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It gets 30 miles to the gallon which is great as high as gas prices are.

I love that it is a 5-speed and also a convertible. It gets great gas mileage and I've had it for 10 years, the longest I've ever owned a vehicle. Occasionally, it has some mechanical issues which end up costing a lot money because it's a foreign car, but I have a fantastic mechanic who takes good care of it

- Jennifer H

It is a very fun car to drive. And that says it all but you want more words.

foremost I like that it is a convertible with a power top. I like the heated seats and the size of my vehicle. My dislike is that my car was last made in 2002 and thus I cannot replace it with a newer model. Being 18 years old much of the plastic parts are deteriorating yet only replaceable with used parts.

- cindy f

2002 Volkswagen Cabrio convertible. It's a small but fun car. It's a pain.

Car is fun but is very confusing, lots of electrical problems. We haven't had any big money issues but its very hard to find info on how to fix it. The engine is a trooper though.

- Jamie C

Convertible with a sporty look. Plus spacious.

A sporty car with very low mileage. Convertible and dependable . It's an automatic transmission. The parts are hard to find since they no longer make this car.

- Ronda S

My car is amazing it gets me to places.

this car is great it gets me places but it breaks sometimes like the ac or it breaks down but i'm glad I have a car to get around in.

- lexie c

Owning a leaky convertible is.

It is an old car but runs great. A small leak in the convertible top right at where the top meets the from. Side of the car.

- Romania M

It's a convertible and has a new blacktop

It's ok the problem is it makes a weird sound when you start to go faster when the car has been sitting in the cold

- Mackenzie G

Love the soft top. And it's easy for my wife to drive

Has been a great car. I bought the car used in 2005 and I myself have had no problems with this vehicle.

- Joshua E

Love my Cabriolet convertible.

Bought it used 12 years ago, first 10 years were great. Then I started having to fix or replace parts.

- Lana W