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A mostly dependable car, with some wiring and design issues that probably won't pop up until the mileage gets high.

My car runs smoothly and it hasn't dropped me off on the side of the road or anything, but that doesn't mean I haven't had problems with it. The anti-theft ignition system went wacky at about 90k miles (I bought it at 78k miles) and I had to pay over $1k to get that fixed so that it would recognize my key as a genuine key and actually switch on the ignition. Now at 110k miles the automatic transmission has been acting up, which is made all the more difficult because the transmission system in this car is enclosed. This means I can't check the fluid myself or anything, the whole compartment has to be opened up. It's a pain in the butt. Mostly, I'm happy with it, because it's comfortable and a good looking car, but there are some design details and wiring problems that really could have been better handled.

- Leigh C

Low gas and lightening fast.

My Jetta is amazing. It is comfortable with lots of room for road trips. The hatch is great for the dog too. I also really like stock stereo. It is loud and has great base to it. The sun room adds a nice bonus to any drive. The couple things I don't like is the rear view mirror is slightly too large but not too much to deal with for all the other benefits. The antenna for the radio sucks. that's the worst part of the car. This car is great though it is fast and gets a whopping 40 mpg on the highway. The Volkswagen Jetta is truly a great car!

- Rebecca L

Great car with great gas mileage.

This is my second 2006 Jetta. My first Jetta was involved in an accident so this is the replacement Jetta. I choose the Jetta for the safety features, the look and the price. I have a manual transmission and my Jetta is a tdi. The gas mileage is remarkable and I currently have over 280, 000 miles on it and it still going strong. My car is very reliable and I feel comfortable taking it on long vacations without the worry of any major breakdowns. The trunk space is amazing and it is a very comfortable ride.

- Kari E

2006 gray Volkswagen Jetta with only 144, 000 miles!

Problems - comes with a lot of maintenance which means it costs me a lot of money to maintain. Has to go to the shop a lot. Performance - has great gas mileage since it is a diesel. The get up and go is great as well. Reliability - I would give reliability a 5/10 because like I said - a lot of maintenance issues. Comfort - I drive a lot and this car has great comfort especially with the seats. Features - heated seats which are awesome, an AUX cord, great sound system, heated rearview mirrors.

- Kylie M

My simple Jetta. Nothing fancy but gets the job done.

This past year have had to get brakes redone, inside wiring and a new starter. Interior is ripping. Only have radio, there are no new fancy technological updates. But, it drives fine once I got everything fixed. It does the job. Sometimes it skids when getting onto the interstate if it is wet. Have to turn on lights manually. The windows work great, trunk is very spacious. My cup holder thing in the back middle seat is broken and sticks out so the person in that seat cannot sit comfortably.

- Caroline W

It's very comfortable and easy for the driver to control what is going on inside and outside the car.

Even though my car is the base model for a Jetta, it still has many features that other companies do not have, such as all windows are fully automatic, it is a stick shift, and I can bump the turn signal for a turn stead of leaving it all the way on. One thing I do not like is the headliner in the car, it came loose shortly after I bought it and I believe it should have lasted longer.

- Shauni N

Fun driving and performing car.

Owned car for 5 years very little maintenance has been done. Reliability has been great, performance and handling is also great. Don't really have a lot of features on my model. I can drive 600 miles on one tank of fuel. The only thing I have had done out of the normal upkeep would be hub bearing of right side. Other than that it has just been normal oil changes, battery, and brakes.

- Tracey R

None that I can think of.

This car was bought used so it has a lot of problems that were not noticeable when it was purchased. He air conditioner blows cold air when it feels like it. The trunk button does not work. The door unlock button does not work. The phone charging portal inside the car does not work. I do not know if the car was not taken care of at all or if the is usual problems for this car.

- Terry P

It gets the job done. It may not be the most luxurious brand and the the fanciest, but it is able to provide the transportation I need.

