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My VW beetle is a small but very reliable vehicle.

I constantly have problems with the battery and alternator in my VW beetle. Besides that, it is a really cute and comfortable car. It is easy to drive and park because it is so small. It has been very reliable, even though it has some issues, it has never failed to run for me when I needed it to. It has leather seats which makes it super easy to clean and I love the blind spot mirrors. The seats are very comfortable and can be moved any which way to suit you best. I also like the odometer. It is big and super easy to read.

- Holly O

Beep Beep - Little Car With Big Get Up And Go

My beetle has been very reliable! It's at 60,000 miles (obtained used at 30,000) and still going strong. There were a few recurring mechanical problems with the sunroof when I first bought it—it would open itself sometimes—but that is since fixed and was my only real problem with it. It's a small car but can hold a surprising amount of luggage. It drives very smoothly and accelerates quickly. I am a fan and would gladly buy another Beetle in the future!

- Karina C

Great, fun vehicle. Perfect for short commutes.

I love my vehicle. It is reliable and the repair on cost on my car is relatively inexpensive, depending of course on the problem. The maintenance is low and I get decent gas mileage. I love the leather interior and the fact that the outside color of the car (in my case blue) is carried to the inside of the car. Of course, the limitation is the size of the car. It has four seats, but most comfortably fits two.

- Courtney B

The classy red bug on the highway. . .

I appreciate the size when parallel parking and the good gas mileage. I do not like the comfortability of the back seat and how difficult it is to get into the back seat. I also do not like the dashboard. Whether using headlights or not it is very difficult to see any numbers because of the color contrast. I love the deep red color which really stands out in a crowd.

- Pamela R

Lovable design, reliability and fun!

It's expensive to repair, not great for more than 2 people and/or the space for a car seat, and just ok on gas; however, it's fun to drive, feels very safe and has a strong safety rating, very comfortable, is reliable, made of quality parts, quick to wash and is an adorable car as an updated VW bug.

- Karen M

VW beetle is my classic California ride.

My VW beetle has great gas mileage, is super compact and easy to park (which is a big deal living in a city), feels safe because of the round shape, and has never had any problems in the years I have had it. I love the leather interiors and the classic flower vase that comes with the car.

- Mariana B

2010 Volkswagen yellow beetle.

It is a small car but when you are inside it has a lot of room for two people. It is a sporty car so it is quick to pick up speed. Although I had to change the fuel filter and the o2 sensor, which the parts are very expensive. So that is a down fall about owning a Volkswagen make car.

- Halley R

Beetle convertible. Super fun to drive. Easy to put the top down.

Really fun car to drive. Had not needed a lot of maintenance other than expected wear and tear. Reliable. Fun in the summer convertible. Good heated seats for winter. Had more space in it than you would think. Good sound system. Not bad on gas. Overall a really fun car to drive ??.

- Amanda S

The VW beetle is great if you do not mind the imperfections.

I love my car. There's only a couple of problems. Sometimes it takes a while to start. Other times it accelerates a lot with just a slight push of the gas pedal. Also the brakes work very jerkily. But the sound system is great and it is so easy to park, since it is so small.

- Marisa G

Why the beetle is a good bet!

My car is dependable. I upgraded to the leather seats, which are very comfortable and easy to maintain. Despite its small size, it is very roomy inside, and can accommodate four average-sized adults. The radio system was top-of-the-line in 2010, and still has good sound.

- Dawn K

It is small on purpose, it can't fit many people on purpose. I don't want to give you a ride.

I have always liked small cars, I can see over the hood easily and maneuver easily in most places. The Volkswagen Beetle is a stylish/classic looking car and the type of car that other people in my family have owned before me. I feel it matches my personality perfectly.

- Jacob B

I love my Volkswagen bug!

My Volkswagen beetle is one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. Because it is German engineered it was built extremely well and I think this is the reason why it is so reliable. This is the second Volkswagen I have owned, the first one was back in '97.

- Lynn A

Do not let size fool you, she's small but mighty!

I think it is a very sound car, it runs beautifully and even after 8 years it is still a gem. It may be a compact, small car, but do not let the outside fool you! It is very big and roomy on the inside, with plenty of leg room for even the biggest of drivers.

- Oliver M

Very cute reliable car very on low budget.

Low mileage. Very reliable. Easy to drive never have a problem for 9 years driving this car. For small car it is very comfortable. If this car would be not fixable I would definitely porches this model again. Would not want drive any other cars. Love it.

- Elena F

Car is wonderful on fuel and never has mechanical issues. It is very easy to drive as well.

I purchased my vehicle in 2010 and it is very reliable. It is easy to park and I find it very stylish. I dislike that they discontinued making new beetles. I now will purchase a different company when I need to replace my car in a few years.

- Daniela C

It is all great, cannot pick just one thing, I love everything about it.

Love it because it is small easy to park anywhere, great gas mileage, ride and drive s great, love the 5 speed transportation, and the seat warmers, has a great heater and super cold air, all around l just love it.

- Lisa S

The Volkswagen Beetle is so adorable!

My Volkswagen Beetle is an extremely reliable car and gets me where it needs to go. The most important feature for a car to me is how it looks and the Volkswagen Beetle is as cute as they come.

- Drake R

The Beetle is a hard working vehicle that will last for many many years.

The Beetle is small so it's great for parking. It's roomy inside and actually can fit five people just fine. It's a hard worker and will go for years without needing a minor repair.

- LaWaughn M

Not as small as you think!

This car has great space, good gas mileage, and good driving. For a small compact car you do not feel tight, or not have room for luggage, grocery or car seats.

- Kylie B

Her name is Vanellope because her color is light tan (Vanilla) and that is combined with the name Penelope to make Vanellope!

I like that it is small and gets good gas mileage. I like the shape. I do not like the fact that the inside of the car starts falling apart after a few years.

- Allyson S

Final edition is a collector’s car.

I love my beetle. I have not had any problems. With it (47, 000 miles). It has heated seats, great air conditioning, a sunroof and gas mileage of 30 mpg.

- Cynthia B

Very fast & sporty car. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

I love my car, I mean I haven't had air in over a year & I've had it 2 & a half years, but it's been a great car. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

- Kimberlee H

Volkswagen Beetle is a fun, sporty car that will always get people's attention.

Like the manual transmission. Like the acceleration. Dislike the cost of maintenance and difficulty sourcing OEM parts. Dislike the fuel efficiency.

- Andrew S

Great VW bug purchased used no problems.

Reliable, always performed well. Very comfortable and good gas mileage. No major problems. Purchased used. Only problem is electric squeaky window.

- Katherine V

It's an excellent little car, but expensive to repair.

I like that it gets decent gas mileage and isn't huge. I wish the mileage was a little better and that it was cheaper and easier to repair.

- Stefani H

You have to Love a Big yellow Bug

It's a great little car that's fun to drive. Very good gas mileage and no problems. Very roomy for a small car

- David S

Very safe in all kinds of weather including snow and ice.

I love my red beetle. It gets great gas mileage. She rides like a dream. Safe in all kinds of weather.

- Kelly S

It works, is reliable and rarely needs repairs.

It's a small vehicle that stands out in crowd. It's easy to recognize and has been around for years.

- LaWaughn M

You feel safe when you are driving in heavy.. Highway traffic..

I like everything and I have no dislikes. Nice color, good mileage, good in the snow etc.

- Mary M