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My Volkswagen beetle it is the best car ever made.

I have a Volkswagen beetle I have always wanted so when I purchased it I was ecstatic the car of my dreams I love it I got a sunroof I like putting the sunroof down and driving around at the air hit me I have two dogs shih Tzu's they love to ride in the back that love to ride in the backseat I get looked at when I am going down the road guys humps a horn at me I enjoyed that the wheels roll really nice on smooth pavement and the radio is really clear you can hear the words to the song the front window is larger than normal you can see everything it is a great car I love the style I am for loving so it fits me perfectly I love riding in my car haven't had any problems only had to put brakes on it that one tune up on it nothing major it is a good solid car good on miles 22 the city 35 on highway I travel in it I have been to Detroit Michigan in it I have been to Tennessee in it I have been to Florida in it what's no problem think about Volkswagen beetles for your next car they are great I love it.

- Charlotte M

I really enjoy the convertible.

The interior design needs serious improvement. The door fabric leather repeatedly comes apart and leaves gooey sticky stuff all over my clothes. I have tried to repair it and that cause the entire interior door to come apart and now needs to be re-designed. This seems to be a problem with a lot of these cars since replacement used parts are hard to find. It is a very fun car to drive I have a convertible and I really enjoy driving the car it is also low to the ground so Texas roads are pretty brutal on this car. I do not know that I would purchase another one. I have also had to have the wiring replaced. So make sure you purchase the extended warranty again my car is a 2006 and has only about 65, 000 miles so it is very low mileage for that year.

- Libby M

Review of 2006 beetle: a reliable car that fits anywhere, but not fit everyone.

The VW beetle is an extremely reliable car. It has lasted me since 2013 and it is now 2018. This car can fit into tight parking spaces and drives smoothly. The back seat is cramped and this car is not necessarily a good one if you have a long distance to drive with more than two people. The interior make up has fallen apart a bit on the inside of the doors. The seats are comfortable, but do not recline. This car also has no place for an AUX cord, but does have a six CD changer in the trunk. The trunk is surprisingly spacious and I have completely loved this car through the years.

- Isabel H

The 2006 convertible Volkswagen is great.

The Volkswagen beetle (convertible) is a great car because if you live in a hot environment, instead of having ac blasting all the time you can put the roof down. On the other hand, it has heated seats for the winter time which I really enjoy. They for the most part run smoothly. I have had problems where my beetle steams up very easily and also it is difficult to check things like the water level because of how it was made. Due to a recent hurricane, rain water leaked through my soft time so if you live in an area where hurricanes occur that is something to consider.

- Emma H

2006 Volkswagen New Beetle: Junker and I love her

My vehicle is about 13 years old and been in 1 major car accident. She's no spring chicken but she gets the job done. The AC doesn't work until the car is actually moving. The check engine and seatbelt lights are broken and permanently lit up. The spare tire in the back is too big too fit through the trunk door with ease. She's got some wear and tear. But she's got 90,000 miles so were doing okay. She's never broken down on me and the gas mileage is okay. Pretty good for my budget

- Claudia D

Good gas mileage, easy to maneuver

The gas mileage is fantastic, and it's small but works for me and my lifestyle. It doesn't have a Bluetooth speaker or an auxiliary cord plugin so that's unfortunate. It's easy to drive and parking is a breeze with how compact it is. Overall it's a good car, especially if you don't want to spend insane amounts of gas and don't have a problem turning your phones volume up for music.

- Lily F

2006 VW new beetle review.

Everything breaks easily as in the console lid, window regulators, convertible top switch, leather seats ripped after getting wet, glove box lock hand broke off, door frame cracked, all after 2 years of owning, as far as the engine and such, not to many problems other than normal wear and tear like brakes tires sensors, so other than the cheaply made inside it's a fun little car.

- Theresa K

You should check out the gas mileage on this thing!

This was my first car, and I purchased it my senior year of high school! I have been able to get around very well in this vehicle, and have very few problems, which is great considering it is an 06 model. The gas mileage is fantastic. The one downside to this type of vehicle would be that certain parts seem to be more expensive due to the fact that it is a Volkswagen.

