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Looks stock, but. It isn't. 6 spd. transmission. Best mod ever to the vehicle.

It's powered by diesel fuel. This makes it very sporty to drive. I have upgraded suspension, euro-style headlights, a modified engine program giving it more torque and horsepower that what was delivered from the factory. I service the vehicle religiously as suggested in the owner's manual. Did have a 6 spd transmission installed 2 years ago. Makes the car very fun to drive. The vehicle is very reliable, well built and rattle-free at 198,000 miles. I get 40 mpg in the city and 51 mpg on extended highway travels.

- Gregory G

The transmission is bad and it is quite expensive to repair.

At first I loved my car however, I noticed faults. The car is very comfortable but it is not spacious. My car now has had a problem with the transmission and it is expensive to change. I thought that the only problem it had was that but when it was taken to the mechanic there were multiple problems with it. I am now not sure if I should fix it up or buy a new car. I also say this because my friend too had a problem with her transmission of the same model.

- Maria V

One of the best details about this vehicle is the safety features. The subframe is solid and for a 15 year old vehicle to have front and side airbags, 4 for the driver and 3 for the passenger, is amazing. I'm sure the newer ones are even safer. The doors are solid for side impact protection in addition to the air bags. This is the main reason I considered buying it to start with.

Vehicle is reliable, comfortable, sporty, gets good mileage for a turbo car, hasn't had many problems with down time or repairs and overall a very great deal for the money I've spent on it so far. It's 15 years old and still drives great, looks good and very dependable. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone considering buying one. Overall I believe it is one of the best vehicles Volkswagen has to offer!

- Randal R

Volkswagen Jetta model 2003.

Really good on gas lasts me a very long time. Pretty reliable car gets me places. It is enough space, trunk is pretty spacious as well. The only problem I have is that the alarm does not work properly it works when it wants to. Other than that it has lasted me quite some while with low maintenance to it haven't really need to put in a new motor or anything so really grateful for that.

- Gabriela V

Volkswagen Jetta's are a great car to travel long distance or just around town.

My Volkswagen Jetta has been running strong for almost 16 years now. It has safety features I love. Like the multiple air bags. They're located on each side of passenger and driver sides and also on the steering wheel and above glove box. It is very easy to maneuver. It is small compact size makes it easy to pull into almost any parking spot. I definitely recommend this car!

- Kelly S

This car gets great mileage and is reliable.

My car has been extremely reliable. It is a diesel engine and I usually get about forty to fifty miles per gallon of fuel. I have owned it for a few months and I have not had any issues aside from the emergency brake getting stuck on. But all it took to fix that was a little bit of lube underneath the car. It is very nice inside and everything works perfectly.

- Danica P

I live the interior the leather seats and the sunroof.

It runs great good and has good everyday car does not look so old from the inside, 5 people fit great in there good for traveling long distance, rarely any car problem like transmission or tire problems, ac is always working great been having the car for over a year and it is still in. Good condition even tho they might be a little prevalent with the motor.

- Melissa D

2003 Volkswagen Jetta 5 speed manual.

Good mpg. Durable engine and trans. Good city car (parking, tight roads, etc. ). Volkswagens are generally prone to electrical issues but I haven't experienced any serious ones. Light behind the fan switch, blinker lights. Just little stuff that can be fixed with a new fuse. Over all a pretty decent commuter car or first car for a high school student.

- Greg A

I hardly ever any issues with this car. It's really reliable.

I really enjoy my Jetta, it's been very reliable for me. It's your basic everyday car. But with good trunk space. Not to bad on mpg though the city, even better on Hwy. Have lots of room to fit company. If I were to ask me if they should buy one. I would tell them yes. Most issues with the car is cheap. Just be sure to keep up on the maintenance.

- Jason S

Its small on the outside has tons of room inside the trunk is huge, great on gas.

I am a delivery driver so it has gotten me around for a long time, I drive in town and on the highway for hours a day, heated seats are a super bonus in Iowa winters. The gas mileage is amazing, I can put 10$ in and it gives 3/4 of a tank. I also like how it has a lock button too open the gas tank as my mom's gas tank was sugared lol.

- Alexis T

Great gas mileage and runs good

Jetta gets good gas mileage. I get around 300 miles per tank. The seat heaters are a big feature that helped sell me on the car. Car runs and drives nice. I haven't had any issues except needing a new alternator. The trunk has a lot of room. Heater and air conditioner works great. The seats aren't very comfortable for long trips.

- Tammi G

Jetta 2003, average car for the average family.