I like that my car has lasted how long it has lasted. However, I do not like that there are no warning signs before a large part of the car breaks down. For example, last week, everything was working fine. Then the next morning, my car wouldn't start. Ended up being a clogged engine, corroded spark plugs, and a bad battery. There were no signs and tit was frustrating.

- Chris A

My car is very economical.

What I like about my Jetta is how it fills up with only $35 max. I also like how small it is but how much space it has on the inside. I like how it can go from automatic to standard. What I do not like is how the speakers are not quite the best when listening to music. I also do not like the fact that the textile on the inside top of the car is so easy to rip.

- Jose S

2006 Blue Volkswagen Jetta

This car has black leather seats that are comfortable. Don't forget the sunshade in the summer. It gets hot! Drives smooth, with good gas mileage, and does fairly well in the snow. It did need more maintenance once I hit 120k miles, but it is still driving very well, and I hope it goes for at least 5-10 more years. I would definitely but another Jetta.

- Denise C

The brand car is a good car but sometime mechanic prices can be expensive.

I have been having problem with different kinds of motor sensors in the past month. Other than that I haven't had any problems with this car. It's been almost 3 years since I purchased this car and I have only put 30 thousand miles. Car is standard which is the reason I purchased it since it is so much interesting and fun to drive.

- Karen D

My car handles well, gets amazing mpg and overall a great road trip car.

My car is a tdi and it gets 40 - 45 mpg or 600ish miles per tank. It is all leather inside. Very comfortable with plenty of space for people in the back, too. I like to call it my luxury sedan. It is been completely reliable, I just keep up with the regular maintenance. It has no trouble powering up hills thanks to the turbo.

- Kaila O

Sweet little car, been very good for me.

Hard to get in and out of. Love the sunroof. Good gas mileage, easy to drive. Handles well in all weather. Cost of maintenance a little higher that my previous vehicle. . All functions still working great, have had almost no problems with it, I do not drive it a lot anymore, my son takes it to work now and then, he loves it.

- Mary M

I will only ever own a Volkswagen.

High maintenance, you have to keep your parts very current. This car holds its value exceptionally well, which is nice. These are very reliable and safe cars. When in good condition they run perfectly you can get 400k miles out of them. Availability of features is fantastic, my car is fully loaded and I love it.

- Meg V

2. 5l great on gas and good running vehicle.

Great car. Good on gas. Haven't had any problems but wheel bearings going bad. Something that seems to happen with Jetta's. This is 2nd one I've owned and seem to need replaced before 100k miles and any other vehicle I've owned lasted till around 150k miles. Other than that mines 5 speed and I love it.

- Nicholas M

Basics of being a Jetta owner.

Typically, these cars are very expensive to repair. They do last a long time and run very nicely, but you really have to weigh out the cost benefit analysis. Otherwise they always look great and they are really good vehicles to drive. Worth getting all the bells and whistles as they are fun to drive.

- Meg B

My Jetta that is very dependable.

My vehicle is reliable and it is good on gas its very roomy and it adjust to my comfort. The engine is great. I have not had any problems so far. I would recommend this vehicle for those that like small compact cars and not high in price. It has a 6 disc CD player and it also offers satellite radio.

- Barbara F

It runs great and has plenty of room for my family of 4.

The only problem I have had with my vehicle is that the windshield fogs up easily and is hard to get cleared. I also have trouble with the electric windows not wanting to go up and down sometimes. But as far as performance, I absolutely love my Jetta and plan to buy a newer one in the near future.

- Bobbi B

Dependable, stylish car for a great value.

Great quality. Long-lasting. Have only run into problems recently with the oil leaking because of the car's age. Otherwise, it is great on gas, very efficient. It has plenty of storage, and a sleek style. I trust the brand, and would purchase another Jetta if I didn't need a bigger car.

- Sara R

Very reliable vehicle and stylish too.

