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Classy and Sporty: A Hidden Gem

This car is a driver's car. It's comfortable and sleek on the inside and out. Daily driving is fun and smooth around town and reliable on the highway, and sports mode is a thrilling little feature! This car is sporty and responsive and I've received many compliments from passengers and onlookers- most of which compliment on the modern style and unexpected acceleration power. I bought this car for a reliable and fun daily driver as I work and go to classes. I get excited to slide into it's comfortable leather seats (which are heated and plush) and turn up the volume on sturdy speakers. Speaking of speakers, the stock speakers are not bad at all- I installed a bass subwoofer in my trunk for some added boost and now my music sounds great.

- Sadie S

2008 VW Jetta is an efficient ride for your daily commute.

Overall, I like the 2008 VW Jetta. I use this vehicle to commute to work, and it gets great gas mileage. Handling and acceleration are adequate for everyday driving, and the available airbags and safety features ensure I will be protected. I do not need frills, but the heated seats are very nice to have on colder days. I haven't had any major issues with this vehicle, but it seems like VWs frequently have minor issues that trigger the vehicles check-engine light to illuminate. I prefer to work on my own vehicle rather than pay high labor costs at the garage, but simpler tasks, like changing the brakes, require specialty tools.

- Aaron U

The best car with the best gas mileage: perfect for the commuter.

I bought my car used from a private seller. It definitely needed some work when I bought it as the kid who owned it before me, removed part of the exhaust to make the car louder. Overall it runs great after having some work done and fixing a leak for the engine coolant. I love the gas mileage it gets and the size of the car. I would prefer to be higher off of the ground but that is beside the point and a personal preference. The Jetta is great, I would recommend it to many people and buy it again, just newer. My mother and sister-in-law also drive Jettas.

- Jessica L

Great car at it is peak. Just as reliable now.

Really nice car with a lot of room inside. Definitely comfortable with heated seats and a sun window. It has a great acceleration but can be hard to control. The most issues would be the tire pressure sensor and how often you need to change the sparkplugs, depending how often you drive. Other than that, it maintains well. The coolant is the quickest fluid that needs to be changed. It has a CD drive and an auction connector so it helps to have a cable at all times. There a lot of space in the trunk, it even comes with a spare tire.

- Noah M

Cute and cozy Volkswagen Jetta with huge trunk and AUX cord port.

I love my car. It is everything I wanted when I started shopping for a car. It has cloth seats with heat warmers up front, a huge trunk (we fit a 55" flat screen TV in the trunk w/ lots of room to spare), gets pretty decent gas mileage, and is an all around cute car to drive. So far I have been really pleased with it. I also really wanted a AUX cord port and it has on which I love. I have only had one mechanical issue so far (knock on wood) and one small part had to be replaced but overall it has been super reliable.

- Em P

Great daily driver, fun to drive.

My 2008 Volkswagen Jetta se is a great vehicle. It is my first car and has great characteristics. The fuel economy is good, and the overall drivability of the vehicle is awesome. The sports mode on it, works great and, as well as the semi-automatic. The engine is good, I haven't had any troubles with it, the suspension is good as well. The interiors are leather and are of good quality, the entertainment system sounds and operates perfectly, the only inconvenience would be the AUX connection that is in the glove box.

- Jesus A

Love my Jetta, hate a couple of failed features.

This is my second VW Jetta. I have owned it for 10 years, and is has been reliable the whole time. It is super quick and accelerates like a champ. It is fun to drive. Seats 4 comfortably. My only complaints are that the fabric of the headliner has shrunk, and has pulled away from the ceiling. Also, my plug for mac does not work, I have tried it with adapters, Bluetooth, etc. I cannot get it to connect. Luckily I have Sirius radio to listen to, as well as a 5 CD player.

- Donna T

This car is safe and has held up through several accidents.

Not that the car is around 10 years old the ac compressor has gone out and it frequently skips gears the parts and service are very pricey and can be a bit of a hassle to manage also the engine is in a sealed box therefore not allowing for a home maintenance a any ease overall the car is amazing and has run for a long time but the amount of cast of repairs outweighs the value of the car a this time may just buy a new car and trade in this one.