The stick isn't as comfortable as driving with the previous cars that we own but it has good mileage the space in the back is comfy as well. It has a sunroof which is really nice. We have a manual car. Also a fan of the cupholder in the backside of the car. Over all a good car for driving and family of four.

- Kat O

Best of Volkswagen Jetta vr6.

Love my Jetta! It has gear shifting problems but it's a great car still and it goes pretty fast! Put in 3rd gear driving in down and you'll be good to go! It is my own very first car and I love it. Jetta vr6 is what it is! It downshifts if it gets too overheated, so then you have to drive it like a manual!

- Miranda M

Jetta TDI - Great fuel mileage

I have a TDI Jetta that gets about 48 miles to the gallon. Trunk space is exceptional. The cockpit is not great but the fact that I can go two to three weeks on a tank of fuel makes up for that. Leg room in the back seats doesn't accommodate two teenage boys, but they are usually in another vehicle.

- Melanie S

It is gray I actually hate this car nothing good to say about it.

My radiator overheating and has done so twice in the past year. The car is very low to the ground and is not reliable for dirt roads. The ball joint is bad. The out lit dies all the time. Headlight battery dies. Just a terrible car in general. And now there is something wrong with the transmission.

- Kelsey Y

A great little car high performance and style.

Its held up well. No major issues. It get great gas mileage. 50 miles per gallon. I take really good care of it as it looks like a brand new car. It's an older car but is mistaken for a new car. Great body style. I don't drive it a lot not many miles but wouldn't trade it for a different car.

- Valery S

Good gas mileage. Too small for multiple people.

I like the gas mileage and how long the car holds up. It runs just as well as when I bought it despite putting over 50 thousand miles. It is small so that makes it uncomfortable for multiple people to ride. But the trunk is spacious. And it has seat warmers, a moon roof, and a sunroof.

- Mary R

VW Jetta looks and rides nice.

My car is 16 years old and has been wonderful. Best car I ever owned. I credit VW with making a great car. Rides nice and have been happy with how well it has served me. Would recommend VW to anyone that wanted to learn more about such a brand. Will probably buy another VW down the road.

- Dave T

2003 Jettas are good cars.

Overall it's a good car. Its reliable, comfortable, stylish. Good on gas. It's pretty fast. Considering 16 years old it runs great. If you take care of your car it will last forever. The parts and service on this car are expensive but if you can afford it then you will love this car.

- Allison H

Zippy, reliable, fuel-efficient ride.

My VW Jetta is a delight to drive. Very maneuverable and zippy. It has been a reliable ride for the past 16 years, with no more than the usual maintenance and parts replacement one would expect. Gas mileage is great. Comfort is comparable to other good quality compact vehicles.

- Jane H

Great gas mileage if your in a budget or a student traveling to and from work or school.

It's a great car for a young student or single person. Gets the best gas mileage on the freeway and in the city. But it has electrical problems, maintenance is expensive, and it's a very compact car. Not for people with children or families unless you own more than one vehicle.

- Victoria Y

Long lasting and reliable!

Since my car is older, it has recently started to act up a little bit. Although 300,000 miles will do that to you!! There has been two battery replacements and we just had to replace the alternator belt (?). But the overall car has been reliable and something I can count on.

- Madison C

Keeps on ticking.. After all the costly repairs had been made and 100, 000. 00.

My Jetta is a 2003 4 door 1. 8 turbo. I purchased it used and it has been a durable, dependable automobile. Great gas mileage and have a CD and cassette player. Problems are if a major part goes bad, it is a pain because they all start to require attention and it is costly.

- Stacey D

My Jetta experience has been great overall

This is a really great car. It is fun to drive and gets excellent gas mileage. The Jetta's performance and reliability has been good overall. One of the main problems I recently started having would include trouble getting the car to start when it is cold outside.

- Ang N

The amazing and outstanding Volkswagen Jetta gli

The 2003 Jetta gli is an absolutely amazing car. It has style, class, comfort and dependability that anyone married with children or single fresh into college would want in a car. I wouldn't hesitate at all to drive my silver beast of a Jetta across the country

- Candy S

It has very good gas mileage.

Since this was my first car, I like how reliable it has been. I like how compact it is and the gas mileage. There have been a few recent issues with my car that I do not think reflect the car make or model as a whole, but I do wish my car had more horsepower.

- Lynn P

Big enough for a small family and good on gas.

The only bad thing is if work needs to be done under the hood hard to get to most things have to take some much off just to get to one part. But changing anything under is easy. Axel came out easy and went back in easy. Very roomy in the car and drives good.

