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My Volkswagen golf experience.

My golf gtI is a reliable car. It averages around 25-30 mpg, and even with being required to use at least 89 octane; it still only takes about $35 to fill it up. With the steering wheel tilt, it allows you to move the steering wheel forward and backward to optimize your comfort levels while driving. The hand crank seat is a slight pain, but the seat itself is quite comfortable. They are almost like bucket seats. The only real problem I have had with my golf gtI is that the sending unit on my fuel pump quit working a while back. It does not read my fuel levels so I must keep track of my fuel mileage to make sure I do not get stranded. It seems like a reasonably easy fix though with the access panel being right under the rear seat.

- Chance F

Probably the most important thing that others should know is that it is a manual transmission.The reason for that is not because not everyone knows how to drive one.

I picked the car because it has a manual transmission, and I wanted to learn that. So, it is a little different because it's not an automatic car and allows me to enjoy shifting myself. The only downside I'd say about the car, is that since it's a little older, it has a higher than average amount of miles on it.

- Jake D

Love the hatchback for the space and comfort on trips.

Car is comfortable, transmission is one of the best I have driven bearing 200k miles and transmission works like new. Only have had trouble with the he electronics but all have been easy fixes.

- Fernando D

That it has computer issues which always mean that it is in the shop.

I have had my car for 12 years now. It is very fun to drive and is very special to me. Its all I got out of my divorce. Love this car!.

- Chris D

You should realize that this car is not the biggest car.

The gti has amazing pick up. I have had mine since 2003 and it still has power on the hills above all of the other cars. Love. It.

- Brian H

Well, I have stage 2 on it and it's manual so stage 2 makes my car shift smoother so don't slam it Into second lol

Well i like my gti because it's fast, I also have upgrades on which make it quick and fun, it's great for a daily driver.

- Jack P

VW 20th Anniversary 1.8 turbo

Volkswagen 2003 GTI 20th Anniversary edition 1.8 liter turbo engine, full three inch turbo back exhaust

- Marcello Q

One of the most reliable cars I have ever owned! Never left us sitting.

Very nice handling. Love the quality of the car. Plenty of room for my kid.

- Alycia D