- Kate C

Rides and drives great gets 45 miles per gallon low maintenance.

My car is a 2006 Volkswagen beetle diesel gets great fuel mileage rides and drives great would recommend it I have had very low maintenance I have had real good luck with the car drove it to Florida three times already had very breakdowns glow plugs the only thing that I have had go bad fuel mileage 43 miles to a gallon it has a 6-speed automatic transmission.

- Kenneth P

Over 200,000 miles and keeps on going

My car has over 200,000 miles on it, I didn't get it from the most reputable place, but it still runs great. It's a diesel, so in theory it should run forever. It's got a lot more space than it looks like it should from the outside. They're kind of expensive to fix, but this is my second Beetle and I love it!

- Alisha W

Don't get a Volkswagen Beetle

The car is small and very compact. It does not accurate fast and it not very fuel efficient. Everything in the car breaks very easily, especially the door handles. I started having problems with the engine and the breaks the same year I got it. Not worth any of the expenses.

- Alexis R

Great Car but expensive parts

My VW Beetle has been a reliable car for over 12 years. The only issue that seems to come up often is the light fixtures, which often either come loose or break entirely. It wouldn't be such a problem if the parts weren't so expensive, but overall it's been a great car.

- Roxanne G

My vehicle has four cup holders, which is interesting because most cars do not.

My vehicle is very comfortable and small. It has heated seats which really helps in the winter, and a convertible top for the summer. There is a lot more headroom than you would think for such a small car, but it is very spacious in the front. Not so much in the back.

- Hannah S

Comfortable and good gas mileage.

I bought it for work because I live in the country and need good gas mileage. It comfortable to ride in and I am a big person. Over 6 feet tall and 200 lbs I have enough foot room and can even lay back in it and sleep. My mother has Parkinson and gets in and out of it.

- Matt H

This is ridiculous, I am not a car salesman.

Very reliable, love the heated seats and drop top! Big trunk, smooth ride. Everyone comments on it! Awesome sound system. Very cute, comfortable ride! Hate the fact there is only an interior light on the mirror due to it being convertible. That's all folks.

- Tiffany A

Despite looking small on the outside, the Volkswagen Beetle has a lot of head room on the inside.

My Volkswagen beetle is a very nice, comfortable car. There are heated seats and a convertible top. The only things I do mind about this car is that because of the canvas top, all of the windows fog on the inside very easily. There are also no dome lights.

- Hannah S

2006 VW new beetle 2 door hatchback.

I really enjoy my car. I like the size, comforts, and options it has. The downside is that if anything goes wrong it is a pain to get it fixed because it is a foreign car. Fixing it can be expensive also due to the same reason of it being a foreign car.

- Amy S

Has needed repairs, but that is normal with older cars.

Since buying this car used a year ago, I have needed to replace the battery, and the window motor and regulator, everything else has been fine, and I think it was because the car had been sitting unused for a while before I bought it.

- Maddie S

Mechanically sound. I have not had any major repairs that needed done.

Love the beetle look. It's been mechanically sound. I have had a constant air bag light, which seems to be a common problem and expensive to continually replace because of the poor design of wires going they a seat that lifts up.

- Debbie D

Any problems with the car, the dealership is really good.

I love that it has heated seats and a wide windshield. Love the color. I do wish it cloth seats, because the seats do get hot in summer and cold in winter. I have a stick shift which I prefer. Love the skylight window,

- Evelyn V

If it is kept properly maintained it will last. Mine is 12 years old.

It is very cool to drive a beetle. It gets great gas mileage and is small so it fits in parking spaces and is great for town driving. It is challenging to see around all the large SUVs as it is low to the ground.

- Julie J

Expensive, but so worth it.

The 2006 beetle is a 12 year old car and runs as such. I have had to replace nearly every part including the seatbelts. But the exterior is near indestructible and I love it.

- Danielle B

Lots of space, for kids, pets, groceries, or luggage!.

