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Perfect size, small but big enough for camping.

I am quite pleased with my Volkswagen golf sport wagon. It is so much fun to drive. It has amazing steering. I can turn the car all the way around without needing to make a k-turn. It also has a bit of spunk, it can get going pretty fast! I think the size is perfect. Its roomy enough so that my backseat passengers do not get squashed, but not too big to be cumbersome while driving. It is the perfect size for a camping trip with just me and my partner. The back seats can fold down completely flat, so we can fit everything we need with room to spare. That said, the car does have many quirks. The locking mechanism is not reliable, and I have gotten locked out of my car before. While I am driving it will unlock and lock at random. It also recently needed to have the battery replaced, which was disappointing because the car is not that old. The resale value has gone down quite a bit since Volkswagen's scandal, which was also disappointing.

- Lucy T

Golf: For the amateur rally car racer.

As far as performance the car is amazing and packs a lot of punch for a car its size. It has a quick acceleration and is fun to drive. I've never had any issues related to its durability. I live in a state with harsh winters and the Golf does really well with driving in snow and ice. I have actually tried to make it slide in ice and it doesn't. It's great on gas, only 20 to 28 dollars to fill up a tank in my area. The comfort is lacking for passengers though. It's actually good if you have kids as their is a car seat attachment in the back but for normal sized adults it's quite treacherous. There are issues with the dashboard computer with false alarms, but otherwise no issues with that.

- Dan V

Golf TDI emission system problems

The AdBlue/ emissions system is the biggest setback. It's the only part of the vehicle I've had to get repaired. New diesels are hampered by this technology. Before the recall I was able to drive 10,000 miles on a tank of Adblue. Now it's less and the vehicle won't start again if you run out of AdBlue. The biggest problem I've had with the car was when I had a full tank of Adblue but the sensor wasn't reading the level. I had to drive the car straight to the dealer otherwise I would have had to get it towed if I had turned it off before that. The dealership mechanics took two weeks and replaced numerous parts before they fixed the problem.

- Michael S

Excellent Gas Mileage with Power

The best thing about the car is the excellent gas mileage. We recently located to a new area where on weekends we like to take extended trips to explore everything around us, and this car is absolutely perfect for that. Previously I lived in a state with a lot of snow, and the ingenious way that they built in the backup camera prevents salt from forming over the camera and distorting the view. One of the best cars I have owned and surprisingly has a lot of power given how fuel efficient that it is.

- Tyler K

This brand would not be my first choice for my next car!

It's quite a cute-looking vehicle. But it's a pretty rough ride on the highway. I like that I can put the back seats down and fit a lot of stuff in it when I need to. My complaints would be that it occasionally has some random quirks ... like the GPS sometimes thinking it's in LA when it's in Philadelphia! It has done some other odd things too, like not being able to get over a crawl for about 5 minutes after it started (that happened only once but it was scary!).

- Claire T

Mine gets better MPG than yours!! Suck it!

I dislike that VW service/parts are very expensive and extremely complicated because German engineers decide that parts should be bonkers and require unique tools to work with those parts. I love that my VW is diesel, gets really good mpg, is small, quick and nimble but also roomy enough for my needs. I dislike that the aerodynamics make it squatter than previous versions of the same car.

- Just j

Responsiveness & lots of comfort.

I have been a loyal VW brand since my college years, I like the reliability of my golf. Gas mileage is great with over 30 miles in city and over 40 in highway. Suspension is very smooth and takes curves in a very steady way. Interior space is comfy and the extras are great also (Bluetooth, electric windows, etc). Overall I am a very please VW customer.

- Rafael E

Wonderful with great gas mileage!

It is a reliable diesel that has gotten me back and forth throughout the entire us. The gas mileage is great (about 38 mpg) and still has all the features of newer models such as navigation, dual sunroofs, Bluetooth, etc.). It also is a wagon so the trunk is big with plenty of room for the groceries, kids stuff, and dog!

- Jessica S

A young, adventurous person’s car.

This car is perfect for a young person who travels or enjoys outdoor activities. It is small, but the hatchback allows for outdoor equipment or luggage. The GPS comes in handy in sticky situations and the sunroof is fun in warm weather. The leather seats give it a luxurious feel without it feeling too “nice”.

- Cat K

Isn't too big but isn't too small either. It�s quick and comfortable.

I haven't experienced any problems with my car. It's reliability with the acceleration that I was looking for that can be a daily car. It's not too high tech but it does have the technology to feel and look like a newer car today. The touch screen and having the digital dash is nice!

- Kate J

Great car! Spacious & fashionable.

Absolutely love this vehicle. Plenty of space with the benefit of having a cute car. Leather interior, computer screen inside, and sunroof all make this car even better. Haven't had any major issues and would make this purchase again and again if given the chance. Do not hesitate.

- Bran H

VW golf 2015 sport wagon.

I have the VW 2015 golf Sport Wagon model. I love the extra room for groceries or the dog. You can also comfortably fit three adults in the back seat no problem. The car drives very smoothly. You do have the option to use the paddle shifters. Comes with backup camera.

- Rachel J

Drives like a serious car, while also getting over 50mpg routinely -- what's not to like??!!

It's a diesel (a fixed one) so it gets phenomenal fuel efficiency, but with all of the power of a proper German road car. Small, agile, and fun to drive. Plenty of pick-up, more than the tiny car needs, and yet has plenty of space to seat 4 adults comfortably.

- Craig G

Great small car for running around in town.

Small body is light for over the road driving as well as long distance riding seat can be uncomfortably. Great on gas and reliable with full features including sunroof, electric windows, dual temperature controls, it includes everything except GPS systems.

