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I would highly recommend my Toyota Yaris to the next buyer.

2014 Toyota Yaris

She's a cute little white car. Great on gas, smooth ride. I have driven it to NJ from NC twice in the past year. She's well maintained, I use the same garage since I got the car. And most times I get the same mechanic. As soon as I saw her in the car lot, it caught my eye. I have never owned a Toyota before, so I had a few concerns. I like the fact that it is a compact car, as I am only 5'1" tall. Lots of comfort for me, as well as my taller passengers. As soon as I test drove my Yaris, it was a done deal. The car is not only safe and sturdy, it is one of the best cars I have ever driven. So happy with my little white car.

- Jean L

Great little run around car

2014 Toyota Yaris LE

My 2014 Toyota Yaris LE is great on gas. I drive it everywhere. I've had no major problems with it, just the ordinary stuff, new battery and brakes. The car is great for adults riding up front but if riding in the back, the leg room is cramped. There isn't a lot of truck space for groceries or should you have a flat tire and need to put the tire in your trunk. The Yaris is a car to drive to work more than taking a family on vacation due to lack of space. It's a great little car to run around town or to work

- Donna S

Cute and compact, but spacious!

2014 Toyota Yaris SE

It is a very reliable vehicle. It does great on gas mileage. The it is a two door so from the outside it looks small, but the interior is really spacious. Haven't had any major issues with it yet. The stock stereo in it sounds great. I love that I can connect my phone to it to listen to music. I did make the mistake of going for the lower price model, which means you have to roll down the windows by hand! Which can be a hassle if you are driving and want the passenger window down as well.

- Amanda B

Very reliable and comfortable Toyota

2014 Toyota Yaris SE

My little Yaris is great for my needs. I live in a state that snows a lot and it holds itself great most of the time! It's nice to drive, very smooth and comfortable. The heater and air conditioner are strong and don't take long to kick in. The trunk is good size and you can recline the back sit what gives you great space. My only complains are: it's only 2 doors and the windows are not electric. Other then that, I love my little reliable Toyota!

- Maria O

Sturdy and compact, but not for long trips

2014 Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris is a nice little car if you want to go short distances. As for long distance trips such as road trips, taking this car would not be ideal. There is a VERY small trunk space, and the car has a hard time going up hills and such, as it has hardly any power when accelerating. However, the Yaris gets amazing gas mileage, and can get filled for fairly cheap. Overall a sturdy car, and gets me where I need to go in my everyday life.

- Julie P

Great First Car for College Students!

2014 Toyota Yaris L

This car is very reliable and comfortable. It is a great first time car and with very low maintenance. I am a college student and need to commute back and forth to school and this car saves really big on gas. I have drove this car on a vacation to Nevada and back to California with no problems at all. Also, you would think since this car is so small that it would be small inside but on the inside is very spacious!

- Gab Vivas V

My car has great pick up and amazing breaks.

2014 Toyota Yaris L

I love my car. It is great on gas, fits a ton of stuff in it for its size, is easy to park, and feels good to drive. I do not love that it is a two door; I wish I had sprung for the four door for ease of passengers getting in and out and for ease of loading up. I do not mind that it has manual windows, but I do wish it had power locks. I have trouble connecting to Bluetooth with my current stereo connection.

- Nicole P

It gets really good gas. More so it is being advertised. Change trans fluid every 40k mile or so, though it should be "lifetime fluid" it is lifetime of the car not "forever."

2014 Toyota Yaris

Great vehicle. Get really good mileage for the gallon. I use this vehicle to travel for work and really get a lot out of it because the tear and wear + gas is a lot lower than what I get paid for in reimbursement (per mileage.) It requires extremely low maintenance and everything always seems to work all the time. The cabin filter is a bit tricky to get to to replace but that's the only minus I can find.

- Khoa G

I always thought that the sleek design was my favorite part of the car.

2014 Toyota Yaris SE

The inside is very spacious even tho it doesn't look like it from outside. The car gets very good gas mileage and is very comfortable. Picks up speed easily and only problem I have noticed is it can be slightly hard to drive in bad snow conditions. Also, battery seems very reliable considering I forgot to shut my lights off and still started.

- Christopher F

It is a reliable vehicle that is a economical choice.

2014 Toyota Yaris

Great on gas, reliable build, hardly any maintenance problems. We bought ours at the very basic model. It has good standard safety features. It is a hatchback model and is roomier than it looks. The inside cabin is plain and uninteresting. Overall I'd recommend it as an option to buy if anyone was in the field for a hatchback vehicle.

- Blanca R

Small, not too pricey, and adorable.

