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Pros and cons of my Cabrio.

The engine temp light is always on for no reason. My heater has gone out. My stereo is locked up. I cannot play CDs, only cassettes. The convertible top is a bit of a hassle and lastly I have huge blind spots due to the small back window. However, I love my car. Its fairly reliable. I adore the top. I love the seat heaters. It's very comfortable. I can fit others comfortably.

- Chloe J

190000 miles and still running ??

This car just hit 190,000 miles and it is still the most reliable car I've owned. The automatic convertible roof still works without issue, the two main problems with it right now are the e-brake stopped working and it makes a clicking noise which I should probably get diagnosed soon. But otherwise it allows me to drive from Arizona to Colorado multiple times a year

- Savannah B

Perfect for summer, and you can park it everywhere,

This car is good for summer since is cabrio, but not good for winter, snow, tired weak, and not good for bumpy roads, easy to park since is a small car. The quality of the speakers is good, you can put loud music, do not consume much gas, has enough space in the backseat for a 2 doors, the trunk is big enough, and the stability of the car is quiet good.

- Sandra S

The dashboard lights up really nicely.

Lots of little issues. Things tend to fail but they are often cheap and easy to replace. The car gets pretty good gas mileage so that is a plus. My top failed at one point, but when a car is 17 years old, stuff like that happens. We bought my cabrio used, so I feel like that is where most of the issues stemmed from.

- Clara S

Fun summer car for person looking to buy their first car.

Has great features for being an older car, heated seats, electric locks and top. It's a fun car in the summer time to cruise around in and doesn't do horribly in the winter weather in northern new Hampshire. It drives great, its an automatic and you can get them for a great price today. They also look adorable.

- Ken E

My car is a two door. It runs well and I love it.

My car is an awesome car for the summer. Driving with the top down is a lot of fun. The heat works really well so it is not bad in the winter. The AC does not work, but it is not so bad because the top can go down. It is very cheap to fix. It has over 150,000 miles and still drives really well.

- Wody G

It has been taken to the mechanic a lot throughout the years.

Well, the car is good and all, but after some time it just breaks. It has been driven for a while and it still works, but it is starting to die and I have a feeling that the next time it is taken to the mechanic, it will not be able to be fixed. Putting that aside, it is a good car altogether.

- Joshua H

2001 Cabriolet Review: The Bad convertible that is poorly designed

It is designed poorly. The convertible top makes it very loud while driving. AC keeps breaking. Overall drive quality is just ok. Had the door lock break several times and the window fell out of alignment and I got water in the car. Overall would not recommend this outdated car

- Andy G

For being 17 years old, and the amount of "wear and tear" on it, it still holds up and runs well.

For the most part, I really like my car. The size works well for parking in the city. It's an easy car to use to zip around for errands. The gas mileage is great too, especially since I mainly use it to travel to visit family and friends about 80-90 miles away.

- Kristen K

It's the girliest little go-kart ever. I love it.

I don't like that this is a closed transmission. All in all I love this car. It does have some leaks when it rains really hard.. but this is an older vehicle. It gets me around very well. I do not have many issues with it. Like I said it's an older vehicle.

- Jaime N

With it being small, I have never felt unsafe in it like any other compact car!

Expensive parts if you have to buy one. The car has great gas mileage. It is such a good car for my lifestyle of doing things around town and travel. I love it!

- Haley W

You do not need a big car to go on big adventures.

It has high clearance for a small car, handles well in the snow, is running great and easy to make repairs, and it is a convertible!

- Monica G

People should know that my car gets great gas mileage.

Love that it's a convertible. It is a stick. It is a mover. I can bop around in it so easily because it is small.

- Joanne H

It is reliable and good on gas mileage. It is easy to drive.

I like that it is a convertible. It is easy to drive. I think it pretty good on gas mileage.

- William B