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I love my vehicle. I love how fast it is and how safe I can be in it.

No problems. Excellent performance. Really comfortable. Excellent for commuting. It's a really reliable and stable car that can take you from the point a to the point b with no problems. Service is a little bit expensive but it is worth it. Really fast transition and one of the best engines for a small car. German production. It is not economy car.

- Maria S

Runs well and I run with it.

Since I got it never really had any issues with it. Make sure on any vehicle if you want it to last do oil changes on time and treat it with respect, as we cant get around without our vehicles. Also always make sure if a light comes on to check it out right always and don't ignore it.

- Mel P

Very reliable and it handles well in traffic.

Very reliable vehicle. Excellent gas mileage. Sporty, comfortable ride. Handles smoothly. Can handle various road conditions with ease. Very roomy interior. Plenty of legroom and headroom in the front and back seats. Excellent sounding stereo system.

- William B

that It's a very nice car to drive

It's very comfortable and it drives very nice. I have not had to spend much on fixing the car as i've only had to do upkeep maintenance. ben very lucky nothing has broken as parts are very expensive

- russell D

You can have style with your sporty car and also function as a family vehicle.

I really like the fact that it is all wheel drive. It handles great in the snow. I also must rave about the size of the back seat. There seems to be way more room than would appear from the outside.

- Bret N

It is Bluetooth capable but has a regular voltage plug still, no direct usb.

My car is the perfect size for me. It's cute and compact but not suffocating and has 4 doors. It runs quite well and I've never had any problems with it. The mileage is fair as well.

- Valerie D

The seats are very comfortable.

I love everything about all three of my volkswagens that is why I have three!.. Manual transmissions and 2 door and so much pep! If you do regular maintenance she will run forever.

- Page B

That the car has the performance of a race car with still room for the car seat.

I love the performance of the Golf R. The car is amazing in the snow and has really comfortable seats. The one thing i dislike is the gas mileage.

- john c

It lasts a long time and does not have very many issues.

It is small and it is kind of old but it runs just fine! I do like my Subaru better just because it is newer and I like the sound system better.

- Tare P

2013 VW golf, very happy with it.

No problems, any issues are because of our use, not the vehicle. It gets all the required maintenance when needed, oil, cooling, etc.

- Brad B

That it gets great gas mileage, the color is nice and the interior is very nice also. Doesn't take much maintenance

It gets really good gas mileage. It may be small but has enough room for our family. And I like the color.

- Sheila G

It's much more spacious than it looks. Lots of headroom,even if tall.

It has features above its cost. It is stylish. After 6 years, it has been very reliable.

- Matt G

Volkswagen is grey, 4 door. Love how small it is making it easy to parallel park in the city. It is also zippy and quick on interstates.

The most important things people should know about the golf is how good it is on gas.

- Megan M

it's great for long drives.

IT's been reliable, only requires a yearly maintenance. no complaints

- jonathan S

I love the seats. And I live the sunroof. I love the size it's perfect. I haven't had any problems with it. Vw is the best

It's small and cute and has a sunroof and a hatchback

- Hallie G