- Amy D

drives well with comfortable seats.

I bought mine used. Air conditioner does not cool and takes about 10 minutes to actually start cooling. Heat works well. Head liner pulling from the ceiling. drives and handles well. Good on gas. Comfortable heat available seats. Does not break smoothly. Defrost takes too long to work. Not happy with cup holders in back seat that are attached to the pull down armrest. Back seating is comfortable. Large trunk with lots of room.

- Sharon C

Great on gas, doors are easy to slam, but overall it is a good car.

Been a great car I put around 80000 miles on it, my main complaint is the interior is not well-built. It is extremely comfortable but the inside of my car is falling apart. The motor and transmission or drivetrain has been great though. As long as you take care of the car and do your maintenance the car will take care of you. It has awesome power and handles great I might buy another one.

- Kenny M

My first car, a Jetta. Always reliable

My Volkswagen 2008 Jetta has been a very reliable car the last 10 years. I loved the black interior, the sun roof and trunk is spacious. Also, the power when accelerating was great. However, the last year I have had several work done. Which was pretty expensive to repair. But, I have driven my car everywhere. I have always love the look of my car. And I have gotten compliments on it too.

- arceli G

Long-lasting, reliable vehicle.

The Volkswagen Jetta is a long-lasting vehicle that I has been driven for close to 10 years and has over 150, 000 miles on it and still runs as perfectly as the day it was purchased. This car drives smoothly, has heated seats, multi-cd player, radio, automatic windows, a lot of storage space in the trunk, cupholders, and seats 5 individuals including the driver. An amazing family car.

- Riley A

The unknown facts of a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta.

My vehicle has really served its purpose for the most part. It handles well and gets me from point A to point B. The fact that it has a wide body also helps me in the sense of being able to turn well. I am very happy with Volkswagen. My only negatives are the fact that it is an '08 model so it is older. It is appearance needs work but as far as performance I am very delighted with it.

- Chance L

It is highly reliable and very fun to drive.

I love the clean design on the exterior and interior of my vehicle. My car is older (2008) but I absolutely prefer it to the newer cars. Inside I have leather, moonroof, radio and simple air/heat controls. It is very functional and does not have all the unnecessary computer/technical stuff new cars have. Plus I love the color and it is very responsive to drive. No complaints.

- Page T

My Jetta is super sporty!

Jetta's are sporty cars that are fun to drive and comfortable on long car rides. I have only had to have new brakes, new tires and oil changes to my Jetta and I have had it for ten years. I have used my Jetta like a truck at times because the back seats fold down and I can load 8” 2x4’s into the cat through the trunk. I will definitely buy another VW in the future.

- Rebecca S

It's extremely expensive to maintain and the components layout make it difficult to repair on your own.

My complaints on my VW Jetta are, horrible engine layout for any maintenance, expensive parts, common problems with braking system that spread thru multiple generations. What I like about my car, decent gas mileage, any a pretty attractive car. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend VW to anyone. I would never purchase another VW or Audi vehicle ever again.

- Leo M

Great car, smooth and very reliable!

Great on tight turns. Drives you incredibly smooth compared to other vehicles. Reliable so far: I change my oil every 5k miles and check oil filter together. Very comfortable as the driver, have heard bad things about not enough room in the backseat but does not affect me. Passenger says they always have enough room. Smooth steering wheel.

- Brandon W

It is reliable and has had no major issues.

Has 160, 000 miles on it and still runs fine. Just replaces the brakes at 140, 000 for the first time. My only complaint is that it is very difficult to change the oil yourself on the car as it takes a special key to open the oil compartment. The Jetta has been a reliable car for the ten years I have had it with no major breakdowns.

- Callie J

Her name is phoebe because she can be a little quirky sometimes.

It's a great car. The mileage is really good, and drives great on highways. My car though is having a bit of trouble when it comes to locking doors though, so sometimes I have to do it manually. Even though the car can only seat 5 people (seatbelt wise) it is very spacious and there is quite a lot of legroom, even in the back seats.