My 2006 Jetta runs very smoothly. Even while nearing 200,000 miles I have yet to encounter any significant issues. As long as the car is maintained regularly it is very reliable. I have computed to school and work with it as well as driven 600+ mile trips multiple times without mishap.

- Noel F

Fast soon roof. Great in gas leather seat.

Great in gas. Awesome mileage. Sun roof. Leather seats. Automatic everything. Comfortable. Big trunk. Has a lot of space. CD player ac heat. Drives awesome. Fast no issues at all will get you where you need to go. Everyone loves it windows are automatic everything is great.

- Kimberly Z

The Volkswagen Jetta TDI runs on Diesel fuel and gets about 40-50 miles per gallon.

I own a VW Jetta TDI, which runs on diesel fuel. At the moment it has a turbo leak but still gets 40 miles per gallon. I can turn the key and go, I love the fact I can go in distance not paying as much as I did in my previous vehicle that is 1 year older and ran on gas.

- Deanna W

VW Jetta tdi great car for going the distance.

Performs well, great gas mileage, has a leather interior, very comfortable, cleans up easily. Has a good stereo system with satellite radio. This car is very sporty looking and is a great car for those who drive a lot. It uses diesel and has a power seat for the driver.

- Catherine R

Love the turbo diesel. Still runs great!

Exhaust continually has problems. Other than that just minor issues for the past 10 years He owned it. Headlights seem to need replaced often. Right passenger side tire seems to wear down before the others. Might be a ball joint issue but has always passed inspection.

- Jill A

The car is equipped with great speakers for any music lovers.

The Jetta is super great! It gets excellent gas mileage and is great on and off reading! I commute a lot and the Jetta is the perfect car for that. It also runs super great and has not had any issues. If you are looking for a new car the Jetta is highly recommended.

- Kayla J

Jetta's engine light drives me crazy.

Great overall performance! Just one glitch -- the engine light comes on in extreme cold -- even when there's nothing wrong with the engine my local mechanic shuts it off for free -- telling me it says something's wrong with the emissions when there is nothing wrong!

- Mary S

Perks and downfalls of owning a Jetta.

I really like the look and feel of my Jetta Volkswagen. I do not like that the parts on it to be replaced or fixed can become quite pricey quick. I have also experienced a few problems with the exhaust which I have had other friends with Jetta also complain about.

- Amber F

German cars are very reliable and strong, They run well, but can be a little pricey when they need to be repaired.

My car has run well for years. I've had it for over three years now and it has only had mostly minor problems. Right now there is a leak in the door that lets water in when it rains. The gas mileage is good and so far it has been a very reliable and great car.

- Emily B

It's a beautiful sounding vehicle.

Great awesome amazing fast comfortable fast cute black girly everything I wanted for a car manual everything is great with my car great awesome amazing fast comfortable fast cute black girly everything I wanted for a car manual everything is great with my car.

- Ana C

My wife absolutely loves her Jetta!

I am disabled and do not drive. My wife, however, absolutely adores her Jetta. It runs great and gets good gas mileage. She likes the sleek appearance and the interior is set up just how she wants it. The disadvantage is foreign car parts are more expensive.

- Christopher O

It comes with great mileage.

The 2006 Jetta I have runs smoothly and with not many problems. The breaks they came with wore down quickly and the steering tightens a bit in cold weather. After time the sunroof battery died and was very hard to replace, but after replacing it worked well.

- Karin P

My Jetta is good looking and great every day driver

My car is a very reliable car with automatic transmission drives great and looks great gets very good gas mileage I have never had any problems out of my vehicle and if I were to buy another vehicle I would very much consider buying another Volkswagen Jetta

- Brandon P

It is only a 2006. Most people think it is newer.

Love my Jetta. I have always loved Volkswagens since I bought my first one. They're not too expensive and they're not to cheap. They are good, reliable cars with great style. It just feels very sporty when driving. I’d recommend a Volkswagen to anyone!!

