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My VW beetle is my favorite car ever!

I absolutely love my Volkswagen beetle. It is a convertible. Tdi. It is very comfortable and super fun to drive, also runs very smoothly and gets fantastic gas mileage - 30-35 in town and 40 plus on the highway. Sometimes I forget which side the gas tank is on because I do not have to get gas/diesel very often. I have only had this car for about eight or nine months but have not had any problems at all. It is surprisingly comfortable for a little car... We took it on a long road trip and had no issues with being comfortable at all.

- Kelly S

I love Volkswagen beetles.

I have always loved Volkswagen beetles. It has been my dream car since I was a little girl. I love how spacious it is on the inside. A lot of people think they look cramped inside but there is way more room then expected. I like the way it drives smoothly. It is also very fuel efficient. I will fill up the tank 1-2 times a month and I drive my car everyday. Volkswagens are very trustworthy.

- Ashley P

I like how it is modern, yet has a vintage vibe with the radio.

Small, but spacious, and not bad gas mileage. It does not have any problems with performance, it drives smooth and breaks smoothly. I am not a car expert, but I do enjoy and like my car. The comfort is great. Although it is a two door car, the seats move easily to access the back seats, so that is really nice.

- Esther G

I love how it is small and manageable yet roomy on the inside at the same time.

I absolutely love my Volkswagen beetle! I have wanted one since I was a little girl and had a barbie car just like it! My first car was a high end luxury car and I pick this car over that any day!! It drives so smooth and it is really fast. I love that it has sport mode! It is like having two cars in one.

- Alexis M

Sporty convertible beetle!

I really love my 2014 Volkswagen beetle. It is a convertible, with a six speed manual transmission which makes it super fun to drive. It has a spoiler, which enhances the sporty look and feel of the car. It is very reliable, which takes the worry out of going on road trips or even just daily driving.

- Jane P

Good looking impractical car.

Good looking care, good gas mileage, good size for one or two. Small trunk, not cheap to maintain and hard on suspension. Fairly quiet on highway, good sound system/radio. Enough storage small glove box. Well built. Expensive to buy but overall reliable if properly maintained.

- Fab P

It is a super fun vehicle that is a good all-around car.

I really enjoy my beetle because it is sporty and fun. It has a very fast acceleration rate and gets good gas mileage. There's also very comfortable and has enough room for my family – to include my kids. And it's German engineering, so why would we ever complain about that?

- Michael G

Driving is fun again, give it a try.

Fun to drive. Very agile and responsive. Everything on the dash is conveniently located and within easy reach. The front seating is very comfortable and is adjustable. Fuel economy is good and have the stick shift option and no clutch I great. Handles great in snow and ice.

- Richard K

Beetle: city driving. Beetle buggy boogie time.

It is a great car and fun to drive. It is a very good car for city driving, especially when it comes to parallel parking. The steering wheel can occasionally be a little shaky if you accelerate too fast, but other than that, it is a great ride, especially for a small car.

- Mikayla F

Zippy little Volkswagen beetle.

The VW beetle is my dream car. I love the zippy drive it has while being great on gas. The cars interior has a vintage feel with its trim matching the color of the car. It also has interior lights you can change depending on your mood. It has the sunroof I always wanted.

- Roxanne C

The most important thing about this car is that it is safe and reliable.

I love my VW Beetle. It is basically a tank in the snow, which I would have never expected. I have barely had to have any work done on it (Just tires) since I purchased it 4 years ago. I would 100% recommend this car to anyone, unless you need a lot of space.

- Maureen H

The gas mileage is not the best. Other than that everything is perfect.

Volkswagen beetles are the best car. They're super reliable. The only real “issue” with the car is that the gas mileage is not the best. So if you drive a ton this car is not for you but if you only drive it locally it is perfect.

- Kelsey A

Great gas mileage. Spacious. Reliable.

I like that it is great in gas. Reliable. I feel pretty safe and confident driving it. I do not like the uncomfortable seats or that it does not respond as fast as I'd like it to. I wish I was quicker.

- Samantha E

The Beetle will fit 6'2" man, comfortably

I absolutely love my Beetle...Black Beauty. It is sporty and a complete reflection of my personality. I can zip through the village or downtown and fit into small spaces; great trunk space,

- helaine D

It is cute and fun, be careful at highspeeds 'cause the steering wheel shakes.

It is a good car for this time in my life. It is easy to parallel park. I wish it had a back-up camera and I could control the Bluetooth with the steering wheel controls.

- Michaela F

I really love the classic turner's to push the seat back

This is a great car, it drives really smoothly and even when you're going fast you feel like you're not. It's comfortable and sleek on the inside and out.

- Kylie M

It is small, but roomie and you have a big trunk.

I love my car because it is small and cute. It is good on gas, but long distance it is not so that sucks. And it is very spacious for a small car.

- Kelsey C

It is dependable and great on gas.

I love Volkswagen, have owned 5 over the years. I like unusual cars. Good quality for price. Love everything about it, plan on keeping for years.

- Ashlee P

It's cute and fun! Great gas mileage! Expensive to fix though

I love that it's a convertible and the sound system in it. It drives very nice! I dislike the payments and how low to the ground it is

- Emilie L

The back seat is more spacious than expected.

Sometimes the windows don't stay sealed so rain slowly gets into the car. Had to take it to the shop to get repaired multiple times.

- Emily S

It drives like a dream and handles well, it is my baby and I love it

I love the style and comfort and it handles very well and is a lot of fun to drive. I have has Beetles since 1972 No complaints

- Sandi L

The gas mileage is top notch,.

I like it because it looks unique and runs smoothly. It gets great gas mileage. It is super clean and I am able to keep it clean.

- Susan C

The one most important thing is that it is extremely reliable.

Spacious on the inside but still compact. Cheap on gas. Hatchback is a plus but the two doors is a hassle sometimes.

- Nancy C

The shift is a bit different.

My little beetle is fun to drive. I get great gas mileage, and it is cute. There is nothing I do not like about it.

- Cynthia R

It's timeless and cute. Easy to park.

I love it. It was my dream car growing up and I love driving it. I always get told that the car suits me.

- Zhenya a

It's a basic car that has great gas mileage, no mechanical issues.

I love my beetle. It runs smoothly, had no mechanical problems. It's very basic with no extra whistles.

- Rosalyn M

I'm very happy with it, and I trust Volkswagen. They have treated me well as a customer.

I think it's cute, and it's fun to drive. It gets good mileage. I wish they made them in hybrid.

- Janet R

The hatchback design allows one to transport a good sized load.

I am currently having trouble with the ignition. It can be difficult to turn the car off.

- Sara s

it has great gas mileage and everyone will like it.

i like the milage. i can take it anywhere and the gas is good. I dislike the color.

- Joanna M

I'm very happy with it, and it gets good mileage.

I have always liked Beetles, and my car is fun to drive and the right size for me.

- Janet H

It has good safety stats and is reliable

I like the turbo on my vehicle and the inclusion of the coupe model availability.

- Megan F

Fun to drive good gas mileage comfy sites don't sure

Good gas mileage I like how it looks its what I have wanted for along time

- Dina M