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Sleek white car with great gas mileage.

2018 Toyota Yaris

My Toyota Yaris is a great car and I really love that it looks sharp and sleek, although aesthetic is of very little importance to me when it comes to purchasing a car. I needed a white car, or a very light car, because sunspots can be seen or black, grey or dark tones cars in Arizona. Overall, I love how Toyotas last a long time and still run amazingly. I have never had any problems with my previously owned Toyotas and they are worth it in the long run. My Toyota Yaris gets great gas mileage which is very important to me because I drive long distances for both my education and for work. I chose my Toyota Yaris because of the price and because I needed something reliable to get me to and from work and school without having to worry about it break down. I feel like you get what you pay for with Toyotas and that is definitely peace of mind. What I am not a far of is the price of Toyotas but the fact that they allow you to have a cosigner and go with the higher credit score to get the lower payment a month is why I feel people gravitate toward getting a Toyota in the first place. Some features in my car that are important to me are the safety of having a backup camera. A backup camera is something I have never had before and will have a tough time parting with when I get another vehicle. The ultimate deciding factor as to why I got my Toyota Yaris was the gas mileage it got and the price and monthly payment I received along with it. I do not believe I will ever buy any other brand other than Toyota for these reasons.

- Anna E

Good, compact vehicle for everyday use.

2018 Toyota Yaris

The car is brand new, push to start and has a touch screen. The seats are blue and the car is nicely compact. The only thing is that sometimes, the touch screen system is not calibrated correctly. Also, two months after I purchased my car, my tire pressure light went on and had to be reset. Toyota has great customer service and my services are free for the next five years. I drive a lot for work so they did not put a mileage cap on my service. The vehicle also has a "sport" feature that is good when driving on the highway. Good gas mileage as well. I fill up my tank about twice a month. Overall, good, reliable vehicle.

- Courtney E

Toyota IA is a great car to have very gas efficient.

2018 Toyota Yaris

I got the Yaris IA about a month ago. Its an awesome car. I get 300 miles to a ten gallon tank of gas. This not only saves me money but helps decrease polluting the air. The car is a lot of fun to drive and if someone tries calling me the phone rings on the car so I do not have to pick up a cell phone or try holding it and driving. Much safer. Cruise control is great and the car has a sports car setting which really does not matter to me but I am sure a lot of other people would enjoy that. It is a bit funny looking in front, kind of devilish. That is so far so good it is been great to have.

- Linda F

2018 Toyota Yaris best gas mileage.

2018 Toyota Yaris

The only problem I have had with my Toyota Yaris it that I have had to get new tires three different times since buying the car. The car is very comfortable and has a really cool look about it with the front bumper that looks like a little sports car. The back seats fold down enough to get a chair or small table in and when the seats are down the trunk is exposed so things can be pushed through if needed. I really enjoy driving this car it can stop on a dime if needed and it additionally gets about 35 mpg on the highway. Driving around town I fill up just once a month. Best car around.

- Barbara R

The little car with all the toys.

2018 Toyota Yaris

The Yaris is a great little car for city driving. You can park it anywhere and it gets decent gas mileage. 30 mpg in city on average. Considering it is Toyota's low end model, it has all the digital gizmos you could want. It'll read your texts to you and emails. You can voice operate the phone. It has a great deal of trunk space for a sedan and, to be honest, is pretty cool looking. It has cruise control and a sport switch that'll give you some serious pickup when you need it for highway driving. For the price, you cannot beat it.

- Timothy M

Toyota Yaris is-most reliable car.

2018 Toyota Yaris

My car is extremely reliable. I can drive hundreds of miles without worrying about any problems. Super informative if anything in my car is wrong by the indicator lights on the screen. Bluetooth easy connection and build in navigation. I can easily take phone calls with a click of a button. Most of the control buttons are on the steering wheel making them extremely handy and easy to use.

- Angie B

Economical great on gas, lots of safety features and hands free.

2018 Toyota Yaris Base

A bit small, economical on gas very reliable love the backup camera, and there are safety features that I do not know how to use, the manual does not explain, hands free is also a nice feature I get roughly 30 mpg, there is a feature that alerts you if you are swerving into next lane and if you do not brake soon enough if there is a car in front of you.

- Barbara A

Gas Saver and Beautiful Sized Car

2018 Toyota Yaris SE

My vehicle is really good on gas. To fill up on gas is roughly 20 dollars. It is comforting and a nice size. It is reliant for long distances. No problems with the car, whatsoever and we have had the car for a month. It has a Bluetooth connection to your devices and the backseat can let down for more room in the trunk if you need it for luggage.

- Kerry D

Runs long distance with no problems and great mileage.

