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2004 VW Jetta gls at with ac, heated seats and moonroof and monsoon radio.

This automatic transmission vehicle has a moonroof, heated leather seats, air conditioning, factory installed OnStar, and original equipment sound system which features radio, CD player and a tape player! This 4 cylinder gas powered engine is powerful, and the transmission shifts smoothly. The seats adjust for driver height, along with a telescoping steering wheel. The trunk is very spacious and has room for a full sized spare tire. The windshield wipers have a heated setting for winter. Also, the car has esp and traction control. The windshield is factory installed tinted, along with factory installed tinted side windows. These are not privacy tinted windows, but this factory installed feature helps to keep the car cool in summer and allows the air conditioning to work more efficiently. The moon roof slides to open at various degrees, but it also has a tilt feature so that you can have fresh air in the car while parked, with the sunshade closed for privacy. This feature is also a good safety feature while travelling with a pet, although one should never leave a pet unattended in a vehicle. The headrests are angle adjustable and height adjustable. The middle console, which is also an arm rest, however, is poorly designed. It raises up too high and is in the driver's way. However, it does flip up and out of the way, but is still in the way if one has pets in carriers in the back seat and you want to reassure them while travelling. There is an adaptor kit available from Volkswagen that can remove this console and replace it with a flat coin holder. I would get that someday and have only a certified technician do the work. The windshield visors have a slide lighted mirror. This is the last model year for a traditional looking and traditional size Jetta, which is why I bought it. The new Jettas are too big, have poor visibility and do not even look or feel like Volkswagens. This car, however, has a traditional look and feel and is made with much higher quality materials than the newer Volkswagens. This is a great model. I have found it to be reliable so far, even though I bought it used. I did have to replace the heated seat switch and sometimes the thermostat for the heated seats is too hot or not hot enough, but to replace that would be to replace the element in the seat, and that would be too expensive, so I just turn the temperature levels up or down as needed. Had to replace the catalytic converter, because previous owner tried to modify it. This is a nice car inside and out and comfortable to drive.

- De D

2004 Volkswagen Jetta = ol' reliable.

The 2004 Volkswagen Jetta has been a good car for me. I bought it used from a private seller about 8 years ago. Words that come to mind when trying to describe this vehicle would be: reliable, safe, and simple. Now, I realize that those adjectives may not sound incredible, but I would contend that the '04 Jetta would be an excellent choice for someone whose situation was just like mine. This vehicle is simple in that it gets the job done without overcomplicating things; it is got a terrific safety rating and the car feels solid and heavy on the road (i.e. It could get in an accident and keep the driver inside protected); and lastly, it is just a good, reliable car. You can trust it to get you from A to B and you are not going to hate the experience, especially if it is a manual transmission. The only problems that I have had with it are the usual wear and tear maintenance issues. But, seeing as how those are pretty normal, I wouldn't say that I have had to put a great deal into this car; at 142, 000 miles, I have still not had to replace anything major. I will be driving this car till the wheels fall off.

- Gray H

2004 VW Jetta gli is the most reliable and fun car to have as a young person.

I love Volkswagen for many reasons. One reason is because of how reliable the brand, and specifically this car, is. I haven't had any major problems with the car and it has held its weight. The interior still smells like the soothing crayon smell. As far as the engine, it holds is 200 hp rather well with a stage 1 upgrade. I love the 2004 gli a lot because it is a nice foundation to build from. It is a very fun car and I would recommend this to any college students wanting fun and reliability.

- Jonah B

Comfort of a big car in a small car.

My 2004 VW Jetta TDI is very good on mileage. It gets about 43 miles to the gallon on freeway. It drives smoothly for a small car. It has been very reliable to get me where I need to go and the seats are very comfortable to ride on. It has a sunroof, slightly tinted windows which helps with the sun, I really enjoy the laid down back seats when I need to haul things. I believe the only downfall is that parts can be expensive due to being a diesel car.

- Teresa R

My car is a reliable car with nice but dated features such as a cassette player.

The car is old so it needs a paint job so it has needs an exterior upgrade. However, driving the car is smooth and the brakes are not that sensitive which is nice. I'm not worried about anything happening to the car because Volkswagen is a reliable company. It has a cassette tape player, air conditioning, CD Player, and radio. I also really like how the car beeps when you open the car with your night lights on to help you from killing your battery.

- Madison W

VW tdi Jetta worth purchasing.

