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2009 VW Jetta still running great, with no junk yard in sight.

I haven't had any major problems with my car, given that it is ten years old. Recently I have had to replace the ignition switch. There is a small oil leak but the dealer tells me it is not necessary to fix since it is a $1000 repair. I do need a new ac unit, but that too is $1400. I do not drive more than 5 miles at a time because I am fortunate enough to live in a place I can walk everywhere, including work. For its age, the car works great, it still has great pick up and does not look very dated on the outside. The trunk is giant, and the leatherette seats are great because I am not fearful of my dogs ruining them. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and am waiting for this car to kick the bucket before considering a new one.

- Laura W

Its size and proportions are perfect.

I love it because it is a cute car and it is short, so I can parallel park it easily (I live in a big city). The interior - everything is in the right place, and the steering wheel and pedal placements are perfect (I am sort, so it is hard to find cars that can accommodate my lack of height). The dash is exactly the right height - not too high. The car has been super reliable. I have owned it for several years. The only thing I dislike about the Volkswagen is the high cost and difficulty in getting repairs. For some things you have to take it to a dealership, which is extremely inconvenient. However, the dealerships do give you loaner cars to drive while they're servicing your vehicle, which helps to offset the inconvenience.

- Heidi S

To freeze or sweat: Volkswagen Jetta 2009.

The car has always functioned well on the road and done it is job in smoothly getting me places and keeping me safe. One of my annoyances has always been the ac. In the winter I freeze, in the summer I sweat. It does a terribly slow job of heating and cooling and does not put out much except noise. My passenger mirror recently fell off after having the car for a few years out of nowhere. The interior felt has worn down on its own, especially in the back slightly blocking my vision out my back window. The wheel was easily dirtied and discolored. Besides these minor issues it has been a good car.

- Selena L

Jeff the Jetta: my favorite car yet.

It is not the most reliable, as it can sometimes have issues, but it is my favorite car that I have driven. I have a custom dash installed so I can charge my phone and play music. It accelerates great, and it can make really tight turns. But one issue that has occurred a few times is it will not turn on, even with newish batteries, and two times, my car suddenly “turned off” while I was driving. I was stopped at a light, hadn't even put it in park, and when I pressed the gas nothing happened. Turned it off, but it wouldn't turn on again. Had to restart it several times before I could move.

- Elizabeth S

Jetta se very reliable car.

I have had my car for a few year now and own it. I really do like my Jetta a lot but to get it fixed or repairs seems to be more than what I have spent in the past with other cars that I have owned. It rides smooth and I love my heated seats so much! I do not think I would ever get another car without heated seats. I haven't had many problems with my car thus far just typical wear and tear. I am not sure if I would buy another Jetta in the future but I do like the one that I currently have. I would say the biggest down fall would be repair cost though otherwise no other complaints.

- Kayla F

Reliable, comfortable car.

Very comfortable seats, solid build, and reliable. My number one need in a car is comfort, as I spend a lot of time on the road. I have the station wagon, and I love that I can fold the back seats down perfectly flat and have tons of room for the dog and her dog-stairs. This vehicle communicates politely through the dashboard lights and icons. Mechanically sound, no major issues in the 18 months that I have owned it. A cooling fan did break this summer after too many hours standing still in 100 degree heat in dc traffic. Not too expensive to fix. We get along very well!

- Stacy E

They tend to be expensive to fix.

I absolutely love my Jetta. It drives well, I feel safe in it, and it is really good on gas and comfortable in both size and interior. The only thing I would say is that getting anything done for it is really expensive. Getting an oil change is one example because Volkswagens take the most expensive type of oil available so every time you go to get an oil change is costs about $100. Another thing is the dealership always finds something that can be fixed and they tend to always charge you a lot of money for every fix.

- Olivia J

It is reliable, never had any problems. It is very safe.

I love my heated leather seats. I love that it will hit 0-60 in a few seconds. I love the steering. I do not like the terrible blind spots. It was rated the safest car in 2009 but the blind spots are scary. The car has been very reliable. It has 125, 000 miles and there has never been a problem. The backseat is very comfortable. This 5 cylinder car is pretty good. I love that it is safe and has lots of airbags, thank god we've never had to use them. I do not like that it does not have a compass, direction thing.

- Terri W

Some issues but lots of space.

