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The internal issues I have faced are overlooked because of its external appeal.

I have really bad luck with this car it seems like, my car had a problem with the fuel pump where the power would still be on but the gas wouldn't work. There was also a problem with the turbo where it started making the loudest screeching noise while the car is on. Apparently that is a very common problem with VW CCs. Besides that, I love the look of the car, it has a bullet shaped figure and the interior is beautiful. The acceleration is great on the car as well. The engine sounds like a quiet “purr” which is one of my favorite things about the car. I like the leather seating in the car, I just wish they had a little more mobility. Other than internal problems I have faced, it is one of my favorite cars to drive.

- Seth G

Luxury and sporty all in one!

My vehicle is Very dependable, comfortable, it has great gas mileage. It's very nice to drive and has a smooth feeling it has been extremely low maintenance; just the regular maintenance up keep; it's even done well in the snow! It has heated seats heated side mirrors which allows heating up that much easier. Great stereo, Bluetooth and came Siri ready. Plenty of drink holders, a nice trunk, and the back seat has its own temperature control, as well as storage compartment between the seats. Leather seats and comes with fabric and rubber floor mats. 6 disc interchangeable CD player ,

- Tanya J

2012 Volkswagen cc a recall nightmare to anyone considering buying a car.

There have been many recalls on my Volkswagen cc. I've had a lot of problems with the engine components and the driving lights. I have 110, 000 miles on the car so it is going to have issues. But these issues are mostly because of poorly engineered engine components. I love my car but I would seriously consider my options before buying another Volkswagen. I just don't trust that company anymore.

- Randolph H

All in All a VERY GOOD CAR

The comfort and performance of my VW CC Sport are rated at a 10 for me. Some of the problems I have with the car are, it only has 4 seats and I wish it had a sunroof and backup camera. It is very reliable, if you maintain it correctly, I have owned the car for 5 years now, and I just recently had to get it serviced for major things other than oil change and new tires.

- Chloe D

Best car ever Volkswagen cc!

I love the gas mileage, the color of interior as well as the comfort! It is great for long trips and short trips around town. The price is very reasonable for the make and model. I have had it for about 4 weeks and I would not give it up! It is my first time owning a Volkswagen and I do not think I'll ever switch. I feel like I will be in one forever.

- Ashley V

My VW CC Black on Black catches your eye

No issues or problems with this vehicle. Great on gas average hi twenties, plenty of go power too, zero to sixty within seconds. Vehicle handles very well fun to drive on mountain roads. Inside has lots of room in front and in the back. Also bucket seats are adjustable and comfortable too. Trunk is very big plenty of room for golf clubs or groceries.

- Joe C

I do like the slope of the rear of the car to the front!

I needed a water pump and thank god it was covered under warranty it recently is losing oil since I had an oil change in July I have had to add oil twice. I did go to the dealer and made arrangements to take it in. The ride is very comfortable and has not let me down when needed to start it. The tires that I need for this car is very expensive!

- Sharon R

Great lil luxury sport car

It's fully loaded with all the bells & whistles, EXCELLENT gas mileage about 40 miles to the gallon and I have a heavy foot. Turbocharged so it really has some pep to its step. I love that the interior trim is absolutely high quality material. I feel like I'm driving a Mercedes only I pay a fraction of the cost compared to a Mercedes

- Jada A

Sporty look and drive in a sedan.

I love to drive my car as it is comfortable, and beautiful. This is the second cc I have owned. I have had transmission problems twice with this car. In fact, it is at the dealership now needing a 2nd new transmission and it is out of warranty because the 2nd transmission came with a 1 year/12k warranty and I am beyond that in miles.

- Liz S

Poor man's Mercedes: When I first saw my cc I thought it was a new Mercedes.

The vehicle is just over 5 years old and now the repairs have gotten very expensive. Volkswagen wants over $2600 to repair a seal leak. Performance has been great and the car has been very reliable. It is comfortable to drive but the wife complains the passenger seat is too low for her to get in and out of the car easily.

- John P

A reliable car that rides smoothly

For the most part, the VW CC is a good car with a smooth ride. I have no complaints except for the gas mileage. I've had the car for about 6 years and it has kept up pretty well. It is a relatively comfortable car with nice leather seats that come with seat warming capabilities that can be very helpful in colder weather.

- Eric C

VW cc - problems and issues.

I have problems with the tires - they pop easily and often need air. It also had a recall so I had to take it to the dealership to have a part replaced which worried me about it is liability. I also have had issues with the electrical - it says I need a service when I do not, check engine light on when nothing is wrong.

- Maria Q

My VW: Nothing but an expensive lemon!