- Jake M

I love my car because the VW Jetta greats gas mileage!

My car is reliable, attractive, fun to drive, sporty. I love my leather interior and sunroof. I only dislike that it doesn't have some of the newer features in newer model cars. Also, when repairs do need to be done, parts for VW cars are very expensive.

- Rachel P

I like dealing with this brand of vehicle.

I love Volkswagen sedans four doors. They are elegant, attractive and reliable. They look sporty and are fun to drive. Very safe. Can be a family car. They are reliable and attractive! Everyone should own a Volkswagen. My next car will be the same make.

- Sheila F

I get great gas mileage and Volkswagen jettas are one of the safest cars!

I have had my car for almost three years now and I have only had to repair the brakes twice and fix the engine once. Other than those few things I have had no problems with my car and everything runs great even though it is over ten years old

- Erica T

If you take care of this car, this car will take care of you.

I love my Jetta! Very reliable vehicle, even though Its over ten years old a this point. Very comfortable ride, and has amazing safety features, which everyone can enjoy and be thankful for. It's also a diesel so I have always loved that.

- Kara K

That it is stylish and efficient! It is able to accelerate quickly which is a great feature for highway driving.

I love the style of my Jetta and the gas mileage. I love the way it handles. I do not like the fact that 3 months after I purchased it I had a $3400 repair. Repairs are very costly-but I knew that going in since it is a foreign car.

- Charlene T

If you want a car that will get you to where you want to go and cause no trouble for about 5-7 years, Jetta's are the way to go.

My car is very dependable and has lasted me a long time. I do get frustrated when my car reached a certain age and everything started falling apart. I've had to replace pretty much everything in the engine since I turned 7 years old.

- Christina S

VW has a solid reputation for building good cars, so ours is no exception.

Good price, fair deal. Gas efficient. Updated safety features. Reliable. Wish they still made the traditional key entrance, and manual windows. Miss the old style where you could slide across the front seat to exit.

- Margaret K

Great dependable vehicle for people who love small cars

I love this car. It is very reliable and small to suit me. Only issues I have had are a one-time engine issue and issues with the airbag light inappropriately coming on. Bought this car used, but I've loved it!

- Kellie V

It has great gas mileage that can get me over 500 miles on one tank of gas.

I absolutely love the gas mileage that I get with the vehicle and I appreciate the engines expected longevity because it's diesel. I do not like that because its European parts are extremely expensive.

- Nick C

At the end of the day, my car is safe, sturdy, and reliable.

My Jetta is not as sporty as the older models. Because of this it's not as attractive as I'd like.Also, it has minor annoyance/problems like electrical shorts often and the headliner is falling down.

- Kate H

How good it is on gas, it could save you a lot of money.

What I like about my Volkswagen Jetta is that it is very good on gas. The one thing I dislike about it is that it takes a while for it gain speed. And also takes time to heat up in the winter time.

- Pedro H

The most important thing about this car is that it has very good gas mileage.

My Volkswagen Jetta has been very 5 reliable for the past 2 years that I have had it. The only issues I have had were very minor such as a headlight going out. I haven't had any serious issues.

- Makayla P

It is not reliable and hard to get parts if anything goes wrong.

We have had trouble with the transmission over the years, it went out a while back. Also the ac keeps going out, it blows air only sometimes and it is not cold even after getting it looked at.

- Kim M

This car is safe, dependable, comfortable and works well for many, many years.

Easy to handle with enough power to handle passing and hills. The dogs fit nicely in the back seat tethered in for safety. Dependable brand name. Comfortable for my height, since I am tall.

- Salli B

50 miles per gallon and heated seats

I love my car, it's the TDI version. I get great fuel mileage. It's been super reliable, only had to do routine maintenance. Got it with 90k and have put about 40k and it's been a dream

- Chandler K

Volkswagen Jetta with amazing fuel mileage

Has tons of wiring issues. It's a diesel which makes it get the most amazing gas mileage at 45 miles a gallon! It's a super nice ride and has been amazing with repair other then wiring!