- Danielle D

It is very safe and sturdy. In other words, it feels nice and heavy while driving. Some cars are built so cheaply and they feel like tin cans driving down the road, but my VW Jetta is very well made and I feel safe while driving it.

I have loved my Black VW Jetta since the first moment I test drove it. It has a gold stripe on the side, a small spoiler, and the interior is a beautiful beige. I have had trouble with the paint eroding on the spoiler, but it is due to the extreme heat of Florida. It has been very dependable and safe and it has great gas mileage.

- Deb G

I love my gator blue Jetta.

Well I brought my Jetta used in 2016 with almost 90, 000 miles on it. So far it hasn't given me any problems. I really love that I can let chair up a little higher to see better. I do not like that the air vents are set to a certain position without being able to change them. They aren't stuck it's just the way the car was made.

- Ebony L

The vrooming Volkswagen. This car has the ability to speed your life up.

The performance part of a Jetta is lovely. It is very reliable. The only problems would include no AUX cord or charging port which I have heard is a problem with many Jetta's. The steering wheel is a bit stiff so it takes some adjustment but as far as performance when driving it is very nice and easy to use. Always dependable.

- Jenna S

Blue volkswagen jetta. Perfect condition runs great

The alignment is off. The calipers need to be changed. It's a good car. I've had it awhile now. Very good on gas. Takes forever to get parts ordered for it though. Comfy not too small. Fits 5 people easy. Electric windows. A.c. still works. Other than that's it's a pretty good car. Still thinking of trading it in though.

- Damian A

Overall good car for commuting, has good gas mileage but is a small compact car.

It is a small car so I wouldn't recommend for larger families. It gets great gas mileage and is really comfortable. Drive smoothly. Good sound system and lots of room in the trunk. Not a lot of storage up front but it has a lot of room for your legs. The auxiliary port is located in the glove box which threw me off.

- Kristen P

Good first car for new but experienced driver

No major mechanical issues. Drives very smooth. Very comfortable. Back seat not very large, can comfortably fit a car seat however. No fancy extras however the sunroof is a bonus. Weird vent that faces the windshield, good for deicing but served no other purpose, keep it closed in the summer to cool car faster.

- Katie I

Jetta - a highly reliable car, fun to drive, and tons of storage, but more expensive than American cars when it comes to tune ups and replacing parts.

I have owned my Jetta for 8 years and it has been a very reliable car. The back seat is a little cramped for adults for long trips. Trunk is ginormous! I don't like that it only takes synthetic oil, so oil changes are expensive. Also, the cloth ceiling and arm rests have started to sag, which is unsightly.

- Shelly O

Little red reliable never lets me down.

I love my Jetta, the gas mileage is amazing. Its small but has so much room. I can't fit 5 adults easy. It has heated seats that make winter manageable. It is a 5 speed and the only time I have ever wished it was not is in major cities with lots of traffic lights. She is my baby and has never let me down.

- Wendy J

Good little car, easy to maintain and great gas mileage.

It is a great little car, the gas mileage is great and when it is taken care of it will last you a good while. It is very comfortable and affordable little sedan, it is easy to maintain and the design is nice and simple. It also is easy and affordable to care for like oil change and etc.

- Tanya T

This car is good for any age!

Very reliable and safe. Heated seats and a sunroof. Nice pick up and a smooth ride. Hardly any problems, just routine work. Nice looking car, sporty look but not that sedan look. The trunk is so big for just a smaller size car. Fits four people comfortably plus all the luggage if needed.

- Cindy C

It is a 4 door sedan that handles well.

The 2008 Volkswagen Jetta handles really well. It has been extremely reliable. The features it came with really appealed to my lifestyle. It has satellite capability along with a 5 disc CD changer. Even though it is an older model it still came with the ability to use devices with it.

- Erin B

Modern, classy, smooth operator.

