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It is comfortable and affordable.

My favorite thing about my car is the Bluetooth capability. My phone automatically connects when I start the car and it rings through the stereo, I can answer it through the stereo and I never have to take my hands off the wheel, there are buttons on the steering wheel to control the radio/Bluetooth. I also like the interior, it looks nice and the seats are comfortable. It is really good on gas, and drives smoothly. The car was also a good price. One thing I don't like is the hatchback/trunk area. It is really small and you cannot fit a lot back there. Sometimes, I cannot even fit all of my groceries back there and have to put some in the back seat. And another thing I don't really like is that sometimes it lags when going up hills or just pulling off from a stoplight. Sometimes it feels like it does not really want to go. But all in all I am pretty satisfied with it.

- Sarah O

Small but mighty, great mileage, reliable and safe

I have had my Yaris for 5 years and have had zero service issues. The car is great on gas and easy to maintain. Yes, the Toyota Yaris is a small vehicle and my next car will have to be larger. HOWEVER for the price of the vehicle, I could not be more pleased. I have taken a week long trip to Canada from Virginia and multiple trips to New York from Virginia. I cannot tell you how many times I have taken long trips in the state camping and hiking with my Yaris. I have zero complaints EXCEPT that he does not do great in the snow, is definitely not an off road vehicle (by no fault of its own), and is a bit small.

- Courtney W

Super Easy to Drive and Maintain!

Driving Yaris is easy. It is small and you can maneuver it easily. Parallel parking isn't challenging at all. However, sometimes it is easy to overlook it as bigger cars can overtake the space and hide the car from your sight. Mileage per gallon is awesome, especially in California. We save tons of money with this car when compared to the SUV we used to have. We drove it to Big Bear and Mammoth while it was snowing. Chains were enough for us to be able to drive it over snow. Maintenance is simple and easy. Interior is nice as well. Back seats can be flattened, increasing cargo space for long trips.

- Stephanie J

Great vehicle for people who travel, and spacious for the size.

I love my Yaris. It is the perfect size for me since I'm small, and it is easy to get in and out of small spaces. Although it is small, it has enough space to hold all of my cleaning supplies. Great gas mileage. Only issues I've had with it (I bought it used with about 80,000 miles on it) are a belt squeak, which has been fixed, about to have to put a second battery in it, and having to replace the alternator. The only other thing I dislike about it is that the small front windows between the windshield and regular windows, are kind of a blind spot. Over all though, it has been very reliable.

- Ashley S

A no-frills car that is comfy, fuel-efficient, and surprisingly spacious.

It is a no-frills car that offers good value for the cost. It looks tiny but the back seat is quite spacious, and when the back seats are down it can hold a lot. It is a lightweight car that did pretty well on the snowy roads in winter. My Yaris is only four years old, but I have had some issues with the lock switches not working every now and then. The framing of the windshield is also pretty thick, creating two blind spots in the front that are larger than what you have with your average sedan.

- Sandra M

This vehicle is great on gas!

I have had my vehicle for about 3 years, odometer currently reads about 92, 000 and I haven't had any problems with it, I have only had to do normal maintenance/upkeep. It is great on gas, I usually average around 32 mpg. It is great for me right now, as a newly wed with no children, but I will definitely have to get a larger vehicle once we have children. The only thing that I wish it had was leather seats and more settings for the windshield wiper as it only has 3 settings.

- Shay W

Compact with great fuel efficiency and reliability

Small 2 door hatchback vehicle. Good size and shape for individual needs and long distance travels. Not exactly useful for long trips including large families. Gas mile rating is good and fills up for less than $30 at the pump. Perfectly reliable while maintained properly. We have never had an issue other than a tire being thrown at the vehicle by a semi and ripping both the front and rear bumpers off. Aesthetic damage but vehicle stills runs reliably.

