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Great price for a very safe, reliable car with great gas mileage.

It has been a very reliable and gets really good gas mileage all these years. And I've kept good care but have put a lot of miles on it but until recently (past 5 years) have I had to have things repaired, and that seems due to its old age. I've liked it's performance and features, though it was made it 2001 so a newer car would of course be a great improvement in these areas, even as the same model because today there are features which weren't around at that time I had got it. I got this car because for the price, it was supposed to be a very safe, reliable, and overall a good car, for performance, features & most importantly gas mileage, and I would say in all those areas I have found the VW Jetta to get high marks. For me personally, it is a mostly comfortable car, but I'm hoping that my next car will be a bit more comfortable at least, though I still want to make sure I get a car that is rated very safe & reliable and gets great gas mileage. I most likely will look for a sedan size, though I do like the VW hatchback, and will want to test drive that and give it some consideration, but with my positive experience I will definitely consider the Jetta along with a comparable Subaru, Honda and maybe a couple of other cars, when I look for a new car in the near future.

- Kevin M

Great economical car that has a lot of zip to it. It handles the curves of the road like a champ. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this vehicle.

My Jetta is the Wolfsburg edition. It has a roomy interior. It has a cassette player which I enjoy to listen to audio books. It gets good gas mileage and handles well. It seats 4 people comfortably. It has a sunroof. Typical of VW cars the fabric on the door panels and interior of car come loose. The air conditioner vents on the sides of the car do not work well at all. the stereo system is nice even though it is the stock model. The car defrosts quickly on winter mornings and the heater works great.

- Stefanie A

Grey 2001 Volkswagen gls. Very simple maintenance free car.

My Jetta has lasted me for over 18 years. It gets good gas mileage and I have had very limited problems. Over 18 years, things are bound to need to be replaced, but the cost to fix them has been all in all minimal. The car does not rust like many other older cars, and handles great in the winter for how lightweight/small it is. The car is big enough for me and my wife and two children while still getting great gas mileage for an 18 year old car.

- Joshua W

It is reliable, great on gas, not expensive to repair when needed and it lasts a long time

I love my Jetta, it is reliable, I drive a manual transmission, it has lasted 17 years, in great condition; good on gas, It's just the right size for me; it does not have all the modern features but for my driving habits that's fine, when I want a fancy ride for a special occasion or a road trip I just rent a car cause I don't have a car note the rental is not a bad deal. I also bought my daughter a used jetta for her first car.

- Mary P

19 year old VW drives as smoothly as it did when it left the showroom.

My vehicle is a 2001 VW Jetta with only 55,000 miles on it! It's in great condition with roof racks on the top (it's a station wagon). There are no dents and the paint job still shines! My vehicle gets excellent mileage per gallon and is a very smooth ride. During the extremely cold winters, the engine turns over the first time, every time. I have never had any major problems either the car in all the years I've had it!

- Richard F

2003 Jetta with a 6 speed transmission has over 270,000 miles.

The Jetta is a very fun drive as mine is also a 6 speed. The sunroof gets used often and the performance is great. It has had problems with overheating and a few other things that have needed to get fixed. With over 270,000 miles or ours it runs well. It can be hard to work on and find specific parts for thought because of the way it is built. Overall a very good sporty car the can hold up for many years.

- Charity L

My car is small but yet comfortable

My car is a 2001 VW Jetta GL. It is a small car but yet comfortable to drive. I've owned the car for almost 3 years and I can confirm that they are reliable with no huge problems what's so ever. Over the time it has developed a problem with the stereo where it makes a weird sound but can be fixed unplugging and plugging back in the stereo, besides that it a reliable, safe to use for a daily driver car

- Edgar M

Upscale performance and handling, economy car cost of operation.

Only minor mechanical problems, overall reliable, economical to operate, comfortable, good handling, reasonable ride comfort, excellent fuel economy and range. The only mechanical problems have been minor electrical, and the window regulators. This vehicle always achieves more than 40 mpg of diesel fuel, and at times is well over 50mpg. Fuel economy of an econobox, but much better driving experience.

- Timothy J

Performance with economy, a drivers car for the masses.

The Volkswagen Jetta diesel is a comfortable, long durable, easy to maintain, fun to drive car. Very few cars achieve the fuel economy of this vehicle. It has amazing performance, ride comfort and handling considering it never gets less than 45 mpg, and frequently bests 50. Although Volkswagen has a reputation for not being reliable, with proper preventative maintenance, they last a long time.

