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A good car for someone without kids!

2003 Volkswagen Beetle GL

The beetle is very small but works for me since I do not have to drive others very often. Since it is getting very old, there are lots of problems with it. The windows sometimes get stuck down when it is cold out, and will not roll up, and if it gets below freezing for a while it will not start sometimes. It is expensive to get fixed, but one thing that I love about it is that it has a good gas mileage and takes a while to go from full to empty gas tank. This saves me a lot of money.

- Amanda C

Don't buy a VW beetle, everything is plastic!!

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I love the style of the car however, everything that can go wrong in a car has gone wrong. I have replaced my transmission twice, I have replaced multiple things in the engine because everything is made of plastic and when the car gets hot, everything starts to melt. I have a convertible and not that motor has also gone out and everything that needs to be fixed is so expensive because of labor because everything inside the vw beetle is so hard to get to.

- Brittany B

It is great on gas. Love it.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I love my car. The check engine light stays on, so I don't worry about that. The fuse panel will go out at about 75, 000 miles, and the cooling fan will need replacement at 100, 000. Keep up on regular maintenance and your car will treat you well. The interior of the beetle could be better made, so take care of the leather. It also will always smell like crayons. It is because it was sprayed with an anti rust product.

- Erin H

My vehicle is a turbo s which is a rare type of beetle.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle S

This car is really fun to drive, I have a stick and it also has turbo so it makes driving a lot of fun. It's a zippy little car and has everything I need. Although it is an older model it is reliable and only needs regular maintenance. I never thought I would love driving a bug, but it is so fun and the interior is very nice. I have leather heated seats so it makes the winters better.

- Shannon Y

It is cute and people like that.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

My VW beetle runs like a high performance vehicle. What to watch out for are little things that malfunction. Typically the key fob stops unlocking locks and the trunk will not open unless you have someone back there pulling it open while you push the button on the door. The power steering pump needs replacing. Overall, the beetle runs well. You just have to fix the minor malfunctions.

- L C

Oldie but a classic with perfect paint job.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I love my VW convertible. I did have to have the transmission replaced at a cost of three thousand dollars, everyone asks me how old my car is because it looks very new. I am now having trouble with the back windows going up and down. I think they are off it is track. I have to replace the brake lights (I did this myself after going on youtube). Easy peasy. The paint job is perfect.

- Patti S

2003 VW new beetle: a fun ride!

2003 Volkswagen Beetle GLS

It handles very nicely, and has good pick up. The seat is pretty comfortable, and there is plenty of headroom, even for a person of my size (6'1', 260 lbs). Electric top works well, simple and fast to operate. The factory radio is not especially good. Nor are the speakers (I put in an aftermarket system. I really love the, and the price is very reasonable.

- Jack N

It is a convertible and it was not worth the money I paid for it.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

Bought the car used two months ago. I have had issues with the window regulators failing (so I cannot use my back windows), my power brakes and steering would kick out and leave me stranded, my heat and air conditioning cause my cylinder 3 to misfire (so I get to freeze this winter). Not to mention it is hard to find people who will work on beetles.

- Anna B

It is a great car to park in a crowded city, while still being a full powered car - not a glorified go-cart.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

We live in New York City and park on the streets. It is great that the Beetle is small and we can park in 3/4 sized spots that other cars can't fit into. We also really enjoy that our car gets pointed at and looks of joy from small children. But past that, it is just a car. We don't have any complaints, it has run great and been trouble free.

- John C

Seat warmers! Comfy warm bucket seats.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

Its leather interior with seat warmers. Windows let you see everything while driving. The car lasts a long time if you keep up with basic maintenance. Example-oil change and tire rotations. Drives smooth and accelerates fast except going up a hill. Cost of parts and finding people who repair Volkswagens are really the only negatives.

- Jessica B

Mine has a CD changer and cassette player so I can play some of my vintage jams.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I have had numerous electrical problems with the car such as sensors not working properly and alerting me despite the fact that the "problem" was not there. But it is compact and has lasted a long time. The back seat is surprisingly spacious and you can fit a lot in the trunk, especially if the backseat is pushed down.

- Ellen O

A rare Volkswagen beets as it is a 6 speed manual instead of the common 5 speed.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

Very reliable fun to drive and with no issues, great in snow and rain. Tough, gray with leather seats, fits myself along with 4 other passengers, fast ac and heat, has a new engine, large tires, auto headlights, a sunroof, a 6 speed manual that has great get up and go, very easy to park in tight spaces.