2018 Toyota Yaris

It is a small car, would not suggest for families. It is a cheaper car. It runs great. Mileage is awesome. I fill it twice a month, and it takes an average of $20 to fill the tank. It has a lot of trunk space for such a small car, which is great. I run around a lot and it stays in perfect shape, haven't really had any kind of problems with it.

- Brenda O

Great gas mileage with about 55 mph at 70 miles per hour.

2018 Toyota Yaris

Vehicle is comfortable for average size people. Over 6 feet it is too small. Performs well including take off but is extremely noisy. Wind noise is bad. Phone thru radio does not allow any change except volume if vehicle is moving. That is annoying. Can change settings only if vehicle is stopped with transmission in park position.

- Sabra S

Sporty car with great gas mileage!

2018 Toyota Yaris Base

It's comfortable. It has been extremely reliable. Great gas mileage. It is. a little low to the ground and can be hard to get in and out of. Lots of trunk space which is good for shopping. My dealership had been very responsive to my questions. I also bought the extra service package, which makes car maintenance very easy.

- Jane H

A car that truly exceeded my expectations!

2018 Toyota Yaris L

The car is amazing on gas, works very well and has everything I needed and was looking for. The back seat is very small. Not very good if you have children or are expecting. Does very well when traveling. Parts are cheap if anything breaks down. It has a back camera which is very helpful. Also touchscreen radio, Bluetooth too.

- Kass M

Toyota Yaris IA: great economy vehicle.

2018 Toyota Yaris L

There's really no issues I have - gas mileage is great, performs great. I do wish it accelerated quicker - on hills it can be brutal because it takes longer to accelerate. I also wish it had the blind spot cameras which activate when you turn on a blinker. Other than that, it is comfortable and we've had no problems yet.

- Hannah G

I love my car so much and am very glad I got this one.

2018 Toyota Yaris

I don't really have any problems out of my car and I have had it for a year. I do drive it a lot so I have had to get a lot of oil changes. I drove it all the way to Florida and back last summer and had no problem at all. The gas mileage is amazing I only had to stop like 4 times on the way there and 4 on the way back.

- Kayla B

The car that fits me and rides beautiful.

2018 Toyota Yaris

Like the size, it fits me. Very comfortable seats, great mileage. I do not like I do not have a arm rest, or a sunroof. I miss that very much. One main thing is there is no where to listen to my books on tape that I use when I drive. I like the color choices and the four doors and head rests are great.

- Sandra H

Great mileage and great on gas.

2018 Toyota Yaris L

Great on gas and safe. Very reliable. Smooth ride with acceleration that is constant. Good backup camera to safety. Very hands free car. Barely any blind spots. Tells you when maintenance is needed. Very roomy with lots of space in the vehicle. This car is reliable and will only purchase these cars.

- Jennifer L

My reliable and last owned car!

2018 Toyota Yaris

I love my Toyota Yaris . Very comfortable seats, smooth drive and has the most recent safety features. It is roomy. Very low maintenance and it does saves gas. I usually use it to take and pick up my son from school and run errands. I would recommend this car to any single parent or empty nesters.

- Karla V

Lots of safety features in this car.

2018 Toyota Yaris

I like all the safety features my car has to it, like cameras, a lane keeper, and a stopping mechanism if I get too close to another vehicle. I also like how new it is, with the Bluetooth features in the car. It also has amazing gas mileage. There's nothing I dislike about my car.

- Caitlin H

It greats great gas mileage; I average 38.6 miles per gallon.

2018 Toyota Yaris

I have the Yaris iA, and I love it's size. It's nice and compact, and fits nicely into small parking spaces. It drives really well, although the acceleration can be a little on the slow side when merging onto the freeway. It also has a great size trunk for such a small car.

- Katie C

An interesting detail about my car is that it is great in gas.

2018 Toyota Yaris

The only problem that I have with the car is that it is a little small. With a toddler and one on the way I will definitely need something bigger in the near future. Besides the size of the car there are no problems to my knowledge involving the performance or reliability.

- Ashley S

Love my Yaris its not to big not too small.

2018 Toyota Yaris L

I have a 2019 Yaris the yr was not available on the drop down bar. The black interior collects and shows some much dust its drives me bonkers despite that I love my new wheels. I do dislike the I agree thing comes on every time you turn the car on. I love the rear camera.

- Evon D

The Toyota Yaris is a gas saver compared to my old car.

2018 Toyota Yaris

I love that it is a super efficient car, gas is amazing! Only thing I am not a fan about is the style of it, but other than that I enjoy it. Sometimes it has system problems, but I think that has a lot to do with the screen being right in the middle of the front view.

- Andrea B

Happy with my 2018 Yaris!

2018 Toyota Yaris LE

Only real problem is I wish there were more storage. Interior fabric also seems to get marked up easily though this comes out w sponge. Bluetooth dictation also does not work great paired with the phone. I am very happy overall with the car and would buy it again.