- Hairy C

Certified Pre owned 2012 Volkswagen Jetta with leather interior and sunroof

First, it is a 2012, not 2001 but 2012 was not a valid answer on the survey. We bought this car pre owned and certified from a dealership. It had only had 1 previous owner and was in excellent shape with low miles. We have had it for about 9 months now and no problems or issues. It has leather interior, Sirius radio and Bluetooth capabilities, sunroof, a large trunk and lots of legroom

- Wendy B

2017 Dodge Challenger big car nice car for the money

It's the slt version it has a large screen nice seats with warmer and air. Nice sound system. The maintenance is cheap for the most part it works great no real issues. Nice back up camera all cars need back up cameras now for sure. Nice main conceal I wish there were more areas to put things besides the drivers area. The trunk is a large space able to hold a lot of things.

- Matt R

It is not well kept. It needs a new transmission and the engine is going out.

It is just an old car. The inside was thrashed by the previous user. The transmission is shot. It handles well when running. But it needs to be registered with the dmv. It is black with a gray interior. The wheels are okay, but the car needs paint. The sound is system is good for USB users like me. The trunk is fairly spacious, which is good for groceries and or bikes.

- Max D

highlights of this car is the trunk is huge, and you can fit a lot in it.

I have owned this car for over a year, got it at 199k miles, and almost at 280k now. Car has never had any major problems. Only had to replace brakes, tires, ball joints and rotors. This car gets amazing gas mileage. And cheap to fill up. Costs about 25 dollars to fill the car, and gets 40-45 miles per gallon! This car is a fantastic car, even in older years.

- Sarah D

Stick shift, have stalled Maybe twice and that was due to not paying attention.

I am so in love with my car, mainly because of the diesel engine and great gas mileage. I usually push the mile reset button when my gas light comes on and have push that wonderful girl to 60 miles before being able to fill her back up again. The only thing I don't care for is the lack of color (all black) and the headliner and door fabric are coming loose.

- Tanya M

It is a midnight blue Volkswagen Jetta 1. 8t.

It tends to have some electrical issues, but it gets good gas mileage. It is also very reliable, I have put 164, 000 miles on it and have not regularly kept up with maintenance. I have never had any serious issues. The issues I have had have been due to the fact that the car is just getting old. The features it has for an older car are nice as well.

- Ashley M

I would buy this car again and again.

I have had a couple of problems with the battery it draining for no apparent reason, it performs very well for being an older car, it has always gotten me from point A to point B since I have never driven it out of my town, it is very comfortable and all the features it has are all within reach I am only 4'11 and I can reach everything very easily.

- Lisa S

Wouldn't trade my Jetta for a lamborghini! I love her!

My Jetta is a 2001 but runs like it is brand new. I love it! Everything still works heated seats electric windows etc! Usually a vehicle this old has minor issues like that. I have never loved a vehicle I have owned before! It is so comfortable and has the best sound system! The system comes factory and it is better than most aftermarket stereos!

- Dusty K

My first Volkswagen Jetta.

Older car that sat for a long time needs work. It drives ok sits to low to the ground and really got a lot of buttons and fancy stuff that mostly works I guess overall it is been a pretty good car though. It is pretty roomy he does have some or if it still works the truck is decent sized it is pretty fast little car not great on gas though.

- Beautiful M

It's old, and isn't as fast anymore, but it's reliable.

It is the first car I ever owned, and has worked mostly like a champ since I bought it brand new in 2000. There were early recalls on some parts, and anytime I need to get something fixed it's a lot more expensive than anything that's not German made. It's been through flooding, bad roads, lots and lots of miles, and still going strong.

- Amanda D

Family friendly stylish sedan

I highly recommend the Volkswagen Jetta. I do not drive it my husband does however it has been reliable and easy to fix since we got it used and it had over 200,000 miles. The sedan is completely family friendly but still looks like a stylish 'young' vehicle. The gas mileage is way better than most cars we've had so far and I love it.

- Chelsea W

A reliable vehicle to take you to and from places

My car helps me get to and from places and can go pretty far before I need to fill up on gas. One problem on my vehicle is sometimes the door doesn't lock properly and sometimes, the brakes makes the loudest screeching noise possible when you step on it. But other than that the car is fine. It also has a pretty spacious trunk.

- Kevin S

It has some features such as heated seats, electric side mirrors for defrost.

