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Improved beetle better than ever.

Great highway gas mileage, the trim on the inside is very unique and nice looking. A little more leg room in the backseat would be nice but overall inside is roomy and comfortable. Performance is highly satisfactory. Get up and go outdoes other vehicles on the road. The manufacturer made the front end longer so now the battery is not tightly tucked in and is much easier to get to than in previous years' beetles.

- Pat D

10 stars for the beetle classic.

I love my car. I recently bought a VW beetle (classic edition) and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision. It drives really well and looks awesome. For such a compact car, there is actually a lot of room inside and it is very comfortable. I love the classic edition, it has great interior features as well as beautiful rims. The turbo feature is awesome as well, it helps while merging on the highway.

- Morgan K

The Beetle is a compact and fuel efficient car good for anyone living in an urban area.

I love my Beetle because it is compact and there is always a parking spot available for me. My Beetle is also very good on gas - I can typically drive between 500 and 750 miles before needing to refill my tank. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is a coupe so if you're a taller person it is difficult to get into the backseat but this is not a major concern of mine.

- Melody S

Cute, practical and efficient.

I love it. It's cute, practical and efficient. I love the colorful options and styles. Gas efficient and safe. By design, the VW beetle is a lightweight and fuel-efficient platform.... Even though the Volkswagen beetle is not very heavy, it still has a major element in its favor, it has front-wheel-drive. This gives it a natural advantage for dealing with snow and ice.

- Rhonda J

Amazing car. Would buy again, would recommend to a friend, love it.

Very reliable and very safe. Good gas mileage considering it is a convertible. The only problems I had arose after two accidents and the mechanic said that the issues were caused only by the accidents. Both accidents were scary, but I felt completely safe thankful to the safe design of this car. It is very comfortable to sit in and drive, almost too comfortable.

- Molly B

Volkswagen beetle is a cute and dependable car.

It used up a lot of gas and I have to change my oil often. Other than that I really like the car. It has a good sound system, comfortable to drive, has a lot of space for a small car, and comfortable interior. It is a very heavy car and I can feel it using up a lot of gas when I have passengers in the car.

- Susie L

Beetle life is the best life.

My beetle is my favorite car I have ever owned. My phone will sync with the car and I can answer calls right on the steering wheel. The heated leather seats are phenomenal in the winter (and this car handles like a dream on snow and ice). The convertible is so much fun and it gets amazing gas mileage.

- Jen S

I absolutely love my dune buggy beetle.

I love my beetle, it is very good on gas, and has great pick-up, easy to drive and to park. Car is easy to park even in the smallest places. Car is very roomy and has plenty of storage space. Back is comfortable for the average size adult. Always get looks and comments about how cool this car is.

- Alice O

Just zipping along and enjoying the drive.

Bigger on inside than it looks. Turbo and it gets out of the way just fine. Very reliable and fun to drive. Seats are comfortable and the seat warmer is awesome. I feel great driving a bug. The backseat is plenty big and comfortable. Trunk is big and it is very easy to maneuver.

- Pam K

Love the color and design.

Love my beetle. Great gas mileage and great city car. It. Is comfortable for front row. A little tight for back seats. Has a large enough trunk for two suitcases and plenty of room for groceries. Easy car to maneuver and does great on the freeway. Fun car to drive.

- Bianca R

Cute beetle outruns the others.

My beetle is extremely cute and gets good gas mileage, 25 city and 40 highway. It is got great get up and go and handles well in any weather. Plenty of trunk space. The one thing I wish was different is that there was more leg room in the back seat.

- Pat M

Having a German car in America can be expensive. With parts and euro oil.

Fast, reliable, easy to drive car. I love that it is small and compact. With a small car comes with small compartments. Small glove compartment and center console, but enough space. Does take some getting used to.

- Rebecca P

They should know that it drives smoothly, handles well, the doors are secure, the color is unique, and the radio is clear and loud.

I love the unique color and design of the Dune. I also love the way it drives and handles on the road. In addition, I enjoy its radio system and how secure I feel in it.

- Kylah F

It is not as economical on gas as you would thing.

I love it is very reliable, feels safe and sturdy. Looks cute, never nothing wrong with it, the turbo is amazing you leave the other cars behind always.

- Tara L

That it is completely my style.

I love the shape and style of my vehicle. I love its size and the mileage I get. I dislike that there is not much leg room for people in the back seat.

- Patty D

That it is very comfortable.

It is so cute. Very good on gas. I love the look of the interior. The only complaint is that the price of any replacement parts is very expensive.

- Lacy G

The car is great on gas mileage.

I love the performance on the car, how it looks, how it corners, and especially the color. I dislike how little trunk space i have.

- Nicole A

It gets really great gas mileage.

I don't really have any complaints about my car. I have loved everything about it so far. I haven't really had any issues with it.

- Ashley Rodriguez R

Silver convertible Volkswagen bug

My only complaint is that I have trouble finding parts for it, if needed. Gas conscious, and comfortable to drive overall though

- Madison W

Be prepared to have to fill your tires with air constantly after a few years.

I love my convertible.. I do not like the radio phone system.. I love the ease of putting down the top.. I love the color.

- Kelli C

Good gas mileage and easy to drive around.

I like that my vehicle and small and quick. It also has great gas mileage. I dislike that it only has two doors.

- Taylor C

It is a small car that is perfect for an individual and not a family.

It is very high maintenance and the oil change or car parts are expensive. I love it but comes out very costly.

- Kayla O

It's a great great ride....Fun, affordable, and a head turner....

Great car....no issues, no surprises....Just returned from an 850 three day trip....Car worked wonderful.....

- Marc P

It's really comfortable and very quiet and feels very solid

It feels like a little sports car It has beautiful interior It has great electronics

- Paul R