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It is a VW which makes it awesome.

So far our VW golf has been very reliable. Problems with it would include the air conditioning not being very strong or helpful, the way it jerks forward sometimes when you first start driving which is normal but sometimes feels concerning, and there is a screw that keeps the coolant container closed that can unexpectedly come undone. But positives include the way it runs, the way it looks, the small size, the mileage. Comfort wise, it is small so there’s that and the seats are not the most comfortable as it is not really created for comfort but it does have heated seats which is a nice feature. There is also a sunroof that I love and locks are automatic. It is not made for the USB generation but still has radio and a way to plug in your phone for music.

- Sarah B

Fast, easy maneuvering, low to the ground. Maybe 35+ miles to the gallon

Owned car for about two and a half years- third owner. Car runs great, but does sometimes require somewhat expensive maintenance as a 14 year old vehicle. In my possession, car tires have been replaced twice, oil pan replaced, fuel pump and associated parts replaced, battery replaced, rear brakes done. Electronics seem to be on their way out. It is a 4-door hatchback, which makes it one of the easies cars for moving awkward or bulky items. This is my 2nd golf and I'd buy a third when the time comes.

- Melanie M

VW golf-great car for anyone.

Very little maintenance, good mileage, very dependable in all weather. Been in 2 car accidents and 1 deer accident-repaired and still on the go. Holds a lot of stuff when packed. Still running great after 13 years and counting. Great car. If there is a next car, it would be the same model.

- Rock H

2005 VW golf is a great car, still running great after 13 years.

My 13 year old car is very reliable. I have had very few repair issues over its life. I get fairly good gas mileage. The car handles well in all kinds of weather. I can pack a lot of stuff into it, from hauling trash to the dump to transporting bureaus and larger pieces of furniture.

- Ro H

It is very easy to drive. Good for safely driving through parking lots.

My car is starting to be what you could consider older, but it still runs so well. Volkswagens are definitely cars that will run for a very long time. The car only needs attendance every now and then, and it is usually something somewhat routine like a new battery or headlight.

- Eileen L

Reliable 2005 Vw Golf with smooth manual transmission.

My 2005 Vw Golf is smooth to drive and so far has been very reliable. After 163,000 miles it has not needed anything other than standard maintenance and routine repairs.

- Joseph K

It could be a really nice car.

I dislike that parts are so expensive. I do not like that it has no roof rack. I don't like the sound system it came with.

- Joseph J

Would only ever drive a golf now

Love the look. Reliable although parts expensive when needed. Very comfortable. Easy to drive. Good performance

- Sar A

good quality german made vehicle inexpensive to drive and reliable dependable gets good gas mileage and has a good reputation and a good resale value

made by german engineering looks sharp and it's quick

- roman g