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Adorable convertible slug bug used for late night drives.

It is a white convertible bug and everyone absolutely adores it. Not only are the looks perfect but so is the interior. It has perfect white seats as well as perfectly cool a/c. My air and heating is perfect just like the rest of the car. The CD player works well along with my AUX as well. It gets great gas mileage and is perfect for cool crisp late night drives with the top down. The only issue I have run into is with Volkswagens as a whole. The way to fix that brand of car�s tires is different than normal one. But once this becomes your normal way to fix a tire you have no problems.

- Jayden H

It is a bit annoying, to say the least, that first time you have to pop the hood.

Well, it is small, obviously, to start with, but if you are more used to that sort of car, it is pretty great. I am not too big a fan of the placement of the different gadgets on the dashboard, the fuel tank especially. And changing the headlights and tail lights are a major pain, but you get used to it after awhile. Or you can always have someone else do it for you. The trunk is not great, but fine. Backseat is cramped, but again, when you are buying a small car, you should be well aware of that. It has the hook on the back of the seat though, for the baby's car seat, which is great.

- Megan F

Fun, peppy car with headlight problems.

The major dislike of this vehicle are the headlights! I have had this car for seven years and I have had to replace the headlight bulbs every six months, no lie. Also, when the headlights are working, they are not very bright. Currently in the process of installing aftermarket fog lights to help. That is my only complaint, otherwise, it is a fun and reliable car and safe. I have been rear ended twice in it and there was minimal body damage to the car and minimal injuries to me and my passenger. It is a cute little car with a lot of pep.

- Lindsay C

Little green bug- fun first car.

I like it. It's fun and cute. The rear seats fold down so the hatchback can store quite a bit. It vrooms and can go pretty fast. Rear windows wont open at all so it can get stuffy back there-my dog doesn't like sitting in back. Also tall people can't sit in back because of the slope of the room the front has a lot of headspace though. Pretty roomy up front. Repairs can be expensive. Sometimes some weird electrical gremlins. My console flickers sometimes when I use my windshield wipers.

- Heather S

Why I wouldn't buy a Volkswagen beetle again.. A lot of recalls on it.

I own a 2008 Volkswagen beetle. As much as I love my car and how cute it looks, I regret buying one. The gas to miles is good, that is not the problem. The headlights keep messing up, I have replaced the whole light piece, (not the bulb) and it is somehow still not fixed. My air conditioning also stopped working and it is not the freon. The water leaks out and for some reason no one can fix it other than that I love my beetle. But wouldn't buy it again.

- Rebecca F

Great first car that has great gas mileage and has done me well.

My car has been super reliable. I am not tech savvy so the simplicity of the vehicle is great for me. The only thing that I wish was not a problem of my car is the price of parts/ getting it worked on, but I have not had very many instances where I needed to get anything fixed. I like the gas mileage and the amount of headroom I have is great for a small car. For the type of car that I have I have no complaints on what it can and cannot do.

- Riley J

My beetle is yellow. It is comfortable and roomy despite it is small outer look.

I absolutely love my vehicle. The only negative with it is there are a few electrical problems. The driver-side window often gets stuck and will not go up without multiple tries. The headlights will often go out on the same side. The vehicle is comfy and roomy despite it is smaller size. It is cute and is appealing to people. It drives smoothly. I love the car!

- Rob E

Nice, spacious, electrical issues.

This vehicle is highly comfortable, easy to drive, very quiet. I have had various issues with electrical, including my windows no longer rolling down. There is plenty of room for items in this car, though. I have moved several states away, and was able to fit myself, my dog, my cat, and several items I needed for them easily.

- Jewell F

My Awesome Quirky Volkswagen Beetle

Love my 2008 Beetle! It's fun to drive and gets great mileage. There have been a few quirky issues over the years such as the headlights needing replacement every 2 years (which can only be done by VW service) and electrical ghosts in the system from time to time. Overall, an awesome car!

- Laura E

The most interesting detail about the VW beetle would be how great it is on gas!

I have a Volkswagen beetle, it gets me from point a to point, the car is awesome on gas and runs great as long as it gets oil changes regularly. My only complain about the car is that my headlights and tail lights are always having some kind of problem because of the wiring in my car.

- Gabrielle C

Summarizing a new beetle car.

I have really enjoyed this car. It has been very reliable and gets great gas mileage. The only problem is changing the light bulbs. It is kind of hard to get to and put back. Everything else is very easy to change. It is a lot of fun to drive it even does great in the snow.

- Jennifer S

I love the reliability of a Volkswagen. I am.

I love my beetle convertible. The cons is there is very little trunk space and it shakes a little on the interstate after a certain amount of miles like 80 miles per hour. Also, it is good on gas mileage on the highway, but it is not so good on gas mileage in the city.

