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It's extremely comfortable to ride in for long periods of time.

My speakers get fuzzy occasionally, but other than that it's extremely nice. There is tons of leg space, and the leather of the seats ia comfortable and easy to clean. Even with black leather seats they don't get too hot in the summertime, and the seat holds you in place really nicely during fast turns and things. The car performs perfectly, i have no issues with how it works whatsoever. I have apple carplay which is the nicest thing while driving, and i have a glovebox on the drivers side along with the passenger. I also have a hidden drawer under my seat.

- jenny S

I am in love with my golf all track!

I love the good mileage. I only have to fill up every 10 days or so! Also, I love the reliability. It always starts, never leaks, and runs smoothly. It’s fun to drive. The power off the line is amazing. Even without trying, I am always the first one through the light. People want to race me, and I have to restrain myself, as it is ray to speed in this car. The suspension is hard. But that is handy when I off-road on the beach every weekend.

- Amy S

This is what the golf r is all about.

The r is a true performance car with a 292-hp turbo 2. 0-liter inline-four, all-wheel drive, a sport suspension, 18-inch wheels, and a six-speed manual transmission. A six-speed automatic with launch control is optional. In our testing, the automatic was faster to 60 mph than the manual but not as engaging. Standard features include satellite radio, heated seats, navigation, and Bluetooth.

- Betsy N

My car is very good on mileage and has been trustworthy for me.

I like the up to date electronics like apple carplay, stereo and speakers (fender audio), speed and feel of the drive. I have a golf r, so I really like the all wheel drive and the transmission. It has great gas mileage for a quick car.. I dislike how loud it can be and the low profile tires that blew out over bumps at under 10,000 miles on them. I lost 2 tires within days of each other..

- Lynne B

My fabulous golf takes me everywhere I want to go. It makes me feel free.

My VW golf is very zippy and fun to drive. It is highly reliable and gets great gas mileage. Although small it still has excellent capacity. The back seats fold down independently of each other which adds lots of flexibility and space. It probably would not be a good fit for a larger sized person as the interior is compact but it is perfect for me.

- Shannon D

Maintenance issues of my VW golf.

No problems so far, headlight went out on drivers side. Had to take to dealer because you need to take the whole headlight assembly out to change the bulb. This has been the only negative experience of this car. There is also a slight rubbing sound that has started, very faint. Almost a slight squeal. The car just hit 40,000 miles.

- Trevor A

Why you do not need a SUV.

Car is great d moving items that you do not quite need a truck for, not restricted by the opening between the passenger cabin and the trunk as you are with a traditional car. The features on the models are exceptional— heated leatherette seats, fender Audio make it seems like a customized car despite being off the lot.

- Allison R

2017 VW golf - good buy for city drivers!

The car is a great value for the money! Drives well and is great for city parking and getting around. Mpg is pretty decent but much better on the open road. Also easy for car seats and little ones. The interior is comfortable and the electronic setup is dependable. Would highly recommend for a city driver!

- Susan S

Very reliable small SUV.

Car is very reliable, excellent in icy conditions and using all season radials and going up a very steep hill. Seats are very comfortable, has safety features that help me in traffic. The car has solid riding comfort. The radio is clear and of good quality. Price was fair for the vehicle.

- Susan L

Great car for New England.

Everything is great! It is AWD with a lot of cargo room. I do not like that the computer has it set so that when you hit the gas pedal it does not go 'on command. ' the computer has it setup so that it tries to save gas/be economical. I am happy with the performance and unexpected mpg.

- Rachel P

VW alltrack takes me anywhere I want to go with a great ride and cargo space.

I really like my VW alltrack because it drives very smoothly and drives more like a sports car than a wagon. It is a very versatile vehicle with plenty of cargo room and great roof rack. It is AWD and has the ability to go off-road and I feel it is great on the road when it snows.

- Kenneth D

For the price, it can't be beat by the competition.

For the price, I couldn't get a better new car. Very capable, fast, and luxurious for an economy car. Blows its competition (Corolla, civic, cruze, focus) completely out of the water. This is the third Golf I've owned and have had NO problems with them besides normal maintenance.

- William G

Fun to drive golf, great feel, great look.

No problems, pretty comfortable, very reliable, sleek features. Very easy to use. Great handling, accelerates quickly. Looks very appealing, safe, fun to drive. German engineering, 360 degree view, no real blind spots, small and nimble, sporty, unique on the road.

- Paula R

The iPhone connection feature is my favorite.

My vehicle is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me the car if very fresh and sleek I love how I can connect my iPhone to it and I get all of my music and radio stations connected to my car also including all of my emails and messages it is amazing.

- Ella S

It handles the snow very well. Being in Michigan this is a big deal.

It has all wheel drive and a sport mode. I love it because it has the utility of a wagon with the power of a turbocharged engine. Living in the city, it is the perfect size and power for me while still getting good mileage on the freeway.

- Blake P

This car is good in all weather and terrain. A vehicle for people serious about life!

I have the Golf Alltrack All wheel drive wagon. I love the power, and handling of the car and the All Wheel Drive. The vehicle has a very nice interior and it feels much more expensive than it actually is.

