).

- Johanna F

Review for Toyota Yaris car

I like the car, it has a lot of space for a compact car. The speakers are good and music system is easy to work with.

- Tanya T

It is comfortable to drive and gets very good mileage-----even around town.

I have nothing that I dislike. It is the best vehicle I've ever owned and hasn't broken down. It has 150000 miles.

- patrick B

It's quick and compact and generally a smooth ride

I like that it is small. I like that it turns and stops smoothly. I do not like the aux cord being so far away.

- Jessica H

The gas mileage is awesome. The gas is so cheap. I never have to pay over $25 even with high prices.

I love the gas mileage. I hate how low to the ground it is. When a big snow storm comes it's impossible to drive.

- Tabitha A

As all Toyotas are, super reliable. A great around town car

Like: size and gas mileage. Dislike: only has basic amenities , wish it had more options for intermittent wipers

- Deanna S

Runs and runs and runs. I love cars that continue work at a very high level even after 85 thousand miles.

Runs great, very good gas mileage, 6 years old and no repairs only maintenance done. Still looks and runs good.

- Don R

It runs really well, and is easy to drive.

It runs very well, the only issues I have come across are exterior issues. Such as paint, pieces staying on etc.

- Erin L

It is mine and it is cute and I love it.

I love everything and dislike nothing about my car. It is cute and reliable and fun to drive. Also it is red.

- Melinda C

Great for mileage good for low income household helps out financially.

I like the mileage per gallon it get. I dislike the space Inside for one person. Has great safety features.

- Andrew C

It's spacious and economic.

I like my vehicle because it's very dependable and gas efficient, but it doesn't have bluetooth integrated.

- Lizz R

I just did. I love my car.

I love love love my car but I wish it had an armrest and a backup camera. It's tiny and fits into any spot.

- Devon L

Gas efficient and economical.

Like: eco efficient. Dislike: only 4 cylinder. Slow in pick up. Low in winter driving. Tough to navigate.

- Mary T

It is reliable and inexpensive to operate.

It gets great gas mileage and is easy to maintain. It is a small car but has more room than would appear.

- Brandon M

It's a gas saver that's about it

I like the efficiency of the gas mileage and that's about it i do not like compact tight small cars

- Gypsy L

It is very dependable. We can depend on it.

I like my car. It is good on gas. It is low maintenance. It is high quality. We like it.

- Gloria B

It is easy to maintain and is fuel efficient.

I like the fuel efficiency of the engine. I also like it maneuverability and turning ease.

- Scott R

Very reliable vehicle. I do not feel nervous in this car and should own it for years to come.

Great gas mileage and easy to care for. Have had very little problems. Not a lot of power.

- Ryan N

It's good for an urban environment, but the gas mileage goes down over time

I bought it because I lived in a city and wanted to park easily and get good gas mileage.

- Natalie B

As long you do maintenance on the car there's never no problems

It simple Toyota is the best. Never had problems with this car and is very comfortable

- Jessy R

It's a comfortable ride, small, compact, affordable

It's small and compact. The gas per mileage is reasonable. It's an affordable car


Gas mileage is fust great for a 7 year old car. Great car to own.

The car is great on gas. Get at least 25 us to a gallon of gas. Easy to drive.

- Thomas J

My car is great on gas and does not cost a lot to fill up.

Great on gas. It is a little small and air conditioning is not great.

- crystal H

The Yarius does not use too much gas do you save money

It's the right size for me. It has 4 doors Easy to get in and out of

- Carol D

The car is gas saving, and is small enough to park in between spaces. Two thing is dislike is that it is not very strong and takes a long time to speed up. Another one is that the trunk can be too small.

That it is gas saving, if someone is looking to save some money.

- Maily X

quality and economy in all types

the economy in gas and the quality. a excellent choice for years

- lourdes H

Great fuel efficiency and it's a safe car!

I have a basic model and really wish I had cruise control!

- Samantha M

Great gas mileage, dependable, and is low maintenance.

Great gas mileage, dependable, and is low maintenance.

- Lori R