It is a very reliable vehicle, nice and large with lots of storage but still maneuverable and speedy. Recently I have been noticing a ticking noise when going between 25 and 40 miles per hour. This seemed to occur after I got the front axle replaced. Also as of last week the heater blows cold air when set on the face level vents, but warm or hot air when set on a different vent. It is very confusing. But my kids fit in the backseat nicely and rarely reach across to get handsy with one another.

- Lisa C

Better than average performance

My VW Jetta has been a reliable, if expensive repair-wise, vehicle. I like the tight steering and clutch performance. At 100,000 + miles both continue to perform well. The ride is comfortable with the road and engine noise fairly well muted. Gas mileage has never approached the projected 29 MPG. I only achieved 28 MPG one time in the 10 years I've driven the car. I should have bought an extended warranty, my many repairs have been quite expensive.

- Michael B

VW Jetta: all purpose soldier.

I love my Jetta. It is been with me through the most hectic time of my life, graduating high school and moving to a different state and then back again. It is trudged 100, 000 miles through the New England rain, sleet, snow, and blizzards. It has an amazing sound system and tons of space for passengers as well as generous trunk space. It also has a sport mode with faster acceleration, as well as a manual shifting mode.

- Nicholas M

Fantastic Vehicle, but does VW care about customer service?

My Volkswagen is a car that I never want to give up. It drive very well and has amazing gas mileage! It didn't have many issues until recently. This year I've had almost $12,000 in repairs. Thankfully the warranty covered it because it was a mistake that VW made, not me, but it took them 3 months to repair my car! I still love Volkswagen but I'm disappointed in the way they treat my car.

- Cathy V

It's fast and fun to drive even with your kids in it. Also it's small enough to find a parking spot for

I love how fast it is and I am very comfortable driving it. The reason why I couldn't give it 5 stars is because of the of a recall that I first complained about to the dealer's mechanic and they said nothing was wrong but then I got a recall letter. I feel that Volkswagen's quality has really gone down hill especially when it comes to servicing the car you bought from them.

- Jennifer B

It accelerates very smoothly.

It is a decent car. It is small and compact which I love. It accelerates very smoothly. I had some issues with a misfiring cylinder which was kind of hard to fix because of the type required. I do have engine trouble every now and then but I have put a lot of miles on it considering I have only had it for about three years. Overall it is a good car and I'd recommend.

- Sarah K

Sad vehicle with a lot of problems due to being overused.

It is a used car so the back door does not lock, the seats have stains. The engine just had to have $700 worth of repairs which was a big dent in my income. The engine also has a hard time starting and the air conditioning makes a loud hissing noise. I probably would like the car if I bought it new but it has 140,000 miles on it and has seen better days.

- Margaret M

Safety and reliability; a Jetta.

Overall, this is a good and reliable car. As far as actual appearance, the car looks good on the outside and has quality interior. I haven't had too many problems with it either, especially since it has almost 150, 000 miles on it although I am currently having a some sort of electrical problems that are causing the dashboard to light up.

- Caroline M

This vehicle even has heated seats!!

My car is a 2009 Volkswagen Jetta. It is a standard transmission and it is performance has been outstanding. The Jetta is reliable to get you to where you need to go! The only problem I have had is the rear bushing makes a rattle noise when I hit a bump. It is a little car but the inside is roomy and comfortable. It even has heat seats!

- Erin L

Volkswagen Jetta - solid and economical.

Drives/handles well. I have had problems with the electric system (headlights, tail lights). I rarely use the sunroof, but it is nice to know its there. The sound system is solid. Wish there were more options electronically (e. G., Bluetooth). Gas mileage is solid. I also enjoy the satellite radio. Wish it handled better in the snow.

- James E

Very comfortable and reliable.

Heated seats are one of the best features and make the car comfortable and the car itself runs relatively good but the radio often breaks so it has to be replaced a lot but the car is very reliable and runs good one other bad thing is if a headlight or brake light goes out it is very expensive to replace since it is a German car.

- Hannah C

The heated seats are my favorite.

The 2009 Volkswagen Jetta is honestly a really good first car. It is really good on gas and it is very reliable. The se sedan has heated seats and a really nice air conditioner. The only flaw is that it does not have Bluetooth, but it does have an aux cord, so you can still listen to your favorite music while driving around.

- Chloe G

It's safe. It's easy on gas. It's an overall good car.

My car has been a very good vehicle and has only needed the brakes and pads changed once. It is very comfortable and spacious. I like the faux leather seats because they don't crack and the car still looks new. I like the dial turning the lights on and off. Itoes have a big blind spot on the driver side which I don't like.

- Callie C

The car has nice power and the control is very good.