This vehicle has some of the best steering and control. It rides so smooth. It picks up speed fast and the brakes are excellent. The body is nice looking and the interior is as well. The dash lights are a great add on. It has heated seats, sunroof and 6 CD player. Overall great car.

- Kara B

Sport rider, smooth driving. Shifts perfect easy an cheap parts.

It has a sunroof perfect for a nice sunny day or bright night for stargazing. Recently had a new transmission put in, has great gas mileage. Has heated leather seats huge trunk. Easy to drive. Perfect for a first car. Keyless entry, has wheel lock so nobody can steal your tires.

- Amber K

It's expensive to fix but keeps for a long time!!!

I like how my car rides and the quality gas mileage I receive. I've not had many large issues with the 10-year old model, which is great! This being said, I want a newer car. I also don't like how low it rides to the ground, and the discomfort of my seats during longer trips.

- Kathryn F

My car is great car for people with small families. I love my car.

The o2 sensor had to be replaced. Along with the airbag sensor. I also had to replace a brake pad sensor. The car handles very nicely and it is a comfort to drive. I have taken it on a few long distance trips and it was great on gas mileage and I was very comfortable driving.

- Cassandra B

Inside the life of a Jetta.

Very easy on gas. Great highway mileage. Small yet roomy. Love the style and details. The interior lights are a very nice touch, red lights against blue lights. Very little work to keep on with it. I have had my car for 6 years and it has been one of the best cars I have own.

- Brittany H

Smooth drive and very good handling.

Well after replacing the transmission twice, it has been a pretty reliable car. The seat warmers are a lifesaver. It looks like it would be a teenage girl's car as well. Gas mileage could be a little better. I am averaging around 17/20. But all around I do like the vehicle.

- Gregory S

I have a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta that is compact with 4 doors.

My car is still in really good working order. It has leather heated seats with a sunroof. I do not like how the lights go out all the time. I have to replace at least one every other month. The car still works really well even though I haven't done any large repairs on it.

- Megan G

My Jetta has a moonroof.

My car is a bit loud when it runs do to its age. It has very touchy breaks and the gas pedal does not allow me to accelerate quickly sometimes. Overall, it runs great however. The gas mileage could be better but it is an excellent starter car. Definitely would recommend.

- Lilith G

It is a good car for getting around town. It is not extremely comfortable for driving long distances, and the AC takes a while to cool the car down.

My jetta is a little small. I recently moved and it was difficult to fit furniture in. I like that it is easy to drive and gets decent gas mileage. It has been relatively dependable since I got it about 5 years ago. I dislike that it does not have an aux cord hook up.

- Avery L

This is a very comfortable car.

This car is super comfortable, both for the driver and for passengers, and is very easy and fun to drive. It drives very smoothly and adapts to how you drive (how you accelerate and how you break). I have not had any problems with it and find it to be very reliable.

- Emily X

It's fun! It handles well and sometimes you don't realize how fast you're going. It gets good gas mileage, too.

I really like my Jetta. It's quick and handles well. One thing I dislike is that it has a lot of blind spots. There are a lot of air bags throughout the car, and the location of them makes it difficult to see. Other than that, it's been a pretty great car.

- Emeri S

Super reliable car that I would keep as long as it kept going.

Reliable and dependable. Handles well. Older car but still drives like new. Easy to order parts. Very comfy. Great on the road but the only problem I have is I do not feel it handles well in the snow. It tends to skip a little when I am breaking in the snow.

- Renee P

It's been super reliable! Low road noise. Just wonderful.

It's been great! I love it! Unfortunately, it's old and I've reached that point where I have to consider if the maintenance is worth the value of the car. I also have two big dogs and hike so a hatchback or station wagon would be more practical than a sedan.

- Diane W

I do not really recommend if you plan on doing a lot of commuting.

I purchased my vehicle used. With three previous owners. I has one accident on record and looked pretty presentable while it was on the lot. After purchasing however I realized there were issues with the ac unit and with the interior material of the vehicle.

- Stephanie G

My deep blue Jetta is a pretty and durable car.