- Aaron M

2013 Toyota Yaris: Great First Car

My Toyota Yaris is a great car. It's small and extremely easy to park and get around. It does not accelerate quickly, but the brakes are great. It was my first car and I have had it for 7 years. It has rarely given me any issues. It is surprisingly roomy for how small it looks on the outside and there is trunk space. Everything wrong with it at the moment is due to my lack of taking care of it, so there is nothing wrong there.

- Michelle C

Cute and compact, will never leave you stranded

Absolutely no issues in my 3 years of ownership. As long as you stay consistent with basic maintenance, you're golden. It's small but perfect for anyone who is a solo driver or even a duo. Back seats are comfortable, enough room for guests and even a car seat if needed. I've moved twice with this car and it's been a huge help with the hatchback. I've never been in an accident, but I've always felt safe in this car.

- Kayla F

This is the best car I've ever owned

This car runs like an absolutely dream. My absolute only complaint is that for some reason it burns through tail light bulbs like nobody's business. I've never had to replace my brake lights as many times as I've had to replace them on this car. But other than that, this car is tough and reliable and has gas mileage that makes my day and keeps my wallet happy. I absolutely love this car completely.

- Rebekah K

It is small and cute. Also very reliable and gets great gas mileage.

I love my 2013 Toyota Yaris because it is extremely reliable. I have had a problem with the battery but once I replaced it I have not had a problem since. It is small and perfect for me. It has a Bluetooth radio so I can drive hands free but still text and talk if needed. The hatchback offers a bunch of extra room for suitcases or anything. It is great.

- Hannah F

The car is very dependable. I have no problems starting the car.

It is very good on gas mileage. Keeping up with regular maintenance keeps it running wonderful. The paint job is great due to the fact that I live in Hawaii and rust has not been an issue. The space on the inside of the car is so very comfortable and there is ample space in the trunk when I do my grocery shopping.

- Melissa R

Others should know that my car is not reliable or safe

I don't feel safe in it. It feels like I'm driving a plastic car. It fell apart pretty quickly. Random parts from the outside of my car just kept falling off. I cleaned my steering wheel with windex once and all of the painting stripped off!!! It's good on gas mileage, but overall I don't feel safe in it.

- Estefany E

Toyota is a yes from me. I love my hatchback.

It's super reliable, and I love the gas mileage it gets! The only thing that I think could make this car better is a quick start for it. So when it's cold, you're not sitting there freezing, waiting for the car to heat up. I also love how comfortable the seats and the level of storage you can put in it.

- Kelsey G

2013 Toyota Yaris 4 door hatchback review. The car has not electric windows.

There really hasn't been any problems but it has no electric windows and its not very comfortable. It's great on gas and easy to drive. For a small car it can store more a lot. It's very hard to keep clean inside the car because of all its little cubby holes that you really can't put anything in them.

- Joanna L

If you mean the vehicle I have now, would be convenient for me to take mom out.

Performance level is great it is just that when I lost my prior vehicle and got this one I lost a part of me. I had a reliable SUV and it suited me to a tee in driving to comfort and I do not feel the same way with this car. So I am looking forward to buying what I really want when the time comes.

- Lisa B

I would say that in today's economy Its great on gas.

My car is a little red hatchback great on gas but not a lot of power Its small and a times clutter some but all and all Its been reliable to me. Most of all It's safe I say that because the steering wheel is very responsive and the breaks are great for the most part I am happy with my car.

- David F

Low gas cost and great for travel

It's been a great, reliable and efficient vehicle. I am wanting more space now but as a single mom, it has been a gas saver and low maintenance. I have had the vehicle for 5 years and not really had any issues with it. It's immensely comfortable and also a great vehicle for road trips.

- TiJuana H

A great budget vehicle for anyone who�s looking for a dependable car.

It's very dependable, lightweight, and cheap to fix. The biggest cons would be the plastic interior, which tends to break. It's great on gas, gets wonderful mileage, and you can store a lot of stuff when you put the seat down. Oil changes are pretty easy, and it's cheap to fill up!

- Amanda G

Reliable, fuel efficient car.