Overall the car is great runs well and I haven't had too many problems. Some problems included a minor oil leak and minor wear and tear but overall pretty good. I would recommend this car for someone else. This car seem to have a lot of power and runs nice I looking to buy a new Jetta when the time is right.

- Steven C

VW Jetta, great car but can be pricey to fix.

It is a great car but when something goes wrong it can be expensive to fix because of the German parts. But overall it has been a great car. Oil changes are expensive, had to replace the breaks but other than that I have had no issues with it. I would recommend it but maybe a newer year would be better.

- Katie W

Easy to drive and reliable.

Definitely some maintenance issues we've come across, but overall reliable. Easy to drive but the cab is not really big enough for a family of 4. Pretty comfortable seats, though the seat heater in the passenger seat has gone out. Overall solid vehicle that gets good mileage and is easy to drive.

- Anni D

Smooth rider Volkswagen sedan.

My car is very reliable and has heated, comfortable seats for long trips. This is my second Volkswagen and I cannot seem to get away from them. I would suggest a Volkswagen for either a family car or even a young driver it being a heavier car and much safer in an accident if that would occur.

- Hannah D

Bluetooth and heated seats.

I really like my Jetta it runs great have not had any problems with it yet if I were to buy another car I would buy another Volkswagen the interior is very nice it has Bluetooth & heated seats tinted windows I am very satisfied with my choice I would also recommend it to friends and family.

- Jeanette T

Ten amazing years: this vehicle gets you the most bang for your buck.

Its 10 years old and it's starting to have engine troubles. I think my transmission is starting to go, I have trouble when my car goes to shift gears. It is an automatic, but it seems as though when I start to get above 40 mph it has issues. Its ten years old though and still kicking.

- Jess H

Great design and economic.

My car performs great even when I forget to take it to the shop for long periods of time, my car is a stud and I believe that makes it more economical on gas, I use it to drive around long distance and I have never had an issue on tires. The seat warmers are a lifesaver on cold times.

- Blanca R

My lovely Volkswagen Jetta.

My car has leather seats, heated seating, sunroof, great sound, is great on gas. Auxiliary cord accessible. I really have no worries when it comes to my car. I can have 4 other people with me sit comfortably as well. My seat can adjust to where I like it. Low and close to the wheel.

- Shirley C

Best investment I have made.

I honestly love my Jetta. It is a rebuilt title but we installed a brand new transmission which was pretty much the only wrong thing about the car. It runs very smoothly. The leather seats are intact, feels like a brand new car. Also, very cost efficient when it comes to fueling.

- Hari A

Awful Jetta Transmission Caput

For starters, the car's fuel efficiency is terrible. The market is saturated with this 2009 model and thus the resale value is low. Oh, and at 81,000 miles my transmission failed and I had to have a new one put in. The new transmission is worth more than the actual car.

- Mikey E

Seat warmers and AUX port for mp3 players

It's nice to have a car with seat heaters for days when it snows. The defroster/heater takes some time to warm up but they work very well once they're ready. The a/c works wonderfully for the front of the car but the back takes a bit to cool down. It's handles great.

- Ian W

It runs good. The vehicle lasts long.

The lights in the car, beak, signal, trunk, are always going out. Tires are terrible no matter what brand. Lights keep popping on that do not need to be on. And as far as a oil change. When am I to get it done? A year for. When I get a oil change. I don't think so.

- Zara B

Really sound vehicle that gets good mileage.

Some maintenance issues. But overall good car. Good mileage. Reliable. Kind of a small cab for a family of 4, but it gets super mileage so it works out. Mostly husbands commuter car, so we really just needed reliable and good mileage, which it is. Would buy again.

- Anni D

My VW Jetta Tdi gets excellent fuel mileage. I average 40 MPG!

The VW Jetta is such a fun car to drive besides being dependable and safe. I have owned several Jettas and got wonderful service from them all. My favorite was 2003 Jetta Tdi and got over 300,000 miles. I am hoping to get that many or more from my current Jetta.

- Kim J

Maximum reliability and comfort.

The reliability is good to excellent in all capacities. Comfortable interior and gives good gas mileage. No problems with the car at all. Excellent gas mileage and driving it is reliable to get you from point A to point B ( no problems with the vehicle at all ).

- Connie H

My car actually have stripes on the side which is different.

It is really loud also there are always little malfunctions, but basically it is a good car it would be better if it wasn’t leather interior either. But otherwise I recommend this car it is easier drive and nice design. Jetta just haven't been my favorite.

