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One interesting detail about my car is the trunk.

I absolutely love my car. It is small, compact and has everything that I want and more in it. I am in love with the leather seats and the beautiful, large dashboard. I love the color and love that there are little to no blind spots. This car is very reliable, as well as comfortable and gets me everywhere I need to go without problem.

- Kaitlyn O

2007 beetle 2.0 convertible turbo: silver exterior/black convertible/interior.

The vehicle I have is the 2007 beetle 2. 0 convertible turbo. You can drive it as an automatic or manual. It is silver with a black convertible top. The main problem I have with it is the leakage and the glue coming apart from the convertible window. Other than that the car drives really well and would be great for s first car.

- Hillary W

It has more room than it looks like!!

Owning my VW beetle convertible year 2007, has been amazing I love my bug. I had a bug for my first car and traded it for a Ford mustang but the mustang had many issues so I had to sell it and got another VW beetle convertible and it has been amazing thus far! I believe these cars to be extremely reliable and good in the snow!

- Sully S

2007 Beetle, minor cosmetic damage, runs well, AC OK.

I own a 2007 VW Beetle. It is a good car overall, but it definitely has some cosmetic issues. The car runs well, the AC is OK, and the transmission is still good. Major cosmetic issues include the convertible top, minor paint chipping, interior passenger door panel vinyl peeling and damage.

- Adrianna A

Sporty, reliable, safe car named Luna

I like its size and gas mileage. It's a well made car. I've had it for 11 years now. I dislike that it doesn't do well when the snow reaches 4 plus inches. I don't like how much it costs to maintain it, and many non-VW dealerships hesitate to do work because of VW's construction.

- Christina B

VW 2007 convertible beetle.

Put new roof on in 2016. Back window came loose. No longer take on love my drives. Great gas mileage. Small trunk. Sometimes car lurches. Very minimalistic interior. Do not have automatic roof. Sometimes it is hard to get the top down manually. Engine runs a little rough.

- Donna F

My car rarely needs repair. Gets great gas mileage.

Love the leather heated seats. Drives well in most weather. Not great in deep snow. Gets great gas mileage, and rarely needs repair. Downside: plastic parts on the interior become brittle with age. Cheaply made but costly to replace. I wish they were easier to repair. .

- L W

VW beetle are awesome and fun.

Great on gas, great on mileage. Has heated leather seats. Also has heated side mirrors. CD player. Back seat is comfortable for 3 people. Hatchback has a ton of space. Sunroof is a great feature. Cruise control is a nice feature as well. Hope this helps with buyers.

- Melody G

Volkswagen beetle convertible.

Very reliable, and has great gas mileage. Easy to drive. Convertible top is a bit tricky to operate. In order to lower the top, push button above the rear view mirror, pull handle and twist. The top will pop, then you can hold down the button to retract.

- Sydney H

The vehicle is cute and is great for parallel parking because of its size.

The blind spots are really bad and there is very little trunk space. If you put anything in the backseat, be prepared to take the top down in order to reach it. And sometimes the windows go down by themselves in the winter and they won't come back up.

- A H

My beautiful blue beetle!

It gets great gas mileage. I like that it has heated seats even though I live in Florida. I really enjoy driving it. I like that I can surprise people by how much I can get in it. I love it is pretty color. I wish that I had gotten the windows tinted.

- Elizabeth V

It is not all beetles and rainbows.

I bought this car because it reminded me of being young. I have had a lot of problems with car. The harder part is finding people who work in this car and getting parts is long and costly! I would not buy another one.

- Simeone B

German engineering gets expensive.

Expensive to upkeep. Can't change a headlight without taking it to a mechanic. Was told not to fix the a/c since these models keep breaking. However, I love the style and stability.

- JoEllen W

It can have costly repairs. It's a fun, little car..it is easy to drive if automatic. It comes with an easy manual to read , inside lights up if something is wrong

I like that it is easy to drive ..dislike transmission just costed 4k to repair , like it has a sunroof, dislike the cool colors costed more so, my car is black and gets dirty easy

- stephanie p

The wiring issues are terrible!!

I like it is reliability. I like the color. I like that it is compact. I dislike the wiring issues. I dislike the convertible top. I dislike that it is very expensive to fix.

- Liz L

My cute little Volkswagen Beetle is fun to drive.

I love the style and the small zippy quality to my car. I don't like that it's hard to see around big SUVs in parking lots. I also don't like how low it rides to the ground.

- Carrie G

It is a good little car that will get you good fuel economy and is safe for such a small vehicle.

I love the fuel economy. It runs well despite being over ten years old. However it cosmetically has not held up, with the interior peeling. It otherwise is a good car

- Emily C

The best car I have ever purchased.

The only problems I have had are with the sensor lights, other than that everything had run perfectly. I love my car. It gets great gas mileage and runs very smooth.

- Maddie L

It shouldn't tow heavy loads

It's the perfect compact care for a single student. It is cute but still fuel efficient and it is simple as it doesn't have a whole lot of electronics to deal with.

- Victoria A




It has great gas mileage, it's reliable, and a joy to drive!

I like the great gas mileage it gets, and I like the size of the vehicle, as well as the aesthetic. I dislike how difficult it is to perform maintenance on it

- Aimee W

my cute white beetle love it

i love my beetle. it fits perfect for me and my daughter. i feel it is very reliable and safe. i would recommend this vehicle for any single moms out there.

- Belicia S

The brakes act funny when there is moisture in the air.

I like that it is comfortable and safe. I dislike that the brakes act funny when there is moisture in the air and the door handle is coming off.

- Ebony B

It's a lot more spacious on the inside than it looks from the outside. Also it's very hard to find someone to work on it since it is a VW out of country car

I love my car. It's great on gas. Only downside is how small the inside space is and the trunk. I'd tell anyone to get a bug.

- Hannah C

It is very economics and it is a good car for a person that travels a lot.

Like that it is good on gas. Like that it is a convertible. Do not like that it small on the inside. The trunk is very small.

- Monica W

Dream Car with cute features and a convertible top

It was my dream car. It is reliable and it is a convertible. I love the look of it and the heated seats.

- Brittany B

Great gas mileage and it is dependable.

Convertible. Super fun to drive. Handles well. Good on gas. Weird things break. Too many plastic parts.

- Dale T

Volkswagen beetle full of life but low on repairs.

Wear and tear on the vehicle. Needs a new headlight and new tires. No a/c and no internal GPS system.

- Melissa P

It is expensive to fix common issues, and oil changes are expensive

I like the style of it, and the gas mileage is good, but it can be difficult and expensive to fix.

- Casey H

It is hard to find mechanics willing to work on it for routine maintenance

I like my VW bug. I just don't like that it's hard to find someone to make repairs on it.

- Tess G

it runs well and looks sporty and i love it. it has great pick up

I love the sporty look and the convertible. I have no complaints.

- deb k