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I love my Yaris!!

2019 Toyota Yaris

I bought my 2019 Toyota Yaris LE from Panama City Toyota of Panama City,FL. They treated me so well.The salesman showed me the new Yaris, I took it for a test drive and couldn't stop thinking about how nice it handled and the sporty look. I went back and worked out a great deal. The Yaris has been so good to me. I love the push button start, the roomy 2 tone stylish interior. I smile with every corner I take with speed and ease. Gas is great only $25 to fill up and last me in town 280 miles. It does not have a center console...that is a bummer, the seats in the back are a little snug but two can still sit comfortably back there. This is a subcompact car. Now this car doesn't go sixty in two seconds, but can pick up speed and handles so damn good. Even has a sport switch if you really wanna kick it. This car has awesome technology inside. 7 inch touch screen, Bluetooth,voice control, back up cam, navigation, even tells you on the screen if you have an issues like air pressure in your tires, engine issues etc. This car is Beautiful inside and out. This car even tells you how much fuel your using and miles til empty. If you need space it has a big trunk and the backseats fold down for more room. I get alot of compliments on my stylish shinny chromium colored Beauty. I feel stylish and beautiful in my 2019 Yaris LE. Thank you Toyota and Mazda!

- Jessy Flanagan

The 2019 Toyota Yaris: the best compact car for teen drivers

2019 Toyota Yaris Base

The 2019 Toyota Yaris is a great car for teen drivers. It can be easily handled and packs a great punch for its size in terms of acceleration. The cabin of the car is very comfortable and feels great to drive. I haven't had any problems with the car so far. The car is very reliable and will get the job done. The car also has great fuel economy and I have consistently been getting 32 miles per gallon. The car comes standard with sport mode and a 7 inch tablet on the dashboard. The tablet is touch screen and easy to use for communication, media, and navigation. When your phone is connected to the car through Bluetooth, you can make and answer calls with the touch of a button, which is great since you don't want to take your eyes off the road for more than a second. When the car recognizes that you are driving and you get a text message, the car will read the text message to you out loud. Overall, the 2019 Toyota Yaris is a great car for teen drivers as it is very easy to use, comfortable, fuel efficient, and has great features that come standard with the car.

- Lyn D

Most reliable car ever I love it

2019 Toyota Yaris Base

My 2019 Toyota Yaris is amazing. I love this vehicle. It is small and compact which I love because I am tiny so it really fits me and my personality. I love the interior because it is different from other cars. Also it has Bluetooth which makes it easy to listen to my music on Spotify and hands free phone calls are also very convenient. The gas is also awesome because it lasts a pretty good amount and it fills up with about twenty to thirty dollars. It is super reliable.

- Ana R

Good economical car for students.

2019 Toyota Yaris Base

Let me first start by saying that this car is really economical. When I was first introduced to it and drove it, I felt so comfortable driving in and just even sitting in it. I would totally recommend it to other buyers, it rides smoothly, comfortable seats, great on gas. I love my car.

- Ara M

Blue Toyota car six speed manual.

2019 Toyota Yaris L

My car is great in gas, very comfortable for people of all sizes, most reliable great starter car for anyone wanting to purchase their first new vehicle, live the color lots of space in the truck plenty of cup holders, gets you anywhere you need to go in good safe manner.

- Ashley W