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VW Bug - A great car for around town

I've loved my bug since I got it! We bought it used five years ago and even though it is pretty old it has carried me through my high school and college years well. It's starting to get a little old now, after all it's 18 years old - but it gets great mileage and is perfect for two people. You can put four people in it but it's a little tight. Honestly it's been such a great car and even though I've been having some problems with it in the past few months it's just due to age and nothing about the car itself. While I have taken an eight hour road trip in it, I wouldn't advise anyone to buy it with the intentions of road trips. It's best for errands around town or to take you too and from school and work if you live relatively close.

- Rachel B

I love my VW beetle. It has always been reliable. I always wanted a yellow car.

The car is 17 years old. It has always performed very well. The problems I have had have been few and far between, about what you would expect for a vehicle as old as this one. I have had to have the brakes done several times, have had to replace tires, have had to replace or repair many other parts. I have always taken the car to a reputable service center for these repairs, and I have always been satisfied with these repairs. The car is still reliable after all these years. I love my car. I always wanted a yellow car, and this was the first one I was able to get.

- Ellen K

Little bit of a high maintenance car, but fun to drive and reliable to get around.

Tends to go through a lot of oil. Constant upkeep on oil changes. Must be careful not to overfill the oil tank because if you do it overruns into the coolant. Fun car to drive. Due to the fact of all the windows, the car does feel like a greenhouse during warmer days. Did reasonable on gas mileage. Reliable if car is maintained, but if not then lots of problems. Front seats were comfortable. Little cramped in the backseat. Putting down the front seats in recline position was not easy. Like that the driver's seat could be raised up higher. Loved the sunroof.

- Mona W

Family cars and truck opinion.

The VW has had window problems and ac problems. It performance is really good and handles well. The Cadillac power steering pump has gone out and the ac will not work. Very powerful and rides very well and is very comfortable to ride in. But not bad for a 22 year old car. The Chevy truck, I bought used and had oil and transmission leaks. Other than that it is a good truck. I use it to haul dirt, mulch and furniture. The v6 is strong and has had no problems with any load. Ac works great. The cloth seats have worn and has holes.

- Bill S

A big hunk of plastic falling apart junk! A real lemon!

Falls apart in the driveway! Drivers window broke inside so window wont roll up or down-fixed 3 times and has broke again! Sunroof leaks so had so seal it with caulk-brakes had to be replaced 3 times-car has 50, 000 miles on it!! Exhaust, and catalytic converter had to be replaced-glove box handle fell off in my hands-vent lever broke off-plastic handle on middle compartment broke off in my hands-can't open trunk because latch broke. Lots more plastic parts fell off inside car-this car has been babied and only has 50000 miles!

- Sherry C

Whenever people get in my car they are always surprised at how spacious it is. Although my car is small there is plenty of space.

I like my car for many reasons. One is that it is very cute, and it is small so parking is a lot easier and it uses little gas. However, because it is a bit old I constantly have to fix it. I also do not like the fact that the car is so low, I constantly have to make sure my car does not hit the bums on parking spaces or else it scrapes the bottom of my car. I also do not like how it only has two doors.

- Lily c

The Old Beetle That Still Runs

Old car that doesn't run too smooth, electronics are not updated at all as in no Bluetooth, but was able to update the radio to where I could have a USB & Aux port. It has had a lot of issues with mechanics of the car but got it fixed. You'll know when the oil is getting low based on the sound of the car alone when it runs. Has a sunroof and heated seats which is convenient.

- Jesse C

It's really a great gas saver, and can run with the big dogs on the highway.

I love my Volkswagen beetle. I have had it for 7 years and it has never let me down. Always ready to go. And we pass a lot of gas stations up along the way. It's small but holds a lot more than you would think, and there is more room inside than you would think, it I had to buy again I would definitely buy another beetle. It really gets great gas mileage.

- Norma H

Love my Volkswagen beetle for the uniqueness and reliability it provides.

My Volkswagen beetle has been decently reliable over the last 7 years I have driven. It requires normal maintenance and checking the oil regularly due to a small leak. We had to replace the power steering rack and the timing belt. These are the only major fixes. Vehicle runs smoothly and is much more spacious than one might think.

- Katie B

We love Volkswagens and plan to get another.

It runs good for being so old but there are a couple issues the heater does not work right now and the driver window does not go down. But all in all it gets from point A to B. Will be looking for a new vehicle soon. We will also be looking at a Volkswagen because we love the brand but going to go bigger. Maybe a Jetta.

- Jenna W

Old but still working, yet reliable.

There are some problems with the car. Due to a car accident the dashboard is cracked a little. The car take some time to start up and when going uphill the car goes backwards a little even though it is automatic. The car had leather seats that can heat up with a button. To roll down the windows it must be rolled down.

- Iris H

Muffler does not last long.

I have had my Volkswagen beetle since 2015. This was my first car and I am now in my sophomore year of college. It is good on gas and great to get from town to town or across campus but long distances she does not do the best. Very expensive to fix and she usually breaks down due to the antifreeze system.

- Chloe B

Summarize of Volkswagen beetle.

I love my car but I have had electrical issues. The alarm would go off intermittently and my lights would stay on. Once fixed it has worked great. The features are great. Have all the necessary radio functions and I even have a sunroof! All in all the beetle is a great choice for a car.

- Kelly T

It has been reliable. It has served me well. It is older than I normally would allow my primary driver to be.