In the past 14 years of owning this car I haven't experienced any real problems. I have replaced the serpentine belt twice, the timing belt once, and the tires 3 times. It is comfortable to drive around town or across states. It has a tape and CD player so you can still listen to your old music. I was rear-ended a few years ago and while the trunk was crushed, my wife and I walked away unharmed. Sturdy, comfortable, dependable.

- Joe T

Old but reliable when it counts.

I bought it used so it had some were given the age. For example, it has been noticed that my oil plug was replaced with one that is too big and requires a new oil pan as a result. The transmission needed to be replaced. There was a four way connection with the coolant that began seriously leaking in the middle of a 90 degree day. The rear passenger no longer opens from the outside and the trunk didn't latch for a while.

- Lauren M

My vehicle is old with a lot of miles, but the fun of the car is worth it.

A few engine problems. Struggled with coolant issue for a while (leaks and such). Other than that I like it, it is turboed with a ko4 and down piped. It is quick to accelerate. However I do not drive over 70 due to loud noises from the wheel at certain times. It is pretty comfy with leather seating. The heat no longer works, so driving in the winter is very hard to accomplish.

- Craig C

Considering it is a turbo-diesel there is more maintenance to this type.

The transmission on 1999-04 model seems to have many issues after putting 100, 000+ miles on engine. Gas mileage is my main reasoning for purchasing this vehicle. However, my ac just stopped working and my brake cylinder needs to be replaced. It's a good car for one that travels often, but the more wear and tear does affect the vehicles performance dramatically.

- Karen A

My car is white, medium sized, a semi wide trunk, 4- door.

I have a 2004 white Volkswagen Jetta that is a fairly small car. Gas mileage is good but the only annoying thing is that the engine light does not go off even though I have had all repairs and maintenance done to it. Also it is not meant to be driven on long road trip(more than 2. 5 hours) because it starts having problems. Other than that, I love my car.

- Shi C

It is just the little things.

My car is black, the trunk need a little work, the left back door shuts but from the outside it looks opened still, there is a dent on the passenger side the car, needs a wheel alignment, the bumper needs replaced, the passenger window -it is messed up to the point the driver can roll that window down but the passenger would have to roll it up.

- Jasmine S

I love my Jetta or how to get a used car you love.

The 2004 Volkswagen Jetta is a great car. It has daytime running lights for safety as well as multiple airbags throughout the cabin. It is great for gas mileage and requires very little maintenance. It can seat 4 passenger comfortably and has plenty of storage room in the trunk. It also has a moonroof and great stereo standard on most models.

- Samuel P

The engine light being on is normal.

I love how small it is and how much room I have for all of my friends. I like that to fill my gas tank up, it does not cost a lot of money. What I dislike is that the engine light stays on, even though we got all repairs and maintenance done on it. Also, if parts are needed for the car, it is hard to find since it is a foreign car.

- Shi C

My 2004 VW Jetta is a very reliable car, but It's gas mileage and oil consumption are below acceptable standards and I would not purchase one again given these metrics.

My favorite thing about my car is the dashboard light system. It's a really unusual shade of blue, which is unique in the auto industry. I like that the steering wheel is telescopic, so my husband and I can customize the orientation for our very different body lengths. I dislike how much oil it goes through.

- Alli T

My review on a 2004 VW Jetta.

My Jetta is a good reliable vehicle for a much older vehicle, with over a hundred thousand miles it still runs very well with normal oil changes and maintenance, I would recommend for anyone looking to purchase a good little car that can be worked on when there are problems and not have them be so expensive.

- Laron S

Goods and bads of Volkswagen Jetta

It has issues with not wanting to go sometimes and sometimes it doesn't but is really good on gas as far as mileage the inside of the interior seems to fall off very easily. The seats are pretty comfortable for long rides and doesn't hurt your back while riding has adjustable hardness on your lumbar

- Dana T

The 2004 Jetta gli is a the perfect vehicle for almost all your needs!

I really enjoy my 2004 Jetta gli, the vehicle in itself (as its old) is a little beat up; yet the fact that I get near 40mpg is something that I do not mind. As a college student I highly recommend this vehicle, its comfortable, affordable, and just a high quality all around car!

- Chance L

Great first car! Love to drive it.

Battery issues from time to time, mostly very reliable, easy and smooth drive and great gas mileage for an older car. I love almost everything about my Jetta. It can be a little slow with shifting but other than that it is phenomenal. Great first car that will last years.