It has a lot of electrical issues, the water pump went out right after I bought the car, it's very complicated and expensive to fix, and you have to special order most of the parts. The heat stops working after awhile, the AC also stops working, the wiring for the lights goes bad so the wiring harness has to be replaced

- Taylor C

It is freaking awesome. It was my first car and has not given up on me yet.

The age definitely takes a toll on the vehicle. The air conditioning does not work properly, the speakers are busted, and the door opens when it wants to. The car drives wonderfully, though! It is a very smooth drive and I personally like the size of the car. It does not feel too small, but it does not feel huge either.

- Ethan K

Love my VW but currently having leakage issues.

Extremely comfortable. This vehicle has been very reliable over the last few years. My only issues have been, it currently has a leak in the radiator. It was taken to the shop, Everything was replaced but 1 day later and it's still leaking! Once that is fixed(again) it will still be my primary car for years to come.

- Ranee W

My Volkswagen Jetta and my summary

My Volkswagen 2001 Jetta is a great small car. It is very good on fuel. Doesn't use oil at all. Very dependable, best small car I have ever owned. It has only been tuned up regularly. Never has my VW Volkswagen given me any mechanical problems.I will consider buying another Volkswagen automobile industry the future.

- Cynthia G

My Jetta hasn't let me down since I got it in 2006

My car is reliable and safe. It performs just as well now as it did when I first got it 11 years ago. Some small issues with the seat warmers dying out and one back door sometimes not locking/unlocking with the key fob. Good gas mileage. Not great at a quick acceleration but once the car is going it is very quick.

- Virginia V

Jetta 2.0 5 speed manual 2001

I absolutely love my Jetta. I get excellent gas mileage: approximately 40 miles per gallon. It is a manual 5 speed that is super easy to manage. I can for so much stuff in the big trunk. The seats have lots of legroom. The air conditioner is ice cold. I have never had any engine trouble or problems with my Jetta.

- natalie S

I enjoy the way the car is structured and the sleekness of the body

I love the color and style it's very sleek. Lends itself well to upgrades. Stick shift is not my favorite thing but my husband loves it and it drives smoothly. Somewhat temperamental. Have had no issues. Sounds like a dream. No turbo but will be getting turbo installed as well as the body lowered

- Jasmine F

My Jetta is reliable and comfy

The only problem I ever had with this vehicle were my brakes. It wasn't an easy fix and it was costly. Since it is an older model, I did not have warranty. Oil changes are pretty pricey if you get them done at like Jiffy Lube, firestone, etc. If you take care of your car the performance is great.

- Jenny G

The long lasting snow tank. 236,000 and still going strong!

This car is a 'snow tank'. VW did an amazing job on this car. I am at 236,000 miles and counting. My car is a manual and having that extra control is important. It is very reliable. The paint has lasted 18 years in Michigan with almost no rust. It is easy to keep on the road and easy to work on.

- Chris J

Reliable and comfortable.

I love how the car handles. It is great on gas. Many different features to choose from. I have owned VW for the past 22 years. You can count on the heated seats to heat you up. I live in a cold area and this feature is a must. Never had a huge issue when needed repairs. Mostly just upkeep.

- Jill O

VW stands for Very Whack!

A/c is broken, has serious electrical issues, transmission is slipping, and the paint is worn in places. The car is too small for anyone over 5'3'. I would only recommend this car to a teenage girl. It has been reliable other than these issues. I still think Volkswagen is a good car.

- Danielle T

Love my car just wish a few things were easier for me to check.

My car is older but is good on gas. It's been very dependable. I have had a few minor problems but have been cheap fixes.. I just wish it had a dipstick to check the transmission fluid.That's my only fault with my car. I do wish it was easier to check things for myself on the car.

- Elizabeth A

Volkswagen Jetta Diesel 45 miles per gallon

My Volkswagen Jetta TDI runs great. It gets an average of 45 mph it is black with black leather interior. 1.9 liter motor with a 5 speed manual transmission. It has heated seats and a telescopic steering wheel. It is a little tight for the passengers but it fits the driver great

- Corey Q

Driving my Jetta and experience

Car runs good but has had several problems with cooling system. Car has good gas mileage. The Jetta is kind of small and could have more space for passengers. I'm been happy with my Jetta and it seems to be a nice and reliable car. I think I would but another Jetta in the future

- Adam Z

Reliable, but hard to keep clean.

The only problem with the car that I have noticed is the interior detailing. Scratches and stains do not lift easily, and the difficulty with vacuuming has been an issue because of the easiness of scratching. Other than that the turbo on the car and the mileage is excellent.