- Sean S

It does very well on gas.

2018 Toyota Yaris

I like the gas mileage on my vehicle. I also like the way that my vehicle looks, it is not boring, it is a cute sporty type car. Lastly I like that my vehicle is small but has room in the front seat, I just wish the back seat had more leg room for my passengers.

- Antoinette H

Excellent gas mileage! Save money.

2018 Toyota Yaris

I like the fact my vehicle gets great gas mileage. I regularly use the back up camera which sits high on the dash. I do not like the fact my car is difficult to handle in windy conditions. I appreciate the fact my maintenance expenses are low.

- Maria S

They should know that when they are driving and they receive a text, the car's screen will not display the message because they are driving and they want them to be safe and focused.

2018 Toyota Yaris

It is a nice dark red colored car. I like the screen/camera that can be used to backup and the electric side mirrors. I mostly love the radio and screen controls in between the seats and on the steering wheel because it's safer to use.

- R'Rheana V

Good car but minor inconveniences for the price paid I would expect more from toyota

2018 Toyota Yaris

Good gas mileage but very small gas tank so I have to stop for gas more often than I like. No CD player in car even though it is an upgraded model. Only have 2 cup holders but the car seats 5 people so that is not nearly enough.

- Harry G

It gives you comfort as well as a good value for your money.

2018 Toyota Yaris

Toyota yaris iA is a good compact car. It has a small engine of 1.5litres and thus it gives you a good gas mileage. Comfort Wise it is somewhat small compared to a corolla. But it is more than enough for a family of 4.

- Manthila R

My Name is Jeff and I enjoy

2018 Toyota Yaris

It's alright. Bluetooth and speakers make driving enjoyable when listening to music. Mileage is great especially for driving seven days a week. Also great features to help in situations.

- Mario F

It's great on gas, and very affordable.

2018 Toyota Yaris

I like that it's good on gas and that it's compact. I like the cameras and bluetooth. My previous car was an older model that I had for over ten years so my new car was an upgrade.

- Ashley C

It's great gas usage per mileage.

2018 Toyota Yaris

It small but reliable. Not many modern features like GPS but anti-braking features. Good gas to the mileage. Big trunk but small passenger back space. Bluetooth features available.

- Francine B

Cute car: perfect for city driving.

2018 Toyota Yaris

Rides smoothly. I like the technology. It is a great car to have in a city that has narrow streets--the size makes it easy to maneuver in tight situations.

- Meredith K

It's very comfortable, it has a futuristic design.

2018 Toyota Yaris

I do not like that I do not have an electric seat, I love the design that my car has. I have never had complaints with my car in these 6 months.

- Kevin H

Its very low maintenance.

2018 Toyota Yaris

Its very small. Smaller than the old version yaris. I also do not like the control panel or media functions. I do like the size of the trunk.

- Melissa C

use 1.5 liter of gasoline, good battery

2018 Toyota Yaris

Excellent battery and very comfortable power in general in a few words in a good car that serves your professional and personal use

- Jarod A

Good dependable car can be just a little better.

2018 Toyota Yaris

Does not accelerate well, and navigation system is not standard, , tires are noisy and a hard size to find for replacement.

- Jason O

It does not come in a lot of colors. Excellent amount of trunk space.

2018 Toyota Yaris

No problems so far, love the sound system and great gas mileage even in the city. Good compact car for city drivers.

- Maris M

Good gas saver great car. .

2018 Toyota Yaris

Nope no complaints. I love it the interior and exterior fits me perfect. It also has a it conditioning.

- Justin B

The Toyota Yaris iA is an efficient vehicle for everyday use.

2018 Toyota Yaris

I love my Yaris iA because it is fuel efficient. I like that it suits me. It is cost efficient as well.

- Heather H

It is very good on gas mileage.

2018 Toyota Yaris

Hardly any power. I love it is good on gas. But it is way too small no room for people in the backseat.

- Cecilia O

Small Hatchback Type Kind of Vehicle

2018 Toyota Yaris

Great reliable care but small in space both inside and out. Eats a lot of gas and has a small gas tank

- Amanda S

it gets great gas mileage

2018 Toyota Yaris

I love the manual transmission. It gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable and fun to drive.

- Beth l

The great gas mileage that it gets. I can drive all over with it.

2018 Toyota Yaris

I love the great gas mileage. I love that it is stick shift. I love how compact it is.

- Mathew R

Very comfortable car, the space its good and easy to drive

2018 Toyota Yaris

as a new car from agency I don't have any complains. It is the best car I ever had

- karina w

It is a Toyota, which means that it is very reliable, and easy to drive

2018 Toyota Yaris

It is compact I like that It has a backup camera It is very easy to drive

- Jean O

Sporty compact car on a budget!

2018 Toyota Yaris

- Danielle C