- Spencer M

My car has lasted for more than 10 years. It is a reliable car.

My favorite things about the Jetta are its small size, good mileage and overall durability. It has lasted for a very long time. One thing I dislike about it is the sensors, especially for water detection. It is annoying to have the car not start when it rains sometimes.

- Dee H

My car is great although it is not ideal for a family.

It is great on gas and it is small so fits everywhere. Although I have two kids and the back seat isn't great for car seats also I live how big the trunk is and the sporty look it has. The interior is very luxurious and I always get compliments on the space gray color.

- Lupe L

Manual vehicle with no emergency break.

I am the third owner and it has over 150,00 miles. It performs well but is starting to need a lot of fixes. Catalytic converter. Emergency brake. Things of that sort. It also has a few spots of rust that only are getting worse due to Illinois weather(salt from winter).

- Jamey S

Love that my car is black and small and gets me to places fast.

It is a really good car to drive gets me where I need to go fast. I have been having problems with it turning off on me while I am in the middle of the rode driving which is not safe at all could cause someone to crash behind me. Overall the car is not bad at all.

- Sara T

The get up and go. It is git a lot of speed for a cheaper car.

Love the speed the get up and go. Style. Heated seats and mirrors. Been really reliable. Not to roomy but enough space for what I need. Like the manual transmission. I like only having to the oil change every 6 months. However oil change prices are higher.

- Amy C

My little amazing Volkswagen Jetta gli.

The Volkswagen Jetta gli 6 cylinder 6 speed is an amazing car. The get up and go in this little family sedan is insane! Great handling and suspension make for a race car-like feeling car. It's a rad machine! I suggest that everyone should own a VW auto.

- Steven R

Don't get a sunroof or leather seats in it. Otherwise, do the scheduled maintenance and it'll last.

It's old but has been mostly reliable. I hate the leather seats, which are awful in the summer, and the sunroof has leaked and damaged the headliner significantly. VW refuses to fix it. It's a small back seat without enough room for children.


The 2004 VW Jetta with a 1.8 Turbo engine is a fast little manual car. Highly reliable, great to drive in any weather. Great sound system. It's an all around great car

I am really very pleased with my VW. It's an older model with a lot of miles but still runs fantastic! 207,000 miles to be exact. With a small amount of regular maintenance these wonderful vehicles really last. I think I'll always buy VW.

- Mackenzie M

Others should know that my car is expensive to change parts that are required.

I dislike how expensive it is to change the transmission. I dislike that there is constantly a problem with my vehicle. What I like about my vehicle is that I am used to it already and I like how simply it is.

- Maria V

I like the fact that my car has a motorized sun/moonroof.

Good gas mileage, it drives well but sometimes there are clicking noises from the turn signal. There may be a short in the circuit board. Other than that it drives great and it reasonable for city driving.

- Sam E

Fun car to drive and easy to handle

It is a fun car to drive, easy to handle, comfortable and pretty reliable. It has over 100000 miles on it and all it needed is maintenance and regular parts replacement ec brakes, tires etc.

- Diana P

It's old and still runs well

I love that it's a manual transmission. It has 180,000 miles and still runs wonderfully. I dislike that when something does go wrong it's expensive to fix. Foreign car problems

- Josie I

An old volkswagen is risky because some are very reliable and some are not.

It has a lot of issues and I need to take it to the shop every few months to be fixed. My check engine light is almost always on because it constantly has some type of problem.

- Jessie K

Betta like small if you want a Jetta

It's not a very spacious car, but it rides well. it has kept up for many years and has had minimal issues. It is fairly comfortable to ride in and it does well on gas.

- katlyn b

It is mine, I do not let everyone drive my car, and it is mine.

I really do not have any complaints about my car, it gets the job done. I mean no breakdowns or anything, but who does not want a new and better car, truck, or SUV.

- Charles H

Great quality car, but it is costly to maintain because some of the parts are not American made.

Drives very well. Loves to go fast, and hates when I slow down. When it breaks down, it really breaks down, and 3-4 different issues will occur at the same time.

- Michelle J

Cheap Gas Fill Up Costs: Good Distance Travelled on Full Tank!

I really like the gas mileage, low maintenance cost and easy parking abilities. I dislike that it is so much older, and I don't know how to work on it very well.