I've had nothing but problems from this car. My tire sensor went out the day after my warranty expired. It's currently in the shop with 30 fault codes. I will never buy a VW again. They can only be repaired in specific places. My radio and GPS went out a year ago. I'm having to replace the battery every six weeks.

- Julie K

So far is the best car I've purchased for myself so far.

Motor issue but got replaced with a refurbished one. It has technical issues with the radio and Bluetooth. This will be my 3rd time repairing it. Also the original window tints peel off automatically. It is said it's normal. Other than those issues, I am in love with my 2 tone interior sport edition CC.

- Dulce V

VW cc rocks with quality, speed and good looks!

Quick. Handles great. Performance is outstanding. Corners well. Looks good. Low maintenance requirements. Priced reasonably on initial purchase. Interior is sharp and wears well. Great get up and go with the 4 cylinder turbo. Low profile helps it hug the road and good speed. Does well in snow also.

- Dan B

I love how sleek the car looks.

I like my car but I fixed the driver brake light it keeps coming out and wont stay in. I like how the car handles and feels. The only thing I would change is the cup holder built it to the backseat. It takes up a whole spot for someone to sit. I would recommend the car.

- Rita Q

Nice looking piece of junk.

Bought the car used from a dealer. Immediately began having problems, none of which have been inexpensive to fix. From carbon build up to oil leaks to needing the coolant housing replaced. I love how smooth it runs *when* it runs, but I'll never buy another VW.

- Susan M

I don't have anything to say about it.

I haven't even had this car a year and it sucks. It's been in and out of the car shop for the 4th time. It is common for parts to go out on this car that is not covered by warranty. May have just been things that were looked over and not fixed the first time.

- Cassidy L

Good car for single adult

Once one issue starts they all start. Expensive to fix but good car overall. Drives very smooth and is very luxurious. Comparable to a Mercedes in style and driving. Great car for someone trying to have fun. Not that great as a family car. Would recommend

- Ali A

It has automatic windshield wiper.

The car had not given me any problems, performance is great, it is very reliable to go to far distances like another state, it is pretty comfortable except the back seat which has a plastic area for cups and other things. The car is very nice overall.

- Melissa C

Volkswagen vehicles tend to last a long time. I had my last one for over 12 years without any major issues.

I like the size of my vehicle because it has 4 doors and 4 seats. The trunk is roomy and so it the interior. I also like the way it drives. I can feel the acceleration and feel like I have control of the road.

- Sofia G

Way too much money spent on repairs compared to previous cars I have owned.

I initially loved the design and that was the main reason I was drawn to the car. I have had a lot of service issues with the car and spent a lot more money than I was anticipating on repairs.

- Jen I

Volkswagens are reliable but can be expensive to maintain over time.

I have had the car for 7 years and it has been great. The only thing I don't really care for is the DSG transmission. I think it saps the engine of some power because it shifts at odd times.

- John S

VW CC Luxury Meets Economical

I love this vehicle! It is sporty, it is fun to drive, it is economical! It's reliable and I get compliments on it all the time. It's luxurious in many ways.

- Sophia P

The seats are so comfortable. It is good for driving around town and for trips.

The seats are so comfortable. The ac is not the best but it is ok. Overall I like it a lot. It has a nice design and looks expensive.

- Selah O

The cost of maintenance and repair. The parts are expensive also.

Maintenance and parts for my car are very expensive. It does get fairly decent gas mileage. It seems my car did well until 66k Miles.

- Julie K

Low to the ground, an uncomfortable ride for passengers. Also, only seats 4.

Bad experience with VW service departments. Had some issues anytime my car got wet, but got issues resolved. Also, alignment issues.

- Tash S

It doesn't get the gas milage like advertised.other than that it's a nice car

Has a few electrical issues it keeps blowing window fuse and less gas mileage than advertised.i like the way it rides and looks

- Brent B

It is fast. The car goes faster than you would think when you look at it.

I enjoy the features. Fully loaded, touchscreen. Rides beautifully. It also goes very fast and looks great ??.

- David S

Well built and reliable. Was priced very good for the quality

Sporty, comfortable and economical. The cars lines are classy looking and the interior options are very good.

- Mike G

Numerous recalls in the vehicle and expensive to maintain.

I don't like that the car only takes premium gas and is expensive to maintain. Also, it burns a lot of oil.

- Judy C

It is comfortable and stylish, but is expensive to maintain.

It has solid performance and features, however it is expensive to maintain and the resale value is subpar.

- Paul M

I am very satisfied with the luxury and engine power that is offered with this vehicle. The turbo does a great job during high speed acceleration.

Premium gas can be expensive. The vehicle does well overall. I usually get around 450-500 miles a Tank.

- Gregory H

No spare tire came with the vehicle.

I've had problems with it. It burns oil and costs a lot to maintain. Also it doesn't get good mileage.

- Judy N