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It is super safe and super fun to drive a the same time.

People say it is so much more money to have to fix Volkswagens, but if you treat them like you would any other car, it is perfect. I have put 2000$ into my 06 gti over the last 3 years with over 130k and she runs beautifully. The brakes are really good, they have saved me a few times somebody stopped short in front of me. The turning radius and overall performance of the car is unbelievable, I plan on buying another gti when the time comes.

- Tara M

Euro cars are probably the best cars to go with.

It is super fun and safe to drive. It always amazes me with how short it can stop in certain situations. It is also pretty decent on gas. I may spend 45$ for a full tank, but it lasts 2-3 weeks. I haven't had to put too much money into fixing it either.

- Sarah B

You can carry almost anything in it. I can even get a 6-7 ft Christmas tree in it!

Love my car! Back seats go down and I use it to haul things ( I am a gardener). Gets great mileage, 33 around town, 40 on the road. It is a diesel. It is small, but me and my grandkids are usually the only ones in it.

- Sue W

The reliability and the reputation the company has is great.

This car is great on gas, very peppy, reliable, gets me places in downtown and kids love it. I would recommend it to friends and family.

- Bryan R

It is not as expensive to fix as everyone tries to claim.

It handles really well on the road, it takes good care of you if you do the same to it. It is super comfortable and fun to drive.

- Tara N

It is a sports car, fast, and reliable.

My car has great gas mileage. I also like how well the car drives. My car is fast. I dislike a few designs inside of the car.

- Zoo G

Very fast and super fun to ride in

The car is very fast and fun to ride in the speakers are really good but my speedometer is a little messed up

- Dylan F

I like the fact that the gti has a turbo. It makes the acceleration feel like a plane taking off. I don't like all of the computerized features. The auto adjusting headlights become very unsafe depending on the conditions.

My gti is the mkv special edition, there were only 1 of each made

- Patrick F

That my Volkswagen Golf GTI is super fast and gets great gas mileage.

I totally love my car. It's super fast and super fun to drive.

- Greg H

safe and dependable, drives smooth

dependable safe car,nice ride, comfortable

- micky P