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Overall, the gti is a wonderful car that pleases almost all that own one.

I absolutely love my 2015 Volkswagen gti! Quick, light, and compact, the car corners and drives extremely well! I currently own the 5 door hatch, and let me tell you; it is incredibly spacious! Perfect for the outdoors, I take this car up to ski every winter. You can rely on this car heavily without any worries. I have had no issues with my car so far, and I have at about 43, 000 miles on it. I get tons of compliments on the car and it is such a joy to drive. The gti is also fairly fuel-efficient averaging about 23 mpg city and 30 highway!

- Austin F

Through the eyes of a Volkswagen woman.

Volkswagen has a way of defining themselves when it comes to the competition. There are so many extras such as sunglass holders, heated seats, side lights that come on when you turn, secret compartments built under the seats, the technology is amazing not to mention the stereos that come stock are phenomenal. I have owned 5 VW gti's and every single one has been a driving experience unsurpassed by others. And they corner like they're on rails!

- Amanda D

Probably the best car in its price range.

It is extremely fast and picks up speed really well, not many issues as long as you change the oil on a timely matter. I have been having a little issue with the fuel door not opening. The bucket seats hug your body and makes long drives feel like they are shorter. Overall I love the car, it is small enough to zip through traffic yet still pretty spacious inside.

- Lisa H

The excellent VW Golf GTI

This is my second GTI in the last six years. I think you cannot get a better sportier, well rounded car for 27k. Reliability is just fine for the first three years. Built like a car costing 40k. Some of the silver trim in the interior is flaking off and is kind of annoying but everything else is solid as she gets. I would buy another in a heartbeat.

- Tommy M

The Volkswagen gti is a very compact hatchback that has great performance.

I really enjoy my Volkswagen gti. The performance is great, and often I find myself faster than many other cars on the road. The steering and handling is very tight and comfortable. The car comes with Bluetooth and a nice infotainment system. In terms of cabin space, it is fairly compact, but there is a sufficient amount of trunk space.

- Denis K

Compact sports car for the practical person.

The VW gti is a spacious, fun, compact car. I enjoy the sport handling features and turbo. The car has a large trunk and comfortable leather seats (optional). I like the car because it is considered a sports car but is still practical for everyday use. It is a car that is easy to modify (both performance wise and looks).

- Rebecca K

It is a manual. So you have to know how to drive a manual before you buy this car.

I love the car. The interior is clean and comfortable. The shifting is smooth. It also has nice features, like changing the radio station and volume with a button on the steering wheel. It also alerts you when you need to do maintenance to the car, with a picture of the problem on the radio screen.

- Saree P

My Volkswagen gti, is a fast car. I love it.

It's a small car, but I love that it runs fast. I don't like the part near shift handle the sticker or decal that it has (color grey chrome) is very sharp and peeling, if you are not careful you will cut your hands or fingers. I also do not like how it alerts you about your seatbelt very often.

- Norma G

Sporty, classy, runs real good. Super fast car. I get a lot of compliments nice.

Fast car, small, and sporty. I like how it is very small it fits everywhere. I like how it has option for individual drive, sport drive, or normal drive. I like how it is shift, or automatic. My car is black color, it has leather seats, red trimming inside, and it is very classy.

- Norma L

Perfect mix of performance and family transporter.

It is a quick and reliable car that allows ample space for my family to fit inside along with all of our stuff. A stroller fits in the hatch perfectly and car seats fit great as well. The performance always puts a smile on my face when I take it to the track or on canyon roads.

- Joseph C

A quick car review for my 2015 gti Volkswagen golf.

A fun, peppy car. It could use some more horsepower. Fit and finish inside is excellent. The driver's seat went into the dealership because it would work sporadically but it was covered under warranty so it is fine now. The performance tires are expensive to get replaced.

- Denise J

Volkswagen vehicle very reliable and easy to drive.