- Tara H

GREAT economic, reliable vehicle

Love the diesel engine Jetta TDI. It will reliably achieve 300,000 miles with GREAT fuel mileage. The oil changes are a bit more expensive ($80) but are also required much less often.

- Michael P

Car is made of galvanized steel. Great protection.

Love it has a timing chain, not a timing belt. It is very dependable, but of course it depends on the owners car care. Gas mileage on highway is around 34, if cruise control is used.

- Roberta L

Great on gas mileage and speed. .

VW Jetta tdi is a diesel with great mileage and power. Great for highway and long distance driving. Beautiful visual design. Have always loved VW and this live up to my expectations.

- Deborah H

Keep all work up to date.

My breaks and electrical are very touchy. These cars are excellent and hold their value, make sure to keep your car-work up to date to prevent very expensive repairs in the future.

- Meghan B

These Jetta are great! When they are not broken. .

I love my Jetta but it is expensive to repair. Currently poor because of a blown turbo. Gets great gas mileage, runs great (when its not broken) and is a generally great ride.

- Christie L

That it runs very smoothly. And we love it.

We have only had miner problems since we got it. It's been a great car. I love our Jetta. We would never sell it. It's great for going long distances. It's a great family car.

- Kathryn L

It's quality and compact and will last for a while.

I like the way it drives. It can take tight turns and is smaller than other cars like suvs. It runs well with little maintenance. I dislike that it doesn't have heated seats.

- Nita C

The most important thing is that you should know someone who works on VW.

The performance is great! The sunroof is great. I use it all the time. The original speakers sound amazing. I bought my car used so it's a great car for a college student!

- Kaitlyn H

This car has a great look and it is very comfortable.

I really enjoy the mileage it gets and found it to have held up well over the years. I of course wish it was still brand new, but besides that I have no complaints....

- Erika K

It is a Turbo diesel engine with a good amount of power but unmatched fuel economy.

It is a very fuel efficient car. Looks very sporty and rides nice. It is the perfect commute vehicle and getting around urban areas are a breeze because of Its size.

- Troy N

Love the car other than that.

I love the Jetta 2006. It's a fun car to drive all day but the only thing I don't like is that when it's breaks down to cost more to fix it because it's from Germany.

- Pedro P

That it has a built in gps.

The fuel economy could be better. The interior materials are deteriorating. The Bluetooth system is only compatible with android devices. It's too small of a cabin.

- Anna G

It's great for hauling dogs around. I've rescued a few dogs from the side of the road and my own pup is very secure in the back seat.

It's a great little car. My only complaints are centered around how much oil it uses and the occasional grinding of the transmission and gears from lack of oil.

- Lily R

If you don't maintain the car properly, it will deteriorate.

High mileage reliable car. I appreciate the durability with proper maintenance. A/C has been spotty, which living in Florida is brutal. Speaker stereo is find.

- Trent L

My Car Is Durable and fun to own. I love it. I would buy another

Just keeps on running. It's like driving a sports car. Not much upkeep. I find it comfortable to sit in. It gets great mileage. The parts are expensive though.

- Michael E

The mileage I get on my tank.

I like the mileage I get because it is diesel. The interior is nice leather with heated seats. I do not like the it does not stay warm unless you are driving.

- Haley S

Overall it is a great car and has continued to run well over the last 12 years.

Overall I like my car. There are a few things wrong with it in the interior that shouldn't be broken. But the car is over 12 years old so it is what it is.

- Katie S

The gas mileage. Gets 45 highway mpg.

My car is great on gas mileage. Around 50 mpg, 5 speed manual transmission and leather seats. Car has given me no mechanical problems at all, great vehicle.

- Andrew T

It looks good while doing the job. It gets you from point A to point B without any major issues over time

It's very reliable, doesn't have too many mechanical problems despite it being a 12 year old car. It runs on diesel so I don't have to fill up very often.

