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It's a great car that everyone with a small family could use

After years (fine) in an Opel Corsa from 2010 to have driven, I thought it was time for a new and larger car (partly due to my current work). As a car enthusiast I like to drive in a beautiful and decorated car, but unfortunately the wallet did not allow that. Private Lease provided me with the solution. Because Volkswagen had a nice action on the Golf, I myself went into Private Lease to deepen. At first I wanted a new P.L. Order golf with the options I wanted, but I came across a stock model that provided all my options and more. Plus the fact that I could drive in the Golf within 2 weeks instead of 14 weeks gave me the decisive factor that I chose for the stock model. The extra options of the car, in addition to the regular Highline equipment: - Karlskoga 17 inch alloy wheels - Metallic paint 'indium gray' - tinted side and rear windows - Mirror package - Rear lights in dark red with dynamic lights (very nice!). - Headlight light LED Plus (very nice!) - Ergonomic driver's seat - Locking and starting system without key - Executive package (including navigation and alarm). Pros: The car drives delicious! Switches nicely, chairs are very good and the Led lighting provides an incredibly good view in the dark. The lamps rotate with the curve, which is really a plus on dark roads. In addition, the LED Plus headlights look cool, especially in day-row mode. The dark red rear lights with dynamic LED lighting is a nice gadget, but functionally it adds nothing extra. But for me as a car enthusiast it adds an extra dimension to the car, and that is also important. In the beginning I was afraid that the sports suspension (which is standard when you go for the Karlskoga rims) would be punitive and bumpy. This is a big deal. You obviously notice that it is at the expense of comfort, but not too much. And in addition: tight steering is also worth something. The mirror package is also nice. Mirrors clap in with the closing of the car, and in its rear window the mirror turns right down. Handy for parking in sidewalks. You do not want your beautiful rims to get scratched naturally. Finally, what I do not want to leave unnamed: the Active Info Display. If you have the option: check this option. Very nice to operate, it looks amazing and all info loud and clear. So far very happy with the exterior I have chosen: the combination of dark gray, tinted windows, Karlskoga rims, dark rear lights and LED Plus headlamps makes the car chic and sporty at the same time. Not too fussy, but where it becomes clear that this is not such a standard '' dopey '' Golf. Negatives: Slowly driving in his 2 is not optimal. The car then starts to struggle against, so you soon have to go back in 1. What is less pleasant for consumption. What is also noticeable is the condensation behind the headlights. Been to the dealer and there was nothing wrong. This was still within 'permissible'. Due to the LED lighting it also does not heat up quickly, so the condensation lingers a little longer. Furthermore, I also find the consumption is not optimal. With my Corsa I drove about 1 in 14.5 and with the Golf I was hoping to drive a bit more economically. Especially since I now have 6 gears instead of 5 in the Corsa. But it is a new engine, so what is not is yet to come. In short, after almost 7000 kilometers no hair on my head that regrets that I monthly transfer an X amount to the leasing company.

- Yannick V

The perfect car for dogs!

I love my car! I got the four door so it would be easy to take my dog out for adventures and it works great! I wish I would have upgraded to the next package so I had a sunroof and heated seats for winter. I also with the back windows rolled all the way down with no window showing! Other than that I love my car! Super reliable, great torque, and the perfect size!

- Rebecca L

My golf is the best car I have ever owned. It is a joy to drive!

I love my golf Volkswagen! It drives like a charm, is great on gas, has plenty of space, and includes up to date features. I go on long road trips and the ride is comfortable and reliable. I have had no problems with my car. The backup camera feature helps me park especially at night. Apple carplay makes it easy for me to talk on the phone and follow directions.

- Jeanne S

Volkswagen golf: comfort, style, and practicality.

I love the Volkswagen golf. I have the model with the driver assist and the backup camera/blind spot monitors, and those really help me feel more confident while driving. Additionally, the interior is roomy and comfortable, and the steering wheel is nice to grip. I have not had any performance or reliability issues so far.

- Win W

It's got a manual transmission, which is hard to find these days.

This is the only new vehicle I have ever owned in my life. I like that I can hook my phone up to it and have hands free talking/texting. I like that it has air conditioning and heat and automatic windows. I wish it had a bigger back so both my dogs could fit in it, but that's the only thing I don't really love.

- Renee M

This car has a lot of zip.

My vehicle is very reliable and a great commuter car. It travels up the mountain just as easily as it zips around town. It is sporty and has many luxury type features including heated seats, backup camera, crash detection, and blind spot detection. A special feature is the panoramic sunroof.

- Tracy E

Very family friendly and economical.

I love my Volkswagen golf, smooth ride and very family friendly. Hatchback gives us enough room for when we go on road trips. Love the leather seats. Bluetooth capable. It is a diesel so it is not draining my account everyone I fill up. Overall just a great car and I love it!