It's lasted me several years and several accidents and incidents. It's very safe for a passenger car. It's got pricier upkeep and maintenance than other cars, but it's worth it. It's a beautiful deep blue and has held up over the years well on the outside.

- Jamie L B

The most important this is probably that it's well made. I've owned it for 5 years and I'm just starting to have small issues.

I think my car is cute and I love the sun/moonroof. The A/C isn't great; I've taken it to 2 mechanics and they say that's just how it is. It's also starting to have electrical issues. The sunroof will sometimes open itself and the doors won't always lock.

- Justine C

The care is really fun to drive.

The car has had virtually no problems. The only problem that I can foresee is changing the transmission fluid since the transmission is sealed but VW came out later to say that the fluid does actually need to be changed if the car starts to shift hard.

- Alicia W

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is dependable.

I like the German engineering. The suspension is tight. The 2.5 liter 5 cylinder engine has good power. It has great trunk space. I dislike the exterior styling. I think it is bland. Right now I have a problem with the sunroof popping up on It's own.

- Wendell c

My volkswagen jetta has good horsepower and durable interior.

My Volkswagen Jetta, has a good suspension than any car that I have ( Suzuki forenza ) or (Nissan versa). I have to provide maintenance because is quite an old car but I really like my car. The car does not get rust in the wheels as much.

- Ulysses L

The high expense to repair Volkswagens. This cost to repair made me committed to never buy one again. I will stick to American made or Honda or Toyota from now on.

I love the highway mileage and feel. I hate the super high repair bills! I had a bill to replace two fans for $1000 and a bill to replace a bad transmission for $5000. This is way out of line with only 100,000 miles on the car.

- Gerald A

good car except for one item

150K miles - still running good. No major repairs, still has original clutch. Only issue is the door lock modules on both front doors have failed and cost too much to replace - this has been an ongoing issue with VW

- How D

It will costa lotto get it fixed but I am told that they do last long.

Can only take it to certain places to get it fixed.. The parts are expensive.. The car is to small but I do love the way it drive. I was never told that the parts for a foreign car would cost so much..

- Robert M

you can roll down all the windows from the outside by turning the key into the drivers side door. Really helps in the summer heat!

I like my car because of the value. I like that it offers all the features (leatherette seats, sunroof, heated seats) at a lower price point. It's been a great vehicle for me for the past 10 years.

- Valerie S

It has driven over 100,000 miles and still runs like the day I bought it.

My car is comfortable. It handles well in all seasons, especially winter (in snow/ice). It can fit a lot of stuff in the trunk when needed for taking road trips. My car gets good gas mileage, too.

- Jenn B

It handles well. It is easy to park.

Like the size, seats are comfortable. Dislike-it was used & has 144,000 miles on it. Like the ac. Trunk is a good size. Dislike-have trouble getting child car seats attached in back seat.

- Susan G

Best car I have ever owned.

Extremely reliable, fuel efficient, fully loaded, cannot ask for a better car when your daily commute includes the drop off line at school and then a 20 mile drive to work every morning.

- Katie H

German engineering is some of the best you can buy for a vehicle.

My Jetta is a very reliable and solid 4 door sedan. It has no performance issues or problems. It's a very durable and long lasting vehicle so long as you take good care of it.

- Ryan F

Great gas mileage and low maintenance costs.

I like that it has fantastic gas mileage and has had low maintenance costs over the years. It has incredible amount of trunk space, although that means less back seat space.

- Nevin D

Jettas are common, reliable, and affordable.

It is an extremely reliable vehicle. Gets good gas mileage, roughly 25MPG. One of the downsides is that it is a foreign made vehicle, therefore parts are more expensive.

- Laura B

4 door sedan with dependability. Great starter car or small family car. Gas efficient.

Very reliable vehicle, ability to run for a long period of time if cared for correctly. I feel like I am safe in my vehicle and the comfort is good for this type of car.

- amanda T

I think that Jettas are a very versatile vehicle. They are spacious, but not too big, and they're so fun to drive.

