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It drives very comfortable between 60 and 90 mph.

I love my car regarding driving it, it's a comfortable ride, it gets moving when I need to speed out of a dangerous area, and it handles very nicely. I do not like that when I break hard that I can feel the shifting down as much as a I do, it makes it feel like something is not connected right. I have had issues regarding the mechanics in my car doors. There is no trim around the side and top of the car window, so every time I unlock my door or open it the windows roll down a little bit. My passenger door has had issues regarding this twice even though I rarely open that door. The mechanics in the doors I feel are made cheaply. For the rest of my car I love the size and its driving. I feel safe in my car.

- Juliana H

I love driving with the top down. The car is a lot of fun to drive.

I have had problems with acceleration. Will be taking car in for service. I also find the headlights are not bright enough. As a result I find myself using the high beams very often. . Right now I am contending with a lot of squeaking radiating from the windows and breaks. I will be taking the car in for that.

- Judith M

Likes and dislikes of my VW.

My beetle gets 42 mpg. The seats are roomy and it's fun to drive. Maintenance is low cost. VWs are fun, economical cars. The purchase price was reasonable. Only problem is not enough leg room in back seat. If you are tall, your legs are cramped. But overall, it's a good little car.

- Deborah M

The final beetle convertible.

I love my car. It drives well. It is very basic though, no backup camera or GPS. I love the convertible. The trunk space is small but I manage. The ac does not work great The button for exterior air coming in always shuts off allowing warm air to come in, not sure why this happens.

- Sharon H

Cool car with scary problems.

At first everything was fine but now for some reason it seems as though my drivers side door does not lock. It sounds like it does, but you can walk up and open the door without the key. My car also has stalled while driving. It is an automatic. I do not know why it is doing this.

- Emily H

Beautiful blue beetle with chrome tires.

I love that it is a VW beetle and that is its a automatic and that it has cruise control. I love the color it's a light blue green I get lots of complements on the color. My cup holder got damaged and I can't find out how to fix it that the only problem I have with it.

- Natasha M

How tiny and fast it goes.

Chic, nice, and comfy. I really enjoy my tiny car. I don't really have any complaints about it. It is fantastic as it is. It is pretty much the same as any other tiny car as far as any sort of issue. It would have nothing to do with the build. It is a great car!

- Amanda D

It has more space than most think it would.

My car is small and compact therefore easy to park. I love that it is good on gas, has very little maintenance issues, and is at a good price point. The fact that Volkswagen is discontinuing the beetle is very sad but I am keeping mine.

- Rachel K

Cute, fun car that gets good gas mileage and has a powerful engine

I like that it picks up speed quickly, making it easy to get on the freeway. It gets good gas mileage, is very sporty and cute. It had problems with the electrical system and all four window regulators had to be replaced.

- Heather S

He's zippy and fun - and people still punch each other when I drive by!

I love my Bug. this one is actually a replacement beetle. I got my first Beetle in 2001 and it's still on the road with 200k miles. I have never had a car as reliable, relatively low-maintenance and overall fun to drive.

- Patty F

It is not a family friendly car.

Great car. Very reliable. Good mileage. The only reason I rated 4 instead of 5 is because my first one was a diesel, fully loaded, and a very tough act to follow. Absent that comparison. It is a great car.

- Dawn H

It is so easy to drive, even when I stop, it smooths it out.

It is super easy to drive, very responsive to breaking/acceleration, it has great gas mileage, it has a great sound system, and it looks really cute! It is easy to park too, since it is compact.

- Electra P

It is cute and sporty, especially with the convertible top down

The back seat is not sufficient for my 3-year-old granddaughter. She has no leg room, even with the seat all the way forward. No way is able to sit in the front seat when she is in my car.

- Cheryl N

Beetle 2015 review- do not get unless you have the $$ for the constant repairs.

The car runs smoothly and you feel that you have control of the wheel. But, unfortunately the repairs are expensive and have problems with the computer system.

- John L

Conserves energy when driving with wipers on. You can have it at the highest level but while stopped or at a light it'll slow down until you release the brakes to proceed.

It's very good on gas, quick, and has amazing sound system. Just enough room for all my things and crafts. Reliable in different types of weather conditions.

- Allisha F

It is safe and reliable. It gets me where I need to go.

I have always wanted a bug ever since I was a little girl. Having my very own one is a dream come true. It's small just like I wanted, pretty and safe.

- Katie C

The dashboard is interesting because it has a bunch of gadgets.

It is a diesel beetle. It runs amazing on gas. I usually only fill up once or twice a month and I drive everywhere. Best small reliable car and speedy.

- Keisha F

The model has always been an iconic one for volkswagen

Its compact and is able to transport you from place to place quick and efficiently, very recommended due to its size as well as affordability

- Edgar G

It is my baby. I take really good care of it because it takes me places that I want to travel.

I love how cute it looks. It also has great fuel economy so it doesn't use up a lot of gas. It is really fun to drive. I have no complaints.

- Taylor A

The 2015 classic edition beetle fulfills my childhood dream of owning an older model beetle, but reliable! :)

Overall, I love this vehicle. Issues include: Weak radio signal, uncomfortable seats, faulty knobs. I love the classic look of the vehicle.

- Misty A

It's a unique color that is not often seen on other cars.

Car drives really smooth but can be loud inside depending on the roads. I love how the color on my dashboard matches the color of my car.

- kendra m

Turbo makes this little car a must drive!

Good gas mileage. Cute! Easy handling. It is easy to maintain. Drives well in snow and repairs don't cost as much as previous SUV.

- Deb M

Its fast and a lot of fun to drive.

Hard to get out of. Tires are expensive. That I still have car payments. Noise that I can't find. Windows aren't tinted.

- Nora A

2015 VW beetle, great driving experience.

Love the way it drives, has a lot of power and good breaking ability too. Heated seats for winter. Pleasure to drive.

- Jamie A

How spacious it is and for me that is a plus.

Its small and very good for gas miles. I love the heated seats. It has enormous trunk space which is a plus.

- Rosalind R

It is important to me it is my car it gets me anywhere I need to go.

It is small, has good gas mileage and I feel very comfortable driving it around. The trunk is spacious.

- Faith P




I love everything about my car. I just wish it was bigger now

It's economical with gas, don't speed. It can be a little scary

- Keny R

The most important thing others should know is it's fast

It is very fast. When hit, it doesn't dent easily.two door car.

- Maya v