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If your looking to purchase a VW golf gate go for it you will not be disappointed.

I love the car. The turbo makes driving everyday fun. The heated seats are awesome in the winter and I prefer the Clark plaid over the leather. The google car play is a great feature also. Being able to get navigation from your phone displayed on the car screen is a huge plus. I have had the car a little over 6 months and haven't had any issues and I also have a little over 14000 miles. The car is comfortable in traffic and on long trips. I would prefer it had a sunroof and I've seen cars with nicer wheels. But there really isn't much about the car I would say I would change. Stock from the factory it has all the comfort you need touch screen radio with satellite. And steering wheel controls are a huge plus it has volume control and ability to answer phone calls via Bluetooth. You can also scroll through the radio stations on the steering wheel. The car also has the ability to give you tips to save fuel economy through a blue menu. It will tell you when you are doing things that are wasting fuel like having your windows open or your car running stationary. All in all I would recommend the golf gate to anyone interested it has enough space to have 4 adults comfortably in it and the hatch back gives you the ability to fit a bike in the back with the seats down.

- Reilly F

The perfect car for those who care about driving.

Outside of a set of tires, I haven't had any extra maintenance costs other than oil changes. The vehicle is equally comfortable on long road trips or short hops around town. Due to its diminutive size, it is easy to maneuver in tight quarters, yet it has a decent amount of cargo space. As to features, the car is not laden with tech, but has all the necessary accoutrements of a modern car, things like android and iPhone connectivity, heated seats, rearview camera, and a lot of nooks and crannies for life's daily detritus. Details and performance are what set this car apart. For example, the door pockets are lined with a felt material; something not highly noticeable, but a clever touch to quell rattles. All the switchgear feel solid, the doors shut with a reassuring thunk, and the hatch opens and closes needing only a firm tug on the handle. Topping all these positives, however, is the car's engine and suspension. The turbo is perfect for that mad rush into interstate traffic or for that playful romp through a set of s-shaped corners. The suspension handles these outbursts with equal part dignity and verve. One's courage is reached before the car's limits are. Overall a superb vehicle and highly recommended.

- Ryan U

Classy, quick, and comfortable!

The Volkswagen GTI is an amazing and robust vehicle. It is a quick vehicle which gives me peace of mind on the highway because it opens up the possibility of getting ahead rather than worrying about having to slow down behind everyone. It is a perfect car for mountain driving and takes the sharp turns easily without making it feel like it's going to tip over. The bucket seats allow for a comfortable ride for an extended period of time and the design of the seats is charming. It easily fits my large stroller and car seat comfortably as well as groceries! The backup camera is wonderful and convenient, the compact size allows for easy parking, and the car syncs seamlessly with my phone for calling and navigating.

- Jasmine E

If your eyes aren't quick to move and refocus when diverting them from the road (which mine are not) and you're very concerned with driving safely, it really might not be the ideal choice for you.

I love how peppy and responsive it is, and how well it steers. I also really like the super-comfy seats, and the great sound system. I'm not really crazy about the weird little tires that I bought an extended warranty for because they're more likely to go flat. Living in the Northeast where there are a lot of potholes, this is a tremendous disadvantage! I also hate where the screen for the "infotainment" system is placed. In my old VW, a 2012 TDI that I absolutely loved that it broke my heart to find out wasn't legal, the "infotainment" screen was placed higher up and possibly a touch closer to the driver's seat; it was more visible with less diverting of your eyes from the road.

- Elizabeth M

There are a lot of compartments and I can leave important things in the vehicle.

The car is very small and efficient. Love the engine and how it can get up and go with ease. Not a lot of trunk space, but is moderately spacious for all seats. Apple play is great since mine does not have a built in GPS, however must keep a cord in the vehicle to use the Apple play. Even with winter tires the vehicle slides and is thrown around a lot in the winter. Very light build and make that causes the vehicle to be able to go faster, however gets very tough to stay straight on the road when it is windy due to the lightweight of the vehicle. If there is too much weight in the vehicle the gas mileage is bad, but if not hauling many heavy things it has great gas mileage.

- Victoria B

Fun to drive and all around reliable.

The reliability of this car is great! Having features that allow me to look at issues that come up at my fingertip has been helpful. The Audio system is another great feature that allows for Versatility by allowing you to listen to the radio or use other media streaming resources. Overall, it is a fun cat to drive and looks great too!

- Abbie S

With this car, and most Volkswagens, you have to use approved oil and filters which means am oil change runs 60 to 90 dollars although they do say you can go a full year or 10,000 miles between changes.