Vehicle is comfortable sitting and gets great gas mileage. It does not have real good pick up when passing. There's plenty of legroom in back and a good amount of rear storage. It's been reliable and has driven well in snow, although on hills it had a little harder time in snow.

- Tina C

That filling up my tank is super affordable.

The thing I really dislike about my vehicle is that it rides very low. A lot of the time I scrap the bottom of my car pulling into driveways. Another thing I dislike is it doesn't have a lot of power. I have to really give it a lot of gas which can be annoying.

- kristen j

The tiny wind up toy car!

Great car that is fuel efficient and easy to drive. Since it is Toyota it is very reliable. It was also a very economical price. The only problem is the lack of lumbar support. On long drives it can cause neck and back aches. Other than that it is a great car!!

- Sonia R

Drive this cute sub-compact and fall in love.

It gets great gas mileage, handles well and is easy to drive. There are not a lot of extras but it does have Bluetooth so phone calls come through the radio speakers so not so distracting. The only drawback is as I get older the harder it is to get out of.

- Carol W

Lasted 6 years so far, love it

I've had this car for 6 years and it still is running. Great mileage and has held up for moving across the country twice! Fits a baby very well. Fits 2 cats super well. Nice compact driving. No rear end so no worrying about backing into something. Love it!

- Victoria M

It is comfortable even for me. I am 6'2" tall and weigh 255 and can get in and out of it easy and have plenty of head and leg room.

I like it because it is easy to get in and out of parking spaces. It is also great on gas mileage. It's roomy for a small vehicle and is very dependable. I wish I had got one with four doors instead of two. I have no other complaints all the rest is good.

- Don J

Compact and trustworthy car

The Toyota Yaris is a nice, compact car that lets you park in small spaces. I like the fuel efficiency and that it cools down quickly with the air conditioning on in the summertime. The only things I don't like are the blind spots on the dashboard area.

- Elena A

Saves you gas mileage. We use it to drive anywhere basically and save a lot in gas.

I like that It's an economic car and very cute. I dislike that it does not have a screen and I hope it is more high tech ish. Also, I miss having a side arm storage in the middle of the driver and passenger seat. Other than that I love my car.

- Marj L

This is an incredibly reliable, fuel efficient vehicle.

I love my Yaris! It is fuel efficient, reliable and fun to drive. I've had it for three years and had no problems. I have driven it cross country, several times. The perfect cost efficient, energy efficient car.

- Kendra T

Toyota Yaris: a must have to navigate the urban jungle.

The Toyota Yaris is a reliable, eco-friendly design with great gas mileage. Its small overall size makes it easy to park and maneuver in a busy urban environment while providing a comfortable ride for 4 adults.

- Matthew C

Reliable and economical from a great car manufacturer

economical, reliable but slips when driving on ice and snow. Also when I brake suddenly, the car slips even when there is no ice or snow. I have had this car for 5 years, no other problems

- aditi c

My Yaris: a mostly love situation

My car is reliable, it sips gas and it's comfortable. You would be surprised how roomy it is inside. My issue with the car is that the walls are thin. It picks up a lot of outside noise.

- Chels B

Overall I think the car is great, especially if you want to save money on gas.

It has great gas mileage, it's a great little car. The only thing is that it doesn't have much or any horsepower. So going up steep hills requires a little extra push on the gas pedal.

- Ana L

It is comfortable and gets good gas mileage and is surprisingly roomy for how small it is.

It gets good gas mileage and drives nicely. The speakers are not great and the bluetooth has frequent connection issues. The windows are strangely shaped and can have bad visibility.

- Matt B

Runs well. Drive good. Working air and great tires. Not good on gas.

It has good gas mileage and requires little upkeep. It's been a good car and is easy to park. It's a little too small and have a hard time finding wheel cover for it.

- Joanna P

Good gas mileage and reliable. I have not done many repairs.

