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Black Volkswagen cc luxury car.

The car was sold to us with faulty manufacturing so we had to put in a lawsuit for it. Every week once we fixed one thing another thing seemed to break on the car. After months of repairs we finally got it to run smoothly with no more issues. Now that its fixed it's a great car. Good spacing, great sound system, nice interior and exterior design.

- Jasmin W

Volkswagen. The beauty that is a beast.

I love the look of v. W and its features. It is my 2nd one the 1st was an eos. It was beautiful but a total lemon. V. W gave me a huge break on cc to appease me. But at only 70 thousand miles it is having problems. V. W. Is fun pretty and innovated but not a reliable product. Will never purchase again.

- Rhonda N

The car has great space inside and is great for a long road trips.

It was a great car at first but then it started to have problems. The problems began small, like the gas not working for a few seconds then it started to become bigger like the brakes giving out. We always have to take it to the shop to get fixed but it always comes back with the same problems.

- Sarah T

VW cc stylish but unreliable.

Lots of engine misfires. Bad warranty. Too much carbon buildup. The suspension is not too great and will mess up your tires a lot. Expect to always buy tires. The inside of the car is very stylish the outside of the car is also very sporty. Maintenance for this vehicle is pretty expensive.

- Char T

The transmission is a worry.

Transmission issue make sure you have your oil check. And also make sure to check the recalls, but it is a awesome car it is fast and I love the heated seats. The car tires are good. The car I have do not have a sunroof but I think it would have been better with that.

- Gloria T

That it is actually pretty room inside and it fits lager build people with relative comfort.

I like the look and the rareness of the car. There are not many CC's in the area so not over saturated like a Jetta. The car has sleek style and is very roomy for tall people inside. It has a lot of recall notices so that is annoying.

- Michele C

It very expensive to fix when there is a problem. Every time I take it to the dealer it is thousands of dollars to fix pretty much anything on the car.

It is very luxurious. It has touch screen radio and Bluetooth. The leather interior and sound system are top notch. The car is turbo charged so it has a little kick to the engine.

- Josh S

There is a very spacious interior and tall people can fit easily into a VW.

My car is very sleek looking. She is not super common on the roadways so not everyone has a CC like a Jetta. I love the spacious interior and that it was built for tall people.

- Kyle C

Volkswagen cc sport review.

Car has needed a lot of work done since I bought it, headliner fell down and it will cost almost $400 to fix. Can be very sluggish sometimes and does not want to go.

- Serena B

If you take care of your car it will last a long time.

I love the speed and performance.. I love the look and how sleek it is.. I love the interior.. I dislike how it does not have special features.

- Evan J

Accelerates well and it is a comfortable car.

There is good quality seating and material. Good sound system. However, there is no sun roof in the car.

- Andrea C