- Cara G

It may just seem like a standard passenger sedan, but it can be a lot of fun to drive.

I like that the car is fuel efficient and fun to drive on my daily commute. It also has room to carry passengers and friends. It is a good blend between a compact car but can still carry a lot of cargo. I do not like how the interior rattles and creaks.

- paul k

A small 5 speed manual car sedan that gets the car done.

My car is grey with window tints on 19 inch rims lowered on coils with long beach styles wheels with a five speed manual transmission. The car has a lot of miles on it but it gets the job done. The car is a fun little car that is keeps a smile on my face.

- Juan M

It's a seriously dependable car, I can't believe we've had it 15 years!

I like that it gets me where I need to go! I don't like that the air conditioning is broken and I'm always worried something else is going to go. I like that it's compact and has great steering/turning radius. The trunk is huge for such a small car

- Kelsey K

The car is very reliable for the price.

I love that it has not given me any major issues since I bought it in 2015. I hate that the logo is missing in the front. I love the mileage. I hate the look of the model. I love the radio in it and the engine. I dislike the manual lights.

- Jessica L

Great Diesel with Great Mileage

I have a 5 speed with a taller aftermarket 5th gear, manual. It gets about 52 mpg. Modified the ecm. Stiffened the ride a little bit and put a better aftermarket turbo on last year.Have a rattle from a fuel fee line I want to fix.

- Homer U

It's not great at going up big hills so be prepared.

I love how small it is so I can park easily and get great gas mileage. I don't like how much repairs cost and how often they are needed. I like how spacious the truck is and that seat folds down to open the trunk up.

- Nicole C

Comfort. Is the best part of my vehicle because it has and offers reliability.

Very reliable easy to drive in comfort great interior rides good no complaints normal issues like any other brand I made the right choice because is good in gas mileage family is happy when we all ride together.

- German N

The doors freeze shut in the winter too and cannot be opened. But mostly reliable if you have a good mechanic and can afford repairs to keep it running and save on years of car payments.

Mostly dependable, have had many repairs because of its age. Dislike the windows freezing during the winter and then the mechanism breaks and the window falls into the door and has to be taken into the shop.

- Marceline F

03 Jetta. The amazing German car that only gets better with the new models.

The 03 Jetta has an amazing car. Great gas mileage. Very jarred basic. Not a lot of distractions and not cluttered. The worst is that it is hard to do the work by yourself because it is compact.

- Don S

Good for awhile, then the check engine light came on for the coolant system 5 years ago then never turned off.

My 2003 Jetta was my dream car, and a dream it was! Until the German engineering eventually took hold - the check engine light has been on for the last 100k miles with no obvious solution.

- Christine C

My radio doesn't work, it's an old car, my ac takes a long time to work.

It's a used car my dad bought for me. I don't like it because it's always have something wrong with it. We always spending our money's on it. I like it because at least I have my own car.

- Vanessa L

Diesel is the only way to go in my opinion. They might cost a bit more to buy but the fuel mileage is awesome.

I love my vehicle because it gets between 45 and 50 mpg. It has been a very good car for running around in. I really don't have any complaints about it. It has over 200,000 miles on it.

- Marianne M

It is super fun and you fall in love with VW.

It is been a great car but the engine light is always on and the ac is broken. It is fairly reliable but I do suggest you buy it from a certified seller instead of a private seller.

- Tim S

It is a very dependable car. It looks like it is going to fall apart any second but it keeps on going.

I have a love hate relationship with my car. I love how it drives and I feel safe in it also. But I hate the cost of repairs and also that everything is falling apart inside of it.

- Karen K

It has a lot of quirks or issues, due to Its age.

I like that my Jetta is a hatchback wagon. It fits a lot in the back. However, it has had tons of mechanical issues and it is hard to find parts for an older Volkswagen sometimes.

- Kayla B

Volkswagen that will get great mileage.

This car gets really good mileage, generally about forty to fifty miles per gallon of fuel. I have not had any issues with my vehicle, and I am the second owner of the vehicle.

- Lee P

If you don't drive like a madman, and do the bare minimum, then this car will last you as long as you need it to. Reliable and dependable.

I like that, after 15 years, it's still very dependable. I wasn't planning on keeping it this long, but if it ain't broke... It meets my needs and I've been very happy with it.

- Suzannah H

VW Jetta Wagon, I love my car

It is a comfortable easy car to drive, very good gas mileage with a diesel engine is the biggest plus for me. It has a lot of nice features like heated seats and a sun roof.

- Olivia R

The car is not that big so if you have a tall family you guys might not fit.