- Elizabeth P

I love my car and I never want to get rid of it.

My car surprisingly has a lot of room. Everyone who has ever rode in my car has said that. My car also gets great gas mileage and I always get tons of compliments. Sometimes it is hard to see when someone is passing you. Unfortunately my car has a blind spot.

- Mikayla M

German engineering is great and the Beetle has been great for a long, long time.

I haven't had my 2008 beetle very long but I like it very much. My 2008 beetle is a very pretty blue, and it has an automatic transmission. I have had many beetles in my lifetime, but this one is the nicest and prettiest. I have no complaints at all.

- Elaine H




This has a lot of window space which makes for great visibility. It also has very simple features and is easy to figure out.

I love my car because it is very simple to operate. There is a lot of window space which makes for great visibility. It is low to the ground and somewhat loud when driving. Its compact nature allows me to fit in almost any parking spot!

- Rachel P

A 2008 vw beetle, perfectly styled.

While the steering is kind of tight, once you get used to it it's not a big deal. I wish the radio were better as well but other than those two picky things, I absolutely love my car and don't want anything else besides.

- Jennifer T

Small, fun, great on gas mileage

I love that my car is little and can park anywhere, make turns easily, it's a stick and fun to drive. Draw back is having growing kids and not being able to comfortably fit them as they get bigger.

- Sandra b

Beautiful interior. Long landing car.

Some issues with car computer and wring. I have manual. I enjoy it. No troubles with transmission. Seats are very comfortable. Hatchback is convenient. Headliner didn't last long though.

- Brittany G

If you need to work on anything it is hard to get too, under the hood is compact.

I love my car. It is good on gas, gets about 25 miles per gallon. Has the get up and go, zips around corners and goes in and out of tight places with no problem.

- Jamie M

Battery life seems to be not the best.

Battery problems, inside door handles break easy, headliner loose, headlights loose, overall a really good vehicle these issues are mostly about repairing.

- Paul I

2008 Volkswagen New Beetle

The performance of the 2.5L engine is good. The handling is good. The passenger seat belt fell apart and it will cost $300 to have the dealer repair it.

- Loren A

It's versatile and not just some small compact car thats not good for anything.

love that my car gets good gas mileage and easy to drive. It's nice that It's so small, easy to park. wish it was more up to date with technology.

- liz k

It is the most safe car I have driven.

I like the overall look of the car. It drives nice and is easy to park, also has a lot of room in the trunk. It gets good mileage. No complaints.

- Cheyenne C

The VW Bug is a great compact car that can hold a lot more than one would think by looking at it from the outside. Minus furniture I moved in and out of three apartments in one trip using just my Bug.

I love my bug. I've had it for 10 years and it has held up wonderfully! It's an inexpensive car to maintain and doesn't take much to keep it up.

- Rebecca J

It is great for a multi child family.

The headlights are very hard to change. The vehicle gets very good gas mileage and runs very nice. It drives good and is low maintenance.

- Jennifer S

It's one of my favorite cars! Super cute and super comfortable. I have plenty of room despite the small size and the ride is smooth. The only complaint is the horn is really quiet.

Honestly, I picked this car cause its adorable and matches my personality. I think everyone should pick a car that is right for them.

- Jesika H

It is foreign so the parts if somethings breaks are very hard to get replaced and very expensive as well.

It is not very reliable because things often break on it all of the time. The parts are very expensive to get replaced and put in.

- Cassie H

The gas mileage & roominess.

The wheel locks up. I love the sunroof. Hate that it's 2 door. Love the speed. Love gas mileage. Hate expenses for german car.

- Savannah B

The tire sensors don't last long.

I love the get up and go my 5 cylinder engine has. Great car all around. A few electrical problems but nothing major.

- Lisa N

That my bug is dependable, gets good gas mileage, and makes people small.

No complaints. I love the solidity and reliability. Gas mileage is good. For a small, non-luxury car it rides well.

- Lisa K

Mileage, how much it costs to service it.

Super fun to drive and sporty. Does rattle a lot. Love the convertible top. Upkeep is kind of pricey.

- Karen O

The cost of an oil change and the mile to the gallon.

I love my vehicle. I like its size and shape. The only complaint would be the cost of an oil change.

- Melody C

This is my 4th ve Beetle. I have had absolutely no problems with this one. It registers at 175 miles. It is easy to drive, comfortable and is very dependable.

The most important thing about my VW Beetle is that is reliable in every way

- Jackie M

There is a lot of space in the car. It isn't as small as it seems on the outside. It plays good music.

It gets very hot. I can't hold many people. It is very low to the ground.

- Kelly P

Just be careful when driving, watch other people so you won't have a wreck

I Love my bug, I don't like that it not safe if you have a wreck

- winifred C

Best little beetle ever!!

- Adrian P