Good gas mileage. Compact but comfortable. Not enough rear storage space, but the back seats fold down so it isn't too bad. I often use the back seat as trunk space.

- dianne a

A car for the fuel-efficient commuter!

My car is very economical and efficient. It is perfect for the commuter who does not take long road trips. It is simple, small, and extremely fuel-efficient.

- Chris B

It runs well and only requires general maintenance like an oil change.

Love that is has 35 mpg, general maintenance, runs well, and never had any major problems. I dislike that it is too small and has a blind spot.

- Angela B

it's great on gas and gets me to work in all weather.

great car but very small and I don't feel safe and the car is also very low to the ground so it gets lots of flat tires and damage to the body.

- william c

Dependable, reliable Efficient to operate Plenty of room Fun to drive

Great on gas. Little repairs. Very comfortable to drive with plenty of leg and head room Plenty of room for packages Handles like a charm

- Peter H

It's compact car with seating for 4 comfortably, but can squeeze 5 in.

I love that it is compact. I love that it's a Toyota so it holds up well. I have had to do maintenance on it and I've had it 3 years.

- Karina M

Great little car, gas saver.

It was a great car when I first got it. It's great on gas and economical. My family has expanded so it's just too small for us now.

- Kayla V

It's very reliable and I love how small it is.

It's really small so it's easy to park. I love the blue color. I've had it for 5 years and it's been a great car. Very reliable.

- No S

Great gas mileage both highway and city. Fill up my tank about every 7-10 days.

Toyota Yaris is a great car. It has great gas mileage, smooth ride. It is compact but spacious. Great fit for a small family.

- Jean L

My car is overall the best car I have ever had.

I like the color of my car. I also like how comfy it is in the vehicle. What I do not like is the trunk because it is small.

- Daniel L

It rides low to the ground.

I love that my car is compact and fits in tiny spaces, and also can hold large items. I hate that it is 2 door instead of 4.

- Cris T

It is extremely reliable.

It is reliable, and cheap to fix it does break down. Great on gas. Only downfall is it is small, so road trips get cramped.

- Breanna R

My vehicle is a manual car.

The vehicle does not have a clean air-filtration system. It has comfortable seats, but is a manual car with crank windows.

- Rohan V

Everyone should know my vehicle is super fuel efficient.

I like that my vehicle is small. I like that my vehicle is fuel efficient. I like that my vehicle is easy to maintain.

- nicole B

Toyotas are built to last!

It is a Toyota , which I'm a fan of. It has adequate space for me for driving and carrying. The gas mileage is super.

- Jeff G

compact sedan that lacks rooms

vehicle lacks room, gps, and tablet/phone integration. Fuel performance is decent but would prefer hybrid engine

- Michael T

Good small car for city driving.

I am older so it is getting harder to get out of so I dislike that. The gas mileage is great so I like that.

- Carol W

I like the Toyota name just not the car.

I like it because it is cheaper to drive.. I do not like this car because it is to small I am use to a SUV..

- Lisa B

Toyota Yaris is a great dependable vehicle.

The vehicle has great gas mileage, very comfortable for trips, reliable and all around dependable vehicle.

- Kevin R

The Toyota Yaris has great gas mileage, especially on long distance trips.

Great vehicle. Small but spacious. Great gas mileage. Stereo quality is good. Nice car for small family.

- Liz F

I really love the Yaris and cannot saying anything bad about it.

Sometimes it decelerates when needing to accelerate when turning a corner to a highway when necessary.

- Janet M

I like the compact size of the car, easy to park and easy to ride

I like everything in my car except the wheels. The wheels need to be little bigger and stronger

- kr r

It's a very good car. It has Bluetooth & good gas mileage.

I love my car. I hope I can get it refinanced so I can keep it a long time..

- Leslie H

Great on gas, I've never put more than $25 into the gas tank from empty

Great on gas, small and compact, no issues mechanically since I've had it

- Jessicca R

Economic. Practical.modern

Very economic. Practical. A bit uncomfortable.

- Zahira K