- Gavin A

Old time, hippy feel to driving it.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I really like my car. I have had issues with the fan going out and it overheating. There is no temperature gauge in my car so it can make it hard to tell when there is an issue. Really enjoy how small it is, it makes it easier to park. Il one how cute it is and it is perfect for women my age.

- Sarah K

Rides like a golf cart smooth.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

Great little car it is a turbo picks up quickly convertible runs like a champ haven't had many problems maintenance is good tires good haven't had many mechanical issues good radio very smooth ride no doubt I would have another beetle engine runs smooth fun to drive radio is great.

- Sharon O

It is cute and reminds me of my first car.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

It is only 2 door I would rather have 4 door. It is s stick shift which I am not at all happy with and it is too small to carry what I want. I do like the mileage get however. It turns in tight radius and the size is easy to park. I do not like the pick up and wish it were faster.

- Josie H

My 2003 Volkswagen beetle.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle GL

Transmission breaks every so often, I have had 5 tires pop in the past year, my ac is not working. It is very expensive to upkeep. I cannot get into my trunk or glove box. Unfortunately a lot of repairs have to be done by a Volkswagen store since it is German I think.

- Cam S

2003 new beetle still rocking.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

Most of my issues when I purchased my car is that so many of the plastic features break. So far my engine is great, it also has a turbo, which I didn't know it had. The best part of the car it is the interior, looks spacious inside, comfy seats (2003 new beetle).

- Sarah S

It's comfortable and fun to drive. Heated seats are a must have.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

We've liked Beetles since the first models. We had more electrical problems with this car than previous ones. Now it is a very used car needing repairs on a regular basis and so we will likely be replacing it in the next year or so.

- Ruth F

It is dependable, looks good for its age. It does not have any major damage.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

The car gets good mileage and is easy to park. It is fun to drive around town. Unfortunately it does not have enough room for grandkids, pets and large items like my golf clubs and groceries.

- Rita C

The gas mileage is great, I only fill up once a month.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I love my car however my driver window regulator always breaks, the whole car interior is very fragile, and the door panel fell apart, other than that it runs fine and don't need much gas

- Norma G

Problems are not easy to fix and can be quite expensive.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I would recommend a Volkswagen Beetle to anyone. Mine, sadly has had its share of problems the last couple of years and will be replaced with something a little newer. Fun car to drive.

- Michelle M

Awesome 2003 VW New Beetle

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I purchased this vehicle used with 80,000 miles. I have had minimal issues with this vehicle. We changed the alternator and oil and that is it. I runs great and is very dependable.

- Krystle M

Small car that's got big heart will go anywhere you need to go, great on gas, drives smooth.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

This car has never let me down, it's got 153,000 miles and has had only general maintenance needed. Oh I did have to put a clutch in it, no other problems.

- Pamela M

Stick-shift, so you would have to learn to drive it if you don't already know

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

Turbocharged, stick-shift, doesn't have a cd player. I would recommend this car, seeing as it is amazing to drive and it is just a classic in general.

- Dillon R

I am a Volkswagen fan since I was in high school.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I love my beetle, but it broke down and no one can find what is the problem. Unfortunately, in EU mechanics is more expensive than a travel.

- Nora R

It's a great car with touchy brakes.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

Repairs very expensive easy to drive with good gas usage. At my age?73?Nice car for my purpose just around town for errands.

- Sharon K

This car has great gas mileage and it doesn't really give me any issues. The only issues I've had so far is my fault from an accident. Other than that this car is wonderful!

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

It gets great gas mileage. In my opinion this is the number one thing a buyer should think about when purchasing a vehicle.

- Aimee M

It is dependable and has been through so much.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I like that it is so dependable and has lasted for so long. I do not like that it is so old and starting to show its age.

- Katie S

Economical and affordable.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I like turbo engine. It is fast and fun to drive. I like that. It is a gas saver uses minimal amount of gas.

- Michelle V

It can go the distance that you want.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I like it just because it gets me school to where I need to go. It's also a standard which is ok too.

- Jessica S

Strong, reliable beautiful, paid for and no debt. It was my first new car. My daughters first car and it will be my granddaughter's first car.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen is expensive and parts are expensive but it's the best and safest car to drive

- Sonia D