- Tim O

Luxury, fast, clean, reliable

Wonderful car Vw always makes the best quality if you purchase vw care the services are covered so the maintenance is no issue. There new warranty helps with anything that might could go wrong.

- Andrew M

Great all-around vehicle.

This vehicle gets great gas mileage, is comfortable on long trips, and has lots of space. My only complaint is the limited cupholders and the inconvenient placement of the ones that are there.

- Kim A

The fuel economy is really good.

Good engine power, comfortable, hatchback, can carry a lot, looks nice (sporty).... Dislike - paint seems to chip off at edges of doors easily, a little too low to the ground.

- Elaine C

If you cannot drive a manual, my car is not for you.

Likes: manual, 4-door, blue color, easy parallel parking, comfortable seats, fun drive.. Dislikes: glitchy infotainment system, gas mileage, slightly small trunk space.

- Ross P

The Golf Sportwagen is sporty, comfortable, and economical to operate.

I have the Sportwagen version of the Golf. I like it for its cargo carrying capacity, its drive-ability (short turning radius, etc.), and general comfort.

- Jay A

It's a premium car that you can have at an affordable price.

It's one of the most comfortable cars I've ever ridden in. It handles well, and I enjoy driving it. I think it also looks really nice on the inside.

- Heather S

great quality and has 4 wheel drive for those winter situations

Great car. It handles great gets good gas mileage and large enough to move large items. Also has 4 wheel drive which is great here in the northeast.

- fred S

Great car for fulfill your needs

A great car, really enjoyable to drive and very comfortable for a compact. The dealerships are so prestativo and I do not have any problems

- Walmir F

Even though it's sort of on the smaller side, that doesn't take away from how roomy it really is.

Great car however I am currently having issues with my transmission. However the car is essentially great, very reliable in my opinion.

- Jonathan G

It's a great car that is good on gas and very sporty.

I love my car because it is fairly small and easy to drive. I like the backup camera and the room inside. It is fast and good on gas.

- Brandi V

That it's very roomy inside and does great on gas. Looks good too!

This car is amazing. It's super comfortable inside and does great on gas mileage. We have been really happy with the inside space too

- Melanie E

I am in love with the power my VW golf has up mountain roads.

This car has been great. No issues at this point. I live in the mountains and it has plenty of power and does great in the snow.

- Kim G

While the Volkswagen Golf may not be off-road-ready, several trims do offer all-wheel drive. Capable of maintaining traction on rough roads, traveling to popular hiking trails isn't a problem.

traction on rough roads, comfortable, powerful efficient engine and precise handling, rock-solid chassis and all-wheel drive.

- Mohsin K

She[s got a great name and fun bumper stickers,.

It is the right size. It has a flat bed for my dog. It has lots of power. I love the color and style. I have no complaints.

- Mickey T

Very good construction and safety features.

Car handles well. Adequate power to access interstate etc. Good interior space for size o vehicle and comfortable seating.

- Fred Z

It has a higher suspension & great Bluetooth stereo.

Dislike - the gas mileage is not as great as my VW diesel was. Like - the all wheel drive option & the Bluetooth is great!

- Heather C

Solid car, excellent fuel mileage, many options.

I have no complaints but its notes sporty as I would have liked. Trunk is too small as well. Need to get tinting.

- Abe A

It is has a lot of cargo space so great for hauling lots of items like events where you need to bring lots of supplies.

It is very sporty but has lots of cargo space. I wish it had a little poor power to go when you need to go.

- Nancy R

The remarkable safety features; blind spot detection. manual transmission, economical. very practical design/

Reliable and well made. It's German. It was cheap. Service is very good. Long maintenance interval,

- Steve M

The gas mileage is very good.

Gas mileage is really good. Volkswagen is a very good car manufacturer. Monthly payment is a bit high.

- Carlos P

It has a very small gas tank.

I like the interior of the car and the seat fabric. I do not like the lack of legroom in the back row.

- Madeline P

It is fun to drive with It's sport handling and easy acceleration.

I like that it is fun to drive. I like that it is an incredible value. I like that it is well made.

- Korinna K

Great everyday car with a little sportiness thrown in.

It handles very well. It gets good gas mileage. It is an alltrack so it has all wheel drive.

- clayton s

If handles well and is safe

The vehicle handles well. It has all the gadgets I want. Good visibility. Good gas mileage

- Ruby H

I think others should know that the car is very comfy and gets good mileage

I like my VW it is a very bright red. It gets good gas mileage and is very comfy

- molly o

It is a Volkswagen ,and it is all wheel drive

I like the model,I like the style,and I like that it is all wheel drive

- David H

The car is fast but burns gas quickly. However, the seats are nice.

Vehicle is fast. Car features advanced console suite. Sports model.

- Nick L

it is a volkswagen, a hatchback version, and is 4 wheel drive

good appearance, good function, but sometimes has glitches

- Anna W

Good handling and power in all weather conditions

I have no complaints of this vehicle at present

- L N

easy to drive a lot of room for family members.

Great car lots of space great on mileage.

- May L