- Meg B

Safe, dependable vehicle.

Very safe and reliable vehicle. Comfortable and a very smooth ride. The interior is well crafted and the car is well designed. Great gas mileage as well.

- Donny H

they are a very safe and reliable car, very very good on gas

I love my vehicle because it's so good on gas. They drive very smoothly and are very comfy, I dislike the fact that the parts for them are so expensive

- Faith B

Gets you from point A to point B. Not luxury but convenient and reliable

Great to drive. Things are going wrong with the body of the car but it drives great. The windows and doors are not consistent. Plastic parts fall off.

- Luann P

It's a reliable car that runs and has not given me any issues thus far.

I love the fact that my car is a diesel engine, to me, it makes it run better and gives it better longer lasting gas. I enjoy the interior of the car.

- blake b

That it is safe and handles well and is very dependable.

I like it because it is built like a tank. It is very dependable. And handles well. It is mileage is high and keeps on diving on. Good cars. Love VW.

- Maggie P

It will last forever. Super dependable, you can rely on it always starting.

This is my 3rd Jetta. The run forever. They're just the right size, reliable, sporty and functional. I will buy a 4th when this one finally dies.

- Jen Z

Safe and efficient. Solid vehicle.

Transmission is the only thing to worry about. The ride is smooth. The version I have (2.0 sedan) is great in gas. Very safe, reliable vehicle.

- Donnie H

Great interior everything is up to part with having a Jetta.

As of now there are none just would like more space for myself and my family. My car runs great love the model would not mind an upgrade.

- Nita G

handles well and has good gas mileage and requires little care

it is good on gas mileage in good shape for its age dislike that one can check a lot of the fluids because they are underneath the motor

- John S

The great vehicle you should've had

It's a great car. It's sturdy, strong performance, nice design. It has leather seats, cruise control, sunroof, automatic transmission.

- Trinh T

It is very expensive to repair. Hard to find s mechanic that will work on it.

I feel it is well-built and sturdy. It runs very well. However, it is very expensive to repair and hard to find qualified mechanics.

- Doug C

I take very good care of it and do most of my own maintenance on it.

I enjoy everything about my vehicle, except the seats are uncomfortable. I would also enjoy a Bluetooth enabled radio/sound system.

- Victoria P

Always pick the diesel. Gas is more expensive but the mileage is unbeatable

Jetta is a great value. It is very durable and has been mostly reliable for the time I have owned it. Gas mileage is amazing,

- Jamie S

That it gets good gas mileage. It'll get you from point A to point B without a problem. It's very relatable

It's a very comfortable car. I dislike that it doesn't accelerate very quickly. The stereo is good. It gets good gas mileage.

- Jackson Y

That it is a very reliable car.

Love the car, but it is old and need a lot of maintenance. I do not have any complaints as far as driving or gas mileage.

- Sara R

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I like it is fuel economy and it comfort. I dislike that it is not faster. I also wish more vehicles ran on diesel fuel.

- Bobby N

It drives fast and it is great on gas.

I like everything about my car I hate nothing at all about my car. Everything works great. Will drive this car forever.

- Kimberly Z




There is really nothing interesting

Great gas mileage very durable and the maintenance cost is not expensive and the car has held up great over 12 years

- Matt E

Pros: smooth, comfortable. Cons: costly.

Smooth and comfortable to drive. Only negative is when something goes wrong, take a lot of money to get it repaired.

- May B

Good engine keeps running! Drives great.

My Jettas body is not aging well. Things are malfunctioning and falling off. The car keeps running and I love that!

- Lu-ann P

When I was looking for a car I made a list of things I wanted. I was gonna be getting a used but new to me car so the list was important. My car filled ALL the things I wanted off that list. And I love it!!