It has been a great car, but at 17 years old, it is time to start looking for a new daily driver. At 6'4" tall, I was surprised how well I fit in the Beetle, but looking forward, I anticipate I will be more interested in sitting higher up off of the road (SUV, pickup truck, etc)

- Joe G

Keep up on the maintenance. It is a pain to fix if you, it is expensive.

It is a great commuter car. My main issue is with the passenger side window. It will roll down on Its own and It's a pain to get backup. I have had to disengage the entire passenger side door just to get it to stay up. Now I can only open the passenger side door from the outside.

- Summer B

I would recommend buying a Volkswagen, they are very reliable.

I haven't had many problems, currently the air conditioning compressor is broken. However with the age of my car, it is in pretty good shape. I would buy a Volkswagen car again. My car has 116045 miles on her odometer. My car is a 5 speed and very easy to drive.

- Melinda E

A reliable old man! My 2001 Beetle gets great fuel efficiency since it is diesel and is running like it's not 17 years old

because it's from 2001, it is running on 200,000 miles right about now and that takes a toll on engine health. it still performs very well and is reliable however, even after 17 years

- Aleah B

2001 Volkswagen beetle, blue-periwinkle with white stripe.

It is comfortable and cute, but sometimes the alarm will go off when I try to lock the car. My car is a mix of blue and periwinkle, and has a white racing stripe down the left side.

- Kendal P

Volkswagen Beetle highlights

Car can have electrical issues. Requires routine maintenance or things will go wrong with it. Replacement parts for the car are not cheap so mainly go to junk yards to find them.

- Jennifer V

Safe and reliable, easy to drive.

I love my bug I have had no major problems. The car is very comfortable and is easy to drive. My car is a manual transmission and is a gas saver. I would recommend this car.

- Melinda E

A little tricky at times but good car.

I really love my car but it is had more than a few problems over the years. But given its age a lot of it. Is understandable so over all it really is a good little car.

- Kate B

The most important thing others should know about the VW Beetle is that when things go wrong most mechanics send me to the manufacture because they cannot fix it.

I love that my car is built well. I was in an accident and it barely got hurt. I do not like that when any little thing goes wrong I have to go to the manufacture.

- makayla s

It is dependable and fun to drive

I like that it is small and gets good mileage. The car has a personality that matches mine. It is very dependable. Only complaint is the cost of repairs.

- Denise T

It's reliable and doesn't require a lot of maintenance

It's compact and easy to drive and takes me where I want to go, and it is reliable and cute and fuel efficient. There is nothing I dislike about it

- Kathi H

They last forever . Super reliability. Mine has almost 300000 miles on it.

I like the look of it and the way it drives. I don't like the size. Hard to fit anything in it. I also don't like how low to the ground it is .

- Colette C

It's a good size, easy to drive and good on gas.

Overheats easily but if taken care of it's a great vehicle. I liked it because people would always see it and yell out punch buggy.

- Lily H

Old woman old car belong together.

Old. Worn out. No ac. Lining on ceiling and on doors coming loose. No air conditioning makes it unpleasant to drive in summer.

- De Lana T

VW bugs are the absolute best!

I love my VW bug so much. It is able to park anywhere because it's so small, and the heated seats really make my mornings.

- Tori M

It is a manual, and super fun to drive because you have (and can) to shift gears.

I love that it is a manual transmission but dislike that the paint is chipping, and the upholstery is tearing and fading.

- Rey L

No payments.. Minimal upkeep.

Positive:.. Cute.. Economical.. Great gas mileage.... Negative:.. Limited room for passengers.. Limited room for luggage.

- De Lana A

its old and the ac doesn't work and it has 210,000 miles on it

its old and the ac doesn't work and its loud and my husband says not to drive fast because the wheels will fall off.

- Lisa R

Is a old car, with issues and need invest money on it.

Is old and have many issues, and for fixing it is very expensive because it has to be the same brand the reactions.

- Ariana R

Not nearly as good on gas mileage as you would expect

This is a fun car to drive and it is so easy to parallel park. It has so much more room than you would expect

- jennifer c

It has great gas mileage and is very dependable especially for an older car

I like that it has been pretty reliable. I don't like how loud it runs lately and the general wear and tear

- Alaura B

Reliable car for daily driving

It is very reliable. It has high miles and no issues. It requires basic maintenance to keep it running.

- Kris L

I love the size of my vehicle. What I hate is the material that the interior is made of. I also dislike the difficulty of fixing any mechanical problems I have.

Finding someone to look at it mechanically is very difficult without taking it to the dealership.

- Bridgette J

My car has about 175,000 miles. It has had lots of maintenance done to it, but I still find it to be a reliable vehicle.

It is a 5 speed manual diesel. It still gets about 40-42 mpg even at it's advanced age.

- sharon a

It's safe with multiple airbags. Handles well in snow.

Like the size. Like the style. Like the dependability. It suits my personality.

- Carla R

The parts are difficult to get and it takes longer to get it fixed.

It is a cute car with a sunroof. It doesn't have room for many people.

- Jeanine M

How fun it is too drive and how reliable it is and the color is unique

It's just a fun car to drive. Hope I never have to get rid of it

- Karen F

The cup holder sucks, and it could use more storage than It's tiny boot.

I'm not fond of the shape. However, it drives and handles great!

- Stephen A

It's a good car but a little old for me. Has a lot of issues and has had its check engine light in since purchased.

Good miles per gallon and good starter car for teenager.

- krista a