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2013 Volkswagen CC Sport: What I like and dislike

I enjoy driving my Volkswagen CC sport, however, it is super low to the ground and hard to get out of. I wish it had backup cameras or a beeper to let you know you're getting too close to something. I also wish that when you open the drivers door, the locks on all doors would unlock. It's a pain when parked in my garage and having to go to drivers side to unlock when I need something from the trunk or passenger side. It does get decent gas mileage but is a little sluggish when first pressing the gas. I wish the radio system were a little more user friendly and wouldn't randomly change from radio to CD, etc., on its own. Other than these things I really do love the car.

- Leah B

There have been some recalls for the make and model I have.

I love my vehicle performance. It is a smooth ride with quick acceleration. The inside is comfortable with heated leather front seats, automatic seat adjustment and windows. The car information center tells you everything that could possibly be wrong with the car. It is Bluetooth capable with a CD changer and satellite radio. Each front seat rider is able to adjust the temperature with dual temperature controls and settings, and the gas mileage is awesome. For a smaller sedan, the trunk space is good and the car can fit 5 adults comfortably.

- Girl M

Nice Sporty but affordable car

Luxury style, fast, leather interior, very reliable, air conditioning vents to back seating, v6, While its '4-door coupe' designation is, in fact, an oxymoron, the Volkswagen CC offers the sweeping roofline, frameless side glass and low, aggressive stance of a coupe with the practicality of four doors. The CC differentiates itself from the affordably priced mid-size Passat with superior interior materials and a distinctive, curvy profile resembling the elegant designs of more expensive luxury-branded vehicles.

- Laura D

Sleek vehicle with good gas mileage and very comfortable.

Mileage is very decent on my vehicle. The only issues I have is when a problem occurs and many mechanics are not able to fix it due to it being an uncommon car to fix less common than a Toyota for example. The interior is lovely and I think it is a sleek car you just need to keep in mind the potential issues you may have with the car like any car.

- Sky U

VW cc is a great all around vehicle.

My VW is comfortable for long drives, I.E. 300 mile trips are easy. It gets good gas mileage, over 30 mpg so it is economical to drive. I also feel it has a lot of safety options so I feel safe driving it on the interstate. It is also attractive and stylish. I have had a few maintenance/repair problems, but nothing out of the ordinary.

- marian D

Amazing car high end for low cost

I love my car, the drive is smooth besides loud tires and engine but that comes with the sport edition. My only issues is my coolant light leak and having to get new tires. Not meant to be driven like a Honda, everyone that gets in my car loves it. When I speak to other people who have had a similar car they only speak good things.

- Augusta B

Not worth the cost or effort.

The water pump broke because its made of plastic. Passenger seat sensor broke and caused electrical mayhem. The car has an oil leak, not sure how are why. I would not get another cc or VW for that matter. The car has horrendous blind spots. I can't tell you how many people I've almost hit because I simply could not see them.

- Kat H

The volkswagen cc is a sporty sedan, seats five but really a comfortable four.

I enjoy driving my CC. It is a reliable vehicle. The ac is not great, it takes awhile to cool the car down, and is still not great. The car has tons of trunk space, we have taken the car cross country and had no problems with luggage. The car can be challenging for taller people, kind of hard to get in and out of.

- Ana C

I drive a 2013 VW cc 2. 0t sport. Is it grey or blue? It looks both at times.

Gas guzzling, requires premium fuel, it is reliable, but quirky. Expensive for repairs, but a perk is you only have to change the oil every 10k miles. It is comfy, has heated seats, and leather upholstery. It is fast because it is 2. 0 t, and I have great led headlights. I wish I had a back-up camera and a sun roof.

- Jessica M

Enjoy the driving experience of a VW

Had to put 4 sets of tires on the vehicle already. Blogs show that other owners have the same issue. I enjoy driving the car, the acceleration is good and gas mileage is good. Had a major issue with a fuel pump that was very costly and another issue with the bearings. Overall I have enjoyed driving the VW

- Jan P

Car is very reliable and dependable

Very reliable, few problems. It is very comfortable and does not have many blind spots. I wish it had a back up camera though. I do love the color and the paint job has held up nicely. It is called Black Oak Brown. The dealership takes very good care of it for regular scheduled maintenance services.

- Dee Ann L

It is luxurious, but has been discontinued by VW and if it has probably over 60,000 miles on it, expect for the issues described previously to arise.

I like my vehicle a lot, it is brown and looks luxurious. It has nice two-toned leather seats and is a 2.0T. However, it has had quite a few issues, the fuel pump and control module, but they have been completely replaced. Also, it's airbags had a recall, but that was for most VW vehicles.

- Brooke S

Volkswagen CC Black Oak Brown

I have had no problems or issues with this car, and it is pretty much maintenance free. Oil changes are convenient at the dealership and they always do a complete check to see what needs to be fixed. I am very happy with this vehicle and would highly recommend it to others.