The interior has fantastic build quality. The engine can get the car moving quickly and the transmission shifts lightning quick. I dislike that the painted part of the wheels show brake dust and that the backlighting of the gauges turns off if you drive in a shaded area or parking garage or tunnel, unless you turn on the headlights.

- Andrew C

It is fast, reliable, well-made.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. It is fun to drive, sporty, fast, has fairly good gas mileage. It is a very responsive vehicle. Because of its small size, it would not be great for a family. The interior is finished nicely, the seats are comfortable. I love my car and especially love driving it on curvy mountain roads.

- Shirley T

Fun, stylish, affordable, & practical!

I love my car & everything about it. I am very happy with my purchase. It works well for my lifestyle. It is fun, affordable, and stylish. There's plenty of room to meet my needs, yet it is compact. Excellent value & I am totally satisfied. If I had to make the decision again, I would have chosen this exact vehicle.

- Michele C

Great pick up and go power and can stop on a dime .

The only issues I have had are with the infotainment system; Bluetooth is delayed when listening to music and always displays the previous song, not the current song. Otherwise, I love my car. It has a panoramic sunroof which really opens up the car, it's fast, 220 hp, and reliable.

- Nichole W

It's a fun, quick car that is as good for track days and canyon-carving as it is for daily commuting.

I like the power, the quick/direct steering, the e-differential, and the versatility of the hatchback form factor. I like the interior styling with plaid seats, and the subtle, "mature" hot hatch styling of the exterior. I have no complaints so far.

- Russ H

All of the current versions of the gate have the same exact power and torque.

I like how smooth and comfortable it is. I also like that it is a hatchback. I dislike that it only comes in a 4 door variation and the model s does not come with led headlights.

- Felix S

Fun Little Sporty Ride with plenty of Go.

This car is such a great little car for getting around. It has plenty of pick up and go and provides a nice quiet smooth ride. Plenty of room for moving things when needed.

- Karen F

The GTI has lots of power and style in a small package.

Great quality of materials on the inside and outside. The handling and power is good for the size. The hatchback makes it practical to be able to move a lot of things.

- Astrid N

High MPG at speed, while providing comfort and safety.

First car I have ever owned that does what I want, when I want to do it. All while getting 3 to 11 MPG better than the publish rating/ generally 8 aver. better.


The Volkswagen GTI SE with the performance package goes from 0-100 in a blink

My fully loaded white 2017 Volkswagen GTI SE is amazing. It feels like you're riding in a luxury sedan even when you're driving like you're in a nascar race

- Robin F

It's a Volkswagen GTI and it's a manual.

It's a bit small but that's expected based on Its size. It uses more gas than I would like. It does have some nice features but nothing impressive.

- a P

It has not broken down on me once since I've had it!.

It is very safe. It is fast/ fun to drive. It has very precise steering and the gas and brakes are reactive. The interior looks cool.

- Maria M

One of the few cars that you can still get in a regular old manual transmission!

6th VW I've owned and they are excellent. Reliable, comfortable, good on fuel, good looking, and my dealership is excellent.

- Kate A

Compact, fast, reliable, stylish car

there is no problem with the car I can rely on it every day commuting to work it's a comfortable, compact, fast car

- Attila B

It's very and extremely comfortable and great handling.

I love the comfortable ride and all the extra features (performance, comfort and small enough to park anywhere).

- helena e

Fast and sporty but family friendly with the four doors

Fast with the turbo. Love the hatchback, makes the small car more roomier. Reliable and like all the features

- Kathy T

It is easy to drive and it gets great gas mileage.

I love the look of my vehicle. I love how compact and easy to drive it is. And i love the power it has!.

- Kelly P

It has great pickup. The gear ratios make for lots of speed in low gears.

It handles well and has great pickup. It fits 2 sets of golf clubs. The AC is rather weak.

- Russ V

It's THE BEST car ever made.

I like that it is small and sporty and comfortable. I don't have anything more to say.

- Joseph H

That it is an easy to drive car that is highly comfortable.

It has a smooth ride. The interior is very comfortable. The gas mileage is okay.

- Hannah P

I like the performance and handling of my GTI. It's peppy and takes turns well. I like the versatility of the 4 doors plus hatchback. I can fold the seats down and get an 8' ladder inside or stuff it with plants and groceries. I like that I can hook up my iPhone and use Apple's CarPlay. I have no complaints.

That it's incredibly well built, responsive and tight.

- Lee W

It's fast and has good pick up.

Dislike the seats. Like the response. Like the style.

- susan T