2014 Toyota Yaris

Car works well. The middle console fell off because it was only attached with 2 little plastic clips. Car made it across country with no issues. Love that the power steering is electric. Very comfortable. And roomy for the small size. The front bumper is hanging off a bit from a small accident, very hard to find replacement clips.

- Charlotte A

Toyota Yaris Two Door Hatchback Black 2014

2014 Toyota Yaris

I've had my Yaris for 4 years now. I have had no major problems with my car in the time that I have had it. It does extremely well on gas. The AC and heating have always worked. The steering is good as well. My only complaints would be the fact that it had manual windows and that it has trouble getting up very steep hills.

- Mikayla L

Yaris is simply the best toyota's car

2014 Toyota Yaris

Such a great reliable car, very affordable as well! Even though there isn't a lot of space on the back seat, the front seats are so spacious and comfortable. There are also so many drink holders - I especially love the one right next to the steering wheel for my coffee; and there are three glove boxes, very is very handy!

- karthik p

The Toyota Yaris is inspired by the Greek god of beauty and elegance.

2014 Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris 2014 is a practical buy and has helped us saving on gas money. The shape and size is compact enough for small parking spaces yet Versatile enough to hold a week's worth of groceries. I wouldn't recommend it for off-roading or very steep hills, but I love it and cannot imagine a day without it.

- Kim P

A small economically friendly car.

2014 Toyota Yaris SE

The gas mileage and the windshield wiper fluid runs out often. The car is small and the trunk doesn't fit a lot. The gas pedals and tires wear out fast and it's a bumpy ride. The car is very reliable and is very economically friendly. It gets me to and from work all the time. Toyota cars are great.

- Allison D

Too small but good gas mileage.

2014 Toyota Yaris

The car is too small and only has two doors. There is nothing automatic in it, no tinted windows and no room. I cannot get anything into back without squeezing into back and letting seat down. The good thing is easy to take care of and good gas mileage.

- Debra S

My vehicle is 4 doors. Nice blue color. Has a small trunk but for being a small.

2014 Toyota Yaris

I love my Toyota Yaris. Its small, and easy to drive. The only downside for mine is that when pumping gas you have to do it slow or turn it a certain way or it will overfill or just stop. Other than that its. Four doors, easy to clean and maintain.

- Megan G

It's small, cute and zippy and gets me where I need to go.

2014 Toyota Yaris

I like the size, I can park in a lot of places living in a city. I like the hatchback, and there's a surprising amount of room when you put the seats down. I think the engine is kind of weak. And It's a little cheap material wise.

- Kelsey V

It is very fuel efficient. The monthly cost of gas is very low and that's a great thing.

2014 Toyota Yaris

I like the fuel efficiency, the low cost of maintenance and how powerful it is for such a small vehicle. I don't particularly like just how small it is when we need to do shopping for multiple things as it can only hold so much.

- Stephanie W

It's a great commuter car!

2014 Toyota Yaris

It is small, compact, easy to drive. I like that it has good gas efficiency and has easy turning radius. I like that it has a way for me to plug in my phone or ipod to play music, and I like the overall design of it.

- Amy S

Small but reliable. It doesn't have a lot of features but the ones is does work well.

2014 Toyota Yaris

I like the eco function to save gas. It has been reliable with few mechanical issues. It was given to me as a gift so it's not something I would have picked as it is small & does not have a lot of features.

- Rebecca R

Its entirely to small and if you have a family you will never fit comfortably

2014 Toyota Yaris

The car is extremely small. You can't go shopping and grocery shopping because there's no roo. To put anything. When you have more than 2 people Inside the vehicle you are so cramped it's not even funny.

- Ann L

Parking is great. It fits in a lot of places.

2014 Toyota Yaris

The car has great gas mileage. It is dependable and reliable. No mechanical problems. It is surprisingly spacious on the inside. It has Bluetooth which was not an expected feature for the smaller size.

- Martinez W

It's a great car all the way around! Great on gas, spacious interior and handles well in snow and rain.

2014 Toyota Yaris

I love my Yaris! It's great on gas, very comfortable riding, the inside has much more room than it looks like it would have. It's compact so will easily fit into any parking spaces.

- Cindy M

Save on gas, low maintenance.

2014 Toyota Yaris

I love my vehicle, it is safe on gas, cheap maintenance, durable, I do not change anything in 4 years, just gas, oil and one battery, think just I deserve more comfortable.

- Martins I

It's a good, reliable car with pretty good gas mileage for not being a hybrid.

2014 Toyota Yaris

It's a sweet little car that runs well and gets me where I need to go. No real complaints except the engine is pretty low-powered and the gas gauge is horribly inaccurate.

- Beverly M

2014 Toyota Yaris Hatchback

2014 Toyota Yaris

I bought my car a few years ago and love it! It's just the right size and the gas mileage is perfect for me! I probably fill up maybe once a month or so. Highly recommend!