- Christopher Y

Overheating problems but I do enjoy the vehicle.

Overheating problem but smooth overall, interior is basic but elegant and exterior stock paint is good and reliable. I have tried everything to get the overheating problem fixed including taking the vehicle itself to the Volkswagen dealership and they still haven't fixed it.

- Luis P

Jetta's are strong and heavy cars that will last years to come.

This car has worked very well for us, with little problems, but when it does have problems you must take it to a German Auto shop to make sure they do the job right, because these vehicles are tricky. So it may cost more to keep running but it is reliable for much longer.

- Danielle G

Manual transmission with decent gas mileage.

My car is a 4 door sedan. Blue and green sun damaged paint on the outside with 1 dented in door on the back passenger side. Its a manual transmission and does pretty decent on gas mileage. It's not the most comfortable because of how small the car is but it does the job.

- Savanna W

It's small, but it'll surprise you with its power and handling.

I enjoy my vehicle. It's almost two decades old and it's still running well. A few things need to be fixed here and there, but that's normal. I just wish that it were easier to find a mechanic to work on a VW in my area. I'd rather not go to a dealer for everything.

- Robert Z

Used Volkswagen Jetta for good price

I have a nice used Jetta. Everything works. It drives smooth. And it just had an oil change so shouldn't need one for awhile. Nice first car. It's Little and good on gas I love taking trips in it because I know it's the type of car that will always get you there

- Josh T

Compact. Great on mileage. Black. 42000 miles on it.

Very reliable. Great on gas. The steering has no issues nor any mechanical issues. Some electrical issues in the past. Efficient for college students and high school students. I would recommend the car to first time drivers as well. The interior is comfortable.

- Melissa D

Can't go wrong with a Jetta

My Volkswagen Jetta is Very reliable. Fixing the breaks was very easy and simple. You will become a parallel parking master. It's perfect for small parking spots and it's speedy! Comfortable for however the back seat is rather small. Trunk space is efficient

- Ilima S

Excellent car worth every penny

Great, reliable transportation with excellent safety features. Seats comfortably with ample trunk space. Long lived with minor transmission issues and standard wear and tear. Great staring and control, cheap for maintenance and repair, or parts replacement.

- Jane S

Great reliable 2001 Volkswagen Jetta.

Great on fuel, cheap parts, awesome in the snow. Tech isn't the greatest but good reliable car. Second Jetta I owned. Probably own more. Handles great. Cheap on insurance. Can't complain great car. Bought my Jetta used. Put a few hundred into it for parts.

- Jon G

My car does not reverse when you want it to but also my speedometer is completely broken the only thing you can read is the rpms

My care does not reverse all the time, i'm sure it has something wrong with the transmission, so my speedometer is broken. But it also has a lot on miles on it but it can still get you to point a to point b. it's a great little in town car that is reliable

- Simone Q

Needs some work, but it has low mileage for its age.

I like that it isn't a gas guzzler and isn't bigger than I need. I don't like all the little problems it has developed over the years from usage. Though if I had a reliable and affordable place around here to get it fixed up, I wouldn't mind that as much.

- H. B

Push to start is nice but battery dies to easily

Drives great very reliable but parts are expensive to replace a headlight bulb is over 90 dollars so the upkeep makes it a toss up between reliable transportation I would rate it at 3 for owners that live over comfortable and can afford replacement parts

- Matt G

I love having a standard! I catch myself reaching for the clutch in our pickup.

Runs great and has great gas mileage. I have taken it on several trips and it has been great. Works perfect for running around town doing errands. The radio is good. And the trunk is huge and works good for hauling stuff. It had been a great college car.

- JC S

My Classic Four Wheels Car

I love the color which is black. Very good on gas about 30 gallon on miles. Rugged, good transmission and holds the road very good. 10,000 on oil changes. Has an AM/FM Radio. Four door Sedan. Tinted Windows. Dupont tires and 4 wheel drive, large trunk

- Ethel G

Volkswagen Jetta 2001 decent sporty car for the money

I have had my car for about a year and so far I haven't had any major issues. The car gets me to where I'm going and I don't have to worry about it breaking down or anything. It's reliable for its age and actually drives really smooth.

- Samantha B

I do not drive a vehicle to make a statement about me. My car is transportation:needs to be reliable and safe.

Have found the Jetta to be a reliable vehicle ( this is the second one I've owned). One of the main factors in purchase decision was safety factors built into the design. Have had no major problems, only routine maintenance.

