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Luxury ride without Luxury price

I have been a Volkswagen driver for over 20 years, from the Jetta, Passat, Touareg and CC. The CC is my favorite for many reasons. The features are luxurious without the luxury price tag. My car is ten years old and the leather interior has aged beautifully. The car is very good on gas, approximately 500 miles per full tank. The sound system is good and it is a very smooth ride. Some of the cons. Blind Spots! This car has heavy blind spots due to its very streamlined make. It is something that you get used to after driving awhile but something one must be aware of. The car requires high octane gas which can be a bit more expensive. I alternate every other fill up with mid grade and high grade. Overall it is a fun vehicle to drive and a great value for the money.

- Shay B

Cc is short for comfortably cute.

Currently in the two months I have owned this car I have death with little to no problems, when I got it had 95, 999 miles on and due to my job I have put another well over 10, 000 on it already and still no issues. Regular check ups and small here to here issues. My only complaint that is due to the year of it is make and what was new at the time is the Bluetooth. The Bluetooth is only for phone calls and the voice activation sucks.

- Samantha L

VW CC Sport 2019... good and bad.

Doesn't get very good gas mileage and expensive to fix. Has great power and great features. Sits low to the ground, so is kind of awkward to get in and out of. The back-up camera is great. Has a smaller rear window and average trunk space. My model has special tire size and is hard on tires.

- Kim H

You can enable automatically for the back window that keeps out the sun

Haven't had any major problems with it. I take it in for the recommended service. It rides smooth. I like the body style. When I first got it everyone thought it was a Mercedes. It is sporty and has plenty of room and good leg space even in the back seat. The trunk has plenty of room

- Sherry T

My 2009 Volkswagen CC is a great vehicle I definitely recommend getting one

I haven't really had any problems with my vehicle. It's really reliable I've put 15,000 miles on it so far and it's driven smooth. My friends tell me they like my car all the time and that it is nice. I like my car it's durable, has a luxury look to it, and the audio system is really good.

- Rolley H

It is considered a Passat but is not. It is not as sporty looking as the Passat.

The lights are the only thing I have problems with and lately he tire pressure sensor. The car rides beautifully and so fast. The radio and Bluetooth are connected to my phone, so that has been a plus as well. The sleek design makes a lot of people ask what type of car it is.

- Christine E

Great ride. Awesome car..

It is a very good car. Drive well. Very comfortable ride. Drove it to the beach and back on one tank of gas (a 4 hour trip one way). Would buy another one. Would not buy if you have more than 2 kids as there is only 2 seats in the back. Has a great amount of trunk space.

- Christopher T

VW cc 2009 - sweet ride, very beautiful on the inside and on the outside.

Luxury edition. Heated seats, leather seats, power windows, etc. Latest problem was trunk would not open. Several recalls. I love the way it drives smoothly. For being a 2009, it has had minimal mechanical problems. The color is pearl white with beige leather interior.

- Amy D

Low Pro Tires are a Hot Mess

I love the vehicle but the tire options for this specific model could be better. My tires often go flat or get holes because the rims are made so large for this model. I've owned this car for two years and have had over 6 occasions where I got a flat due to the rims.

- Harley J

Reliable and enjoyable, the two tone seats are stylish, the car seats 4 people.

I have owned my car for 7 years. I love the style of it and I have always gotten lots of compliments on it. There have been a few recalls for items such as airbags, but I haven't had any serious maintenance issues. It performs well and has been reliable.

- Karla J

It is very reliable and comfortable.

Like: the look of the car, the color of the car, good pickup.. Dislike: interior color because it only came with 2 choices, moonroof does not open all the way, vw tried to ignore engine issues with vehicle.

- Jeanette D

A very nice car and very reliable.

The only downside is that the top fabric on the car falls down over time & well service on the car can get a bit expensive as well but overall I love my car and expect to have it for many more years.

- Miriam M

Its big but only fits four people.

It's an easy to drive car. My car is extremely comfortable to drive in and it's good for long drives. The only thing wrong is that the radio did not work when I bought it.

- Ayah A

It is a good value for the money.

The lights go out sometime. It is difficult to change the bulbs in this car. It is a wonderful car and I have had minimal problems with it. It is very reliable.

- Chris E

It rides smoothly and is a great traveling car.

Its sporty. I can fit my family in it. Rides nicely. The gas mileage is also great. Its has a huge trunk.

- Carrie D

When it runs right, it is lovely.

Be mindful of who you are buy from. Especially if you are buying a pre-owned vehicle. Take a mechanists.

- Lesley W