- Pizza R

Fun, sporty, and economical even after 10 years of ownership.

Bucket seats could be more comfortable, this is my only complaint. Super reliable, very fun to drive, and has a sporty style even after 10 years. Fuel mileage is great! I drive 40 mins, to and from work, 5 days a week. Typically only fill up every 3 weeks.

- Alice C

Volkswagen Jetta: a reliable choice.

Very reliable and comfortable to ride; excellent gas mileage. Engine has good pickup for passing and anti lock brakes function very well. Large trunk and fold down back seats accommodate loads on shopping trips. Easy to maneuver into tight parking spaces.

- Betty E

Amazing comfort and size, would highly recommend.

Very nice size, and I am able to fit sporting supplies like fishing gear and camping stuff even though it is a small car. The interior is very comfy for long rides, and gets good gas mileage from my experience. It is also very safe, which my parents like.

- Maddie G

2009 Volkswagen Jetta, general performance.

It does not have very much power but great gas mileage and very reliable. The interior is a bit cheap but nothing extreme or expensive to fix. The Bluetooth connection to your phone makes it easy to talk on the phone or listen to music hands free.

- Shayla S

Volkswagens have terrible air conditioning. They're cheaply made, over prices, and have tons of problems from day one.

The air conditioning is basically non existent. I live in the south and it takes forever for the air conditioner to kick in. It also dies after being on for about 30 minutes. We over paid a lot for this vehicle. I hate everything about it.

- Erica L

Do not buy a Jetta if it is more than 2 years old.

Most of the electronics and abs system (s) began breaking down all at the same time around the 8 year mark. Replacement parts are extremely expensive (overpriced) unless you go with non-oem parts and that is only if you can find them.

- Steve W

Maintenance costs can run high especially with sensors or computer parts.

I have had issues with oxygen sensors and other computer chips. Other than these issues my car is great. Seats are comfortable, drives great on side streets and highways. Definitely would recommend a Volkswagen to anyone.

- Ben B

It works well, I like driving it, and it looks unique.

I've had this car for about a year and it's way better than my past cars. It drives smoothly and accelerates quickly. The inside of the car is stylish and it gets good mileage. Wish it was higher off the ground.

- Shelby C

Comfortable and Durable Vehicle

Extremely reliable vehicle. It has over 150,000 miles on it and still gets great gas mileage and runs. I have had to replace the clutch twice but I have driven it to Florida and back over 10 times. Durable.

- Sar L

Gas mileage and seat warmers are great. Rides smoothly and is great on speed! Picks up speed quickly.

I like the seat warmers during the winter along with the milage it is great. I also love how the seats recline all the way back. The only thing I dislike is that there is no Bluetooth connection.

- Xavier R

My car has great gas mileage and amazing handling. I honestly look forward each to driving to work because of how much fun it is to drive.

It has a 5 cylinder 2.5 liter engine which outputs about 170 horsepower. When I throw it into sport mode, the car feels less like an economy vehicle and more like a performance sports car.

- Jonathan H

The interior is very luxurious looking compared to even newer cars in the same class. And it is so comfortable to drive

I love Volkswagen in general. But I love that my car has a good size trunk, and I like the power it has. I do wish it had a larger back seat. It is difficult to have a car seat in the back.

- Katelyn N

It's reliable and doesn't need maintenance very often.

I like my vehicle because it's very reliable, has good gas mileage, and is pretty good looking. However, I wish it was a hybrid or a plug in hybrid. I also would like a nicer brand of car.

- Anna F

That she is my baby she is reliable and I love her.

I absolutely love my car. Very reliable. Anything that is ever wrong is electrical so just plug it in and it is a quick fix. Great in the winter and I live in colorado. No complaints.

- Jennifer V

Runs well with fair amount of mileage

This car is very reliable. I have about 136000 miles on mine and it is still running well. With synthetic oil I am able to go about 10000 miles before needing another change.

- Katelyn K

At the most, takes $45 to fill up the tank from empty.

I love my car! Very fuel-efficient, great mileage, good engine! My only complaint would be some of the dealership people I have dealt with. But other than that, great car!.

- Pepper P

It is very reliable, but can be costly if something goes wrong. Be sure to check for recalls!

I own a 2009 White Volkswagen Jetta. I really enjoy the sun roof and bright interior. The color, sunroof, and interior all help it feel very cool on a hot NC afternoon

- Jonathon Y

It gets great mileage and has quick pick-up.