- Dee L

Love the turbo and great on gas!

Love the turbo feature. The amount of blind spots can be frustrating. Overall good car. I appreciate Volkswagen and what they do. I wish I could've gotten a black one but it was unavailable. Great on gas especially on the highway. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

- Adam Y

Volkswagen cc review in full detail for you.

Fast, good on gas, reliable, expensive maintenance, keeps value, compact, comfortable leather interior with heated seating, nice lighting system for night driving, lumbar support in seat, drives smooth, looks like a luxury sedan, beautiful profile, touch screen monitor.

- Cassie J

Volkswagen cc luxury sport.

Performance is good for speed and acceleration. The maintenance is not good or affordable. Battery life is okay but you have to go back to dealership for them to install. Overall the car is good and luxury. I recommend keeping all the maintenance up to date.

- Laura M

This car provides a smooth driving experience and has great gas mileage.

I love the design of my vehicle, both It's interior and exterior. The only characteristic that I dislike is that the amount of miles on the car, over 65000, there have been issues with the control module. However, the car also gets great gas mileage.

- Brittany C

This is a reliable car that will get you where you want to go in style.

This is a nice looking vehicle that so far has been a reliable mode of transportation. It gets good gas mileage, and it is comfortable to ride in on a long trip. Not only that but it has a lot of "bells and whistles," such as a GPS system.

- Sharon W

Great design and performance. The car just looks super sporty and attractive. Engine is great and gets good gas mileage

I love the design of the CC. Especially the R-line version because it looks very sporty and attractive. However, I am not very satisfied with the reliability of this car, especially due to the rims because I get pothole damage frequently.

- Alexander H

The tires are low profile and it is super easy to get a flat

Great sound system normally drives great but gets thrown out of alignment easily. Also it has those low profile tires and if you live in a place with a lot of potholes you're gonna get a lot of flats

- Jaimie M

VW cc is a sport car and one of the most durable cars in the world.

I like VW because it is durable. I like the design of the car. I do not like about it is that it uses premium instead of regular gas which is cheaper. All in all VW is one of the best cars I like.

- Amy S

Drives amazing and smooth.

I love everything about it from interior, how smoothly it drives, all features function correctly. Only bad thing is sometimes the gear takes a second to switch then the car takes off.

- Holly C

The most important thing people should know is that the repairs will be expensive.

My car is a nice ride. It was Volkswagen's luxury model for years. It is smooth and is expected to last for many years. The biggest downside is that repairs are expensive.

- Steven K

Volkswagon CC with Turbo, but rides low

I love the turbo feature on the cc. I don't love how low the car rides though, I use to hit my head getting in it, and I tend to hit more bumps on the road too.

- Brianna S

It is fast and I have not had any mechanical issues.

My vehicle has great speed, turbo is what really sold it for me. The tires tend to die out easily which is a problem because you have to buy them often.

- George S

Has turbo, leather seats, and nice interior

Haven't noticed any problems so far. All in all it's been a pretty great, reliable, sporty vehicle. It's low to the ground, fast, and fuel efficient.

- Shelby W

It is of good quality and affordable.

Likes: attractive, fast, and affordable. Dislikes: older make and that is all. I think it is the perfect car for me at this point in my life.

- Faith R

I don't like parking next to anyone.

No problems with my vehicle and it is performance is excellent. Having patience and buying what you really want is important.

- Vicki M

It is economical on gas. Very reliable and has some very nice features.

I like the reliability,comfort and stylish features. It is very economical on gas. Volkswagen ma look e some great vehicles.

- Brian R

Looks like a luxury car for a moderate car price.

Has rear cameras, lcd display screen, safety features. Looks like a Mercedes or other luxury car. Great gas mileage.

- Robert S

Volkswagen has made it possible to feel like you are driving and Audi or BMW with a less hefty price tag

Luxury car that drives very smooth. Has screen for media. Bluetooth capabilities. Wish I'd had navigation

- Chelsea C

Fun car to drive. Sporty to have a little fun, but will not get you in trouble.

If anything goes wrong, it is always electrical and expensive. Always get the extended warranty. Always.

- Max C

It is got a lot of money invested in it and I want to keep this car forever.

Nothing is wrong with it because it is a Volkswagen and it so expensive to fix everything all the time.

- Jose F

If you love Volkswagen this is a good one.

Nice car plenty of amenities. Smooth ride, but can be expensive to fix. Most issues are electrical. .

- Jonny D

It is well made and lasts long after warranty. Powerful engine

It is well made. No major problems in 90k miles. I do not VW service--no back up car, bad hours.

- Terri O

When the incorrect gas type is put inside the car, the performance isn't as significant as it would if you'd put the right one in

Love the interior but I also love how smooth the ride is and how much gas I save.

- Tyshawn W

It is a quality made car with good performance and sporty

I like that it is a sporty car that has good performance and comfort.

- juan h

Good in miles per gallon.

I like the sporty look and how it handles the road

- Israel I