- Rachel B

The compact hatchback design is, in my opinion, the optimal car design. Its functional, convenient and sporty.

I like the hatchback design. It makes traveling and parking in a city much easier, While giving me the cargo space for everyday activities. In addition, while my vehicle is not a sport model, the engine feels sportier than most base model cars.

- Ryan P

It is a great car overall.

I mostly love this car. The only annoyances I have is that the back windows do not open. The radio does not get loud at all. The passenger seat gets stuck when you try to push it back into place after letting someone get in the backseat.

- Kendra D

It's well made, handles well and has some amazing amenities.

I love that my vehicle is a German car. The handling is excellent and the build is sturdy, not cheap like some vehicles. The car gets good mileage and has some awesome amenities. I also love that it is a wagon and has ample cargo room.

- Erin S

Best compact car on the market with the most interior room.

I love my VW Golf. It has been my favorite car to drive ever. From inside to out the design is flawless. Perfect compact car, great sound system, and great trunk space. I've never driving a better car.

- Steve D

This car almost thinks for itself and I won't be surprised with new technology for next year.

This SportWagen is roomy, economical and sporty. The maintenance cycle is every 10000 miles and the costs are minimal. Cruises like a Cadillac and goes farther on a gallon of gasoline.

- Billy J

it is reliable and durable

Handles very well, lots of nice features that come with the basic model ( backup camera, nice infotainment system, paddle shifters) good mileage, and has some get up and go

- Marcus b

It's a solid value for the money and doesn't feel cheap (other than the hatchback string I mentioned before).

I like the feel and drive of the car. VW's are great. My major problem with it isn't a big deal but it's the flimsy string that holds the hatchback cover. It seems cheap.

- Elle B

The inside is very nice and catches your eye. Very nicely done.

Water pump has gone out twice in 3 weeks. (recall). Slight camber of rear wheels, causes for alignment issues. 2 alignments done in a span of 6 months.

- Melissa P

It handles well drives smoothly and gets good gas mileage.

It is quite comfortable and spacious for the overall size. The features are nice and easy to use. However there have been several recalls.

- Nika L

Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen is a very nice car to own.

It has a lot of nice features that make it nice to own. The radio/sound system is a plus. it has apple play which is nice. Nice ride.

- gary a

It scores highly on safety ratings. It is also very durable and requires little maintenance.

I love that it is small and easy to drive but has great storage space. I also love that it is turbocharged and yet gets great mileage.

- David M

It looks like a "Mom car", but is actually really fun to drive.

I love the size. It's easy to drive and fit into parking spots, but also has enough room for 2 kids and all the gear that they bring.

- Angela M

Volkswagen Golf- great for singles!

Love it just too small for my family. If you don't have kids it's a fantastic car- love the dash and seats are comfortable.

- Lindsay H

That it is fun to drive with lots of comfort and room. It has some good power

I enjoy the feeling of driving it. The car is responsive and has good pep. It also is comfortable with lots of room.

- philip k

It is a German made car so is very sturdy and well made.

I like my car because it is easy to drive and has enough space for me and my child and is economical for the gas.

- Del M

Volkswagen is a great brand that they should trust.

I like that I can go around for days without using a lot of my gas but also I hate how it's also kind of slow..

- Jorge V

A Reliable and comfortable car

It's a very good car, the materials are very good, it's vero Reliable, comfortable, it has a very good engine

- Pasquale T

That it's a very dependable car that doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

It's a very dependable car and it gets good gas mileage miles per gallon it's comfortable and easy to drive.

- TM A

The best car ever is the mk7 VW golf.

Love it is fuel efficient, goes really fast, it is small and cozy too, it is the best car I have ever had.

- Adrian C

That it has never had any internal or external issues regarding safety.

Safety features are very exceptional and the car drives smoothly, the interior is practical for my needs.

- Lucy B

It's perfect for getting around town,fitting in small space, hauling pets and bikes, and keeping up on the freeway

It's very peppy.it keeps up on the freeway, speeds up fast, doesn't feel unsafe,and is full. To drive

- Linda L

I loved the back up camera and line of sight. The car has good viewing angles from outside windows.

It's smaller than it appears. The inside is large and roomy but it can fit into right spaces.

- Bethany S

Very good Gas mileage especially when you drive highway.

My husband like driving it a lot. I like it because of the good gas mileage.

- Cathy W

Easy to drive with pretty good gas mileage. Good storage in trunk area.

Handles well locally and on the highway. Does not have heated front seats.

- Bernard G

powerful, responsive, stylish

European style is the best style. Turbo engine is number one


It is a fun car to drive, lots of nice features come standard.

Fun to drive, reliable, too small for our growing family.

- Charlotte H

My vehicle is very comfortable, it has a good acceleration so it gets to a pretty high speed in a few seconds.

The acceleration: i think it is almost a rally car.

- Matteo I