- Kaitlyn T

small,roomy,fast,very good engine

2014 Toyota Yaris

well, the positive thoughts about my vehicle is that for a small impact car like a hatchback it is roomy inside and can be very comfortable for short trips.

- anthony r

Great gas mileage and comfortable for short trips, if going long distance will need to stop for rest brakes.

2014 Toyota Yaris

Small car with big inside. Must have full tank of gas on windy days, as car is small. Overall good performance and great gas mileage. Stereo system rocks.

- Jack C

My BIG little car; doesn't feel small at all

2014 Toyota Yaris

Love it. Gets fantastic mileage; one tank fill up seems to last forever. It's a small vehicle, but doesn't feel like it. No regrets—LOVE my Yaris!!

- Karen S

easy to drive and very good mileage. easy to park everything i need is there

2014 Toyota Yaris

easy to drive, fun to drive, good gas mileage, easy to park, easy to maintain, gets me to and from work or play. too small trunk but it's a small car

- Allen n

It is small and versatile and is built to last. It's good looks means that it stands out in a crowd.

2014 Toyota Yaris

Small, versatile and easy to drive. Solid build. Attractive looking. Last Yaris drove well for over seven years so it is reliable and built to last.


Even though it's tiny, there's a surprising amount of space inside!

2014 Toyota Yaris

I love how compact it is since I absolutely hate parallel parking! Its small size makes getting into tight spaces a little easier!

- Dani K

My car drives comfortably

2014 Toyota Yaris

My car drives comfortably. It has all the features I need and it's very spacious with the hatchback. I really like my vehicle.

- Cassandra B

That it is fuel efficient. and that it gets in and out of traffic quit easily.

2014 Toyota Yaris

Its is fairly new, It has nice comfortable seats It has all three modern technology I love using my navigation system,

- Jason C

It has great gas mileage so I save money.

2014 Toyota Yaris

I like it because it is small and has great gas mileage. It was not my first choice. It was what I could get financed.

- Candy C

I feel safe. It's dependable, reliable and modern.

2014 Toyota Yaris

I love my car. It's a hatchback and the when I need to transport things, the seats fold down and it has so much room.

- Cassandra B

Bottom has a plastic dust cover for engine. Too easy to knock loose. .

2014 Toyota Yaris

Like good mileage. I like the size and easy to handle. I do not like the low front. . Too easy to bump curbs.

- Jo K

Yaris car review. Features and comfy detailing

2014 Toyota Yaris

Have no problems with the vehicle comfy car and has great features. Reliable and doesn't take much gas.

- Shantia D

It is gas efficient and reliable. It costs very little to fill the tank.

2014 Toyota Yaris

I like that it is gas efficient. I like that it has required minimum upkeep. I dislike how small it is.

- Courtney C

Good on gas and price of car is good value.

2014 Toyota Yaris

Small, good on gas mileage but too small. Sometimes I find parts are higher and dealer labor is higher.

- Debra R

It has high mileage, but is still not giving me trouble.

2014 Toyota Yaris

Seats could be more cozy. I really like everything else. Good on gas, has good power, and runs good!

- Ryan T

It's very easy to maintain. And I have had few issues from it.

2014 Toyota Yaris

I like how small it is and that I can park anywhere. It's pretty good on gas and I feel safe in it.

- Sarah H

it's economic to purchase .... and it's also economic to own

2014 Toyota Yaris

I like the look and style ... I wish it had more power ... I wish it got better gas mileage

- David B

I love that it's a compact vehicle but spacious. It gets great gas mileage (over 30 mpg). It's a reliable vehicle. My favorite part is the hatchback!

2014 Toyota Yaris

Great gas mileage! Over 30 Miles per gallon. Never costs more than 30 to fill my tank.

- Malorie B

The fuel efficiency is the best benefit of the car!

2014 Toyota Yaris

It is majorly fuel efficient! It's cute and small but perfect for my needs!

- Rachel P

My car is very economic in gas consumption and it is high performance

2014 Toyota Yaris

Probably I would like to get more space for leg in the back seat.

- Yasser C

Which is very faithful and of very good quality. It's cool!

2014 Toyota Yaris

I like the seats and the model. I do not like the steering wheel

- Dylan D

Small is good. Lowering the backseat is helpful.

2014 Toyota Yaris

I love the gas mileage and the size. I dislike the small trunk

- Carrie S

i feel very small about it, it hurts my heart by a wide margin

2014 Toyota Yaris

i want a bigger car with more features and windows for cats

- susie z

It is small and economical, great in all weather. I don't dislike anything about it. Love the Toyota Brand

2014 Toyota Yaris

That it gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable.

- Nancy P