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Yaris is reliable, efficient, and an all around great car

When I purchased the Yaris, I did so with a good gas mileage in mind and with the knowledge that I wanted a small car. It certainly did not disappoint. I rarely have to fill up my car more than once or twice a month. Even though the car is small, I've been able to drive it in all types of weather. Occasionally, a strong gust of wind can move the car while stopped at a red light, but I always know I can rely on it. In my two years owning the car, the only issue I've had is that extreme cold can lead to the tire pressure decreasing, but even then it can still easily drive for a while with low tire pressure. As a fairly short person, the small cabin has always been comfortable for me, and taller people riding in my car never seem to complain about it being cramped. As a recent college graduate, I can assure you that this car can fit a fair amount of cargo as well. The interior is simple, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. End of the day, I really enjoy this car and would give it four stars if only for the fact that I would ideally be driving a hybrid; still, the mileage makes it comparable to hybrid vehicles.

- Abby T

Great subcompact vehicle for parking.

This car is a very small and reliable sub-compact vehicle. My favorite part of my 2015 Toyota Yaris is the small size, which makes it easier to park in small parking spots. I also enjoy the screen and the voice control system. I only have 2 problems with my vehicle: the cruise control and the ac/heat. My favorite thing about cars is the cruise control feature, however my car does not have that feature, which means that I have to hold down the gas on long trips on the interstate, which is a little inconvenient, but not grueling. The ac and heat system is also not very strong. In order to feel the air, I have to turn up the fan to at least 3 out of 5, which also is not a horrible thing to have to do. Overall, this is a way better car than my previous car.

- Melanie J

Versatile, dependable, fun car with great mileage.

The gas mileage is incredible, it handles well, it is very comfortable, and compact. Despite being a small vehicle, there's a lot of room for passengers, and plenty of room for groceries in the back. It is easy to park in the city because of its size. The only downside is it does not accelerate very well, making it difficult to go fast when you need to. There are busy streets that require me to floor it and flooring it means it'll take a while before it finally speeds up. It is not the kind of car that would do well in places where you need to be able to quickly accelerate (I.E. La traffic). Other than that, it does pretty well. I have taken it off road once and it did surprisingly well. It is a great car all around.

- Chan R

A spunky hatchback with zip and a surprising amount of room for its small size.

My Yaris is a 2dr hatchback, and it is small but it is got a lot of zip and it surprisingly comfortable. Compared to the Chevy Malibu I drove for a while, this small car sits much higher off the ground, and has lots of visibility. I am sure if I were more of a "car nut" I might be able to point out more things, but it is comfortable, rides smooth, and I have had it for a few years and I haven't had any mechanical problems so far. The only thing I would slightly dock is that the sound system is not quite as good as i'd hoped, but definitely good.

- Kayla Y

2015 Yaris Hatchback, aka the love of my life

I love this car. I bought it used, at about 45,000 miles, and I have had no problems with it. I take it in every 6 months or so to get an oil change, and after that it's perfect. I drive a lot, and it's always been extremely reliable to me. I use the Bluetooth with my phone, and I'm able to listen to my playlists and podcasts for my long drives, which I love. It's extremely small- some people even call it a 'golf cart,' since I have the hatchback version. It's so easy to steer and maneuver and I'm so happy I got it as my first car.

- Alex W

Nice comfortable cozy car, pleasant to drive and easy to maintain

It's small, but holds a lot of cargo (especially with the back seat down. Nice comfortable seats. Several cup holders around the car, though it would be nice if the ones on the door were just a little bit larger (as in, diameter. I'm constantly paranoid cups with lids will spill). Good gas mileage - about 30 mi/gal. Has a nice feature on the dashboard that lets me switch between seeing the car's mileage, how many miles are left, current mi/gal, average mi/gal. I've had it for a year and had no problems with performance.

- Callista S

I love my car because she is dependable.

The 2015 Toyota Yaris was not my idea car, (I wanted a Chevy Cruze 2015 or 2016). But I must admit this car whom I affectionately call rosilee has been a very dependable car low gas mileage, trustworthy like when I drove her to Tennessee and back to Atlanta and didn't break the bank. I had never driven a Toyota so I wasn't familiar with it. But now since driving rosilee for almost two years I am sold. I think this car would be a great little car for anyone looking for a small compact car.