- Gee C

It is a great vehicle overall, spacious and compact all at the same time.

There have been some recalls and some minor computer issues. There have been no major issues and is really a great and reliable car. Great on gas and he pretty quick to get up and go, especially in sport mode. The fender sound system is also amazing.

- Stephanie T

Gas mileage is not accurate when taking emissions scandal into account.

I like that it's a zippy car that usually gets great gas mileage; however, I don't like that I was deceived as to Its environmental impact. I'm even less pleased that it was announced a month after I bought the car.

- Bill C

My golf is an amazing car and super reliable.

My car is super reliable, I have driven it on normal weather, on the snow, during a lot of rain, on the mountains, in the city, highway, almost everywhere and works perfectly. It gives me around 45 mpg.

- Melissa O

The car gets very Good mileage, good pick up, comfortable.

I like the S drive, has good pick up. The hatchback is practical for sports and travel. I love the color of the car, silvery gray. I wish we had built in gps. I don't like using iPhone in the car.

- Elizabeth W

So far it seems to be incredibly reliable.

I like how it has a little extra kick to the acceleration. The interior finishing feels nicer than average for the price range. Sometimes the gas pedal feels too finicky, too sensitive.

- Scott L

Wonderful little car, dependable commuter, safe first car

Very low maintenance, sporty, comfortable, handles the mountain roads, fuel mileage over 45 mpg, great features It could have a little more power and all wheel drive like Euro models

- Troy T

It's a great family car, has great mileage, plenty of room, super fun to drive and is a manual.

It has everything I want. A nice radio heated seats rear air it's quick and fast it's a manual. It has plenty of room for the family and travel and gets great gas mileage.

- Kenzie W

My car, despite its size, should not be underestimated.

I like its unique appearance. Moreover, its size makes it convenient for transporting my friends as well. Most importantly, it accelerates very quickly, which I love.

- Alexandra D

It gets great mileage.It has a lot of interior space and is a kick to drive.

VW Golf Sportwagen TDI The diesel version of the car gets me great mileage. It is very clean and fun to drive. This is the second TDI VW I have owned.

- Karmen R

The Volkswagen Golf is a great 4 door vehicle for those who are looking for performance and space.

Only issues I've had over 3.5 years of ownership were all covered by VW warranty! The Golf has pep but also enough storage space and room for friends!

- David S

Oil changes are expensive.

It is a great car and is very safe to drive. I love how good the air conditioner works within the car. It also comes with a great sound system in it.

- Kyle M

Sporty but great gas mileage.

Gas mileage is great in this car.... The interior is nice but could look better.... Performance seems to have suffered since the dieselgate fix..

- Deb M

it just feels super safe. i love the large body of it.

this vehicle is a smoother ride. i love all the tech and how safe it feels to be in it. I have been in 3 accidents so this means a lot to me.

- Medina D

Great gas mileage around town and on the freeway.

I like that it has a sporty feel to it. It gets great gas mileage . The air conditioner could be better for the passengers in the back seat.

- Jo H

It has great gas mileage on road trips and I spend less than $20 per week on fuel.

The TDI engine is very zippy with lots of pick up! The car gets anywhere from 45-62 mpg on the highway. It is very roomy for a small car.

- tamara j

The fuel mileage is very good, it is very responsive and comfortable.

It is a TDI (diesel) . I regularly get 40-50 mpg in town. I love the torque of 240 lb / ft it has. It is very responsive when driving.

- Michael K

Great on gas, has power, and good daily driver

This be golf had been great. It is reliable, dependable, and overall good investment. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Brian D

Volkswagen diesel golf, the high end model.

Performance was better before the first fix for diesel-gate but it is still quite good. It is a comfortable car to drive.

- Deb M

It's blue and small and accelerates far too quickly to make me feel safe.

I like the hatchback. It has good storage space. I don't like how low to the ground it is compared to our other vehicle.

- Jenn F

It is small. You do not need a huge car to do everyday things.

I love its small size. I love its tight steering and good acceleration. I am not crazy about the touchscreen interface.

- Liza N

That it reflects my personality and very versatile.

I love the gas mileage it gets. I love the style and look of it. I don't like that it doesn't always have enough room.

- Wynonna R

The golf is very comfortable and easy to drive and park

It is amazing. Comfortable to drive, good gas mileage, very few problems overall and it's small enough to park easily

- Marli S

is from a very well-known brand, and has good performance

It is a good vehicle, with good performance and performance, very comfortable, but it is something small for a family

- luis b

It is great for all ages and very versatile from teens, to couples with children.

It is an awesome little beast, great and very reliable. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Very versatile

- Emily F

It has a nice look and gas mileage

It's getting to be too small for my family size. I have had a trouble early on with transmission and tires.

- Denise H

Vertically there's a very narrow viewing range out the windows.

Not enough room or power. Very nice interior. Very comfortable. Entertainment technology is top notch.

- Vincent W

Good gas mileage, stylish.

Haven't had any problems with it so far and it's been about 4 years since I bought it. It's stylish.

- Bryan D

Gets gas Mileage for days

great mile/gal. I like the sunroof. Annoyed at emissions BS. Hard to find maintenance/parts.

- nic J

It has a large cargo area. It gets good fuel mileage. It is comfortable. It has reasonable power.

It is dependable and full-featured. It feels sturdy and strong.

- Robert H

the shifter for automatic transmission is really bad,

ok overall. had a few problems. like It's size.

- phil R

VW golf diesel characteristics.

- Frank S