Love the space in the Windstar. Love sitting up high so able to see better.. Dislike that it is not very fuel efficient... Always seems to be something that needs fixing.

- Una G

The headlights tend to fall out if they are not placed in correctly. I've known a few others who have owned bugs, and their car does the same thing. But it's cute and can drive fast!

I love my bug because it is cute and is very fuel efficient. I drive At least 200 miles or more a week and I don't have to spend much on gas. The car is very reliable!

- Savannah F

2006 Volkswagen Beetle, in good condition

Front lights do not always come on, stereo system was recently redone, fixed an issue with a back window where it would not come up, otherwise runs fine.

- Heather S

It is cute, red, and fast.

The head or tail lights tend to die. My engine light also turns on randomly, but other than that, my car runs great and keeps getting me places.

- Lauren T

It handles well and moves into traffic well.

It is roomy, it is fast, it is reliable. It is terribly expensive to have work done. The mechanics tell me it is very difficult to work on.

- Jackie S

My car reflects my personality. It's economical, environmentally friendly, and fun to drive. I just enjoy being in her.

I love the fact that it's economical to drive and that it handles really well. It's also cute, comfortable and easy to find parts for.

- Skyler H

the most important thing people should know about my car is how good it is on gas

the car is fun to drive it is good on gas and it has a moon roof this is what i like about my car i don't have anything that i dislike

- shirley c

It has quick pick up and goes very fast when the gas pedal is pushed.

I bought it used so there are some mechanical issues. It's a very cute safe car, somethings the alarm goes off which is annoying.

- Alison L

It is fun to drive and i always get compliments.

Fun to drive. Fairly reliable. Quirky problems. Headlights pop out. Lining on doors come off. Sensors on dash do not turn off.

- Denise F

Not a family car, best for a single use rider and a friend

It's a very small car. It doesn't carry enough room for groceries but it's great for a single rider. Not good for a family

- Amanda H

That it cleans very easy.

Gas mileage isn't very good. And the top speed is too slow. Not enough room for people to sit. The tires were too big.

- Jason P

Volkswagen new beetle 2006

I have a yellow Volkswagen new beetle. It is very comfortable and reliable. The only setback is the price of parts

- Katie A

Always checks the fluids in the car.

Need to many repairs. Always in the shop. But great on gas. Inside is nice and roomy. Has a nice system in there.

- Andrea W

A reliable compact car, better for warmer climates with less snow.

Love the size.. Too many cosmetics problems windows doors glove box etc.. All window catches have been replaced.

- Debbie A

Always lock the doors to save battery life and use the right kind of gasoline.

The only problems I have had is needing to replace the battery and window motor since buying it last december.

- Maddie S

has very comfy seating and looks great

heated and leather seats, sunroof, very smooth driving and steering, ac works amazing and the radio is great

- kenzie G

Its a foreign car so it costs a lot more than any other car

It's too tiny to do anything in. the work on it costs triple time then a regular car and low profile tires.

- kevin H

It is small, but it drives well.

I love the color. I love how well it runs. It is really fast. I hate how easily it can go overlooked.

- First Name A

It's a diesel and gets great mileage, fun to drive

With regular maintenance my 2006 beetle has given me so far 12 great years. And she is fun to drive

- Elaine T

It's not a family car, made for families, It's meant for single people on their own

It's a very tiny car, with little room. it isn't a family car for sure. I hate low profile tires

- Kevin V

It's diesel so you have to be careful when you fill it up at the gas station

I like the fact that it is diesel and gets good gas mileage. I hate the color

- Monica F

i'd never recommend a vw to anyone. it's falling apart on the inside.

it's my dream car. but i'm dissatisfied with how the interior has held up.

- liz r

It's a diesel and is super cute and fun to drive places

I love that it is a Diesel and it's super cute and fun to drive

- Stacey D

The hatch back design will latch itself if you do not open it quickly

Don't like the two door design but i do love what i get on gas

- Kelly R

My car is green, has ac and runs really well. I love my car, great gas mileage.

This car will last a long time if you take care of it.

- Sarah M