The vehicle is trustworthy and fast, but has minor issues often I guess from the age but other than that it is very reliable and will surely get you around.

- Arthur E

Great car with a few flaws

It's been very reliable, but parts are expensive and the interior cloth is starting to get stained. Handles well, not very powerful but powerful enough.

- Lauren C

It has good gas mileage. Seat covers are advisable.

It gets good gas mileage and handles well. I do not think the seats are very comfortable and there are things broken or not working properly on my car.

- Tammy G

Consumer satisfaction with this vehicle is above average.

Great gas mileage. Runs well and it is small. Can fit in many places and parking is easy with it. Not great for off-road nor super hilly roads however.

- Gabrielle L

Long lasting car that will never leave you stranded dependable

My rim is currently bent. Other than that it's a good car great gas comfortable. I wish I had windows tinted but I will eventually get around to it

- Laura P

The most important thing others should know about my car is that i take good care of it and it works great

I like that my vehicle has a lot of mileage and still works fine. I dislike that my vehicle is older and does not have the technological amenities.

- neil m

that it runs very well and it gets very good fuel economy

comfortable, good fuel economy, very spacious, but it is older and i wish it was awd or 4wd, and that the seat heater in the passenger seat worked

- trish c

It is dependable and gets pretty good gas mileage.

It's not bad on gas. The interior is somewhat cheap and falling apart. I've had to change the light bulbs in back a lot which is annoying.

- J B

2003 Jetta tdi diesel fuel economy.

Love the fuel performance and ease of driving, I would like to get a newer tdi. Have had some problems with electrical and door latches.

- Pete C

Carl the Jetta that lives on your nerves

Drives great even with an issue with the transmission. Occasionally dies but starts right back up. Stalls more often than justified.

- Joanne P

It get really exceptional gas mileage in city and on hwy

I like that it is good on gas,reliable and we'll engineered. I don't like that it's slow,has a weak horn and the parts are expensive

- Norbert L

It was a used car, I got it at a low price, I wanted to gain good experience.

Its paint is gone, and its interior is coming off which I do not like but that is okay as long as its functionality is going fine.

- Amrita S

It has good gas mileage and it's very dependable. It's good for travel and has had very few minor issues.

This car is very convenient for commute and having a family. It's dated and I would like to get one with more modern technology.

- Kaitlynne W

It is a good gas saving car

No mechanical issues except a funny squeaking noise i hear when i start it. The interior is falling apart. But it drives fine

- Michael M

It still runs and it is over 15 years old. it was a great investment

The car is a great performance car. It is good on gas and easy to find parking spots. It's a nice car with a good budget

- jessica h

the car is very reliable.

Reliable car, easy and fun to drive. Never had any major problems with it. Could use a bit more giddy up in the power.

- Jay S

its very safe, has outstanding air bag system and its very cheap to own and maintain

Awesome car would definitely recommend it to everyone, very reliable. its 2003 and its saved my butt numerous times

- Artem B

The repairs are expensive so I would suggest you get something new used or new from VW.

Really great car but it has always had the engine light on and runs kinda funky. It had lasted me a long time.

- Tim S

The sun roof might start leaking.

It's a great little car. I like that it's good on gas. I dislike the maintenance. No complaints over all.

- Forrest B

I already did.i would like free coins please

Door handles and windows are junk Everything is broke. Tube for oil dipstick broke. Cheap materials

- Todd G

Fun to drive. Very reliable. Dollar for dollar worth the purchase.

Fun Car to drive. Very dependable. Recall problems at first but, been resolved. Still drive today.

- John M

It gets me where I want to go it is good on gas and is reliable

The car gets me where I want to go. I easily have mechanical problems good room space in trunk

- Steve Y

Not to turn too heavy, major key.

It gets very good gas mileage, it also gives a very comfortable ride and is very reliable.

- Joan G

It will run forever as long as you take care of it.

It gets really good gas mileage, it is very reliable. It's just a great family car.

- Sabrina M

that it is a great car and fun and amazing and that butterflies are great too

this is a waste of time for sure. are you going to read it? seriously.

- matt s

Doesn't break down and the gas mileage is great

It been a good car it doesn't burn much gas and runs really good

- Shadd R

Runs well up to lots of mileage with minimal cost due to repairs

Recently bought this car and it has been great!!! Drives super!!

- Angela A

reliable and cheap.' good mileage

like gas mileage and it's cheap. don't like that it's cheap

- gub F

It runs great, strong engine and great upkeep. Runs great on the highway

Sporty look, fast and efficient, holds it value, reliable

- Amy W

German cars are reliable.

- Guy G