It is the most comfortable car I've ever had. I wish it didn't take the most expensive gas. I love the mileage it gets, and I don't have to get oil changes very often.

- Vanessa W

it has a roomy trunk that can fit lots of things

I like that the trunk is roomy, the seat materials, easy to handle, reliable. Don't like the high maintenance fees, not gas efficient, and leaky sunroof problem

- susan t

It is great on gas mileage.

I like that my car gets 20-25 mpg. I also like that it does not take much money to fill it up. I dislike that when something goes wrong it costs a lot of money.

- Ashton L

2009 Jetta car for the working class

Fun car, not too many problems to speak of, changing the oil or doing the brakes is a breeze in comparison to some of the other cars I've worked on

- Chris D

Incredibly sturdy and reliable car. The trunk space is very large.

The car had significant blind spots, so I needed to add other mirrors for switching lanes. It lacks an auxiliary input, and has outdated Bluetooth.

- Natasha A

It is a great value for the price I paid. All the bells and whistles available in 2009.

It is sporty, peppy, has a lot of great features. I like the gas mileage it gets. The only thing don't like is it doesn't have the newer features.

- Randy p

Great gas mileage and a comfortable, dependable riding car.

Like the gas mileage, size comfortable ride it offers. I dislike that when it needs repairs and/or maintenance the repairs tend to be expensive.

- Betty M

It has lasted a long time and hopefully will last a lot longer.

It is a good vehicle that has had minimal problems. Since it's an older model it doesn't have a lot of technological features. Has good power.

- Ristorma L

It eats tires every 2 years. Also has electrical issues.

Like the design and features. The fuel economy is great as well. Hate the maintenance costs, foreign parts are more expensive than domestic.

- Matthew S

It has over 200,000 miles.

It has good gas mileage, and is pleasant to look at. The seats got hot in the sun, however, and I have had issues with the air conditioning.

- Jenna G

I love the Hands free bluetooth

I love my Jetta! I have had some problems with fuses, but not unusual due to the year of the car. I would definitely buy Volkswagen again.

- Alexandra R

Good on gas and runs great. It also has a good radio.

It has great gas mileage. Runs smooth. I don't like the cost of repairs. It also costs a lot for oil. Its a all around solid car.

- Alan R

My Chevy is very dependable.

There is a lot of recalled parts that I have had to take it in to be replaced. I feel like parts of the car weren't made well.

- Jessica J

Low maintenance and great gas mileage.

Rides well. Low maintenance. Great gas mileage. Nice looking, comfortable. No complaints at all. I would buy another one.

- Mary K

Reliable and safe Volkswagen Jetta!

I have never had a problem with this vehicle. It is spacious, reliable, great gas mileage, and had never broken down!

- Kelsey I

It handles great on the road. It has amazing power.

I don't like how expensive it is to get parts to fix it. I love how great it handles and how amazing the car feels.

- Melissa L

It has a sunroof and it is the only good thing about it

many issues with engine light, brakes and the key gets stuck in the ignition twice cost over $300 to fix each time

- claudia h

VW is an expensive car to fix if anything goes wrong with it

It's always got something wrong with it. It has turned out to be very expensive and i can't wait to get rid of it

- Shen D

It runs well and is powerful.

Since it's old it doesn't have the latest technology. For example I need to plug in my phone. But it runs well.

- June B

Gas mileage is wonderful.

Drives nice. Seats are comfortable. Great air conditioning. Great gas mileage. Would never buy anything else.

- Tina H

They should try to buy American instead, the repairs for the car are much too expensive for the cost of car

It's a diesel motor. It gets great gas mileage. Repairs are too expensive. Car is comfortable enough.

- Michael B

very good quality. well built and feels very sturdy

love the jetta, main issue was sunroof leaking which was resolved after several visits to dealership

- Jennifer S

It's very safe and reliable. We've always been very happy with it.

It's a great car for our family. It runs well. It has enough space for us and our camping gear.

- Heather H

It is a reliable car and fun to drive. It gets good gas mileage.

It isn't very reliable and sporty. I like to drive it. It is a great car.

- Kel L

Maintenance costs are reasonable even for an older model

It's cute. It handles great on the road and it is easily maintained.

- Ann G

I love my Jetta because it is standard and has a lot of power.I recently found the aux plug and get great music. It is beginning to rust terribly so I'm unsure of the quality of the paint.

More controlled driving with a standard, very powerful v6.

- christine p

good reliable transportation and fuel economy ride

sunroof,heated seats,style and color and no complaints

- Diane G