- Sharon K

It is a fun, reliable car with everything you need to have a great drive

I love how compact and fun it is to drive. It fits everywhere and has a great turn radius for squeezing into tight parking spots. I am able to fit a lot in the cargo space when the rear seats are folded. The interior is comfortable and the infotainment system is convenient and fun. My only complaint is the lack of horsepower and troubled shifting between 2nd + 3rd gear in the automatic transmission.

- Kendra C

Eco-friendly and easy to use.

I love this car. It has an USB plug for my phone which is what I value you most aside from the "eco" button. When I accelerate, there's a small green button that shows up that says "eco" if I am driving environmentally friendly. If I accelerate too fast the button will disappear for example. The ac could be better however. It is a little weak for the people in the back. Other than that, good car!

- Megan A

Toyota Yaris le review. Perfect starter car.

Has not had any problem so far. Just regular maintenance and oil changes. It is super small so I can fit in small parking spaces. Great on gas mileage. Super cute and super affordable. Love that it is a hatchback. It does not have much room in the back for people but it will fit four people comfortably. Three people in the back seat would be tight.

- Destiny W

Small efficient, lightweight vehicle

No problems or complaints about the vehicle as of yet. Currently has 101,000 miles and I have serviced the vehicle regularly every few months or so. It performs well for a 4 cylinder motor. Because, of the small motor the gas mileage is great both city and highway. Only modifications I have made to the vehicles are tinted windows.

- Emmanuel D

Small, cute and lots of space.

My Yaris has good gas mileages. It has lots of room. Does not look as big as it is. It is very comfortable. I enjoy how small it is. I can park almost anywhere. Yaris only has one front windshield wipes. And a super small back wiper. The one and only problem is not cruise control. The radio is stock but great for me.

- Dell M

Problems with the design of the gas intake.

Gas mileage is great, compact car very reliable, 1 major problem is the hose that connect from the gas tank to where you add gas is too small and you have to pump gas slowly or it triggers it off. And you have to keep the drivers door open so you can see the fuel gauge to tell how much gas is in it.

- Rob S

Spacious for a small car and great on gas.

Rides well has not caused any problems and is also very good on gas. Reliable for long road trips. Spacious for being a 'small car'. Roomy backseat. Seats fold down for more room. Great gas mileage with city and highway miles. Has lasted very well which oil changes and road trips of over 300 miles.

- Teresa F

I have size 17 feet, barely enough room.

It has a lower ceiling than it really needs. The dashboard is a bit neglected- feature wise, considering how much of the car it is. We also find it difficult to get car seats in and out of it, it's not a big deal. The worst issue with the car is really floor space for passenger and backseat feet.

- John D

Toyota reliability and comfort.

I have had my Toyota Yaris for two years and have no experienced any problems thus far. I love its compact size. It is easy to park anywhere, fits five people comfortably, and has a generous amount of trunk space. I have driven it in mountains and have had no problems with its performance.

- Cynthia C

Toyota Yaris hatchback with cruise control

I have never had any problems with my car before. I would recommend this make and model to anyone who wants a compact type vehicle. I especially enjoy the small size, but there is still plenty of space inside for the whole family. The radio is easy to use as well as the cruise control.

- Tyler P

Amazing Toyota that�s great on gas!

Really comfy! Enough room to bring friends and family in. Doesn't really have a trunk for stuff. Easy to get out of and easy to get in! Even if your tall you can fit in the back seat for sure! Good audio in it! Really good on gas I can just put 20 dollars in and the tank will be full!

- Bridge M

To me, it's an all around a great car for the price.

It looks small on the outside, but roomy on the inside. Easy to fit in small places, and has good get up and go. Love the look of it. Has Bluetooth access and a port to charge your phone. Love that the back seats fold down for more room in the hatchback. And all the airbags it has.

- Julie S

Efficient and easy to maintain .

I don't like that my car has only two doors, it came with no alarm even though it was new. It's reliable and it has gotten me to All my destinations. It's however got a loud engine and not very good air conditioning, it's roomie in the back but the air doesn't get back there much.

- Liz C

It is black inside and very comfortable

My car is small but I love it I do not spend a lot of money in gas. I have not experienced mechanic problems for the first time. I also could see everything in front of my car. I love it has wipers in the rear part and seats are very comfortable; it is the best choice I've made

- Rachel M

Great car for college students.