I really like this vehicle it is very reliable and have had no issues with it. I like how it has seat warmers when it is cold outside also how it can be automatic or stick. It is also very comfortable seating and can easily fit a car seat in the back seat with no issues.

- Meagan D

Awesome car. A little smaller.

I love the sports seats. They hug your body. The backup camera is awesome. It is a very reliable car. The back seats aren't too roomy, but it is okay. The trunk is a little small as well. The shape of the car is really cool and sleek. I love the radio piece.

- A J

The sport mode really tightens up the suspension on a curvy road.

The GTi has great performance. It has almost too many features, but really like the selection of sport mode. The gas mileage is decent, but could be a little better. It is more expensive for repairs and maintenance (once the covered maintenance ran out).

- Paul A

Great performance, lots of cargo space.

Lots of space on the inside. Love the performance. Easy to modify with aftermarket parts. Handles really well and I am very happy with it. Had a water pump issue at about 50k miles, it was fixed by the VW dealer. After 60k miles the driver seat squeaks.

- Jason M

It runs great with no problems in the almost four years that I have owned it.

I love that it gets great gas mileage. I love that it has leather seats and is comfortable. I also love the gray exterior color. It is not as good quality as the older VW's, which is my biggest complaint.

- Trisha K

It has a lot of room. That is the main reason I purchased the car.

My car has been ok. Seems like the dash lights come on too much for this and that. I purchased the car only after looking at one other. I think next time I would look around a little more.;

- Debi R

It is a quality car that is built to last many years.

I love the color and the leather seats. It is a powerful little car for its size and so far, has not given me any problems or major repairs. I love the heated seats as well.

- Trisha B

It has lots of room to transport things.

I do love my vehicle. It is a station wagon, which I love because I have lots of room. The only thing I wish I had in it is a camera for backing up.

- Debi K

I would recommend to anybody.

It's a very reliable car. I love the interior and sound system that come stock in the car. I would recommend this to any driver new or experienced.

- Justin A

The way it drives and the comfortable others like the way it looks

I do not like that it is low based because I have had multiple flat tires from potholes. I like the way it drives, the comfort, navigation system

- Gini K

It's a manual which is hard to find and does great on gas mileage.

I love that It's sporty and a manual. I feel like i can just zip around so easily. It is comfy to sit in for distance as well

- brett m

Super fun but very practical.

Everything has been great up until recently when I have been getting odd notes from my back tire and we cannot figure out why.

- Ian W

Incredible value. Good MPG, good performance, good space for such a small car.

I love my GTI. Great performance and value. Few little rattles and stuff but nothing too bad. Good MPG if drove normally.

- Edward R

Its very unique and is a reliable and dependable car. Super fun car to drive!

I don't dislike anything about my car, I absolutely love it and everything about it, and I am happy I drive it!!

- Alena C

I would recommend anybody for this

I absolutely love my car. Its super reliable and has great gas mileage. I would recommend anybody for this car.

- Blake D

That it is reliable and safe to drive with gear style.

Love the style and how it drives. Good gas mileage and sound system. Wish it had more pick up but drives great.

- Bonnie P

GTI is a reliable car. Performance is great.

Performance and reliability is good. The comfort could use some work for sure. Features are pretty standard.

- Angela B

Reliable, functional, fun, and well built.

It's been very reliable, no issues. Very fun to drive, solid, quality interior, useful hatchback space.

- Michael S

it's reliable, and is good on economy and is very fast vehicle.

The car is very sporty, i love everything about this car, its handles well and is really fun to drive.

- Steve d

The GTI is both fun and practical with a turbo engine that is powerful and gets reasonable MPG when cruising.

It's both fun and practical. I have some minor complaints about the quirky dash computer.

- Paul F

I can beat almost anything out there in a race

For the price the car is in my opinion the best thing you can buy

- Justin L

It works very well and makes a lot of fun on every Kind of road

Small City car with good performance maybe a Little too loud

- Stefan J

The Volkswagen gti is a very sporty, high performance car.

- Gina M