I love how it drives. Even though my Jetta has several thousand miles, it drives like it is brand new. I also think it's a great size and has a lot of trunk space.

- Chloe D

Seats are uncomfortable and the interior is rather small.

I like the way that it drives and handles on the road. I do not enjoy the seats and the interior that are uncomfortable. I will be getting larger car next time

- Corey H

It's a good car for shorter distance driving and it's easy to handle.

I like the drive. It's smooth and accelerates fairly quickly considering it's not a V6. I don't like that the mirrors are not flexible so they are easy to break

- Justin M

The Jetta is a very solid and reliable car. It is reliable and stylish.

Crazy as it sounds, the Jetta has always been my dream car. I like the boxy style and it feels solid and safe. I have had very little issues with this vehicle.

- Caroline H

Easy to handle for new drivers like me because of the compact size

Myself being a new driver, my car is easy to drive, though old model. Does not have built in Bluetooth, have to connect using an external Bluetooth.

- Muthulakshmi R

The fuel economy It starts easily on the coldest mornings.

I especially like the mileage and the size. The sunroof and heated seats. I dislike the sound system, and the price of parts, but the parts last.

- L W

It has a manual transmission and I maintain it regularly.

It is very reliable, has lasted a long time and I like the size. I don't like that I can't use regular gas or that it is more expensive to repair.

- Heather P

Reliable and Affordable car

Jetta is a good car for an everyday car. It is very reliable and affordable. I have not encounter any issues with the car for the last 10 years.

- Leny L

Just make sure that it is the right size that you want.

Just the cylinders going out. Makes the car not stop as easily and does not accelerate well. Wish it had more gas mileage, that would be nice.

- Katy S

It is reliable with decent fuel economy.

Nice, comfortable interior, aesthetically appealing body shape. Decent gas mileage. Engine seems to be in good shape for how old the car is.

- Jacob D

In my car (2008) you need to realize the car rolls as if it's a stick shift car. It's something you have to get use to for sure

Great vehicle. Expensive to maintain however. Good reliability. Have a 2008 Jetta Wolfsburg-turbo Ed and look fwd to getting a newer Jetta.

- Chris B

Easy to handle - gets good highway mileage. Love the moon roof!

It has held up very well for a 10 year old car. Nothing much needed in major repairs - keeping up with maintenance keeps her running well.

- Erica D

Well performing Volkswagen jetta

Very reliable, driven lots. Love it, love trunk size. Large inside great handling. Fun to drive. Mpg has dropped off a lot after year 3

- Jenifer R

VW: white Jetta. White color. 2008.

The car is very comfortable with a nice interior. The car is prone to lots of problems. This usually costs me on average $150 a month.

- Ryan K

It a great daily driver.

I like that I own the vehicle and it gets great gas mileage and it is very comfortable and has all the options that I need in a car.

- J B

It gets great mileage, and it has very few issues compared to other cars.

I've had a 2008 Jetta since 2011, which was previously owned by my brother. It's been a great car, and I have very few complaints.

- Glenn R

It is a very cute car and is fun to drive.

It is a very reliable vehicle for the most part. It was my dream car when I was younger. The abs system did go out a few years ago.

- Lauren K

Great gas mileage. 30+ on the highway.

I like the comfortable interior. Its very easy to drive. My only complaint is with the adjustable seats being manual and not power.

- Kevin B

VW Jetta is a nice, reliable car.

The seat warmers are nice. It drives smooth and feels like a solid car. The leather seats are nice for driving my dog around, too.

- Rex M

Used VW Jetta Super Small

Actually not a bad little car, just not roomy enough. Manual transmission, which is a pain and it does not handle the snow well.

- Sara M

It is very expensive to have it serviced.

I like that it's a smooth drive. I hate how expensive it is to fix anything that breaks. I like the car looks sleep and stylish.

- Libby B

Great driving-quiet, smooth.

I like the leather automatic seats and the sunroof. I dislike the stereo system and think the speakers could be better quality.

- Jasmine S

Its my first car, and it's not luxury but it gets me to and from work.

