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I drove from Vermont to Connecticut to get my zippy, zooming Volkswagen golf.

Overall, I love my 2010 VW golf. It is very comfortable, rides smooth, and has a great turning radius to name a few of its great features. I have the two door 2. 5L version and the engine feels sturdy. Rear visibility is not the car's most valuable asset; when driving on the highway it is sometimes difficult to see out the back, especially when checking to pass. This makes for a pretty significant blind spot, but it is manageable. The golf is equipped with Bluetooth hookup and calling, however, if you are driving above 40-50 mph it gets muffled for the person on the other line. But, it still has Bluetooth calling! Overall, great car.

- Ashley M

Volkswagen golf's are very comfortable, reliable daily cars.

The car is very smooth and easy to drive. It is reliable if you are willing to maintain it, but once it hits 100, 000 miles, you have to be willing to put more work into the car because various gaskets start to leak oil. The car looks small on the outside but is actually very spacious with 5 seat belts and a spacious trunk. It is relatively quiet to drive, and has heated seats as a bonus. It also gets relatively good gas mileage for both city and highway driving.

- Mary K

Reliable, easy, Jetta with more room.

It is a used car and I bought it when it already had over 100,000 miles on it. That said, I really love Volkswagen and had a Jetta previously. What I love about the golf is that it gives me just a little extra room and trunk space for trips, projects, etc. I have had it for nearly two years now and all I have had to do is replace the tires once. Very low maintenance car, haven't had any issues at all, and if you treat it right, you can get really great mileage.

- Mary O

Cozy cute and capable! The VW golf serves many purposes in my life.

I love my golf! The hatchback and folding back seats are helpful in hauling everything from groceries to 50lb bags of horse feed! The heated seats are so comfortable in the winter I never want to get out! It is reliable and cute! I plan to buy another VW and give my current one to my son within the next 2 years.

- Kara K

Heated seats are amazing!

The car has started to rust early and the brakes sometime drag. The car is very comfortable to drive and suitable for a small family. It is a solid car in the snow when it has snow tires. So far it has been a reliable car and has made a couple long trips.

- Rebecca H

Small but spacious good quality vehicle.

Love my vehicle no issues besides regular wear and tear replacing brakes, oil change etc. Especially like that it feels like there is some substance to the car it feels solid and save. Even though it is a smaller vehicle it still feels roomy and spacious.

- Nadine C

Small, safe and spacey. Love my golf.

I absolutely love the size of the golf. It's small enough to park easily in urban areas (at work and in my neighborhood). It's compact but still feels safe and it has a decent amount of space for bags and other misc items

- Leah R

The car has few mechanical issues. I feel safe driving the car in all terrains.

The VW Golf is quite reliable car. There has only been a few repairs needed over the last few years of owning this car. The battery does seem to drain slightly higher than my previous cars.

- Nathsn B

It is very reliable and has never broken down once.

My vehicle is very reliable and has never broken down. It is easy to drive and has a small turn radius. It doesn't need much fuel and is the perfect city vehicle.

- Mirko F

Great gas mileage and roomy inside. It also keeps it's value.

I like that it fits in small spots. It also has good gas mileage. Although it is small on the outside, it's room inside. It is keeping it's value.

- sarah z

VW Reliability...What's the truth

The A/C would turn on. Fixed under warranty. I did have to explain the issue about 3 times, because the techs wanted to just do a freon refill.

- Ugur K

you will never be disappointed

This vehicle is not the best, but it's still great, you'll never be disappointed, it fulfills its function well and has personality

- Pablo E

that it gets really great gas mileage, pretty easy to maintain.

it is small, convenient for quick travel without using a lot of gas, still spacious enough for others to ride along.

- Buddy B

That if you car about the environment or fuel efficiency it is a great car

I like it because it is reliable and gets good mileage. I do not like that it is not very prestigious

- shar w



- jessica S

the vehicle is great for road trips as the seats fold down and you can camp in it. it eats gas like crazy! parts are difficult and expensive to replace. something is ALWAYS wrong, always!

The car has been great during the winter moths. I feel very safe driving it.

- Darcy B

economical car to buy and operate

it is economically, useful since It's a station wagon

- Gary S

It's been pretty reliable, hasn't required any serious repairs

Drives easy and smoothly, good gas mileage, cozy car

- Vanessa R

It is a good value for the money

Economical. Attractive. Good performance

- Gary T