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2014 VW golf gate is a great little family car.

2014 Volkswagen Golf

I get very good gas mileage. I love my seat warmers, and the plaid upholstery is really cute. The ultra low profile tires are a bit of an issue in the winter, I have to be careful if I am driving in heavy snow. The trunk space is decent overall but if I have my daughter's stroller in there I do not have room for much else. Her car seat fits comfortably in the back seat. The car has a really quick pickup which is great for merging on to the highway on a short entrance ramp. I like the Bluetooth feature so I can take calls hands free.

- Jeannette S

It is a very sporty car that is fun to drive!

2014 Volkswagen Golf w/Conv & Sunroof

We have only had issues with the fan for the air conditioning and tail lights burning out. The rest of the vehicle has performed well over the past 5 years. We have kept regular oil changes and checks on the car to ensure it keeps running properly. Never had any real issues with Volkswagen.

- Toni G

Golf's great performance!

2014 Volkswagen Golf w/Conv & Sunroof

My car has performed well for the 5 years that I have owned it. I have only had to perform maintenance procedures up to this point. Gas mileage is good relative to the cars performance. I like the loading convenience of the hatchback. It makes home depot trips much easier.

- Lo H

Big things come in small packages.

2014 Volkswagen Golf TDI

Great gas mileage. Very reliable. Sometimes takes a few seconds to start it. Very good highway car. Love the bucket seats, very comfortable. Very roomy for a compact car. Just love driving it in general. TDI is not so great in the winter. 10/10 would recommend.

- Anais G

It is a diesel tank, so if you live somewhere without much access to diesel maybe don't get it

2014 Volkswagen Golf

I love it! It gets great gas mileage (about 35 mpg) and rides incredibly smooth. I made it from Minnesota to Montana on only three tanks, which is way better than my previous vehicle

- Brianna B

You might think it's gonna drive like a Honda Fit or others in the hatchback/midsize sedan class...but it's punchy as hell! Fun to drive.

2014 Volkswagen Golf

I love the hatchback trunk, It's maneuverability, and It's gas mileage. It's fun to drive, though part of me wishes it was an automatic. And it's low-maintenance (at least so far).

- Emily A

It is versatile. Fun and practical.

2014 Volkswagen Golf

Fast, fun, and reliable. It is good on gas and I have had no problems with it mechanically. Although it is small I find it to be a great family car. Best car I have ever owned.

- Gabby D

It feels different from other brands, and it more European in handling versus other makes.

2014 Volkswagen Golf

It has enough power and room for most of what I need. It would be nice to have more features, and easier to load a bike, but overall I like it.

- Gene F

The best hatchback around

2014 Volkswagen Golf

Great car never had a problem with it. I get good fuel economy and travel about 500 miles a week with a 50 liter tank

- Eoin C

The price, the performances and if it is eco friendly.

2014 Volkswagen Golf

Compact vehicle. Easy to use in city/traffic setting. Great trunk capacity..... A little small for 2 people + baby.

- Carla C

Great maneuverability, visibility and ease of handling.

2014 Volkswagen Golf

No blind spots. Plenty of room. Plenty of pep. Small enough to maneuver and park easily. Awesome u-turns.

- Judy M

It is adorably cute and also safe.

2014 Volkswagen Golf

I love the safety and comfort. I wish the Bluetooth sync were more intuitive and it had an iPhone display.

- Christina R

Great gas mileage, easy to maintain. It handles well and has plenty of room for my grandchildren car seats.

2014 Volkswagen Golf

It fits my personality well. It is dependable, easy to maintain, easy to drive.

- Geneva M

It is reliable and has a very high safety rating. It is also great on gas.

2014 Volkswagen Golf

It is great for city driving but it is bad in snowy weather.

- Sage K

It's really safe and comfortable when driving on highways and locally.

2014 Volkswagen Golf

It's safe. It's comfortable. It has reachable cup holders.

- Christina R

It rides really smoothly.

2014 Volkswagen Golf

It's safe. It drives smoothly. It has Bluetooth.

- Christina B