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They should know that the car is starting to be messy thanks to how I don't clean it as well as other people. Also, they should know that my driving skills can get a little crazy since I'm almost like my mom.

I like my car since it fits my personality. The only thing that I dislike about it, is that when I got it, it looks like it needs some repairs. Like for instance, the tires look fine but the car tells me that I need to check on them, which makes me worried that someday one of the tires will pop. But, nonetheless, I need a car to transport myself to places I want to go.

- Stefanie C

The 2012 golf’s have had some recalls and I have updated all fixes to it.

The car has great mileage. It is affordable. I have no problems with the engine or any mechanical. I always take to the dealer for routine check up. Everything is up to par. This car is very reliable from point a through b. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an economy car with great gas mileage and has been taken cared for.

- Jason Q

Volkswagen golf r general summary.

I enjoy the VW Golf RS' fun factor. It has been a reliable car with not issues. All that it requires is regular maintenance and no other issues have presented. The only complaint would be the seats are restrictive and make it harder to get out. Overall a great car.

- Brandon R

It is attractive and affordably reliable, providing the driving experience of a more expensive car without the price.

It has excellent gas mileage and handles tightly (good turn radius). There is not as much storage space in the trunk add I would prefer for a hatchback. It has a sleek and attractive design, and had proven to be very reliable as a commuter vehicle.

- Aimee C

The vehicle has run smoothly for five years with very little yearly maintenance.

My vehicle runs very smoothly. The acceleration is seamless and it handles well. One drawback is the mirror and car design lead to a larger than normal blindspot. Other than that, my car performs well and requires very little maintenance.

- Ben J

It drives smoothly and does not have to be filled up with diesel too often.

I like the size, technological features, and feel of the vehicle. The appearance could be better but I do not dislike it too much. Also, sometimes it can be a bit difficult to figure out how certain features work.

- Kayla S

It is a beautiful piece of German engineering.

My car is beautiful on the outside. It has smooth curves. It has heated seats which are very much appreciated during the winter. My only complaint is that the maintenance costs are high because it is an import.

- Sabrina M

It looks like a sports car but is still good as a family car. It's a Golf R.

I like that it's small and compact, but can still fit 3 car seats in the back seat. I like that's It's all wheel drive, so it's good in the snow. The A/C and Heat work really well. It has heated seats.

- Allyssa H

Volkswagen review runs well and has no problems.

Onboard computer with travel time, gas mileage. And speed. Also Bluetooth connected my make hands free phone calls. Gets about 22 miles to the gallon and runs smooth on all surfaces.

- Nicole W

very versatile and practical, but still fun to drive

reliable, comfortable, practical, good in the snow, good on gas, have not had any issues with it except that the ac stopped working within the first 2 years of having it

- amanda b




The great mileage - even after the diesel fix.

I like the good mileage, the strong torque and the general comfort. I dislike how Volkswagen lied to the world and cheated on the diesel emissions.

- John D

2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI.

The Golf is a TDI and has amazing MPG haven't had and major problem with the vehicle. All in all I am very satisfied with the vehicle overall.

- Quinton f

Torquay, drives on rails.

Golf R 6 speed manual. Awd, sunroof, navigation, bi xenon headlights, premium audio. 256 hp 250 ft lbs. Puts a smile on your face everytime.

- Thad W

Volkswagen is long lasting.

Great longevity and powerful. Although small it has good horsepower and pickle up. It has not had much problems other than electrical.

- Oc M

It rarely has mechanical issues. It is a cheap car to maintain.

The brakes are fast acting and dependable. The car has had very few issues since purchase and the mileage is good for city driving.

- Alexis F

Very dependable and fun to drive.

It was in an accident with the previous owner, so there are a lot of repairs needed. Each year it seems $2000 have to be paid out.

- Beth R

Great fuel economy would recommend

Excellent fuel economy, very comfortable, get additional extras, great size, family car. Would highly recommend

- martin e

It will get you to your destination in a moderate amount of time with no delays.

I like that it is reliable. I dislike the design. I like the comfortability. I dislike the engine and speed.

- Ashley F

It's a great car that is very fun to drive and has good handling

it's fun to drive, looks nice, gets good gas mileage. it is easy to park and i just love the styling of it.

- kat s

It is all wheel drive and handles great. It has more hp than most cars in its class.

No complaints. I love VW and plan to buy more. The golf r is fast and handles great.

- Frank A

I like my car's speakers and the simplicity of its sound system heating/ac. I like that has a reasonably powerful engine (at least for me). I like that it's a hatchback. No complaints.

The one most important thing about my car is that it likes the radio turned up loud.

- Dena M

It has a sunroof and a good sound system. It has enough room for my family, and it is fun to drive.

It is a fun car to drive and it uses diesel fuel so it has good gas mileage.

- Fawn T

That it's a good balance between efficiency and power

It's fuel efficient. It's got great power and handling. It's easy to park.

- Bryan K

Dependable and great in bad weather. I also like the solid feel of the car

The car feels safe when driving in bad weather conditions.

- Michele M