- Jennifer H

It is small in size so if you have a big family this wouldn't fit you.

It is an older model but still runs great. Never had any major problems. Mostly just tire and balance problems, and it the back seat room is very small.

- Melissa C

2004 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

2004 Volkswagen Jetta TDI. Car has been very reliable and consistently gets 40 miles per gallon. Car still runs strong at 275,000 miles.

- Thomas R

Diesel engine has been good to me

Just shy of 200,000 now beginning to have repair issues right now my gas gauge isn't working and i can't afford to fix it right now

- Cara C

The gas mileage is the biggest thing and it's incredible especially compared to other cars out there.

I love the gas mileage I get. The back seats fold down enough I can haul things or give my dogs room to stretch out during travel.

- Wendy N

My car is old but has lasted without too many expensive repairs. It is good on mileage and does not require much maintenance. Aside from normal wear and tear as well as sensor issues, it has taken me wherever I wanna go. I love it!

This car lasts a while. If you know a thing or two about fixing cars, you can maintain it yourself for much cheaper than a shop.

- Darah H

Its an economical vehicle that makes a great family car.

I have loved the car overall, it is just getting old and showing it is age. Small things in the interior are starting to break.

- Amber B

The price at purchase was reasonable and Its paid for, and is very comfortable,

My car was reasonable, as far as purchase price. The car gets decent mileage. The car is 14 years old and is wearing down.

- Ralph K

Good care with low maintenance.

I love my car it drives so nicely for a five speed transmission. The only thing I do not care for is the cassette tape aux.

- Whitney M

It is dependable and well made.

It rarely has a mechanical problem. It has lasted a long time. It was worth the purchase. I feel safe in the vehicle.

- Samantha A

It is compact, and you have to watch your speed.

I am still not used to how it drives. The Jetta is a little smaller than I wanted. I am not a fan of the color.

- Sam D

2004 Volkswagen Jetta stick shift

I really like my car it does have its issues but it works gets me from place to place. It's a snappy little car

- Penny G

It is a good car. Reliable car.

It is fast. It is a good driving car. Never really gave me a real problem. It is good on gas. Compact as well.

- Diana R

Great gas mileage for a 2004

Good performance and excellent gas mileage. Kept up with oil changes and tune ups and runs great for its age.

- Seth P

LOVE the power and feasibility to get up and go in traffic. Feels very smooth and easy-going despite being fast and powerful

Intermittent check engine light, but runs beautifully, lots of power with the turbo and drives very smoothly

- Laura I

It has a Diesel engine and it gets almost 70 Miles/gallon on highway

I love it's Diesel engine so much. It's a TDI and it gets amazing gas mileage. Volkswagen built a good car

- Amanda F

Good compact vehicle, affordable, economic on gas

Saves gas, not so good stabilization, compact, can park anywhere, good space for a small car, runs good.

- Arturo A

Volkswagen Jetta's are nice German Cars. I would recommend them to other to own.

It takes me to point A to point B. The car is a old model. It need an upgrade. Overall, I like it.

- Anna S

It's a small car but gets good gas mileage and is very reliable.

It gets good gas mileage so is very economical to drive. It handles well at all speeds.

- Max R

VW 2004 makes 14 years old with 150000 miles. It's great!!

It's almost to 150000 miles and it's 14 years old. It cost so much for parts & services

- Heather L

Great fuel mileage with diesel. Also can put a lot of miles on the engine because diesels last longer.

Love the fuel mileage I get because it is a Tzu diesel. Handles great. Fun to drive.

- Jason N

It needs maintenance for the usual wear and tear, but otherwise in pretty good condition.

Very economical, can park anywhere, just cute hand me down car for teen driver.

- Melissa T

It's a beat up old pile, but I owe nothing on it and it owes me nothing.

Great fuel economy and reliable. My car has 288,000 miles and It's bulletproof

- Cory H

It has a lot of miles and is clean

I like the look of the car and the feel of it but it just has a lot of miles.

- Skyler A

They don't make models like that anymore. It's still a fun car to drive.

It's a dependable car. It's fun to drive. It's easy to maintain.

- Jonathan S

it is a good car, has no big problems, it is just a little to old, i wish i can get a newer one, but the same brand and make

it is a good car Cheap on gas needs some work easy to keep up

- Juan A

Drives really well..Comfortable to drive with good juice

Great on turns. Comfortable when driving Kinda small

- Eric W