Its old.. The transmission slips.. It has cosmetic damage on one door.. I like it because it belonged to my deceased daughter.

- Sue A

High scores in every department.

Comfortable size, adequate power, excellent storage, minimal mechanical problems, common pleasant styling, reasonable price.

- Day W

Great for year-round temperate climates

AC is not cold, even after a new compressor has been installed. Sound system is great. Very reliable, quiet, smooth ride.

- kathie k

It's lasted this long and has almost 300,000 miles on it.

I've had it for ten years and it's still running well. It hasn't had any major problems and it's been a great first car.

- Sarah C

It saves on gas and fit a family of 5 comfortably.

I love my little car. It fit my family of 5 perfectly. I love that it does not suck a bunch of gas. And that it is blue.

- Meagan M

It is a great size, mile fuel is amazing.

Love the size. Love the color. Love the interior with the leather seats. Hate that is foreign, parts are more expensive.

- Elaine P

The car has one of the best transmissions in the car industry.

No complaints. The transmission is very efficient and the shifts are very quick. The fuel efficiency is very nice also.

- Michael C

It's expensive to fix when something breaks because it's foreign.

I like how my Jetta looks and that's it's white. It's been very reliable thus far. I do wish i had a larger car though.

- Sylvia V

It drives smoothly, and is enjoyable to drive.

I don't like that maintenance is expensive. The car computer system directs everything. I do like the way it drives.

- Sarah W

I think that people should know that my car is a nice starting car.

I love the style of my car. It gets great gas mileage and the look is sleek. Sometimes I wish it had more features.

- Josh M

I love my Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen is a very reliable and low maintenance vehicle. It is easy to find mechanics and auto body technicians.

- Kim C

It is affordable, practical and looks great.

I like the leather interior. I wish that it would be a little larger inside. It has a nice radio and speakers also.

- Christopher K

It's a very dependable car.

I like the fuel economy of it. I don't like how small it is. I would like to upgrade to a suv in the next year.

- Marie g

The most important thing is that the car is a manual.

The car is reliable and in great condition. It is a good family car, but the payments are a little expensive.

- Morgan M

It is standard and leather interior with a nice sunroof.

Like the make. VW are always reliable well built cars. I like the color the comfort and it is great on gas.

- Bonnie S

The interior roof is known to fall.

I like the updated interior, the music system, and the speed, I do not like that I do not have a aux cord.

- Elizabeth P

Volkswagens are good reliable cars.

I love that it has a very sporty look but is big enough for the family. I have always liked volkswagens.

- Jessica D

The way it drives it's awesome

I love the way it drives and the color I'm really happy that it's mine & I no longer have car payment

- Silvia T

Volkswagens look good and feel good, but over time the little details will start falling apart.

It's small, compact and easy to drive. However it has a lot of electrical issues and is falling apart

- Lauren W

It's tough as nails. Has 192000 miles and runs great

Car has 192000 miles and runs like a top. Have replaced very little. More than got my monies worth

- darren u

Jerks when it drives or acceleration

It doesn't have a smooth ride. I don't like the leather seats. The air doesn't work that well

- Justin p

It has quality craftsmanship.

I like that it is durable. I like that it is reliable. I like that it is easy to maintain.

- Paul K

Do the upkeep and it will be with you for a very long time!

No complaints If you do the required upkeep, it will last for a very long time I love my car

- Carolyn P

I love the engine and transmission. I love how it drives, it's steering feel. I wish it had sportier suspension.

It's 5 cylinder engine is astounding. It has great power delivery and sound. It's reliable.

- Austin L

It's manual. It runs great. It's peppy.

I drive a stick shift and this is possibly the best manual transmission I have had.

- sherwin K

I love my vehicle. Very reliable and lights on the dash come on in plenty of time for me to get things tuned up before anything happens.

It is a Volkswagen, so it can be expensive To fix. But worth the money!

- Jennifer D

Expensive to repair this car when something goes wrong

Vehicle is rusting. Good AC. Bad gas mileage. Crappy bumpers

- Betty S