My car gets great gas mileage. I just took a trip to Florida and at one point I thought my gauge was broken!! LoL

- Julie L

It is great on gas, easy to handle, still only needs oil change at 5000 miles.

I like the size. I like gas mileage and maintenance. It is very easy to control and has a wonderful sound system.

- Betty P

Has several safety features.

No dislikes I like fuel mileage cus it is a diesel heated seats it is not to large or small car its mid size.

- Ginger O

Fuel saver. Great miles per gallon.

Sagging headliner. Great on fuel. Sunroof. Leather everything. Heated seats. Roomy. Quick. Grey eco friendly.

- Jordan M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is grey.

I like that it has good gas mileage. I also like that it is comfortable to drive. I do not like the stereo.

- Maria C

My gas mileage is great because it is diesel.

I love the gas mileage I get on my car. I do not like the cost of repairs. I think my car is pretty sporty.

- Kimberly C

It didn't cost me anything. It was given to me by someone who was buying a new car.

It's a small car. Doesn't have a good as gas mileage as I would like. The interior is not holding up well.

- Denise D

It is not made for mountain areas or many hills, but mostly flat areas

it is pretty reliable and it gets me from place to place. it is very easy to drive and good for beginners.

- Kim G

It doesn't run out of gas as quick as a lot of cars

Has soft seats. The breaks and gas pedal work 100% and there are no problems when driving. Has four doors

- Emily C

That if something goes bad or needs to be fixed it can be expensive.

This a very reliable car to drive that get good gas mileage. It can be expensive if something goes bad.

- Mark T

My vehicle might be old but I love it

The car is very comfortable especially since it has leather seats and the seats also have heat warmers

- Rosalva G

It is more than 10 years old and still running well.

It is reliable and comfortable. However, it is difficult to put the seat back if I want to lie back.

- Marjorie D

Its blue. And it drives pretty fine. It goes pretty fast

I like that it takes me from point a to point b. I don't like that it does get a lot of problems.

- Rocio C

Is safe,Is economic,Is fun,Is easy for drive and Is compact

Is safe,easy for driving and economic and I like the model and is the best brand is compact

- Gabriel M

It gets good gas mileage.uses very little oil.it does good out on the highway.

I Like it because it gets good gas mileage.it is a very good car.it uses very little oil.

- Terry H

It's a good, reliable car without too many problems. I did have to get a minor oil leak fixed last month but nothing serious considering its 12 years old

It's reliable and economic. I get good gas mileage and maintenance is reasonable

- Alexis C

Sunroof leaks and Volkswagen didn't recall it and they didn't recall the transmission

I like the heated seats. Automatic transmission is junk and the sunroof leaks.

- Tom D

that the car does not do good on long road trips at all

has a lot of engine issues, need new tires, new transmission, just a new car

- sam s

Very reliable, great for getting places. It gets decent MPG, though it's definitely dated in that department. It's not great for snowy days but, aside from that, it's never broken down or anything. Never had any serious issues with it -- just gotta keep the oil clean and not run it into the ground, right? Heated seats are great for cold days. The trunk is pretty spacious for a car. Features a little door between the seats in the back so that you can access the trunk if you need to. All around, great little car.

It's very reliable and will be with you for years if you don't abuse it!

- Terry S

it's diesel and gets very good mileage, i also like that it is 4 door

i like that it is a diesel. i don't like that it is getting old.

- renee l

I like the fuel efficiency of my car. I can travel quite a long way with a full tank. I have no complaints.

I think that others should know that my car is very efficient.

- Gabbie G

It is clean and organized. It is good on space and gas. good milage.

It is compatible. It is compact. It is economic. i like it

- Oswin T

My Jetta is a diesel that gets around forty to fifty miles per gallon.

Love fuel mileage. Dislike cheaper interior options.

- Deda M

Is economic I can safe in gasoline

Is economic,safe for driven and espaciosus

- Gabriel S

Long lasting and excellent value of VW tdi.

- Kathy H