I really like my car. It is very convenient for a college student because it does not waste too much money on gas. It is very easy to drive and fits almost anywhere. It is very spacious. Has Bluetooth and it is easy to drive. The motor is very light. Very cute compact car.

- Diana B

Compact hatchback great for a start up car for a young adult.

The car runs great on gas, is very compact, allows me to fit into small spaces and parking spots, I love that the seats in the back retract downward allowing me to pack anything I need to in the car, it is a pet friendly car. I feel very safe in the car when I drive it.

- Simone W

Toyota Yaris: The Sturdy Sub-Compact Offspring of a Smart Car and a Hatchback

My 2015 Toyota Yaris is a fairly solid car and good as a first time car purchase; While I have issues with its jolting/delayed acceleration and lack of remote locking mechanism (manual key only), it has excellent gas efficiency and has been very durable and reliable.

- Alyssa T

Good if you want a reliable, fuel-efficient, commuter car

It's very reliable and performs well. It has pretty basic features (power locks & windows, radio , CD player) and some newer like Bluetooth audio. But it's just too small and there isn't a lot of storage space. Seating more than 3 people in the car is not comfortable.

- Tony A

Purchasing a Toyota here is a summary of one of the cars

No problems with this car it's very reliable. Toyota is a good maker. This Car is great on gas and comfortable, lots of space for being a compact car. It is on the slower side with speed so if you're looking for a fast car this is not it. Automatic windows, car lock.

- Mina M

Excellent vehicle- would highly recommend.

I purchased the Yaris from Enterprise. It had been previously used as a rental, but had less than 30k miles on it. Prior to purchase, I drove almost exclusively Ford vehicles. The Toyota gets really good gas mileage, and I've had little to no trouble with the car.

- Catlin W

Decent, no frills, affordable car.

My car gets great mileage, which is a huge asset. The car is comfortable, but not fancy. There are some features I would like such as controls for music on the steering wheel and remote key. But overall no complaints, it has been reliable, comfortable and safe.

- Dana W

Toyota Yaris, bright blue four door with great gas mileage, yet very small.

My car gets great gas mileage and run good, yet the quality of the car's body is cheap and disappointing. I have owned Toyota's before and have always had great things to say, yet I overall quality of the Yaris is not good. I would not purchase it again.

- Michelle B

Great everyday car with minor issues.

Only problem I've ran into is with the tires being so small I get flat tires a lot. It gets great gas mileage and it perfect for everyday use. It's cute small and comfortable. One thing I hate with the interior is there is no middle console or arm rests.

- Jen V

It is a 4 door! Many people assume Its a 2 door.

The Yaris is a great car! I mean the gas is great, the surprisingly good space is great and lets not forget the classic hatchback look. I love my car to bits and pieces. The seats are all very comfortable for the driver but also the passenger.

- Tyler B

A decent car if you do not want any major frills

I have the base model, so no cruise control, which I really wanted to have. The Bluetooth is very hard to hear, which I believe is an issue with the car. The back windshield wipers are hard to find to replace, so I try not to use them often.

- Meghan R

It is small and basic but a great quality affordable car

I love that it is compact and gets great gas mileage. It is overall basic but excellent quality. I haven't had any issues in the 1+ years I've had it. It was also very affordable. My only complaint is that it does not have remote lock/unlock.

- Lindsay S

Not made for large groups or for those who want to move anything.

The small size can be a problem when needed to haul items. Also the gas mileage is supposed to be great but doesn't seem to be very good. The compact inside is great for most of the time however it doesn't fit many with a car seat installed.

- Kara M

It can park just about anywhere, fits in most spaces.

I like that it's small for parking, I like that it has a hatch and decent mileage. I wish it was built sturdier and the angle of the glove box and how the drink holder are in the car is extremely not useful and doesn't make sense

- Angelina G

Sometimes it stalls a little if you press the accelerator too hard.

I appreciate the value of my car and I save a lot on gas. I love my car because it is a very dependable vehicle and I have driven it all the way to tennessee and back in one day only stopping for gas to top it off.

- Sharon K

Make sure you're okay with limited space.

The oil change needs to be completed quickly after purchase the space is limited in back. The ac takes a little bit to circulate around the whole vehicle and the windshield wipers needs to be replaced also.

- Terry M

is a really good sub compact car and i would recommend it to anyone who wants something simple.

I do like that is is smaller than most cars making more nimble and able to get into tight places. Gas mileage is really good to about 30 mpg. one down side it that it does not have much horsepower.

