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First car ever. Spacious and very comfortable for family and travel.

Absolutely love my car! I can put my back seats down for more storage and transportation and it has a very smooth drive. The gas last a while in the tank and for the most part it does not have many issues and I brought my car used. If anything is wrong with the car it will tell you the second you turn it on, just read the dash area and there is a manual that explains all the lights and possible issues with the car. Only problem is, because it is a Volkswagen, it is never much of an "easy fix". you always have to take it to the shop to get bulb change, new gas tank, even changing the tire is a hassle sometimes but I wouldn't change it for the world!

- Kiwi S

The clutch is like butter - very fun to drive

I bought my GTI in 2017 and have not had any problems with how it runs. It is a great little zippy car. It is very fun to drive and handles well. Although the car is small (and fits into inconvenient parking spaces with ease) it feels spacious on the inside. The only issue I have is the same in this car as it was in other VWs I owned. I find the upholstery on the ceiling of the vehicle sags and does not stay adhered to the top. I live in a hot area, so I know that does not help on top of the car being a decade old. Everything else is everything I hoped for and more.

- Sarah N

VW gti 08 is great for a first car!

The seats are very comfortable. Although it is a two door, it is fairly easy to get in and out of the back seat for smaller people. It is very spacious. The sound system is amazing. The overall performance is really good. It has a problem with surges when you first take off. The ac and heat both work great. Seats have great warmers.

- Sydney V

The Volkswagen GTI is an economical sports car built to be very reliable.

I was first drawn to my car because of its styling, I like that it has a sporty appearance. I also was very impressed by the transmission, which was a big factor in me purchasing it. The only downfall for me now is that it is getting older and needs some work.

- John J

Gti - great, affordable performance.

The gti is a great car, particularly the mk5 generation. Fast enough, especially with the dsg transmission, extremely fun to drive, exceptional handling on the twisties. Responds to simple modifications well as VW has a top notch computer system in this car.

- Jay D

It's a highly rated, all around amazing car. Great for a fun driving in the mountains and for everyday errands.

I love my car. It's stylish, smooth, comfortable and reliable. Great performance, smooth shifting. It handles well. Mine is a 4 door and it's been real easy to put my baby-now toddler in the car seat too.

- Chie D

Very very very very fast gti.

My vehicle runs like a just came off the lot in 2008, it has 0 problems, a stage 2 tune, upgraded brake system, stage 2 clutch, cold air intake, turbo upgrade, and carbon rims with Toyota tires.

- Joshua K

The car is fast for the type of engine it has. It handles well.

The car is small. It seems to attract the rain when you try to roll the windows down during a shower. The water drips directly onto the switch for the window causing it to go bad

- Shallah L

It's safe and reliable! It also has heated seats and a sunroof.

The car has been great ! Me and my fiance traveled across the united states in it with no problems the whole time. It's two-door , slapstick , white with black chrome rims.

- Jacquie S

Volkswagen GTI: Dependable, compact sporting vehicle

It's a two-door sports vehicle that has great handling. Purchased vehicle as a certified used vehicle and it's lasted way over 100,000 miles with minimal maintenance.

- Deb R

Despite it being quite old, it still runs very well!

I love my car because it always fun to ride in it. It's also quite fast and sturdy. The speakers are also working great!

- Annie P

Premier cargo space for sure

It does have ample cargo space which I find beneficial. Drives very well. I haven't had many mechanical issues

- Chanse G