- Belinda T

Compared to all other cars I have driven it drives really well.

I love my Volkswagen Jetta. It drives really well and gets good gas mileage. Most of the problems with my car have to do with age. I have had to make repairs, but have never been broken down on the side of the road.

- Carla C

Sporty yet very roomy a great vehicle

Good reliable amazing fast great features like heated seats anti theft locks and ignition can get in manual or automatic transmission style is sporty yet has plenty of room with a sunroof as a bonus I love my jetta

- Shawna C

Diesel engines are great on gas.

The Volkswagen Jetta I have is a tdi. It gets great gas mileage. I've had it for about three years and haven't had any major problems with it, just some slight vibration with the front end.

- Shannon M

it is compact but very comfortable and very fuel efficient

Love my car as it is well made and I have very few issues with it. V6 engine and it is fast. Leather seats that are heated in the winter. Very dependable and fuel efficient

- Alli S

Family reliable car very good on gas and very comfortable

I love it because it is really good on gas and is a very reliable car and runs awesome also is a family vehicle and is very comfortable and works great for me and my family

- Tanya S

The alarm system malfunctions and goes off from no reason.

It gets me from Point A to Point B. It has maintenance issues. I have driven it for 2-1/2 years. I plan to dispose of it when I retire and return to North Carolina.

- Lockhart W

It has a backup camera and other great features.

I love my heated seats, the comfort of it, and the amazing trunk space... Dislikes not much room in the back seat, hard to fit a car seat comfortably.

- Kelli D

Great gas mileage year round!

It is fabulous on gas and rides smoothly. Repairs, beyond regular maintenance, have been minimal. My only complaint is that it sits really low.

- Miranda C

It has been modified to better suit me.

Great in all weather conditions. Handles corners nicely. Not too big so it is easy to park. Gets decent gas mileage. Rides smooth as well.

- Teresa S

2001 VW Jetta. Good running car. Drives daily.

My car runs fine. Drives daily. Sun roof, 4 door, power locks and windows. The exhaust sounds manly. It has tinted windows. Automatic.

- Amber M

Do your research before buying a car like this.

Like the compactness of the car but it seems to always have an electrical issue. Also the air conditioning does not work the greatest.

- Nathan L

Jetta Just keeps on running

car still running well 263,000 miles later. until last 4-5 years few repairs. my mechanic indicates can run for several more years -

- Janeene J

Best car ever. Seat warmer

It small and comfy. It fits anywhere you want to park it. Run smooth. It has seat warmer witch is very good in the the winter.

- Dia G

It is reliable. It is very good on gas and oil.

It is very reliable and almost never breaks down. Parts are a bit expensive, as are oil changes. It needs a turbo.

- Thomas B

It's very powerful for a small sedan. It looks very sporty since it has a rear spoiler.

It has always been very reliable even though it's an old model. It is a VR6 so the performance is very good.

- Sue M

Roomy, and great gas mileage.

Not much to say It's good on gas, 37. 00 dollars last about 10 days in gas full tank, great stereo system.

- Roderick F

It still drives quite well even though it is over 15 years old.

It has run well for over 15 years. However, it is starting to show its age and has occasional issues.

- Roger P

It has turbo!!!!!!!! Also it's a big gas saver other than that idk

My vehicle is great. It's very responsive. I wish it was roomier. Overall it's a great car for now

- Alexander M

It has over 310000 miles on it.

It is standard and difficult to shift but because it has a diesel engine the gas mileage is great.

- Christa R

It is reliable and great on gas I have owned many of these cars in my lifetime

I like this car it is low maintenance cheaper cars and good to find a parking spot

- Josh B

It was manufactured with precise German engineering, and is a quality vehicle.

It's a little small inside, but runs very well, and gets very good fuel economy.

- Roy C

Great performing Turbo charged car with lots of space

Car was not originally taken care of requiring work but still love me jetta

- Taylor S

Sturdy and reliable! Volkswagen is an established and respected brand!

She is old but great! She's black with brown interior. She drives so well.

- Chris W

I own a 2001 VW Jetta Wagon it has been reliable for years. It is comfortable has plenty of room my only criticism is if I do need repairs the parts usually take longer to get as not many are in stock and have to be ordered

reliability it has been running relatively smooth for over 15yrs

- Susan T

It has great tinted windows to keep the car cool from the sun.

Works well. Doesn't have AC. Picks up. Has nice sunroof.

- Courtney D