- marc m

My car gets good gas mileage. I get about 30 miles to the gallon, which means I don't have to visit the gas station very often.

I like that my Yaris is reliable, and gets good gas mileage. I haven't had any problems with my car. I do have a basic model and I wish that it had things like power mirrors and cruise control.

- Erica L

It's economical, easy to maneuver, safe, be and fun to drive.

I love the storage capacity of my hatchback design. It gets decent has mileage, although it could get better. It also has plenty of room, although the seats are uncomfortable for long trips.

- Jonathon A

Small and practical. A good first car.

It's compact but the hatchback truck gives me quite a bit of space. It's easy to drive and doesn't use a lot of gas. But the car is lighter than most cars so it's not as safe.

- Emily C

It gets you from point A to point B! It's not a luxury car, but it works well.

I don't like that it's uncomfortable to sit in the car for an extended period of time. I do like that it's small and easy to park in the city. I like that it's good on gas!

- Grace B

I love the gas Mileage. I can park in spots a larger car can't. It has a very short turning radius and is easy to maneuver. Despite its small size, The hatchback and fold down back seats provide a surprising amount of room to carry things.

I bought a lazy boy recliner last week and brought it home in my Yaris. Can you do that with your regular sedan? Enough with the wisecracks about my car being tiny,

- Marcia M

It is not very spacious inside the vehicle.

The gas mileage and comfort within the vehicle are my favorite. However, the useless cup holders and small amounts of space tend to get in the way.

- Jordan D

It is very affordable price.

It is a little small, everything else is very good. It save a lot of gas, and it runs very smooth. I never have any problem with this car a all.

- Yuan-jung H

Perfect size car for a first car

It's a great car that has never given me any problems. Perfect size and gets great gas mileage-only costs me $25 to completely fill up the tank.

- Deanna A

The most important thing other should know about my car is that it is great to have to drive around town. It is light and compact and fits just about anywhere.

I like that my car is a small size and I can park anywhere. I wish that my car had come with a FOB but other than that, I have no complaints.

- Nunya B

The Yaris is much bigger inside than it looks on the outside.

I love the gas mileage and hatch. The styling of the car itself is great. I hate that you can not adjust side view mirrors remotely

- derek k

It runs great and is fuel efficient.

It is fuel efficient. It is cute. There is plenty of legroom for all passengers. The trunk is small, but I almost never use it.

- Sall P

Small but good, gas too great too and wish it had a sunroof.

I really like how small my car is but it is still has space for big things in my car. Gas quality is really good too.

- Crystal C

Great gas mileage. Small but spacious.

It is small but perfect for me. Good gas mileage. Comfortable. Looks small but spacious. Parts are easy to find.

- Dell M

Gas mileage is great. I type more words.

Hate the shape. Hate the horsepower. Hate the color. Like the fuel efficiency. Like the fact that it is a coupe.

- Dallas S

Just a Great Vehicle for a Retiree!

I'm delighted with my used Yaris..it's perfect for. getting around. I get great mileage and Inexpensive service.

- Larry C

It never leaves you in the road, buy one and see. Very comfortable too

Can't complain is a Toyota and it never dies, as long you give it a regular maintenance everything is well

- Jessy R

It is functional and fun.

I like the size and gas mileage. I don't like the sound on the freeway or the lack of features.

- Danielle H

it doesn't feel like a small car when you drive it

It looks cute and has great mileage. We don't have any technical issues. It is great to park.

- Susan D

It is roomier than it appears from the outside size.

Good on gas, low maintenance costs, roomy but compact, seats provide good posture support.

- Tracy M

Is a car for students and young people. Is a an excellent choice for new drivers.

I like my vehicle. I don't have any problem with it. I save gasoline. My car looks great.

- Vicky B

comfortable and economic for daily use car and affordable.

Very nice, comfortable and economic for daily use car. Smooth riding. Need more power.

- macq N

It has awesome fuel economy, a great Safety rating. It is bigger than it looks.

I love the fuel economy I love the styling of the hatchback

- Kim K

It's more eco friendly than other models and It's cute.

It's small. It's fuel efficient. It gets me where i'm going

- Craig k

Good on Gas, Economic Space

This car is reliable. Good on gas. Somewhat small.

- Tian R

It's small and fuel affordable

It's a great car. Love the seats and the tech

- Isabella B